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A ‘Nuclear Winter’ Hits The NBA; Syracuse Is The Deepest Team In The Country

J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith (photo. Rob Hammer)

In the words of one of our more eloquent Twitter followers: “What the f— am I supposed to watch after the Super Bowl?” The season hasn’t exactly been canceled yet, but with the players rejecting the latest proposal from the owners and threatening to take them to court, the ugliness might’ve just started. David Stern promised that the next time the two sides do negotiate – whenever that’ll be – the owners will be discussing 47 percent BRI and no more, and yet the players still hit the owners with a backhanded slap. So now Stern is calling it a “nuclear winter,” the players are saying it’s a good move and everyone is all wrapped up in self-destruction. The next move is a movement toward the legal process and the disbanding of the union. No one is really sure exactly what’ll happen at this point. But everyone seems pissed, most of all Stern, who ripped into Billy Hunter (saying if he was a player, he would be second guessing Hunter) and attorney Jeffrey Kessler. As SI’s Chris Mannix tweeted, Stern admitted yesterday that “If there is a deal, we will do what we can to bring fans back.” That doesn’t sound too promising. You know what’s incredible about this whole thing? J.R. Smith might’ve outsmarted us all … Forget the lockout. Let’s talk college hoops. We already did, breaking down literally everything that happened this weekend … There’s not a deeper team in the whole country than Syracuse, and as they mentioned on the telecast last night, this team is NBA-big. Their starting lineup is actually taller than the Knicks. Everyone is incredibly long, athletic and versatile. When they shoot like they did last night against Manhattan (7-13 from deep in the first), they’ll be nearly unbeatable. That zone is that deadly with turnovers and leakouts. Manhattan obviously never had a chance, losing 92-56. It felt like the Orange were coming in waves, Boeheim throwing out a fresh body every two minutes and never losing anything. Our only question about them is offensively in the half-court. They can make bad decisions; Their guards can be up and down with this. Then there’s Kris Joseph (15 points, seven boards and went over 1,000 career points), their best player and the guy who’ll have to do the damage come March … Whereas ‘Cuse has the depth, their main Big East competition, UConn, has the star power. The Huskies beat Wagner 78-66 as the starting backcourt, Jeremy Lamb (20 points, seven rebounds) and Shabazz Napier (21 points), did whatever they wanted to. Coming off the bench, the guy some people are calling the best prospect in college, Andre Drummond, had another somewhat quiet night (eight points, five boards, three blocks). But at least it was an improvement over the opener … Missouri, Florida State, Marquette, Michigan and Alabama, all top 25 teams, all won with hardly anyone breaking a sweat … No one has worse luck than Louisville, who has been bitten by a terrible injury bug. Mike Marra was hurt this weekend and its now been discovered that he’ll be out for the season with a torn ACL … After watching Penny Hardaway get up on some of his old tricks this weekend during his charity game, Dwight Howard said he wants the Magic to retire Penny’s jersey. Penny has a special place in any ’90s baby’s heart, but played just six seasons in Orlando with four All-Star appearances and a Finals berth. He should get some extra credit for sort of putting the Magic on the map with those mid-’90s teams but if every player with those accomplishments had their number retired, we’d run out of jerseys pretty soon in some places. In reality, Penny had four outstanding years in Orlando until the injuries and the bad blood filled up. Did he really do enough in four years to get his number retired? As for the game, Hardaway apparently received the loudest ovation of any of the players and had a couple of shifty post moves and a few dazzling passes while Gilbert Arenas looked like he had lost weight even if he wasn’t moving all that well … Rajon Rondo is hosting his own charity game this Saturday at 6 p.m. at Harvard University, and the lineup looks pretty crazy: Rondo, Paul Pierce, Glen Davis, Marquis Daniels, Josh Smith, Kendrick Perkins, Rudy Gay, Leon Powe, Jeff Green, Kevin Durant, JaJuan Johnson, Jeremy Lin and Kyle Lowry among others. The one drawback though is the tickets. They’re available starting today and can be purchased through the Harvard Athletics Box office. But courtside seats are $100 and general admission is still a somewhat steep $50 … And if you’re into high school basketball, the city of Chicago or both, check out this dope little documentary on the state of the game there. It highlights a few of the up-and-comers, and features interviews with Tim Grover and Iman Shumpert … We’re out like the NBA’s fans.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    Just by watching the Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez bout, you can tell that boxing is most definitely rigged in one way or another.

