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Boston Discusses Trading Rajon Rondo For Chris Paul; The Clippers Want To Pair Dwight Howard With Blake Griffin

Yesterday’s ambush of trade and free agency talk tipped off with a rather awkward rumor: The Celtics weren’t actively shopping Rajon Rondo, but that they’d be open to a deal should anything materialize. In the sports world, that’s basically code for other teams to start calling so they can start the bidding. Danny Ainge and Boston were hinting at something. We just didn’t know what it was yet. So naturally the response from most fans was: WTF? It didn’t help that Rajon Rondo trade rumors are an offseason rite of passage by this point. It doesn’t feel right unless we get a few of them. The Celtics have told Rondo they haven’t been looking to deal him, and then Sean Deveney of the Sporting News tweeted: I am told that the chances of the Celtics actually trading Rondo are “minimal.” Source says, “They’d ask for the sky.” Well the rumor being reported now is the largest/most important one we’ve seen, and if it went through, the Celtics would get more than just the sky. Sam Amick of SI.com reports that the player the Celtics wanted all along – the guy Ainge has had discussions about – is none other than Chris Paul. There’s an interesting history here. First of all, CP and Rondo have always carried a healthy beef, going at each other in every matchup and even during one game, that boiled over into a near fight. Plus even more importantly, Ainge and the Celtics very nearly traded Paul Pierce for CP on his draft night. That was the plan. At this point, the Hornets want to involve a third team to get more assets, and Boston is still trying to figure out if Paul would agree to stay long-term in Boston. At least for the time being, it’s doubtful any move involving the Hornets’ franchise goes down. The NBA runs New Orleans at this point, and the last thing they need is another PR situation involving a big star going to a huge market. Behind closed doors, we bet they’d love it. But in the public eye, it’d be a blow to the perceived “success” of the lockout, as well as a failure to keep a quality team together in New Orleans. Paul told reporters yesterday that his heart is in New Orleans. But a squad featuring Paul, Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett could definitely win another title just as long as they replace everyone’s knees. We can’t figure out which player scenario intrigues us more: this CP stuff (New York or Boston?), or Dwight Howard … Because we’ve all heard the Dwight-to-L.A. storyline for about a year now, but no one ever really considered the JVs might land him instead. That’s right, Chris Broussard reports that the Clippers are ready to do whatever it takes (besides parting with Blake Griffin) to bring Dwight Howard to L.A., and throw on their uniform instead of the purple and gold. And while playing for a racist owner probably isn’t on Howard’s bucket list, he really needs to look at this. The Clippers – with a consent from Howard that he would sign there – probably have as much to offer Orlando as anyone. They have Eric Gordon, Mo Williams, DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe, Chris Kaman and Al-Farouq Aminu. BUNDLES of young (or not old) talent. Imagine a BG/Dwight frontline? We don’t even know where to start. If winning in basketball is all about controlling the paint and rebounding, then a frontline of Superman, Quake Griffin and freakin’ one of us could be scooping up titles … Nene‘s name is on everyone’s mind right now with nearly half the league set to line up at his doorstep the minute free agency begins. Because of that, and because we can almost guarantee it’ll happen, Nene made our list of the five free agents who will most likely end up being overpaid. Another center we nearly put on the list was Tyson Chandler, who is going to cash in very soon off Dallas’ championship … Other rumors floating around: Utah isn’t set on using the amnesty clause on Mehmet Okur…if Brandon Roy is let go, the Warriors want to sign him…and the Thunder don’t have a problem at all giving Russell Westbrook a max deal to re-up in OKC … Hit page two to hear about how Duke got embarrassed, and the classic Gary Payton sneakers he says are coming back …

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  • Big Island

    First off, let me apologize to balooga for insinuating that all Laker fans are bandwagon fans. I know 3 who aren’t. If you aren’t, that’s 4, but I need to hear from you when they suck. Otherwise it’s back to 3 true Laker fans that I know.

    I am curious to see who goes where once teams start signing guys. Assuming that they actually sign the CBA etc… I would stay away from Dwight Howard honestly. Not because of his game, but because he is such an attention whore. He wants to be famous more than he wants to play ball. guys like Melo want to be known as a better ball player by going to a big market, but Dwight just wants fame. Bad news. And I want everyone on the Clippers to go to another team. Sterling is a giant, stinky, steamy, runny, pile of BRUCE.

  • catdaddywhack

    How about “promising” a low post game instead, Boozer?

    “promising” a Bulls ‘ship is bullshit until your team has a legit low post presence to compliment DRose.

