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The NBA Season Is In Jeopardy; Carmelo Anthony Breaks Down His Best Move

Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings (photo. Nicky Woo)

How will this lockout affect the game? A lot… if you ask Brandon Jennings. He’s a basketball junkie – you could literally find him anywhere this summer – but he can recognize that taking the time off might throw off teams’ timing. For example, what if anyone in Milwaukee comes back next year with a new game? “It’s been so long,” Jennings told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “We haven’t been around each other. For me as a point guard, it’s something I’m worried about right now.” Could a lockout really affect the way a team plays? It’s possible, especially a young team still coming into its own. Jennings might have much to work on as a player, but he knows ball and he’s right in this instance … Hopefully y’all understand that we really want 82 games. No one wants to lose games; It screws everything up. But as Ric Bucher tweeted, getting 82 games at this point might be too much to ask. David Stern still has plans in place to run an entire 82-game schedule. As crazy as it sounds, Stern assured his ESPN and TNT partners that by back-ending the missed games, he can still find a way to fit everything in. We would love to see 82, but pushing everything together will automatically create injuries and worse. It’s almost not worth it. There’s a good chance that the next time negotiations break down, the NBA will cancel more than just two weeks of games … We wrote yesterday on how Blazers’ owner Paul Allen screwed everything up. But if you really don’t like him, or if you just feel like getting pissed off, read this. He just doesn’t seem like someone we’d like right now … David Stern has pissed off a number of NBA players this summer. The latest is Raja Bell, who says that not only does he think Stern is trying to make his legacy with this lockout but also that he rules the NBA with an iron fist. Stern hasn’t been perfect this summer, but it’s hard to put all of the blame on him. He’s the easiest target, but yet even if he seems conceited or seems selfish or interested in only one side, you could say the same thing about pretty much everyone else … Out of the triple threat, there’s really no one any better than Carmelo Anthony. He can do anything: shoot it, take it to the rim, get his back to the basket, draw a foul, he’s basically unstoppable. Yesterday, he gave a quick hint about how he does it. ‘Melo’s pull-up is deadly, but his step-back is downright destructive. He hasn’t always had it – the ability to step back almost immediately off his triple threat position. But he says he developed it a few years ago by just messing around in the gym. Now, it might be his favorite move … One day after saying he’s getting into ballet this summer, Michael Beasley threw his charity game, which ended in a 179-170 win for B-Easy and his crew. A bunch of big names canceled but Beasley was still joined by people like Wesley Johnson, Anthony Randolph, Wayne Ellington and Dorell Wright and everyone combined to kill it for the fans. Earlier, Beasley admitted they might as well run the T’Wolves versus everyone else because people were pulling out. No one was trying to see a blowout though, man … And we’ve been the first to get on J.R. Smith, but he was typing truth yesterday on Twitter: best part of the lockout them gold diggers don’t get that money #thatisall … We’re out like Wisconsin’s prevent defense.

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  • beiber newz

    It’s sad that we never truly know who is a good player or who’s just being held back. I was just thinking, randomly, about how guys like Beasley and Dorell Wright can leave a defensive minded system in Miami, and go on to have incredible seasons immediately after. Who knows how many gems are buried behind guys. Some players never get the chance to play their games because of a system. These summer games allow guys to be themselves. Ariza left New York to play with Kobe, who drew a lot of attention away and he was a key cog to a championship. Wonder if he would have played similarly had D’iantoni coached him.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Shit, if you want to play all 82 games….fine. play them.
    Just condense that too-fucking-long-and-dragged-out playoff schedule.

    Wrap up a 7 game series in 8 days, not two fucking weeks

  • beiber newz
  • beiber newz

    weren’t the players proposing to have a 5 game first round match up instead of 7 games. just for the first round. that can be condensed. but it wouldn’t happen i don’t thinkkk. cuz stern sees more games=more money. fuck the players, he’ll use them like machines. he’ll look in his presidential suite and look down at the players he’s controlling like mice. no way he’ll cut any games. muahahha. jk i’m just creating a conspiracy.