    I also have had enough of Ana Ivanovic, Maria Kirilenko, upskirts, and nipples to watch tennis on a regular basis. If there was a John McEnroe 2.0, I would watch again.

    I love to play golf but to watch the professional golfers who I think all look and act like dorks makes me reach for the television remote control faster than a speeding bullet.

    There is the NFL which I also like but there are not that many games. I would also rather wait for March Madness in the NCAA.

    So what will I watch to replace my NBA diet? Hello WWE. Hello Wipeout. Intriguing characters, nice enough story lines, and funny enough for me to watch. And The Rock will be wrestling again.

    The NBA players should remember the simple fact that they are employees and the NBA owners are their bosses. Remember when they are interviewed? They always say “I have to talk to my owner.”

    If they do not like what is being offered to them, go find work elsewhere. The owners can make the offers to other players around the world. I am pretty sure there will be hundreds lining up to apply with the NBA teams, no matter what the talent level is.

    Bottom line. NBA and the owners will survive without most of the current players. The current NBA players will not survive without the NBA. Economics 101.

    Oh,and by the way, Jay, I am not employed by Dime. That would have been a cool idea though.

  • UncheckedAggression

    I disagree, Alf, although the way you worded that was a little tricky. The players make the league. I don’t think there would be nearly as much interest in the NBA if the current players were taken out. The league needs them. And they can go elsewhere if they have to. They’ll draw crowds in other countries just as they would here.

    I’d like to see what would happen to the league if they got a bunch of replacements. It would be a disaster.

  • arno

    The trouble is most owners are business people, used to throw away employes like used handkerchieves.
    Basically, they wanted to up their return on equity, so they said “here’s what we give you. Of course, it’s fairly unacceptable, but you gonna eat it, cause we don’t care if there’s no season and you do. What you say ?”
    And the players answered “we rather crush the season”.
    Now, we’ll see if that’s the latest of Stern’s bluffs or if these guys are serious about it.
    Of course, it would have been a good deal for the new owners : I buy, I get a brand new BCA that ups my profitability and then I sell and make a 50 millions profit. But they’ve been too greedy and it failed and they contemplate the real possibility of being stuck one more year bleeding good money while there franchise value shrink with the NBA fan base. So what are they gonna do ? Be a hero and make money by accepting a 51/49 no hard cap deal or take the hard line ? The ball is in the owners’ hands.

  • Sickness

    Don’t worry, piggies. There’s plenty on both sides of the trough for your neverendingly hungry mouths……

  • arno

    BTW, all those lost games on TV give us a great opportunity to go to the nearest playground, play some ball, lose some weight and avoid a stroke. Isn’t it nice ?

  • Lee

    The owners should just get 12 guys from the city their frnchise is in and do a city vs city mini league. The games would probably be more intense as the players would actually care about their city. It wouldn’t replace the NBA but at least it’d be something.

  • beiber newz

    a lot of nba players have to be smoking weed today.

  • Jeff

    Does anyone really think the owners lose this one?

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    ^ Lol! They BEEN smoking. Look at JaVale McGee and tell me that nigga ain’t high all day.

    I dated Magloire’s cousin a few years back and he told me that the drugs tests are scheduled for “veterans”. Only the rookies have random tests a couple times during the season. The rest of the players know exactly when they are being tested. They just blaze all they want, and then 3-4 weeks before the test they purge their bodies. He’s the guy who told me how to purge for an insurance test… and I passed with flying colors.
    The NBA’s drug policy is a joke. Who do you think tells the players how to pass?? The trainers… team doctors… All those ghetto muthafukkers in the league and there’s never a positive test… really? It’s a joke. If they tightened up the testing, they’d all be suspended. It would be Matt Bonner vs Brian Scalabrine in the NBA Finals.