  • beiber newz

    did anyone else hear that the christmas day doubleheader will actually be a 5 game extravaganza ? makes sense. the knicks game starts at 12 and games are usually 2 and a half hrs. games on christmas usually go on throughout the day don’t they? so the story should have some legs to it. heat play the mavs at 2:30 while the lakers play 2 and a half hours later at 5 pm. that leaves 7:30/8 and the 10:30 time slots very open. i’m hoping the league schedules the thunder vs clippers. ooo man, unlikely first night matchup? but it would be a treat to the fans. it’s the perfect west coast start too. i can see that game starting at 10:30 at durant’s home since the lakers i BELIEVE would have played at home earlier that day. anyone’s guess for the 8pm game. maybe a small market team sighting like the blazers.

  • catdaddywhack

    Damn. Lost out Shawn Kemp Lockout List… lol

    Is there a “Vin Baker Lockout List”?
    – for the player most likely to drink to cope with the loss of his game.

    I’ve got Hedo on this one.

    Ohio State vs Duke was disappointing.
    But another disappointment was the part where they gave Oden and co. some props. It just shows Ohio State is slowly catching up with Duke on the NBA draft lotto busts list.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    -How about “promising” a low post game instead, Boozer?-
    DAaaaaayyyyumm @Cat, way to kick shit off with a bang! I was thinking to myself “Does this mean that he wants to shoot more? Because i don’t want to see no dumb shit. Or did he actually work on finishing around the basket over players taller than 6’8″? Or maybe it means he’ll step his defensive game up a notch…or two…or fifty.

    OHio State vs Puke just put a big smile on my face. I have a friend who’s a dukie (and he’s black…go figure) and he was on me about the UNC loss to UNLV. So I had to let him have it over the dookies taking a 20pt L.

    Side note: I’m not really impressed with Sullingers game. He seems to have a really tough time finishing at the rim vs taller more athletic players. Thats why he came back to college, so he can shoot more jumpers and expand his game. And possibly because of the lockout. Either way, good for him.

    Also Mason Plumlee ain’t that bad. He needs to really improve his back to the basket game but i like the way he plays.

    Illinois vs Maryland was actually a better game to watch. The game started off with BRandon Paul banging on some dude right after the tip. Sick.
    Myers Lenord will be a beast this year in college. Kid has NO IDEA how good he can be. A little more polish to his game, maybe stay thru his Jr. year, and that kid could be a number one pick. You heard/read it here folks. Don’t say i didn’t put you on.

    5 games on Christmas day? I am going to be the happiest SOB around. As long as my family doesn’t kick off any drama. Even then i may just hide somewhere and watch the games

  • yoda

    @ Big I

    i used to stay up whole night so i could watch lakers from europe, when we had smush and kwame in starting lineup. is that enough to make me at least 0.5 fan so you know 3.5 lakers fans? :)

  • Jzsmoove

    I love trade speculations, best times of the year. And Deron getting his jersey retired wow damn that’s kinda cool.

  • DNice

    I wonder if they will do one of those NBA inside training camps this year like the NFL. I would love to see the Lakers. Just to see how long it would take for Mike Brown to go Will Smith with Kobe, like he did with LeBron. Option A, B, and C. Pass it to Kobe lol! LETS GO HEAT!!

  • baloogawhales

    @Big Island: much appreciated my man. guess we gotta wait until the Lakers blow to see if i’m still around lol.

    @Chicagorilla: Yeah Mason Plumlee is pretty good. He developed a post game over the offseason and is nimble/mobile for a person his size. Was looking forward to watching Sullinger play but was only able to watch the first half. Wish the premier games aren’t so damn late, I gotta wake up early in the mornings…

    Boozer is Charmin soft when he’s trying to finish in the paint. I hope he comes through though, I wanna see Rose whoop down on the Heat. sorry DNice ahaha

  • https://twitter.com/#!/DARKWINGpro DarkWing Productions

    Anytime Puke loses, I smile…

    …but I every game I watch Austin “Baby Doc” Rivers play, I move further to the front of his bandwagon. Can’t wait to see him in the League. I think he has a 30 point game in him sometime this season, and maybe even a 40 pointer. He’s that cold.

    As good as Sully is right now, I wonder how difficult it’ll be for him to score on NBA big men, regardless of his excellent footwork.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/DARKWINGpro DarkWing Productions

    And where the hell did that Ohio State PG come from? I never heard much about him in high school, but he can hoop. He’s a nice compliment to Sully down low.

  • Buckets

    So this is what all the Rondo hype has led to a trade w/ CP3 straight up. Rondo surrounded w/ zero HOFs, I’m sure he could lead them to the playoffs out West. This trade should not be discussed in the Hornets front office.

