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Top 10 NBA Players Slated To Lose The Most Money Each Paycheck

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

The first two weeks of the 2011-12 NBA regular season have been cancelled, and things aren’t looking to change for the better anytime soon. And while it’s sometimes hard to feel bad about millionaires losing money, you can definitely sympathize with someone missing out on a paycheck – and not in the Rasheed Wallace CTC kind of way. With that said, Brian Reed of ThePostGame.com put together a list of the 10 players who will lose the most money as the lockout lingers.

His Methodology: During the 1998-99 lockout, players lost pay based upon games missed. So, if a player missed one game due to the lockout, it would have cost him 1/82nd of his salary. However, since all players have slightly different schedules, he calculated pay on a paycheck basis.

10. Joe Johnson, $1,387,582.54 per paycheck
9. Amar’e Stoudemire, $1,401,361.92 per paycheck
8. Carmelo Anthony, $1,423,076.92 per paycheck
7. Pau Gasol, $1,439,550 per paycheck
6. Dirk Nowitzki, $1,468,682.54 per paycheck
5. Gilbert Arenas, $1,482,254.46 per paycheck
4. Kevin Garnett, $1,630,769.23 per paycheck
3. Tim Duncan, $1,638,461.54 per paycheck
2. Rashard Lewis, $1,704,000 per paycheck
1. Kobe Bryant, $1,941,846.15 per paycheck

With players receiving bi-weekly paychecks, you have to think that every two weeks there’s an internal clock sounding an alarm for each guy in the NBA. Sure, a $2 million paycheck for Kobe doesn’t sound like that much when the Italians are offering him that for ONE GAME, but for an incoming NBA rookie or a career journeyman it means the world.

What do you think?

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  • Joe

    And this is why the players have no leverage in any type of negotiation with the league over salaries, or caps, or whatever.

    They only have a given amount of years to ball at NBA level, so you want to maximize your earnings. If you’re losing more than 1m per check, that’s a significant hit.

    The owners, they’ll be good, they can lose a season. If their teams lost all value, they would be, probably, significantly hurt, but they would not be destroyed.

  • Michorizo

    I think College basketball is coming up …lets talk real hoops

  • Thanatos

    College basketball is real basketball? man you’re so drunk…
    get a grip on the real life

  • Hot Fiyah

    I wouldn’t want to lose one of those checks.

  • jayb

    well kb can go to italy for a game for 2mil so yeah he is losing a lot but he got options..others dont!
    melo cud do reality with la la i guess but yeah it hurts!!

  • north

    Does anyone else find it hilarious that Rashard Lewis is on this list? That contact alone is reason NBA needs to be reworked.

  • Joe

    The players lack a leader that can step up and say “look, we’re doing this, and we’re going back to work”. That’s it, someone just needs to make a decision.

  • First & Foremost

    Don’t let the numbers fool you. You have to look at the bigger picture. This fight is over a multibillion dollar pie, ten of them to be exact. So these are crumbs compared to what ALL of the NBA players would be set to lose out on if they just agree to any ol deal.

    10 players losing $30,000,000 or
    400 players losing $2,800,000,000 [yes that is nearly $3 BILLION].

    Breakdown the list. KG and Duncan have 1 foot out the door and have grossed $200M already. They should be set. Kobe just got an offer of $2M to piss on The Great Wall of China. Dirk can retire in his homeland and step down to King status. Rashard and Gilbert are the only ones who won’t bounce back financially from this. The bottom 3 have shoe deals and will be paid to make appearances.

    The players are holding out to reduce the LONG-TERM loss.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Looks like Thanatos doesn’t enjoy real ball. In the NBA other factors are introduced to the players (ie contracts, sponsorships, trade rumours, etc). In college the kids just want to play ball. So yes, even though you disagree, college ball is ‘real’ ball.

    I’m with you Michorizo… it’s time for DIME to pen some college previews. For real.
    Who’s your team? UNC, to me, is the team. Marshall is the best passer in college basketball and as long as the team is healthy, they will do very well. UConn scares me though…

  • Buckets

    Cosign #6 – North. The nba players have it better than other league (private planes, five star hotels, crazy perdiem, licensing royalty checks garunteed contracts) and %60 of the players are overpaid. The bottom half of the league could be swapped out with d-league players and no one would notice. The players union needs to wake up before they make a huge mistake.

  • Imperial-Mel

    Dirk doesnt give a damn, hes still partying it up. Besides if the season is canceled he can just say he is the defending champ for alittle bit longer!

  • Kyle

    Also both Dirk and Kobe know that a shortened season helps both of their teams make another run at a title since their teams are older. Young teams have the most trouble getting into the flow of things, and older guys like a little rest.

    This hurts guys like Nash, Kidd(just due to his historical numbers), and guys who may retire if the season is lost.