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NBA Players Reject Latest Lockout Proposal; Dwight Howard Loves Tim Tebow

Chauncey Billups

Chauncey Billups (photo. Jonathan Mannion)

We all might be angry… at the very least, extremely frustrated. It’s gotten so annoying that even Bill Clinton showed up, showing the players support and handing out his book, “Back To Work.” But some folks around the league are voicing a different opinion. They’re calling it “sad.” No, the efforts of guys like Steve Blake didn’t come through in the clutch yesterday. The players rejected the owners’ latest offer (apparently no one wanted the deal) with Derek Fisher simply saying it’s not good enough, even though it might just be the best offer they get from here on out. But before you start submitting yourself to ugly Eastern Illinois vs. Indiana State games – either that or drinking away your sorrows – the two sides did leave some hope for today. The players are asking for one more meeting before the owners’ “ultimatum” in hopes that the two sides can come to some agreement. It sounds like the players might be willing to move forward at 50/50 if they can get their way with a few other system issues. David Stern also said during an NBA TV interview that at this point, he has absolutely no plans to cancel games on Christmas (Of course he would say that, so take it with a grain of salt.). In fact, give the commish a little credit. We know he’s looked like a Bad Santa throughout the lockout, but CBSSports.com is saying if it wasn’t for Stern – who went all out just to get some of the hard-lining owners to even accept 50/50 – this current proposal would’ve never even happened. Even as it is, Chauncey Billups flat out called it a “terrible deal.” … One of the more hilarious bits from the lockout: a few players - Danny Granger and Brian Cardinal – tweeted that owners are also trying to take away free parking from the players at the arenas. Damn these dudes are like Alan from “Two and a Half Men.” Who would be the first player to forget his $20 and not be allowed inside? … The NBA says they can still salvage a 10-game season. Of course, this bit is from The Onion and it’s complete sarcasm. So check it out if you need a good laugh. Michael Beasley would still probably take three nights off … We’re just as completely shocked as everyone else is over the Penn State accusations. The Penn State fans we know – and we know many of them – are so pissed off right now, almost like the country is ganging up on their God, Joe Paterno (which is correct in a way). Does he deserve some of the blame if these things are true? He’s as powerful as anyone at that school, and yet he tried to brush it away, wanted nothing to do with it. The only thing we can say to that is how can someone sleep at night knowing one of their co-workers or former co-workers or friends is allegedly molesting little boys? And you know Joe Paterno knew what happened or at least knew something was very fishy. We would make a joke about this, but we aren’t trying to offend anyone… but Jerry Sandusky released a book about 10 years ago and you really need to see the title … While Skip Bayless wants everyone to believe that the world is out to get Tim Tebow, the Broncos’ QB has a few NBA superstars on his side. Dwight Howard showed Tebow love after Denver’s big win on Sunday by doing what he does best: posting a picture to Twitter of himself “Tebowing” at a bar. Conversations began that soon ended with Tebow telling Howard and LeBron that they need to get themselves some Bronco jerseys. Maybe then Skip would stop complaining about Tebow having no weapons … And while everyone thought the departure of John Calipari would kill Memphis’ hoops momentum, not only are they a top 10 team this season, they also have a great class coming in next year. One of the top 20 high schoolers in the nation committed to the Tigers yesterday – Shaq Goodwin, a 6-8 power forward – over Florida and UCLA. We just can’t get over the name though. It’s one thing to pick another famous cat’s name. But there’s only one Shaq … RIP Heavy D … We’re out like the Penn State Cowardly Lions.

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  • yoda

    meh, screw both sides. gotta pay some bills today, no time to feel sorry for players or owners.

  • Me

    Tired of the paterno stuff already. Personally I don’t think he did anything wrong. This is how i figure it happened:

    Some intern comes up and says he thinks he saw sandusky feelin a kid up or whatever.

    Paterno, with a million things on his mind, has no idea what this kid saw, and having been around the block a time or two, doesn’t get too bent out of shape. kid coulda been playing a prank, high, taken out of context, who knows. So paterno sends it on up to the people who DON’T game plan every week so they can look into it. at least he didn’t tell the intern “that’s nothin, you didn’t see anything”, or tell him he would look into it and never do it. After a bit, maybe paterno didn’t hear about it anymore and assumed it was some prank, or the kid was basing his accusation on something he thought he heard in passing, or whatever. or maybe he asked the prez about it, and the prez said they checked into it and it was nothing.

