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Michael Jordan Is Blocking Basketball; Vince Carter & T-Mac Talk About What Could’ve Been

Vince Carter

Vince Carter, Dime #21

We are so tired of writing words like “lockout” and “canceled” and “meetings” and “George Cohen” and “decertification” that we can’t imagine how y’all feel reading it. It all makes us want to run up in the meetings shouting and screaming, slapping people across the face. The bad news never seems to stop. No matter if he’s playing or in a suit, Michael Jordan is always in between the lines. Amazingly, even nearly a decade after he officially retired for the final time, MJ’s influence can still be felt across the league, from the owners to the players and onto the fans. People still love him. His sneakers still sell. And the players still respect him. Tomorrow will represent some of the most important meetings yet, and the two sides are basically fighting to save the season at this point. There’s a slight chance they could come to some agreement on a few things. And yet all of that might be taken off the table before it’s even time to negotiate. There is a faction of owners – numbering 10-14 and led by none other than Michael Jordan – who are staunch in their support of the BRI not exceeding 47 percent for the players. NYTimes.com reports these owners were actually pissed when the NBA proposed a 50/50 split. They plan to vote against a 50/50 split if it ever gets that far. Wow… great. So Michael Jordan, the same guy who once flipped out on Abe Pollin during the last lockout – saying if he can’t make money off his team then he should sell it – is now trying to draw a line in the sand to make sure that no matter what, his team can make a profit? Hypocrisy all the way. We knew he was selfish. But damn, he switched sides pretty quick … The players are having their own troubles. Twice this week, a group of at least 50 NBA players converged on conference calls with an antitrust lawyer to discuss the process of decertification of the union. Sources say the player who was talking the most in these calls was Paul Pierce, while Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard and Ray Allen were all very vocal in the Thursday call. Players are frustrated, they’re pissed off and if things don’t move forward in negotiations this weekend, some sources say the players will push for change starting next week. The players are holding strong, saying the call was merely to check out their options. Billy Hunter knew about at least one of the calls, but isn’t all that concerned either way despite a gathering of players behind him who are dissatisfied. Although this move could signify a huge change on the players’ side, not everyone on that call was in favor of decertification … One team we wish we could’ve seen but never got the chance to was the 2001 Toronto Raptors IF Tracy McGrady had stayed. They were one shot from the East Finals where they would’ve matched up with the Milwaukee Bucks and their three-headed monster of Ray Allen, Sam Cassell and Big Dog Robinson. But if you add McGrady into the equation – remember this was when he was first starting to blow up in Orlando – the East would’ve been a wrap. Kobe vs. VC and T-Mac in the Finals would’ve been unreal. They were recently on OTR – Carter, McGrady and Charles Oakleytalking about the good old days for the first time since 2000. A lot of great stuff in there. We just wish the interview was longer. We’ve heard some reactions from a few of our close Raptor fans. They aren’t sure whether to reminisce and love what VC And McGrady did or if they’re supposed to still hate them … Tony Allen will always be one of our favorite players, but c’mon man, what he did on Halloween night was just terrible. He says he doesn’t have any money because of the lockout, so he was handing out beef and chicken Ramen noodles instead of candy. He knows these are kids and not college students right? We can only imagine their faces when they pulled up to his house looking for Butterfingers or M&M’s. Either way, Allen probably just forgot about the candy and had nothing else to give out. And are we the only ones who think those Ramen noodles are disgusting? Never liked them. Never will … Sounds like J.J. Hickson was released from the club Bnei Hasharon in Israel because he was late to two straight practices. Dude signed, played one game where they lost by basically 40 points and is now being released. Awesome season right there … And Jamaal Tinsley was drafted first overall by the L.A. D-Fenders in the NBA D-League draft. Being that he’s pretty much been in the doghouse – or maybe blacklisted is a better word – of the NBA for the past few seasons, he probably thought his days of being picked first in anything were over … We’re out like Ramen noodles.

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  • Promoman

    The only surprise about MJ is that more people haven’t caught on. He engineered the whole image perception with athletes as we know it. MJ can be an asshole but people generally ignore it, that’s how he’s able to get away with playing a Yojimbo role in plain sight in the whole lockout.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/DARKWINGpro DarkWing Productions

    Never been an MJ fan, but I wouldn’t call it hypocrisy. He’s representing a different set of interests now. And I wouldn’t say he switched quick. It took him about 10 years, retirement, and then team ownership. I think that’s a pretty good explanation for his change of heart.

