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Tony Parker Predicts a Championship; Kobe Bryant Could Make $1 Million For 1 Game

Tony Parker

Tony Parker

Tony Parker basically just predicted a title. “If I play the entire season, we’ll go for the title,” he told the French daily L’Equipe. Did we catch you? He’s not talking about an NBA championship. Parker just signed to play with ASVEL Villeurbanne, the French League team of which he is a part owner. Should the lockout continue to drag on, TP will be in Europe balling for $1,995 a month, and he says if he’s there all season, the squad is going to win a title. Pretty lofty expectations. It could just be a reflex of being in a lockout and away from the Spurs. If he said something like that in San Antonio, Popovich would probably tape his mouth shut and throw him in a basement somewhere. Of course, if he does play in France, we’re assuming he’ll have no problems with the transition, unlike some other guys … Everyone’s talking about the issues Deron Williams is having overseas. We hear about how physical it is and how the defense is in your face. You’d think a strong as hell point like Williams would relish that right? It hasn’t worked out so far for him. But he’s not the only one struggling. Ty Lawson is doing even worse in Lithuania. He went scoreless yesterday in six minutes of action for Zalgiris Kaunas … Click for news on Kobe’s potential one-game monster payday and the former NBA star who is trouble (again) with the law…

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  • shaw32

    is anyone worried that some nba player struggling overseas may not come back the same because they lose there confidence?

  • First & Foremost

    @Shaw32 – I doubt most will lose their confidence. Just like anything else it is about finding the right fit. You can’t just go rogue and expect them to run iso around you all game.

    The early misconception was that the NBA players would uproot and just have an NBA overseas, still getting paid and still playing ball. The system is different, if you don’t fit in, you don’t play.

  • Patrick

    I am not the person to say that playing two subpar games is struggling. That being said, the NBA, and its player should be embarrassed that european basketball is considered too physical. Remember when the criticism of foreign players was that they were soft? The NBA was better in the 80’s and 90’s. The players used to care more and they were tougher. Now the media has to manufacture toughness for players. I blame Stern for changing the charge and hand checking rules.

  • http://www.DarkWingProductions.net DarkWing Productions

    The sad truth is none of these players are guaranteed to show up for these “streetball” games. I was at the 1st Drew vs Goodman, and a few cats didn’t show. I was also at the the EBC vs Goodman, and A LOT of cats didn’t show. The 2 biggest names there were Kemba Walker and Michael Beasely for goodness sakes, which sure isn’t worth the $40 ticket price they charge. I wish the players would take it more seriously and at least show up, even if they don’t want to play a whole game or whatever. Fans are plunking down hard earned cash for these tickets based on who they’re told will be showing up, then they get there, and it’s the poo-poo platter.

  • Big Island

    Rider’s violations were related to him not even trying to do his community service and meetings. My buddy got into some trouble for the same type of thing which wasn’t really his fault. Quick background, he got busted, then busted again within like a month. One in Ventura County, the other in LA. So he does his stuff for Ventura, then LA. His attorney didn’t show at his final thing in Ventura so they put a warrant out. Which violated his LA probation. So he gets stopped, the cop looks at it and tells him to spend the weekend in jail, we have a 4 seasons one out here where they take all of the celebrities to, and he’d be out Monday morning at 6am. No way, $3K, and he’s out. So Ventura gets cleared up realizing it wasn’t really his fault and his attorney dropped the ball, but LA orders him to go to classes and do community service. He does all of his classes, but hasn’t even touched his community service. So he’s going to jail, he just doesn’t know for how long. The funny thing is if he would’ve gone to the 4 season’s jail for the weekend, he would’ve gotten time served and been done. He’s not built for jail either. Little guy, Napoleon complex, and just sweet looking. There’s a 68% chance he gets raped, 96% chance he gets his food stolen.

    And why does Tony Parker just look so slimy French guy in this picture? Dime puts up some awesomely awful pictures of guys. I gotta give you credit for that.