    Either way, the intern should called the cops if he was the one who witnessed a federal crime being committed. Not paterno, not anyone else on the PSU staff. Anything less is hearsay.

  • Big Island

    I’m not going to go in on this until the morning. I’ve had a couple (4) of cocktails and need to have my wits about me to comment on this stuff.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/DARKWINGpro DarkWing Productions

    “I got nothing but love for ya”

    RIP Heavy D

  • beiber newz

    @ dime, God with a capital G is referring to the one and only, the one Catholic church followers worship. I believe when referring to Joe Paterno, the g should not have been capitalized. God is the name of the Father of Jesus Christ. Paterno is not God. If Penn State fans want to refer to Paterno as a “god” that’s on them, but just be aware that God is a name and “god” is a common deity of idol worship.

  • peter

    The players are finally coming clean about the real sticking point in the deal, and clearly they still have their heads in fantasy land. They want no restrictions on where they play so they can all have a chance to go ball with 3+ all-stars for major market franchises. Ain’t gonna happen. Never. There are 24 small market owners and 6 major market owners: the party’s over, last year’s LeBron-a-palooza will never happen again. The players should accept reality, be incredibly thankful for the amazing opportunity that they have, and get back to work.


    I am going to leave The Almighty out of this. God will forgive me for all my racist remarks.

  • Promoman

    Joe had to have reported it to someone since the guy was transferred to satellite programs on satellite campuses. That’s a call by Joe’s superiors. It’s very possible that they either colluded independently of JoePa’s knowledge or forced his silence on the matter besides the possibility of him pulling a Catholic Church himself. It looks like Joe’s getting set up to be thrown on a grenade when it’s clear that the Penn State Brass are far more to blame by not turning that fuck over to the Law in the first place when they learned that it went down. Remember, Penn State’s athletic program does have a history of shady shit going down and it hasn’t been 10 years since that shit damn near had Joe’s ass out then. There’s also the fact that most pedophiles are low key and Joe probably didn’t know the freak’s history.

  • yoda

    as for free parking, maybe they want to charge parking fee to all those from players entourage. as i’ve read here and on some other sites, some players bring whole army of family and friends with them to a ball game.

  • First & Foremost

    I haven’t followed the PSU story but I think the school is trying to save face by blaming Paterno. If a student witnesses a murder in the library you don’t tell the janitor and leave it at that, you call the police. The janitor can’t be held liable for not witnessing a crime. The janitor could have done more but so could have the witness who actually saw what happened.

    On the flipside, the NCAA is a business and Paterno has a job to do of keeping his team focused from top to bottom. Why would a coach of a major program bring that kind of attention to his team? Stuff like that can ruin a program. However, he did do something about it. He didn’t bust in the lockerroom like the Kool-aid man but he told the person above him that handles personnel decisions.

    The man coached kids who fought in WWI, what a horrible way to end a career. #NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement

  • Lee

    I can’t wait till NBA 2k13 comes out, you’ll get to select a player then sit in a room loosing money!

  • Buckets

    No mention of the union lawyer making the “plantation owners” statement? It’s sad these owners are forcing the players to play this game against their will. Does Billy Hunter get his job back if they file for decertification?

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    The person who witnessed the act should have called the cops. Not Paterno. Paterno apparently did exactly what the assistant did…. he told someone else. If the assistant who informed Paterno isn’t getting any flack for this, then why is Paterno in trouble for doing the exact same thing?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Is

    You catch the videos of my nieces balling? That was from one game back when they were in 6th and 7th grade. I gotta get a new camera now because they are in HS and one is already getting letters from some school in Boston.
    Next up is my baby girl. Mark my words, she’s going to be one of the top players in this state. Sure she’s only 6, but i see the potential lmfao.