  • Sean Sweeney

    ^^ Craft can play. He was great last year off the bench, just couldn’t score at all so no one heard about him.

    He might be the best defensive backcourt player in the country too

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    You guys were impressed with the Craft kid? I missed it. Maybe in my joy of watching Puke lose I overlooked him. But i just didn’t see it, I got the game on DVR i’ll watch it again.

    Yeah Austin Rivers has NBA game, but honestly i don’t see a star. He just seems like a ballhog with skills. Kind reminds me of Jared Bayless when he was in college. But he could be as good as Monta Ellis.

    Kendall Marshall and Jordan Taylor are going at it tonight. That should be a great match-up of heady PGs. Both aren’t that fast but they got size and are smart.

  • control

    Rondo going to Hornets would be gold, then he’d be exposed for the flawed fraud that he is. I’d hate to see a player like Chris Paul go to the boston douchebags…though he is kind of a douche himself, but nothing like being on Rondo’s level. It would be pure robbery on part of the douchebags though, trading a legit star for the worst shooting point guard in nba history…

    With nba starting back up, it’s time to dust off the hate game. I think it sucks the nba didn’t fix the major problems with the game, but instead used the down time to be a bunch of cry babies and greedy fools. They should have addressed the horrible biased reffing situation, as well as tweeked the rule set concerning charging and phantom fouls…

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “Kendall Marshall and Jordan Taylor”
    ^ Awesome

    “As good as Sully is right now, I wonder how difficult it’ll be for him to score on NBA big men, regardless of his excellent footwork.”
    ^ Similar questions surrounded K.Love. His IQ is through the roof and he’s a hardworker; one of the hardest working players at the college level. Sully will be fine in the NBA. He may have a low ceiling, and his stock will probably drop for that reason, but he’s a player. The teams who pass on him during the draft might regret it later if their ‘potential’ picks don’t pan out.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    My homey compared Jared to Antwan Jamison (the NBA version). If that’s the case then I’d find it hard to pass him up. In the NBA, when paired with a decent enough PG, Sully could really do some damage in the pick n pop/roll. He may not have to finish around the bucket as much and with his jumper much improved he could even extend it to three point range in the NBA (ala KLove).
    Or he could end up being Brandon Bass. who knows.


    Is that really you son! lol. I knew the rondo shit would bring you back. Unless you’re some lame impostor who masturbates to the idea of being other people on a internet blog site.

  • First & Foremost

    @Control – Great point, will KD’s rip through move be called an offensive foul? If a stationary defender gets run over by an offensive player, it is an offensive foul. If a offensive player pushes off to create space, it is an offensive foul.

    Yet, if a stationary defender is crowding a player and the offensive player clears space in the form of a shot, it is a defensive foul?

  • First & Foremost

    Chicagorilla must have been really excited to see his friends during the first week of school.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Donald Sterling is not racist.
    Just ask BRUCE

  • Sean Sweeney

    It’s not like Craft is this great player, but I think he makes a difference for them this year considering all their best players are basically forwards and one big man. They have more balance. I still don’t think they’re better than UNC, Kentucky or Cuse.

  • silky

    lol @ big I and the wagon comments. problem is that the team has been good for too long to weed out the true backers

  • That’s What’s Up

    Deron Williams has been hitting that Turkish Rogaine hard

  • SayItAintSo

    @ That’s What’s Up


    Seriously! That was my first thought when I watched the video. I wasn’t thinking “they’re honestly retiring D-Wills jersey after like two games?” I was on some “HOT DAMN! D-Will’s hairline coming in hot with a mad dash comeback. How much are flights to Turkey? I need me some Quad Strength Turkish Rogaine”

  • control


    Yeah, it’s me, haven’t been posting at all because I was pissed at nba, was also enjoying a few month vacation.


    The main thing that pisses me off about the nba is the slide under the defender when he’s already in the air bullshit.

    I think if the defender is putting his hands over where the NATURAL motion for a shot would be, then it could be a foul because he’s invading the other guy’s space. That weird, jackknifing into the defender without even trying a natural shot, like what Kobe and PP live on, is complete bullshit. Basically, with how the rules are now, a defender can’t play defense without fouling out in 15 minutes, it’s horrible.


    Why you colored folks make fun of BRUCE? Half of Dimemag writers are racists as well — What is the name of that writer that wrote a piece about Gordon Hayward?

  • Big Island

    BRUCE – You are the resident racist joke guy here. Don’t try to bring in a VP of racism to share your glory. Own it my friend, own it.

    balooga – They have been good for a really long time. Really good for a really long time. One guy I know starts with the “well we’ve just played too many games, we’ve got a bunch of recent championships and they can’t win forever” moping routine. He isn’t a real fan. I’ll count you for now, but it’s a probationary position in the true fan company.

