• Chad

    The way this article is written, is completely wrong. Saying negative things about utah and the way he wore his shorts, has nothing to do with what kinda player he was. Consistency, Stats, & Winning says it all about a player. No Stockton never won a ring, but he came damn close…twice! The jazz was also winning as much as any team in the league during his time in the nba. As for Consistency, his averages in assists said it all during his prime, and by the end of his career he is all time leader in assists, & steals and neither record will ever be broken, thats something no other player say! So from the point guard position there was no one better, a point guards job is to run the team and stockton did it better than anyone, if he wanted to score more he would of but he was a point guard and only a point guard…..the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be!

  • Willi Germany

    Come on! Stock was a great player and you seem to be one of those who jump the band wagon on good players and don’t care for others, like those who play in Utah…
    Utah’s offense is most boring? Heck I didn’t see a better half court offense than the one that Jerry Sloan made the Jazz play.

  • b

    i think if he had a better running mate than the ultimate choker in karl malone, he could’ve added at a ring to his legacy

    stockton was everything everyone wants from a point guard these days and now we’re knocking him for it?

    i agree with the above regarding the negativity of the article, but understand the attempted reasoning behind it.

    he may not be the 2nd best point guard to have ever played the game, but he is somewhat the defination of a point guard

  • vlad

    if i think about it, yes top 3 pg all time, its like with tim duncan but without the rings…

  • Promoman

    With or without a title, he has to be Top 3 minimum.

  • Ismael

    This article is offensive and stupid. I watched stockton play in the 90′s. He may not be “cool” but he was a damn good basketball player. He didn’t care about being cool for any of you. He was all about going to work and getting it done on the basketball court. I think Tim Duncan comes to mind also. He’s not “Cool” and plays in a small market in SA, but he’s all about winning and does not care about being cool.

    To them WINNING is Cool.

  • http://www.cosplaycruise.co.uk keith

    When Rondo was getting 14 apg for a month playing with three future hall of famers some folk wanted to talk about him being the best point guard in the NBA, despite his bad stroke. Stockton dis that for 16 years with one hall of famer who couldn’t deliver when it mattered.

  • cesar

    ‘Putting together a decent highlight video for Stockton might be one of the hardest things an NBA TV executive could do. His YouTube videos have to be the first time – and possibly the last time – it’s ever not fun to watch a tape of one of the greatest basketball players ever.’


  • bobby stew

    Best pg ever

  • Utah_Soldier

    I dare you to pull up a Stockton mix and shoe us how “boring” he is. This article is biased and garbage.

  • Rainman

    ^ *2nd Best Pg Ever.

    Best PURE PG EVER. No question.

  • spock

    stop insulting Mr. john stockton man, those who say that stockton was not good enough better watch his games and stop watching mere highlight reels man,

    point guards orchestrate the offense, not merely score or get a bunch of assists. I’d like to see other guards run the offense these days? He made jerry sloan’s job easier. he is as reliable as a Toyota, but he may not as flashy as a say Lamborghini.

    Win/loss record of Utah throughout the years stockton was playing speaks for itself.

  • Daniel Johnson

    Failing to mention Mark Price is good evidence for what a racist, hyperbolic article this is.