    On to more serious stuff.
    “Fuck the state Pen, Fuck hoes at Penn State” – Biggie

    Mr. Sandusky clearly took Biggie’s words out of context. Hoes Jerry…Hoes….Not children…Hoes.
    Everyone involved in this shit should probably serve some time to be honest with you. Who ever the witness was needs to get his ass whooped for telling school officials instead of the police. I mean WTF? If Im going to report a crime, i don’t check with my boss first. This shit is only going to get worse with the more info that comes out.

    On a side note. Herman Cain shoving his hand up a chicks skirt and forcing her head into his lap may have been wrong, but i think that move should have it’s on name. So from now on, we’ll just refer to that pimp sh!t as “Caining” lol. Lets try it out in a sentence.

    Friend: Yo, what happened with you and that thick b!tch you left the club with last night?

    Me: Oh man. We get to the crib right. She talking and what not. So then I just said f^ck it, imma go for and I Cained the b!tch.

    Yep, that fits perfectly.

  • Big Island

    Chi – Those are your nieces in the other ones? That is so cool. I figured they were a couple of girls that you coached or something.

    OK, the Penn State thing. If I saw anyone feeling up a little kid in the shower in a school, gym, wherever, the only questions I would be answering would be from the detectives regarding the timeline and when pouring gasoline on him and lighting him on fire took place. What SHOULD have happened is the assistant reports it to the police, Joe Pa reports it, which he did, to his board or whatever, and they get rid of the guy. Don’t give him an office and stuff like that. I understand why Joe Pa didn’t go to the police simply because that is a very serious thing to report if you haven’t seen it firsthand. Sad as it is, everyone there has to go. You have to clean house.

  • First & Foremost

    Probably how it went down…
    Assistant trying to break into player’s lockers trying to cop that new gameboy color. Hears a kid talking all sheepish and a man sounding really creepy.
    “You like girls?”
    “…yea sir.”
    “You know what girls like?”
    “… ummm”
    “They like this.”

    Assistant says WTF and then runs to Joe Paterno.
    “All-knowing JoPa. I saw, I saw, the coordinator. Kid. I saw.”
    “Spit it out boy!”
    “I saw Sandusky and one of the kids from his camp in the lockerroom. I really think you should check it out. Creepy man. creepy!”
    “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll report this [to the AD] but for now, go wash your eyes.”
    “Okay, I knew you’d know what to do.”

    Jopa picks up the phone, leaves a non-descriptive message along the lines of… “An assistant just ran into my office and said something fishy is going on in the men’s lockerroom, can you guys go check that out. I’m a bit busy with my handwritten letters to top recruits in the area as well as trying to convince some mother that this is a great school to send her 6-2 WR son. But yeah, they said something about Sandusky in the lockerroom giving tours to the kids or something like that.”

  • The New Guy

    oo please, you know you probably won’t ever get to use the term “caining” in real life. you are too excited, i have a feeling you probably just a virgin. you use up your free time to play basketball and you probably think you are cool. caining? give me a break, you are soo corny.

  • the truth

    am i the only one who doesn’t think this should fall on joe pa? he wasn’t fuckin with no kids

  • beiber newz

    Stern has officially been granted the authority to tweak systems issues as the players wil meet at 1pm today. Great news!

  • Lee

    Can someone tell me why 15 people should get 50% revenue in a company that employs 100s?

  • First & Foremost

    @Lee – If you have a company of a 100 people. 15 salesman, and everyone else is a factory worker, secretary or owner. Which group of people actually brings in the money? The owner is where it all starts so he deserves his share, the factory workers are easily replaced and don’t really do too much but they deserve their small share, and the secretaries are basically in the same boat as the factory workers.

    The salesmen are the ones actually promoting the product and the sole reason customers by the product. No one buys a dallas mavericks shirt because Marc Cuban wears one. They buy it because Dirk plays basketball in a similarly colored shirt. I can’t name a single ball boy or concession worker, but I know who Ben Gordon sits next to on the bench. The dynamic of the entertainment industry is different from other industries. Just like you don’t buy an Album because it is owned by company X, you buy the album because it was made by musician A.

  • Buckets

    @ Lee – “CASH rules…” You know the rest, if you don’t then that explains your comment.

