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Rumors Mount About A Secret NBA Schedule

Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings (photo. Under Armour)

82 games? A secret schedule? David Stern having a conscience? No way. But rumors continue to mount that all of this might be true (even the stuff about our man Stern). Obviously, Stern has been throwing threats around for the last few weeks. He made good on the first one – to cancel the first two weeks of the season – but now it’s possible the season might be in jeopardy – or at least all the games before Christmas – if nothing is improved by next week. ESPN.com reports that there’s a belief amongst the players that the owners may start turning on each other if the players hold firm. Of course, we’ve heard that one before. What if neither side budges? A bunch of stubborn millionaires/billionaires dig themselves even further into the sand? Let’s not talk about it. Let’s keep it positive: as ESPN writes, there are some rumblings that a secret schedule is being put together, starting Dec. 1 and still running all 82 games. Besides that, league schedule-maker Matt Winick has put together a number of options stemming from 50 to 74 games. So there’s some hope … Kenny Smith, in the process of putting together a charity game that will benefit military members, had some interesting things to say about how he was paid by NBA teams back in the day. At one point, the former Rocket said the team often negotiated his salary – Smith would want $2.1 million, the team willing to give him $1.7 – so they would base it off incentives, an agreement to do well by each other. So of course, he says the lockout should do the same thing. The fighting over the BRI? Stupid… just give the players a number – say 49 percent – and if it goes over, they get 50-53 percent. It seems easy to figure out – especially once the Jet started comparing the lockout to cherry pie – but it never seems to work out that way … Brandon Jennings has been making noise all summer with his game. But how much better has he really gotten? We know he can kill it on the playground. But how good will he be this year? We brought you a Who’s Better yesterday, pitting Jrue Holiday up against Jennings. It might be closer than you think. Still, Jennings is working out nonstop, and said he will definitely shoot over 40 percent this year. That’s a start … Yesterday, we introduced you to a cat who could be the next Ricky Rubio. His name is Devon Van Oostrum. What do you think? … As we get closer to college basketball, you have to think it will affect by the lockout. Expect more team personnel to be at games scouting the top prospects. How will that affect next year’s crop of rookies, which is shaping up to be one of the best of the last 10-15 years? Will some like Jared Sullinger benefit or look worse? Apparently, he’s dropped 20 pounds (now at 265) and sliced his body fat from 16.7 to 12.1. What about some of the freshmen who have question marks? Andre Drummond? … And it was reported recently that Sebastian Telfair was going to sign with the Jiangsu Dragons, but his agent says there is nothing to report on at this time … We’re out like Sullinger’s baby fat.

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  • beiber newz

    first off i just wanna say andre drummond is the truth.

    Anyway, a secret schedule??? That’s that first curve ball I’ve heard during this entire lockout process and I love the idea. My only question is how will the substitute schedule affect the next schedule the following season? Will the 2012-2013 season start regularly or will every future season be delayed? The only way it wouldn’t be delayed is if teams play 3 games in successive nights during this proposed (or supposed) substitute schedule meaning the 2011-2012 season finishing on the day it would normally. Because in essence, if the 2013 season starts Nov 1st and the delayed season ends late, then that would mean a shorter off season if they want to resume the conventional timing of season events down the line.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Honestly, as much as I love the NBA, I could really care less right now about missing games.
    I don’t even care who’s fault it is, or why it’s happening – NBA is going to lose a lot of fans for this

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I refuse to even think about a secret schedule.

    It’s like if you get dumped, and you hear that your ex is planning on coming over and surprising you wanting to get back together – it’d be nice, but if you believe in it and it doesn’t happen, your heart breaks twice for no reason.

  • Cha-Ching

    I will still be a fan of the NBA. I have been a Laker/NBA fan since birth so it would be hard not to watch. It will be an asterisk champ if games don’t start soon. I got Univ. of Illinois b-ball kicking off 11/1. My son’s grammer school b-ball season kicks off mid Nov. so I’m good.

    Illinois football today against Ohio State. Lets go 7 and O baby.

  • First & Foremost

    @ Beiber news – The following season would start on time. There would just be fewer days of rest. Everyone plays 4-5 games a week instead of 3-4. Even if things got pushed back, [Finals in late June] the only timeframe that would be shortened would be the following FA period.

  • beiber newz

    I figured it would cost everyone a shorter offseason (or aka vacation). Thx fnf.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    You are reporting that there is nothing to report about Telfair maybe going to China? There was never anything to report in the first place. The threat of a lockout just got real serious I am terrified this thing is going to go on one day longer.

  • Big Island

    I’m with That’s What’s Up. I could ramble on, which I usually do, about why I hate the NBA players and owners equally for this, but I won’t. I won’t feel better afterwards and it’s a gorgeous Saturday morning out here in Cali so I am going to hop in the hot rod and go cruise to the beach or something. Fuck em. If you have a couple of minutes though, read this article by Simmons.


    It kind of sums up some of why I just don’t care anymore.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    Also, I NEED some basketball. So this college basketball season is the main thing im looking forward to.
    So many teams are going to be getting it in.

    UNC of course is my squad and they are Matrix re-loaded. I’m also looking at the Illini and UCLA (Honeycutt must feel like an ass for leaving). Mich State, Mich, O-State. If J-Sullinger lost as much weight and worked on his game like people say, then that dude is going to be an absolute monstAr! Man the big-ten, ACC, and Big East will be off the chain. Not to mention UK is reloaded AGAIN!

  • Me

    Sullinger did lose some weight. saw him last weekend, and although it was my first time seeing him in person, i didn’t recognize him at first. I kept wondering why he looked so fat on tv. thought maybe he had a brother hanging around campus. didn’t know he lost all that weight. he’s also not as tall as i would have expected.

  • Ozzyballer

    When they say ‘The Next Ricky Rubio’, do they mean the next cat they gonna talk up then will try for 2 years to avoid playing on whichever team drafts him and probly dissapoint in his first season? Is that what yall gettin at?

  • JBaller


  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    That’s depressing….

    Cosign #11.

  • the truth

    Been locked up the past 2 days, first time in, and i gotta say damn its good to read some dime lol