    I never even heard of ramen noodles until I got to college. I used to eat at least 3 packs each time I did have some, until I realized how unhealthy it was. Then I moved on to family pack steaks and bags of potatoes from the local supermarket (Giant for my DMV heads). Not as cheap as ramen noodles, but affordable and a lot tastier. All my college buddies though I was ballin cuz I was eating steak while they were eating frozen french fries and George Foreman burgers and whatnot.

    RIP to Jamaal Tinsley’s career

  • feature

    #1-What MJ did to Chamillionaire spoke volumes on what type of person MJ really is. Youtube, ‘Jordan disses Chamillionaire.’

  • June

    Its only natural to look after your own interest, isnt it? Dont know why you expect MJ be on the players side? He’s not a player anymore.
    Dime’s reaction is alittle child’ish and unreasonable i think …

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    Wow DIME, you guys went in on MJ without any real evidence that it was true. And calling him selfish is just down right nutty to me. I mean, what MJ are you referring too? The guy that had no problem playing 2nd fiddle to James Worthy in college and waiting his turn even though he was just as good as Big Game at the time. Or are you referrin to the MJ who once threw 8asst per game. Or the one who averaged 11asst per game in the 91′ finals. Or the guy that basically made all of his teammates looks 10Xs better than they actually were.
    Or the guy who gave up his ownership of the Wizards, came out of retirement to play for the Veteran Minimum, voluntarily came off the bench to start the season, and tried his damndest to lead that sh!tty Washington squad to the playoffs, and DAMN near did it.

    Yall can miss me with that selfish label.

    Now if all of what we read is true and MJ does want a 47% split, then he’s an a$$hole no doubt. But being a former player who is an owner, i doubt he’s on that BS. Until he comes on TV and says that sh!t like the PHX Suns owner, then I won’t believe it.
    Its like the old saying
    “Believe none of what you hear, and Half of what you see”

  • Promoman

    @ feature

    I wasn’t surprised at the Chamillionaire incident. MJ doesn’t have the rep that other guys like Patrick Ewing or Ron Harper have (especially during their playing days) when it came to fans because he knows when to and how to asshole because of the brand he’s become.


    Once a player, always a playe – Robert Horry

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla


    WHO THE F%ck is Chamillionaire really? Like that n!gga is a no talent lame. So if MJ disses him, who gives a fluck. To me, it wasn’t about MJ vs Chamillionaire. It was Chamillionaire finding out his place amongst the rich. And again, you’re only hearing one side of the story. Chamillionaires a lame so you have no idea how he really approached MJ. If Mike was Dissing Talib Kweli, Mos Def, or even a guy like Jay-Z then it would be more believable. Chamillionaire prolly showed up wearing gold chains with a platinum grill in his mouth and got outta pocket, then got his a$$ checked and was salty about it.

  • john

    When MJ carrer started players were making 500K a year, good players . Now there a lot of punks making 10M, so I think that he is right.
    And dont even start the “back then things costs much less” because right now we are in the middle of the worst crisis in America history

  • yoda

    why is MJ selfish if he wants to be successful as an owner? why would he pay players while being in minus. plus, everyone is saying that owners are assholes and stuff but there is one thing people keep forgetting: there is no loyalty anymore in nba. why would nba owner give anything to a player if he doesn’t have to when he knows that more or likely that player would bolt his team in a heart beat. all this team changing and players pouting and trade requests and players deciding to team up showed us one thing: most of players are not loyal to their team! there are only few exceptions like timmy, dirk etc. but every player is selfish little brat and i understand why owners don’t want to back down. if players want to take everything they want, then owners should take same thing too.

  • 2 cents

    @yoda. well said and i second that.

    isn’t it players who keep saying “well the NBA is a business”???!!! so i think its about time they realized how hard the business world really is.

    suck it up punks and be happy earning more than most CEOs, let alone the average die hard fan who earns a pittance in comparison.

  • north

    Damn this lock-out. I’m sick of it. They best get it sorted in a minute or somebodies gonna get hurt.
    I’m overdone on the players response of the ownership being selfish… people who own teams worked their butts off making money in “the real world”, some of them scraping boots as kids to get by. They make paper, buy their ultimate dream toy and then have to deal with adult children making millions to play.
    The players don’t pay property taxes on the stadiums, don’t pay the salaries of the concession stand workers, don’t pay the advertising costs. They buy cars, and mansions and huge chains with their names on it. They get full body tattoos and $10K suits, they have sneaker collections that could shoe whole African countries.
    Who do I side with? People who really work? Or people who play? That choice is easy.

