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Kentucky Stomps All Over Kansas; Coach K Is Division I’s Winningest Man Ever

Doron Lamb

Doron Lamb (photo. UK Athletics)

Coach K is a pretty cool dude. Always smooth. Always chill. But at about the 12.9 second mark of the second half last night – after he had seen Michigan State chip into Duke’s lead and Mason Plumlee get called for a five-second violation – he had to be feeling that sweat on his brow just a little bit. But after a Spartan miss, the biggest drama of the night was over, the Dukies had won 74-69 and Mike Krzyzewski had the record. He’s now the winningest coach in Division I men’s basketball history with 903 wins, passing one of the men calling the game, Bob Knight. Seriously though, this joint couldn’t have been scripted any better: in MSG, against another great coach in Tom Izzo, playing against a gritty and tough team, and with his mentor looking on, Coach K got what he came for. The two teams played to a virtual standstill for the first 31 minutes before Duke went off for a 20-1 run. That was the difference, as was the perimeter play from Duke’s two returning guards. Seth Curry (20 points, seven rebounds) and Andre Dawkins (26 points, six treys) were straight-up studs. They controlled the game, the offense, and without them, Michigan State would’ve won this thing easily behind Keith Appling (22 points). Jay Bilas was harping on this Blue Devils team’s lack of creators off the bounce all night. That isn’t their strength, but at least for last night, it didn’t matter at all for Dawkins and Curry. We love to hate on the Dukies – they’re a very easy target. But no one’s hating on Coach K today. Impressive stuff … In the nightcap, Kentucky not only strolled into the grandest stage in New York City, but they showed out and showed up one of the better teams in the country in Kansas. Cal‘s kids passed their first test, winning 75-65, and doing it in the fashion we’ve come to expect from Calipari’s teams: up and down for parts of the night, only to come together for one or two game-deciding runs. Last night, that run came at the start of the second half, turning a tied game into a big, double-digit lead. From there, it was a wrap. Every Kentucky starter had at least a dozen points, with Anthony Davis doing it defensively (seven blocks) and Doron Lamb smoking from deep (17 points, three treys). The ‘Cats only issues – outside shooting and turnovers – weren’t too big of factors last night. Still, Marquis Teague looked like he was playing in an AAU game. The Jayhawks better come up with a bench because there’s only so much Tyshawn Taylor (22 points, 15-17 from the line) can do … Did we mention that ‘Cuse was really deep? We’ll say it again. In their easy 98-74 win over Albany, the starters and the bench each scored exactly 49 points. That’s versatility. James Southerland, who was incredibly disappointing in his first two years in upstate New York, has been a revelation so far this season. He scored 19 last night, Kris Joseph had 19 of his own and Syracuse finished with another very easy win … Memphis might be the fastest team in the country, and they showed it in their 97-81 win over Belmont. Joe Jackson (20 points, seven assists) had trouble at times last year running the offense and doing the little things as a point guard, but he was great yesterday, controlling the game and deciding when to slow up and when to speed it up. Belmont – who should’ve beaten Duke – never really had a shot against the Tigers, and that’s saying something. Memphis forced 18 turnovers, and Will Barton and Wesley Witherspoon dropped 23 and 22 points respectively. Some people said they weren’t deserving of their No. 10 spot. They shut everyone up … We were ready to say Baylor has a ways to go. No Perry Jones yes, but their guards were really struggling yesterday. Quincy Miller (20 points) might be their best playmaker and that’s not a good thing. In the first 10 minutes of their 77-67 win over San Diego St., they were turning it over, taking bad shots… looking pretty erratic for a top-15 team. But then Quincy Acy dropped a crazy reverse dunk on the Aztecs’ heads and it was on from there … Do we have our first Cinderella candidate of the season? Looks like it. Kent State took West Virginia’s best shot and busted them up in the second half in their own house, 70-60. Their coach had a prophetic halftime speech, saying WVUs freshmen would crumble and they did … Florida couldn’t handle Ohio State, losing 81-74. But all of the other top 25 teams won with big cushions: Xavier, Cincinnati, Vanderbilt and Cal … Check out this epic fail from Dwight Howard this weekend during his charity game … Are the Grizzlies planning an overseas reunion during the lockout? Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph are both saying they’re looking into it. Marc Gasol is already over there, and we know how Z-Bo and Pau’s lil’ bro are best friends and are trying to play anywhere they can together. Everyone might as well call up the rest of the fellas and have a mini training camp with some European club. Too bad many league’s rules basically prohibit that … And if you need another reason to hate the owners, get heated at the Blazers’ Paul Allen. During the lockout, Allen is busy getting a superyacht spot in the 2012 Olympics for his baby, “Octopus.” The yacht has two helicopters, two submarines, a 63-foot service ship, a pool, and its own Wikipedia page … We’re out like Knight’s record.

