Smack / Nov 24, 2011 / 12:37 am

Duke Wins Another Maui Title; NBA Basketball Back For Christmas?

Mason Plumlee

Mason Plumlee (photo. Jon Gardiner, Duke Photography)

We sort of called this. Duke lives and dies by the three. They did again last night. Tyler Thornton, the last guy you might expect to take a big shot – maybe the last guy you’d even expect to be in the game – hit not one but two huge threes in the final moments against Kansas. The second one was an end-of-the-shot-clock heave from nearly out of bounds that you just knew was going in the moment he released it. Combine those shots with a three from Andre Dawkins, and Kansas – who played them even all the way – couldn’t finish it off and lost 68-61. But for once, it wasn’t the guards who carried the Dukies. Ryan Kelly (17 points) – the tourney MVP – and Mason Plumlee (17 points, 12 rebounds) were beasts the whole way through, and did just enough to offset Thomas Robinson (16 points, 15 rebounds), who looked like a future lottery pick all night long … The No. 2 Kentucky Wildcats blew out Radford 88-40 with a balanced scoring attack. Calipari‘s cats had five players in double figures with sophomore Terrence Jones leading the way with 17. Freshman Michael Kidd-Gilchrist had 15 along with Marquis Teaque‘s 13 and Anthony Davis‘ 12. Kentucky is now 5-0 and looking stronger each week. Of course some of that has to do with the competition. Superior talent is always going to overwhelm a few of these teams they play, but when they face off with a real opponent, things could change. Can you believe we’re going to get to see these guys play No. 1-ranked North Carolina on December 3rd? Talk about Christmas coming early … Ohio State took on Virginia Military, winning 107-74 at home. Jared Sullinger scored 17 points in only 20 minutes while senior William Buford led the team with 23. 10 different Buckeyes scored in this game as Ohio State moved ahead to 5-0. They will take on Duke on November 29th in what should be one hell of a match-up … Georgetown outlasted No. 8 Memphis in the Maui Invitational, beating the Tiger 91-88 in overtime. Jason Clark lead Georgetown with 26 while sophomore Will Barton scored 22 for Memphis, his second straight big game. Joe Jackson scored 20 in the loss as Memphis leaves Maui with two Ls and a more-than-likely drop in the polls … Syracuse, Baylor, Alabama and Michigan all won, but Arizona (you know that team we haven’t been sold on all season?) lost by four to San Diego State. They trailed wire-to-wire and lost for the first time in 22 games at home … Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the owners and players have taken up negotiations again. The goal of the secret meetings was to save the ever-popular Christmas day games, something David Stern is ready to kill in order to do: Representatives for NBA owners and players have started settlement talks in a last-ditch effort to prevent the cancellation of the league’s Christmas games. The negotiations started Tuesday and were expected to continue Wednesday and though the Thanksgiving holiday. Interesting stuff if you ask us – just be happy there’s a sense of urgency right now. Hopefully Santa can come through with some Christmas day games. An opening day on Dec. 25 would be epic … DeShawn Stevenson told Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports that Billy Hunter is doing a horrible job. Stevenson stated the owners and media basically know the players hand now and have all the power, that all this decertification talk should’ve gone down back in the summer. Stevenson went on to say that the owners have been slow to recognize how much the players have already conceded in negotiations, but also said he points blame at Billy Hunter. Is it just us or is Billy Hunter slowly losing more and more power over his players? … According to the Chicago Tribune, Derrick Rose has taken first round pick Jimmy Butler under his wing, spending lots of time with him during the lockout. Butler told the Tribune Rose has been someone who has really, really helped his game. “I’ve spent time with him off the court during this lockout. We’re getting to know each other. And he’s teaching me the basics. That’s big for me. You have to start somewhere. And if you get the bottom line down, you build from there.” … We’re out like the players’ respect for Billy Hunter.

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  • spit hot fiyah

    will barton is not a freshman

  • yoda

    i hate how players now all blame hunter when they did everything they could to make his job harder. baron davis coming to negotiations dressed like an idiot, KG doing his stupid thing, wade going into shouting match with stern, players threatening to go overseas or starting their own league and doing shit… so easy to put a blame on focal point and yet players don’t understand that unlike players, owners are united and had strategy worked out and came united. players usually show up for half of the meeting and the they are out (with some exceptions).


    Like a bad parent, you point the finger at someone. Of course the colored folks wouldnt understand.

  • yoda

    @ bruce
    i really hope you are just trying to piss off people here. if not, i’m glad i’m not you


    Closest male figure in LeBron life is Delonte West.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Fix the site for iPhone !! Seriously I got earl jr straight down the middle and can’t read the text.

  • Chris Ballz

    Josh the roc
    Works fine on my lil bad boi

  • https://twitter.com/#!/DARKWINGpro DarkWing Productions

    happy thanksgiving y’all

  • beiber newz

    i was sooo excited when i went to yahoo.com/nba
    the feature article’s title made me think the lockout was resolved.
    take a look yourself.
    they title tricked me. my heart sank back down whe ni realized otherwise.

  • Big Island

    NBA, Shmen BA. Have a safe Thanksgiving, stay out of trouble, report back to duty on Friday.

