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Rashard Lewis: Taking It Back To Seattle

Rashard Lewis

Rashard Lewis

You know those players who over time fail to live up to their deal and by the end of it – speaking of the last year or two – when their trade value spikes and they’re referred to as “So and so’s contract?” Well, that’s sort of where Rashard Lewis is. He’ll be the second-highest paid player in the league next season, and for the last year or so hasn’t looked at all like the guy who once regularly dropped 20 a night in Seattle, or even the three-point specialist during his first run in Orlando. Injuries have played a big part. The situation with the lockout has put added attention onto the contract of a guy who has become the very definition of a one-dimensional player. Lewis is promising next year won’t be like that. He’s working out, showed more explosiveness in the Impact League and even had platelet rich plasma treatment in March. He’s hoping to get back to his Seattle days and become a good all-around player again rather than the dude who looked lost and old in Washington last season. Even if he can’t, a shooter opposite some of these young athletes in Washington could go a long way … Why one writer thinks Kevin Durant > LeBron James … We found a league more screwed up than the NBA right now: it’s the Italian League. You have a chance to land one of the greatest basketball players ever, and possibly the biggest international star out there, and yet Kobe Bryant might not be able to cross the seas and play because of a scheduling conflict? Absurd. It was reported that Bryant has agreed in principle to a deal that will land him in Italy for 40 days, but the team wants to rearrange its schedule so that Bryant will play in the biggest possible arenas. Other teams don’t seem to see the appeal in having Kobe play so a few have balked at making adjustments so far. Shoot, even David Stern could figure this one out … Miami center Zydrunas Ilgauskas told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer that he’s retiring. We could see that coming. Big Z was tired physically and mentally (Z even said he’s spent the last 15 years living out of a suitcase. WHAT?!), and couldn’t even get on the court anymore for a team like the Heat who were rolling with virtually nothing inside. This final season seemed to zap the air right out of him as time went on. Great career, great dude … Panini Authentic is partnering with Blake Griffin, and the Clipper beast will be at Orange County Sports Cards in Anaheim, Calif. at 2 p.m. PST today, signing 250 exclusive autographs. You can bring your own stuff if you want, but there will also be photo printouts available as well … Ever wonder what would happen if Delonte West worked at a Cold Stone Creamery? … 2K is still trying to figure out who the best team of all-time is. MJ says he’ll let his ring do the talking. But of course Drake had to come in and pick the Miami Heat. Of course he would. That’s the most Drake thing he could’ve done. For our money, office opinion is split down the middle between the ’96 Bulls and the ’86 Celtics … And Rodney Purvis says he’s staying home and will attend N.C. State next year. How big of a get is that for the Wolfpack? … We’re out like Terry Francona.

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  • http://deleted dagwaller

    “You Might Also Like”:


    Totally forgot that the Mavs got the Heat earlier in the year! We goin Siiiizzler, we goin Siiiizzler…

    Featuring: Sporty-J! “We all know Dallas is nothing more than a “REGULAR SEASON MACHINE TEAM”. Come playoff time they will CHOKE as usual and than blame the REFS.”

    ian: “Dirk old?
    He’s my pick for mvp right now”

    and That’s What’s Up”: how about Grillopad (with that tight red mop on top)
    or Griapet
    or BeastMaster
    or Red Velvet – because the dude is so smooth
    or just… CRUSH – ’cause that’s what he does best
    Crush Griffin
    or call him Lennie Small (Of Mice and Men)

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    DIME i don’t know if you guys missed this or not. But Check out Sebastian Telfair and Cappie Pondexter trading buckets. Crazy to see how much talent this girl got as she is out there balling with all dudes.


    Perhaps Bassy should work on his defense some more.

  • Joe

    What is he, 27? You don’t become a complete player in one off season. Some aspect of his game could be marginally improved, but at the end he’s still what he always was.

  • Big Island

    I miss Sportie J. I wish I could dot the i with a heart. I really do miss that guy. He talked the most crap, his team lost, and he vanished into thin air. I’ll have to pour a little out for the homie.

    I don’t know if Rashard Lewis can actually add to his game, but he can decide to do more of something. He can shoot. He can get to the basket. Maybe if he’s feeling better he will be more aggressive. Or get back on that juicy juice.


    Fools! How are you doubt Jordan? I am the greatest!

  • First & Foremost

    I remember when he would consistently say ‘Dimes’ referring Dime. “Yo Dimes, my Heat gonna roll over the 76ers.” “Y’all dudes be talkin some crazy stuff on Dimes all day.”

  • beiber newz

    Hey guys. If you want to watch the star studded game featuring wade, lebron, durant, wall, carmelo, etc. then go to chris paul’s website ihigh.com. I found out they will be streaming the game online for FREE and it starts at 7. I thought you guys may want to watch it.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    Is that eastern time? I might catch a few minutes of that. I need some form of basketball, even though they won’t be playing much D.

  • beiber newz

    Yes it’s ET.

  • beiber newz

    direct link to the game:

    You’ll be prompted to download silverlight in order to view the game, similar to flash, and if you use nba tv broadband you are familiar with it.

    I believe the game is in salem and I think chris paul will try to go nut. It should be an exciting game to watch.

    I’ll be simultaneously watching that and my yankees.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    Watching the game. I can’t see how this is entertaining. I guess if i was the casual fan i would see it as entertaining. It’s basically the AND 1 mixtape tour but with NBA players and not nearly as impressive with the dunks or handles. Maybe they should add a few of the AND 1 guys to spice it up.

  • Big Island

    Chicagorilla – No decent name NBA guy would play against and And1 guy because it would be all over youtube that they got crossed or something.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Is

    Well some of the NBA guys like Ricky Davis and I think Kenyon Martin have played in the AND1 games. No big names though. But Im watching Mario Chalmers, Kyrie Irving, Josh Shelby, Rudy Gay, and Kevin Durant all fumbling the ball around the court, getting ripped up by the air, throwing passes to no one, and the alley oops would be worse if not for the jumping ability and height of Lebron and Durant.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    LMAO@ Lebron breaking the shot clock on a dunk and styling like he’s not down 20.

    Im going back to the Nebraska vs Wisc game. Them boys going at it for real.