  • CLAW

    Jokes? On a 60 year old man, Sandusky, sodomizing a 10 year old in the shower and nothing is done? McQueary who saw it didn’t do anything – this is a dude in his 20s that played line for Penn State and he can’t stop this?? Tells JoPa the NEXT day and Joe did the right thing in escalating it. What he didn’t do is not kick Sandusky out of continuing to go to practices and bring little boys with him to Penn State bowl games and have them stay in the hotel with him. THAT is where JoPa f*d up, you knew this guy is a f*ing little boys and allow him to bring them with him to practices AFTER he was busted in the shower WTF!

    These are kids from Sandusky’s At Risk Youth Camps that he would do at Penn State, WTH is wrong with some people, dude needs to be hung by his balls.

    Yeah, and Player take the split and run, you could have ball gone for a couple of years if they decertify and it goes through the courts.

  • JC

    C’mon man, that’s TWO recruits lost by the Gators… Maaaaaaaaaannnn…

    I’m not buying 2K11 or NBA Jam until the lockout ends. It just doesn’t feel right.

    Prayers for the alleged Penn State victims.

  • KCL

    I feel sorry for Joe Pa because he is catching so much heat, he didn’t rape the kid and he did have a lot of responsibilies already on his table. Imagine if your best friend and someone you knew forever is accused of something like this, I bet you wouldn’t immediatly pick up the phone to call the cops. Its easy to look at this from the outside with hinesight but at the time Joe thought he was doing the right thing and I can’t believe he’s receiving so much flak when the school president and esp the AD (he is getting charged correctly I hope he ends up in prison), even the assistent coach who witnessed it and didn’t do anything should be the one taking it cuz they tried to cover it up and didn’t do anything. everyone should be fired in at Penn st not just hang Joe and destroy his reputation, its not right how the media is just hating on Joe cuz he’s the big name, in hinesight he should of called but its not like he did nothing, President and AD are the real criminals but for the programs sake Joe’s got to go simply too big of a distration right now very sad, disturbing and unreal situation

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla

    @Big Is,
    Yeh thats two of the four that ball. I gotta a bunch of recording to do this winter running back and forth between games. Think i’ll cop one of those Flip cameras. They’re cheap and easy to use.

    On the P-state thing:
    I don’t see how you guys think Joe P. is not some what responsible. Its not like the asst told him about a small crime like stealing a walkman, or fighting. He told him about a felony crime that was committed by one of his guys. That is more than enough to turn him in. And where is the parents in all this? The kid had to tell them. Did the school pay the off and give’em a gag order? This is just like the whole Raz B/B2K/Chris Stokes thing all over again. If R. Kelly was able to get off (no pun intended) with the evidence they had against him then Jerry might be able to trick a jury too. Speaking of which, the lawyer who got R. Smelly off needs to put in front of a firing squad

  • Big Island

    KCL – Being accused of it is one thing. Having another friend of mine catch my best friend actually in the act of fucking a little kid in the ass in the shower is so much different. Worst case, I set him on fire myself. Best case, dude, go away. This wasn’t Rudy saying he saw something. It was an ex player, WALKING IN ON IT, and then not doing anything. Legally, Joe Paterno did the right thing. Ethically, he dropped the ball badly. The guy who actually caught him doing it fucked up worse. It isn’t a stretch to say that Paterno could’ve kept that guy off of campus, out of the facilities, out of the office etc… In closing, if my best friend got caught raping a little boy, he wouldn’t be my friend anymore, he wouldn’t be at my house or my job, he would be off of the softball team, he wouldn’t be around me at all. I would report it to the cops and leave it at that. This isn’t turning the other cheek for him paying a player, or stealing. It’s raping a kid. Even in prisons filled with the most cold blooded killers, they know to beat the living shit out of a pedophile.

  • Big Island

    Yeah, those are supposed to be cool. I am going to put one of those GoPro cameras on my christmas list so I can film some surf sessions, and film my gf snowboarding. Good thing I got rid of the bike or else she would’ve seen how dumb I am and why I willingly got rid of the GSXR. Of course I’ll set it up on the wiffle ball strike zone so we can all laugh at it afterwards. It’s impossible to be mad at anything when your film fun stuff.