Dime Training, NBA, Video / Nov 16, 2011 / 1:00 pm

LeBron & Kevin Durant Show You Their Offseason Workout, Part 2

Kevin Durant & LeBron James

While we showed you JaVale McGee‘s conventional workout this morning, this video showcasing perhaps the two best players in the world is a little different. With the swimming pool stuff, I feel like I’m watching The Guardian. Some NBA players set sail for the Caribbean once the season ends. But as we’ve seen before with LeBron James and Kevin Durant, they are going hard despite the lockout. With that, watch two of the best players in the world workout with trainer Mike Mancias at the University of Akron.

*…Click here for Episode One Of ‘Striving For Greatness’…*

When the lockout ends, who will have the bigger year?

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  • Trey Bing Bay

    You know the worst thing about there being no season is i have this feeling that these two were going to have monumental seasons.

    I don’t know if they work out this hard every year or whether they have ever worked out together but no doubt both of them are that much better having worked out with each other. I’m so going to miss these two dominating the scoring board and doing the impossible on a nightly basis.

    Fuck you very much NBA.

  • Detroit Dave

    As a spinoff to this article Dime should have some type feature on the players most likely to pull a Shawn Kemp after the lockout. Who will come back 20 lbs outta shape. Who will be the 1st player to pull the Kenny Anderson? (cry broke). I know its a cruel idea.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Someone give Durant some steak.

  • nig

    1:20 durant attempting to swim with goggles in a 3 ft deep pool hahahaha