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The Top 5 Skip Bayless Blow Ups

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless (photo. ESPN)

Skip Bayless is the Ghostface Killah of haters. He has longevity. He has classics. He has a huge platform and a brand behind him. He hates on anything that walks or talks. And we laugh at him because he is straight-up comedy and no one takes what he says too seriously.

Last week, we debated on haters and who had it worse: Kobe back in the day or LeBron now. Amazingly, both sides mentioned the ultimate hater, Mr. Bayless. Then this morning, Skip and Stephen A. Smith nearly topped themselves with a long-winded assault on LeBron James’ spot as the best player in the game. It got so bad I think I heard the word egregious at least 15 times. Dudes started talking about famine and death and destruction and everything was preposterous, unconstitutional, unbelievable, un-whatever-word-you-want-to-use. It was all asi-12.

It’s so ridiculous that I wouldn’t be surprised if LeBron himself – who is frequently assaulted by Skip – watched these shows, laughing. That’s how comical it is. Last night, I was tired. I was worn down. I stumbled upon a few of these videos on YouTube, including the one where Skip and Chris Bosh go head-to-head for a rather awkward debate. They immediately picked me up. Too funny.

With that, here are the top 5 biggest Skip Bayless blow-ups (co-starring Stephen A. Smith):


5. Skip Goes Wild Over Tim Tebow, Says Denver Doesn’t Deserve Him
Tim Tebow might succeed, he might not. But if we’re going by what Skip is saying, Tebow is bigger than the Broncos. He’s bigger than the game. He’s bigger than anything.

4. Skip & Chris Broussard Go Nuts Over The LeBron & MJ Comparisons
Skip got a little too personal with this one, calling out Broussard’s journalistic integrity and then going off on James over the smallest things like picking #23 and then getting rid of it, and the powder toss.

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  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    This dude wears a tampon 24/7

  • YC

    This guy is so biased.. Why would they hire him?..


    Stephen A. Smith is a racist. Plays the RACE card each time and quite frankly, that RACE thing and I am the Victim here is way blow out of proportions.

  • First & Foremost

    You know you’re a hater when you make up ish to hate.

    Dwight Howard can’t be the number 1 center in the league. Look at how big his shoulders are and then look at his tiny ears. Since when has a dominant big man had tiny ears like that. Bill Russell didn’t have tiny ears. Besides, he isn’t even the poster child of the shoe company he’s with. If I was 7 feet, could jump out the ceiling, run like the wind – I’d be just as dominant.

    What is with the headband Lebron? If the game comes so easy to you, that i should just check your stats, you shouldn’t be sweating so much to need a headband. Who wears a headband off to the side? Back in the day players would slap you around for disrepecting the game of basketball like that. All he cares about is making money and playing basketball. He shouldn’t even be in the NBA. He isn’t even professional. All hype just because he built like a power forward, with point guard skills, posting ridiculous numbers year after year. Such a disgrace. But that is what you get when you consider his parents.

    Don’t get me started on Tim Duncan. I’d rather watch a rock climb uphill or count sand at the beach. All he does is trot up and down the court with the same dopey expression. All he does is rotate on defense but what good does that do you when they kick it out and make a more difficult shot? The guy is a joke, not even a funny one which is why he looks so bland all the time. These are the words that come to mind when I think of ol’ Timmy boy:
    For short I just think he’s BLAH!

    It amazes how 1 guy could be paid to hate so much. His glass is never half full. He’d point out the fact you never gave him a straw.

  • marcus the great

    as many asinine points that bayless has and how over the top he goes, he is tolerable.

    as much as stephen a smith yells and yells and yells, hiding the sometimes good points he makes, he is also tolerable.

    but those two together, is pure torture. i can’t take it. i usually watch first take every morning, but if they’re both there i can’t do it.

  • marcus the great

    i can’t believe there aren’t any “oklahoma should be #1″ clips lol

  • YC

    Easiest job to talk ish

  • Ian

    stephen a said it best
    mj , magic , bird all had their hof trio and hater want bron to win with mo williams as his robin. wtf?

  • Dre

    I have never heard Stephen A called a racist… that’s a new one on me. I have heard him blast black athletes for their behavior and not taking responsibility for their actions. He downplayed the talk about David Stern as being a plantation owner. Yeah, that’s a new one on me.