    And JAY, I have been to Toronto before. Cool city, it was freezing cold, I got absolutely hammered with the customers I went up there to see. We went to a steakhouse across from the hockey stadium right before the game ended. Met some couple on the plane there, she said to eat at this place and then come to her club later. Boyfriend confirmed they were cool spots. So we head out, and this tool with a TON of cash comes into the steakhouse and he is acting just like Andrew Dice Clay. We go to the club, the bouncer doesn’t want to let us in because we’re in jeans. We explain we just landed from LA, we want to go spend a couple of bucks, and the lady told us this was the spot. He lets us in and it was bananas. 500 hot ass women and one slump buster. Every dude was jacked. The night goes on, $400 at the bar, I may have been naked, I don’t know. So this 6’8″ asian guy, buff as hell, start talking to me about how he hates when dudes hit on his girl, and he is gonna smash this guy. I take a leak and my buddy comes RUNNING in saying “there is a monster asian guy who wants to kill me!” Now my buddy can handle his business, he was D1 wrestler, Pac10 championship level guy, Olympic level judo, but he wrestled at like 140. This guy was 250 if he was an ounce. So I do the only thing I can think of, grab the ugly chick and start dancing. I was hammered, like I said. So the whole place is watching my redhead ass going nuts with the ugly chick, and the lights come on. We head out, the ugly girl is trying to come back to the hotel. “Sure! Meet me out front” I say. Hopped in a cab like greased lightning. We go to pull out and my buddy yells at me to hop out and grab his girl because she’s right there. Now a sober B.I. would have smelled something fishy, because his girl was with Godzilla, but I was not sober B.I. so I jumped out and yelled “HEY!”. It was the ugly girl. She wheels around and I actually shat myself. I’d been hoodwinked. Naturally, I was using my loud drunk voice and about 50 people turned to see me standing there with the ugly chick. There is this screeching of tires and a Ferrari pulls up. The Diceman from the steakhouse opens the door, tells the ugly girl, in a Dice voice, “Get in here! We’re going fucking party!” She hops into the Ferrari and they chirp out. I am standing there, freezing, hammered, with everyone looking at me like “Fucking Cali folks”. Long story short, got hammered, almost Godzilla’d, and Diceman stole my ugly girl. Fuck Toronto.

  • beiber newz

    SWISHHHHHHHH…i’m swimming in yellow bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    LMAO! Holy shit dude. That post should be on a Tourism Toronto website.

    Where shit happens.
    That explains the Raptors.”

  • Big Island

    Not my proudest moment. It was the first stop and we were so bad that I don’t quite remember where we went afterwards, I think Quebec. So they take us out again, except they said we had to go “off island” whatever the hell that meant. The whole place was underground. We ended up in this strip club, and, well, wow. It got to be about 2am and I just ran away. The other 3 guys passed out cold in the strip club and I thought bad things were going to happen to us so I made a run for it. I popped out of the building, and just layed on a car, in the snow, in a t-shirt and jeans. I said fuck everything, I was free from their tyranny. This security guard came outside and got me, brought me into the bank where he had the overnight shift, let me sleep on the sofa. I woke up to my buddy banging on the window and told the guard “please don’t let him take me!” A pot of coffee later and we were on our way. The dude was cool as hell because I would have been frozen solid, we ended up doing about $4million with them, and I never fully recovered. Ever. My Canada trip ranks second on my debauchery list, closely behind Lake Havasu before they cracked down on shenanigans.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    “Long story short, got hammered, almost Godzilla’d, and Diceman stole my ugly girl. Fuck Toronto.” Big Is<—-blhahahahahahaahadihaiodfh asdfhasiodhfioasdhfioasdfh

    @DIME, you guys are doing yourself a diservice by not giving him is own blog.

    I fight evil, everyday im livin
    Rest in peace to men, women and the children
    And middle fingers to the Pilgrims that killed 'em
    Friend of the People, happy Thanksgiving- Lupe

    unfortunately Lupe's Friend of the People mixtape is full of techno beats which suck donkey balls.

  • McSimon

    you didn’t report on tj ford going overseas

  • McSimon

    tyreke evans too…

  • Sean Sweeney

    ^^ We already did in previous Smacks.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “I said fuck everything, I was free from their tyranny.”

    Holy crap Big I…. I don’t think I want to hang out with you anymore. Random shit seems to just happen to you. I’m scared we might be having a drink at some patio bar arguing about ball, next thing I know some midgets come crawling out of the sewers looking to pick a fight. I’m not scared of midgets… actually, maybe a bit…. with their normal torsos and stumpy limbs. Built like smaller Gary Colemans. And when I think about it, Big Baby’s build is a bit ‘midgetish’. Anyway, I’d never want to fight one cuz I don’t think I’d be able to hit a midget. That would feel like child abuse.

    That said, I heard there’s a “midget tossing contest” somewhere. THAT I can do. Shotput that little dude as far as I can. If the NBA players are bored, I really think that’s something they should do. I’d pay to watch Dwight Howard hurl a 3 foot midget as far as he can… and to see the look on that little man’s face as he’s being tossed from 8 feet in the air. That could be a great moment in sports replayed for years to come.

  • DNice

    Damn, ease off the sauce!!