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  • Big Island

    That Kentucky/Kansas game was pretty sloppy. That and I don’t remember that taylor kid getting many buckets but I am too lazy to look at his line.

    For all of the hype Rivers was getting, he looks garbage so far. I know it’s early, but he just doesn’t seem to fit in for whatever reason. I didn’t remember Andre Dawkins being that nice either, but he looked pretty good to me tonight.

    I just read a thing on Yahoo that said the city of Miami will lose $200 million if the NBA season is canceled, Portland like $65 mil, San Antonio damn near $100 mil. Hopefully it ends so some the people who depend on the games for their livelihood will be ok. I hope the owners screw the players over bad, and the bad teams remain bad so they just look even dumber.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Site is horrible on iPhone.

  • Cesar

    Not if you know how to properly use an iPhone asshole. And I mean asshole in the most endearing way possible. Click on your article then double tap the screen to zoom in. The articles fit perfectly on the screen. You can also just tap the reader button on the address bar an the iPhone will put the article in an easy to read format if you have ios5 on your phone. If you don’t know what ios5 is just throw away your phone and go back to a flip phone becouse your obviously not smart enough for a smart phone.

    Posted from my iPhone

  • The New Guy

    Cesar…calm down and talk respectfully a hole

  • Cesar

    I said endearing. Lol. All I’m saying is don’t hate on the phone or site just becouse you don’t know how to use it. It’s funny how tone doesn’t come across in text form. But your right I’m a dick :-)

  • Cesar

    All tecchnical advice complements of your friendly company computer guy. Lol

  • yoda

    grownups use “epic fail” ? damn.

  • Phileus

    Before you know it, there’ll be headlines like “Kentucky pwns Kansas.” This new generation of kids, I tell ya…

  • baloogawhales

    yeah the site works fine on iphone’s.

    the Kentucky game was extremely sloppy, but once that team gets it together watch out. They have so much talent, speed, length, and athleticism it’s gonna be great to watch. Terrence Jones is a beast but he does seem a bit full of himself. Davis is deserving of being the #1 freshmen big man prospect. He looks more ready then Drummond so far, even though he gets most his points from ally oops and put backs he is active and everywhere on the court.

    @Big Island: Austin Rivers looked absolutely terrible last night. He looked uncomfortable under the big lights and played like a freshmen. He tries the same crossover (crosses with his right hand/ driving to his left) into traffic everytime. He needs to learn how to pick his spots and not look for the bailout calls. He did, however, look a lot better in his previous two games though. More in control and getting his points within the offense.

  • Lee

    I guess player filing laww suit against the nba doesn’t count as news …

  • OverPowered

    @DIME, if Syracuse’s bench and starters scored 39 a piece…who scored the other 20 points?

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    ^ epic math fail

  • NYPG

    Game was very up and down, both teams need alot of work!…check us out on Facebook, as we unlock the history of NYC Point Guards.. http://www.facebook.com/editprofile.php?sk=basic&success=1#!/profile.php?id=100002743509130&v=info

  • BiGShoTBoB

    IMO Austin Rivers did what he was suppose to last night. I mean the guy lived at the line which means he was attacking the paint everytime he got a chance. Like Dime said Jay Bilas talked about how no one on Duke can take anyone off the bounse accept Rivers. Which means in order for the other four shooters on the court to get their shot off Rivers has to be the one to drive into the paint and get the defenders to collapse…Basketball 101

  • OverPowered

    Thanks for the correction

  • beiber newz

    i’m just upset i can’t use my fantasy basketball team

  • Big Island

    BEIB!!!! It seems like forever since I’ve seen you on here. Probably like 2 days, but that’s forever.

    Dime – I was just wondering, maybe someone will actually answer it, but do you guys notice a drop in your traffic with the lockout or is it actually up because people look for more basketball info? Maybe it stays the same. I’d hate to think Sweeney or anyone else would be on the streets.

  • beiber newz

    haha…well i just been keepin my comments to a minimum…i be here, but i think u rite becuz i had the same feelin like i’ve been away too long. after the depressing dissolution of the players’ union i kinda had a blah attitude toward the nba world.

  • Big Island

    I feel you on that one. But come on, you gotta come in here. BRUCE and The New Guy (who I can’t hate on too much) are trying to jack the site. You, JAY, Chicagorilla, and F&F have to carry the place.

  • beiber newz

    lol, i’ll pick it back up mane