  • beiber newz

    @ DIME: “It all makes us want to run up in the meetings shouting and screaming, slapping people across the face.”


  • beiber newz

    I feel like if stern was smacked to the floor, he’d have trouble getting up.. kinda like a turtle on his back.

  • beiber newz

    the fact that both sides claim they are about 95% done with the deal is what keeps me on edge.

    but you guys seem to have the whole mj being selfish point fly over your heads. it actually is very simple. mj the player, refused to justify the owner’s stance during his lockout back in the day. NOW that he is an owner, he won’t take his own advice. that’s where the hypocrisy lays. simple.

  • http://hateradehoops.com Drink the Haterade

    Dime hit it on the head with MJ. Maybe MJ should sell his franchise if he cant make no FN money.

  • beiber newz

    a solution to the standoff could be if the players accept the 50% bri, the owners should take 48% and give 2% back to the fans. show the fans you care, whether the 2% is in the form of lower ticket prices or free stuff or something to show the fans they care.

    maybe if this girl offered to give herself to the owners, more progress would be made.

  • arno

    MJ is an owner in a rather small market. So he needs hard cap and a guaranted 51 to 53 % of the added value.
    Anyway, he’s been an horrendous GM in DC and has not made any smart move since he took the reins in Charlotte.
    Maybe he should sell.

  • jzsmoove

    wtf is wrong with Dime? wtf is wrong with Ramen. And there is nothing wrong with MJ, trying to protect his business interest. Dime folks are going mental. Definitely reminisce regarding Tmac and Vince in T.O. What else is there much to talk about?

  • beiber newz

    jsmoove, no one outright said it was wrong for anyone to protect their business interests. the only thing people are pointing out is the hypocrisy that came along with it. that is the twisted part.

  • beiber newz

    as for ramen noodles, maybe dime hasn’t tried the roast chicken flavor.

  • First & Foremost

    @John – Don’t give me, “things cost less back then… we are in a recession.” In bad times the price of everything rises, especially for non-elastic goods & services. Look at fast food prices. A value meal is $6+ and places are charging for dipping sauce. Look at the price of clothes. Stuff that is offseason is only $2 off.

    The price of everything has risen. If Sprint re-releases a pager, it would be $49.99 + a data plan.

  • The New Guy

    Mrs. Chicagorrillanuts, what the hell do u even know about music? I wouldn’t even trust your judgment if we were discussing planet of the apes. U sound like a damned fool. Pour yourself a glass of milk, haterade free. Lick my balls and take first and foremost with you. You guys display little basketball knowledge. Bow down to me you insolent demons.

  • Joegym

    Whitlocks Grant Hill/Steve Nash interview & Tom Ziller’s Why Aare Owners Uniquely Suited to Usher NBA Forward are the best lockout pieces Ive read. What business are you guaranteed to turn a profit no matter how badly you run it? Why do we assume guys who inherited/made $ in other businesses should be successful in the NBA? Its hard to be elite at more than 1 thing (MJ in baseball). MJ & others who run their teams poorly shouldnt be guaranteed success/profit despite themselves. Should players who didnt work as hard & smart as MJ be just as good? How many owners of well run teams are hardliners? Guys give out bad deals, hire poorly then want a bailout like Bank of America. If some owners are losing $ really they can sell or the owners can revenue share like the NFL though smarter owners wont want to subsidize dumb ones.

  • Big Island

    Of course Jordan changed his stance. I bet he thinks organizations win championships now too. Whatever.

    I can’t hate on Chamillionaire simply because the Weird Al “White and Nerdy” is so awesome.

    I will respectfully disagree with Dime on Top Ramen. I love Top Ramen. Love it. I would take a couple of those to the beach, crunch it all up in the bag, put the flavor mix in there, and it it like a bag of chips. Better yet, fry up a little SPAM, slice it up and throw it in with some soy sauce. Throw some frozen peas in there. Chicken. Fish. Pork. Holy crap, I love that stuff. For my money, nothing beats a loco moco for a meal. A scoop of white rice, a hamburger patty, fried egg, and some brown gravy on top of it all. Served in a bowl. If you’re lucky, they do it with fried rice, but you’d better get there early. You want to know why I grew up with a bunch of 300 pound Samoans who could bench 400 pounds at 16 years old? They ate that daily. How I left high school weighing 140 soaking wet I will never know. Southern California is cool, and I love burritos, but damn I miss the food in Hawaii.

  • Big Island

    Note to self: To piss off Chicagorilla, talk bad about MJ.