    I think Jared Sullinger has a nice game. Guys who can play usually pan out. It’s the guys who get by on pure athleticism that usually don’t pan out. If he gets a decent midrange shot he’ll be fine. He has a solid feel for the game and very solid fundamentals. He won’t be an all-star in the NBA, but he will be a solid player.

    Control – I think they made a rule change to do something about the rip through move. Kobe and Durant will lose about 5 points a game if they actually stop calling it.

  • Sean Sweeney

    @DNice instead of following a team’s training camp, they should just send a camera crew to document JR Smith’s travels and tribulations in China.

  • catdaddywhack

    The Rondo shit brought out control.

    “wagon” brought out true Laker fans.

    A racist joke brought out BRUCE, and tried to bring down a VP with him.

    Wonder who’ll be next to crossover from Smack’s own little lockout… spliff? english? the real tyrone? lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    So, I’m confused. LeBron James played for the hometown team in Ohio, got them to the brink of a championship, then decided to leave for what he felt was a more lucrative opportunity before truly fulfilling the potential that he brought to town. So when he comes back for an Ohio State game, naturally he gets booed.

    Greg Oden also played for the hometown team, got them to the brink of a championship, then decided to leave for what he felt was a more lucrative opportunity before truly fulfilling the potential he brought to town. So when he comes back for an Ohio State game … he gets cheered?


  • baloogawhales

    @Chicagorilla: completely agree with you about “dont see a star in Rivers”. but he does have some drives to the basket where i just go WOW.
    @BigIsland: lol forsure, guess your my PO then

    i agree with all the previous posters that say Sullinger will be productive in the NBA. From what everybody is saying he is a hardworking and genuinely good kid.He has post moves, NBA body (but a lil short), and plays like a bigman. He’ll be fine, as long as the team drafting him isn’t expecting him to turn their franchise around immediately.

  • First & Foremost

    Greg played for free (or at least at a very very small salary compared to Lebron) AND played his tail off in the National Championship game AND played an entire season using his off hand. He gave them just about everything he could.

    What have you done for me lately, Lebron tanked a playoff series and then wouldn’t tell his employer anything. Imagine going into a job interview and they ask, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years.” “Well Bob, I’m pretty sure I don’t see myself working here. Look at this place. You double as the entire HR department, the receptionist, payroll and sales staff. LOSER. While I have you hear, can you fax my resume to this number along with a letter of recommendation. I just need you to sign here.” You should be glad he didn’t choke you with the telephone cord.

    Of course Lebron gets booed.

  • BiGShoTBoB

    @Catdaddywhack…maybe Rangerjohn wil make a comeback

  • baloogawhales

    Lol of course Lebron gets booed…..NOBODY likes him in the state of Ohio, other than his family and nuthugging friends.

  • K Dizzle

    Lol @ Austin tryin to make excuses for Lebron again.
    One guy leaves with the “Decision” and is dancin on stage in Miami like a clown a few days later then proceeds to absolutey CHOKE in the Finals. Lebron never chose Ohio. He was drafted by the Cavs.

    Other kid is a New York kid who came up in Indy then chose Ohio State and got them to the championship game. After his one-n-done year, he left to start his career. Why would they boo him?

    Your comparisons are still in lockout mode, AB. You get a pass til Christmas…

    @ JAY n Big Island. when I watch Sullinger, I see Dejuan Blair. Kid’ll be alright. Most likely, he’ll drop to a good squad cuz of his “weaknesses”, thereby actually helping him

  • JBaller

    That’s classic…just whem whackdaddy brought up the past Austin Burton shows up with an analogy/apology for lebron! What’s next a SportyJ comeback?

    Cant wait for the NBA on Christmas day!

  • catdaddywhack

    LOL @ BiGShoTBoB & JBaller… classic!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @First&Foremost — And LeBron didn’t play his tail off for the Cavs? Or was he just accidentally winning MVP awards and setting franchise records?

    I’m still waiting for somebody to prove that LeBron actually tanked the 2010 Boston series instead of just taking Dan Gilbert’s word for it. Because if all you have for evidence is a terrible Game 5 and the fact that LeBron didn’t foul to stop the clock at the end of Game 6 (during which he had a triple-double), that’s not good enough.

    And I don’t say this to criticize Oden’s decision to go pro, but playing one year of college ball without delivering a championship is not “giving them everything he could.” If you were talking about ‘Melo and Syracuse, I could accept that. Or even Sullinger at OSU who stays for at least two years, fine.

