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Happy Birthday To Jason Williams: His Top 5 YouTube Highlight Tapes

Jason Williams

Jason Williams

And you thought I forgot about it huh? November 18th is a national holiday in my household. Back in the day, it would mean playing The Diplomats “Who I Am” on repeat, spinning a ball on my fingertips while reading Tom Friend’s ESPN features on the man who tattooed WHIT EBOY on his fingers.

The retired Jason Williams turned 36 years old today, and if the end of an era wasn’t already dying, it’s officially gone now. Being retired assures us of that.

I’ve written at length about #55 many times before, almost too many times. So that was out of the question. There’s nothing else to say that hasn’t already been written. What better way to celebrate the birthday of J-Will than by celebrating his genius with highlight tape after highlight tape? That’s what he was put on this earth for anyways, right?

Here are the top five YouTube mixes from Mr. Williams:


5. Jason Williams In His Rookie Year
Depending on how you view it, the background info at the start of the tape is either perfect or boring. But once we jump past that and into the white, purple and black, it picks up. Name me one other NBA player who could put together a tape this good where the highlights are pulled almost exclusively from one 50-game stretch? Anyone who has full-game tapes of that season knows Williams was pulling out two or three moves a game that were blowing people’s minds.

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  • UncheckedAggression

    Other than Jordan, no player was more exciting for me to watch than Jason Williams. Honestly, I don’t think anybody else comes close.

  • Orange

    the wicked and weird song was good.

  • miller126

    Good lookin out as always for my man Jwill, glad to see ur always reppin for “White Chocolate”. The NBA or basketball in general is not the same and never will be without the one and only Jason Williams. Time to bring out the #55 Kings throwback out the closet!

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    There are a lot of players that you could make “top 5 plays of their career”, but not too many who need 5 full videos.

  • lifep