    Waiting to see if Chi and F&F are gonna acknowledge The New Gay.

  • silky

    yea that raps squad had some nice pieces- Keon “calves” clark, antonio “roboto” davis, dell “the funkiest” curry, chris “letkobetastemyknuckles” childs…. even Alvin williams was nice before he got injured. Lenny was suspect when he coached there tho.

  • The New Guy

    @ big island

    Now I’m gay? Wow, I’m lucky I checked this page before I left to engage is sexual relations with the hole you came out from. Call me whatever you like, I may even be a dick. So it’s only right that you pussies fall back and take my beating.

    I love MJ, no way I talk bad about him. I’ll talk bad about his wannabe clone Kobe first. Speaking of kobe, how about you pull out my kobe beef and stick it in you big island. I have an idea what big island stands for. BIG “I Suck Long Appetizing Negro Dicks”

    Now let’s get back to basketball and not hating rappers. Chamillionaire is my uncle. I got him on speed dial. So stop talking bad about my G. Fall back hOmo thugs. I run you.

  • First & Foremost

    That Chamillionaire incident was hilarious. You then get a pity picture from another NBA star. “I don’t take no pictures wit no N****s!” Classic.

    MJ, owns a team that isn’t/doesn’t/won’t make money. So yeah, he will want a system that doesn’t favor the players.

  • Big Island

    Oh wow, my bad New GUy. That was a typo. Honest mistake… Please take it easy on me for my lack of typing skills and failure to double check my work. I see you rollin, I’m hatin, I’m just trying to catch you riding ridin dirty.

    Tryin to catch you ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch you ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch you ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch you ridin dirty

  • D-NICE

    Dime basically said what I’ve been saying through this whole lockout. People are gonna have to start getting slapped up to end this shit.T-MAC and VC would have been one of the greatest duos ever if they got more seasons to play together. No doubt we could have made the finals that year with Mcgrady on the squad.

  • The New Guy

    “God, our Father, If it is your will, walk through my house and take away all my worries and illnesses and please watch over and heal my family in Jesus name, Amen.”

  • baloogawhales

    MJ fans gotta admit, that he is a bring pretty hypocritical. There’s no hiding the facts, regardless of who’s side you support on the lockout.
    The statements MJ stood by in the 98 lockout is a complete 180 to what he believes right now. If you can’t afford your basketball team you should sell it to somebody who is more competent. Yet here he is…

    Anyways I just wanna watch some NBA games asap. Those charity games/ Pro-am leagues are so boring to watch now.

  • baloogawhales

    I wonder if Tmac and VC have some younger nephew coming out thats gonna take over the NBA world. I hope they do….those two were so fun to watch.
    VC still the best NBA dunker of all time imo.

  • Sam

    MJ isn’t a hypocrite. In his last season with the Bulls, the NBA Finals scored an 18 rating. This year’s Finals, the highest rated since that 1997 series, was only a 10.5

    The NBA isn’t as wildly popular as it was in Jordan’s heyday. The players should be taking a cut down from 57 to reflect that.

  • matt

    VC left and never would be the player he was in TO. TMAC left to play in his hometown and would prove himself there but injuries derailed him. Also, one doesn’t mention TMAC and playoffs in the same sentence. Also, “good old days” – LOL. What, one playoffs series win? Bosh led the 07 raps to a division championship. At least he helped get us a banner. (Our only one)

  • http://www.geturweightup.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Is

    Nah im not the almighty defender of MJ, I know he is an a$$hole in many ways off the court “Republicans buy shoes too”
    but that wasn’t my argument. I’m just not the kinda person that believes what i read/hear.

    But for the sake of argument, lets say the whole thing about MJ is true.
    Then yeah he is a d!ckhead and a hypocrite. And he is clearly delusional like the rest of the owners when looking at their worth to the NBA.

  • beiber newz

    i can’t wait to hear some good news about the lockout. my brain is melting.

    the new guy took unnecessary shots at the great kobe bryant. he is officially a tool in my book.

  • Baloogawhales

    Yahh give me the nba back please. I wanna watch my lakers dammit. Not to mention play fantasy basketball

  • beiber newz

    i got 4 fantasy teams. lol just waiting on stern.

  • Baloogawhales

    Haha I usually get two max. Used to have more then that but would lose interest in the ones that are sucking

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “But damn, he switched sides pretty quick”

    It’s funny that people assume he would be on the players’ side because “once a player, always a player.” He’s the only guy who knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the fence. The boss has spoken….