  • http://www.memphisdivorce.com George

    I just don’t see how this is a good idea since he hasn’t been healthy for a whole season for a while, why not just rest up.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    I am a little surprised Deron hasn’t figured the game out by now. I never expected him to put up big numbers but i didn’t see him shooting bad and turning the ball over.

    The idea that overseas ball is more physical is only half true. The players aren’t tougher defenders or tougher guys mentally. The rules allow them to get away with a ton of shit on the perimeter, almost like our college and high school AAU games are played. The other thing that should be noted is that Physical play underneath the rim is about the same overseas as it is in the NBA. So big guys that go overseas won’t have to adjust much. The guards will have to adjust back to their college or HS days before they got superstar treatment.

    The NBA has been softened by David Sterns posse of rule changers. All in an attempt to sell more tickets through scoring points. If Stern would have just instituted a 2 year mandatory college rule, allowed the NBA D-League to do its job, and also the shift if focus on the shoe camps and NBA players camp to more skills developement instead of scrimmaging all day, then the players would be better equipped when they reach the NBA level.
    More forcus on skills in the lower levels would actually improve the NBA game to the point were there is no need for rule changes.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I’m out like Arvydas’ Saboner

  • the truth

    @ rilla,
    perfectly said my dude

  • Cha-Ching

    Agree with Rilla. I play with high school kids sometimes. Fundamentals are rare. They will call me old skool and then warn others that I will bottle them up. Its just that I still have that Joe Dumars and Gary Payton D. These kids don’t know defense like that. They beg u to give them space so they can try to “break ur ankles”. Fuck that, I say how about you not getting ball and if you do – I will give you no room to breath. They get frustrated. Kids and some pro players have gotten spoiled. Stern took that classic D away; soft now. Over seas they shutting down guards and be late with the Americans pay check so I heard.

    Who saw that video of Kobe dogging Kwame Brown recently?

    @Rilla, u bar b queing for the Bears game? Will Cutler choke a big game again?

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    @Cha Ching

    I think i might actually be BQing. This weather has been perfect. But I’m not sure i want to ruin it by watching Jay Cutler put on his best Rex Grossman impersonation.
    I’m still trying to get over the whole Ozzie/Whitesox fiasco. They picked up Robin Ventura so that softens the blow a little.

    Oh and I had some HS kids get mad at me for abusing them off screens lmao. I told them i had no need to make a dribble move. I had 4 old cats on the team willing to just set screens for me while i did my Reggie Miller shit.

  • Big Island

    chicagorilla – If I were in Chicago, I would drop by, bring some beer and stuff to throw on the grill, and then hope that Cutler doesn’t get snapped in half by Suh.

    cha-ching and chicgorilla – As a kid, I used to hate getting the crap kicked out of me by older guys. Once I got old, I always felt bad beating up on the kids. Picks kill them. Picks, if used properly, kill everyone. The problem is unless you get on a team with an older guy, they can’t pass to you when you come off of one, let alone read how someone will come off of a pick (step back, cut through, curl round). Since I am slow, I just step back about 4 feet, let them burn through the 30 crossover attempts, 5 useless behind the back dribbles, and 16 head fakes that do nothing, then strip the ball when they have to try to shoot a busted ass jumper. Offensively it’s either a 15 foot fadeaway or the pump fake/shoulder in the chest/layup routine.

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Is,

    yeh man i feel you. i was the same way. I used to hate the older cats who would sit back and wait for me to come down the lane only to hit me with a forearm shiver to the chest lmao. Then they would help me off the ground and say “sorry about that slim” or “whoa! you ok young fella” like they didn’t intend on doing the shit. Eventually I learned that i better get a jumper and actually use it. Then I would have to guard some old school killer who everyone says used to be a beast. And he would use an assortment of screens, jabs, jukes, and head fakes to embarass the hell out of me. It’s what made me a better player and taught me how to understand the game of basketball.
    Now I’m that old cat. The one who is out of shape, got bad knees, and doesn’t step outside of the 3pt line. hahaha, but when i catch the rock low block or the high elbow and its a wrap. If only i had this brain when i was 18.