  • http://vimeo.com/darkwingpro/ DarkWing Productions

    I watched Ariza during his time in NY, and I can tell you he’s just not that good. And D’Antoni is overrated. With barely any practice time after the Melo trade, my Knicks were putting up big time scoring numbers. Was that his genius offensive coaching, or simply what happens when you let a bunch of scoring minded players do what they want on the court?

  • K Dizzle

    @ Darkwing – He wasn’t good then…or he’s not good now..cuz that was 6-7 years ago

    @ Beib – Nothin says ‘Plantation Owner’ like “They gonna play 82 games in a schedule fit for 56 games even if it kills them…”

  • yoda

    i’ve read that piece with allen and thing came to my mind: it’s hard to owners to be proud and to stick with their teams, no matter what is happening when we have situation that more and more high profile players are saying: fuck this, it’s hard to carry team, lets group together and get easy ring!. how to push for your team when your players publicly say they want to be with group of their friends (and i doubt they want to play with their friends as much as they want to play superstars so they have easier way to chip). i’m sick and tired of these: i want to play with friends talk. how come that superstars are only friends with other superstars? when did lbj/wade/melo/amare… said: ok there is this guy, he’s my friend, we would be nice fit for sixth-seventh player on our team, bring him in? but no, they are friends with all stars only. fuck that. try to stick to your team, give effort to do something. i miss days when players wanted to beat other superstars instead of teaming up.

  • WR

    yoda telling the truth is.

  • jzsmoove

    i would never have known that the NBA season was in jeopardy. Thanks Dime.
    Dime is always on the ball, never drops it. They sharp.

    Having alliances is fine. doesnt bother me a bit. it just makes me root for underdogs even more. nothing wrong with that. although i also see the angst is coming from, having a legit star carry his minions against another star and crew was awesome. it made for great debates too. ah well.

  • Flash

    Real Talk: Wojnarowski’s penchant for hyperbole makes his articles like hard to read…like pulling teeth hard to read.

  • Peter

    Yoda is wise. The star players should get the lion’s share of the blame if the season is cancelled. They’re not showing up like MJ in ’99 (and he DID make the game better for the spoiled bat-cave-builders who followed).

    My take on what the owners really want from this new deal: preventing all of the star players from teaming up in major markets.
    – The soft salary cap enables it.
    – The star players clearly want it to continue. That’s one reason you don’t see Kobe, Chris Paul, etc., fighting like Jordan did in ’99. Kobe wants Dwight Howard to come to LA and play with him and Pau in front of Jack Nicholson & crew. Chris Paul wants to go ball with Carmello and Amare in Madison Square Garden. You have to wonder how eager Kevin Durant is to play in Okey-City for his entire career: he has to think about taking his talents to South Beach, too.
    – There is no way that the owners will take a deal that keeps this system going: the ~20 small market teams will never have a chance to compete or to even draw fans. What fan will pay an NBA ticket price, more importantly what business will pay an NBA luxury suite price, what local network will pay an NBA-level contract, for the leftover CBA talent? The small-market owners are united, they have the majority of the votes, and they will not back down.
    – The alternative, keeping the soft-cap, can be supported if the league contracts and eliminates some small market teams. The players union isn’t stupid: every franchise lost means 15 jobs lost. Lose Memphis and New Orleans: lose 30 NBA jobs.

    The unreasonable party here is the star players. They should be happy with their $25M per year and not bitch so much about where they’re earning it who they’re earning it with. That change of attitude would support balance, competition, and the maximum possible number of player jobs in the league.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Peter–I don’t think that’s even related to why this is going on. The owners want more money and to have a chance at winning a championship, in that order. Very few owners have those priorities switched.

    The owners are really pissing me off. They are making it clear they don’t respect what the NBA is and why it exists. I guess that’s to be expected when you consider the people that have the money to buy a franchise. It’s so very depressing.

  • Clownfish

    Here’s a thought: why not maintain status quo and keep the season going while negotiations progress on the sidelines? Actually, there’s probably a lot of reasons why … I guess I’m just saying that to make myself feel better.

  • http://vimeo.com/darkwingpro/ DarkWing Productions

    @K Dizzle

    He was decent in NY, solid role player. He was decent in LA, solid role player also. “Solid Role Player” is his ceiling.