• Joe

    It’s funny, but the best 8th seed was the Knicks, and that was a lock-out season.

    The time is ripe for the Knicks. Melo and Amar’e have extra time to jel off the court and make some bro chemistry.

    The second best team is the 93-94 Nuggets, with Mutombo on the floor with the ball in his hand, he was very happy. Classic NBA.

  • matt

    Melo and Amare are good but that team will have no depth. The reason why PHX couldn’t win the chip was because There were 7-8 excellent players on the team, but they all played at least 30 mins/night or low 20s. the 2009-2010 PHX suns had depth 1 through 12. and their D was pretty solid. Another reason why PHX didn’t win the chip, the spurs and also a certain referee who shall not be named. Had Cleveland and PHX met in 07 Finals, Nash would’ve won a ring and the series would’ve gone to 5 or 6 games. Best player to watch(LBJ) vs best team to watch (PHX). And ratings would have been astronomical. The NBA would’ve been in a much better position right now

  • Sam

    Why would the NBA be in a better position today if Phoenix had won the ‘chip in 2007?

  • Sam

    BK fries are where it’s at. I remember when they came up with the new recipe and on one desginated day they gave ‘em away for free.

    Hooked for life. Take note, drug dealers, this is how you do it.

  • D – NICE

    The 2007 warriors team was off the chain…on top BD, J-Rich, Cpt. Jack, and Monta they had pietrus al harrington azuibuike waiting to break out biedrins and matt barnes….this team would give the 2000 Kings team a run for most exciting

  • Sammy G.

    As a Mavs fan,it kills me to say this, but that 2007 Warriors team was flat-out ridiculous! They completely ran us out the gym.