    But the fact is that Oden made a self-serving decision to leave the local team when he could have done more, just like LeBron. So what’s the difference?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @KDizzle — “Lebron never chose Ohio.” Didn’t he sign a contract extension with the Cavs?

    And I’m not saying Oden should have been booed. I’m saying LeBron should not have been. He gave the Cavs nothing but his best for seven years, which was better than any other player the franchise has EVER had, and that’s how they treat him? If that’s the case, why don’t they boo every other former Cavalier for not delivering a championship and every other former Cavalier who left in free agency?

  • http://bigleaguewiffleball.com/ Jon L.

    I would absolutely love to see Dwight and Griffin side by side for the next 10 years. Can you say dominant?!

  • Big Island

    Austin – A college team knows they are getting a guy for 4 years max. And people understand more when a hometown kid goes to his hometown college and skips to go to the pros. It’s like the neighborhood thugs protecting the kid who is good at something to get out and make something of himself. But if he makes something of himself in that town and then skips out on them once he’s made it, they hate on him (Jay-Z vs 50). Oden went through Ohio State and went to Portland and they were proud of the guy for making it. He went #1 in the draft and started his career. Lebron had already made it in Cleveland. It’s not like Miami offered him more money than Cleveland. If Cleveland had offered him $10mil a year and he left for Miami for $20mil a year people would still love him in Ohio because the team just wouldn’t pay to keep him. He left his hometown team, where he was the man, in the highest league there is, to go to Miami for the same amount of money.

    Would you be pissed if your girl said she loved you, and you’ll always be #1 in her heart, but she wants to take her talents to Sweeney because he lives in a different town where her friends live? In professional sports people love the underdog and they love their teams to death. Except Laker fans. Cleveland is an underdog. There’s no glamour, it’s not a big stage, and Lebron made Cleveland a team to talk about. It was a small place competing with LA, NY, Chicago. It added value to their lives, however twisted that seems, even if they didn’t own the bar across the street. He left his community to go to a different one to do the exact same thing for the exact same money in the exact same league. I completely understand why Lebron left. He handled it wrong from a PR standpoint, but I understand why he left. I also understand why Cleveland hates him now.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Big Island — What I don’t like is the inconsistency. Cleveland fans are mad at LeBron for ditching their team in free agency? OK fine, but why don’t I see all that venom for all the other ex-Cavs who have ditched them? They’re happy for Greg Oden because he helped bring the hometown team to the lip of the mountaintop? Cool, but where is the same respect for LeBron?

    Like you said, LeBron put the Cavs on the map. He did more for the franchise than Mark Price or Brad Daugherty or Dan Gilbert or anybody else has ever done. He signed one contract extension when he could have left, then he finally left years later when he decided he wanted a change of scenery. How about you show the man some appreciation for the good things he did instead of acting like he robbed you of something?

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    yay! im actually excited again to read Dimemag articles…

  • Big Island

    Austin – They would have done that if he left for something bigger, but in their minds, he didn’t. He didn’t leave to Miami to play football or go to the premier league of the basketball. He wanted out of his hometown team, which was very successful, and he was very successful, to take the same money to play with his new friends. If Oden would’ve transferred to UNC then you have a pretty decent comparison because he spurned his hometown team to play on another team at the same level.

    Ways Lebron would not be boo’d:

    The team never won and he was dying to help them win. Think Nash.

    He was getting screwed over by the coach. Think Jermaine O’Neal in Portland.

    Not have the press conference to publicly screw them.

    He wanted to play with his buddies. I get it. I’d take Miami over Cleveland too as far as where to live too. It’s not like he didn’t get marketing opportunities. It’s not like the team was garbage. It’s not like he didn’t play. It’s not like Cleveland didn’t want to pay him. He did a sign and trade to get more money for himself.

    I open a burger joint in my hometown. Everyone loves it, I make tons of money, the whole community supports it because it’s a hometown burger. I have a catering van and I take the show on the road so people can eat my burgers a few times a year, but it’s a hometown thing. People open a bar next to my burger joint. And a juice spot. Now the whole place is jumpin. Then one day I announce, on Regis, that I am closing my burger joint in my hometown, and going to Miami to work at my buddies burger joint. I won’t make any more money, I don’t become a more successful burger guy because I am already the King, I don’t stop making burgers because I want to be a baker, I just want to make burgers with my buddy. Can’t be mad at my choice, but you can be resentful that I took the best burger away. And when I bring my catering truck back to town with my buddy, you can tell me to fuck off.

  • Phileus

    It’s because LeBron is black, and Oden is white.

  • anjel

    Rajon Rondo is a part of the Boston Celtics he’s won a championship with them and I think he should be a Celtic for life.