  • Steve Nash

    the players are not the employees!!!! they are called the PRODUCT… It’s like Frito-Lay throwing away Doritos… the Product MAKES THE MONEY!!! without the product these owners won’t be banking of the NBA… this all comes down to worth which is ECONOMICS 101… what is the RETURN ON INVESTMENT for these owners when they invest into there product

  • beiber newz

    @jay lol that’s some good insight.

  • abpin

    I’m sure others have said it before… but how come none of these charity games players hit up Rubio to play? And the whole “I don’t have any of their phone numbers” bit is ridiculous. C’mon Beasley, start hoopin with your point guard!

  • http://www.nbadunks.org/323-2/ NBA Lockout
  • Big Island

    JAY – That is awesome. And I hope she was better looking than Magloire.

    I’m doing alright not giving a damn about the NBA. I’m not mad at the players, not mad at the owners, I just don’t care enough about any of them to give a crap either way. I do want to laugh at Melo though. Of course Lebron left Cleveland, the owner is a cock. Melo left Denver because he wanted to be in NY, pulled a bs stunt, and now he doesn’t get to play at all. LOL! NBA, it’s been a blast, I’ll always appreciate the times we had, but I’m not in love with you anymore.

    I have no problems with Penny at all, but no way should he have his jersey retired. The only way that should happen after that short of a stint is if, and God forgive me for saying this, is if someone dies or gets cancer or goes into the military or something. But probably die.

  • JDish

    Ok so we can officially call this an all out NCAA basketball-March Madness season taking the place of the NBA. I guess I will banish my NBA fan gear into the deepest dungeon-type corner of my closet and go out and get some college hoops gear. Thanks NBA owners & players For Nothin!

    Penny Hardaway was a great player but its true, you can’t start retiring jerseys of players who had good productive years with one team. Sorry Dwight no can do.

  • Sean Sweeney

    I’m surprised by what Quincy Miller has done so far… I thought it’d take him more time to get acclimated. But he’s been great so far. No one needs to worry about not having basketball today, because this lineup is killer:

    12 pm: Memphis is playing
    2 pm: Baylor
    4 pm: Texas
    7 pm: Duke
    8 pm: Florida/Ohio St
    9 pm: Kansas/Kentucky

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @ Big I
    Yeah she was. Lol!

    On the Penny note… his jersey shouldn’t be retired, but they could honor him in a different way. Maybe make up an award and name it after him.

    As a Raptor “fan”, I always thought that the team should give an award to the player who showed the most heart on the court and call it the “Alvin Williams Award”. He didn’t put up any crazy numbers but he played his ass off every night, through injuries, and just didn’t give a fuck who he was matched up against. And he played during a time when a guy named Vince Carter was falling to the floor holding his face and rolling around for 2 mins after being fouled on his shoulder. When Vince was out with ‘injuries’ the team took on Alvin’s hard-nosed attitude. He even dropped Iverson a couple of times in different games.

    Maybe Orlando can award a team MVP trophy and call it the Anfernee Hardaway Award? Just a thought

  • tp

    why are you guys STILL defending the players? blame goes all around but its more on the players than the owners

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @ Steve Nash
    Fine. They are the product… so are hookers. And what do their “bosses” say at the end of the night

    On a serious note, the players might be the product but the owners give them a stage to use their talents. If not for the franchises, they would be playing somewhere else or doing something else.

    The circus is similar. Take Cirque du Soliel, for example. Cirque is one of the biggest shows in the world, just like the NBA is to basketball. Are you saying the clowns, tightrope walkers, gymnasts, and the other showpeople should get more than half the income? IMO, no. The owners of the show provide an avenue for the showpeople to do their thing. If not for the show, they’d be applying to Home Depot or something like that.

    And since you compare the players to Doritos…. Frito-Lay has standard for their products. What happens to the chips that aren’t up to that company standard?? They are thrown away. Gotten rid of… and then that defective chip is replaced by another one. If you make the comparison to chips, then the owners should be able to do the same as Frito-Lay. You can’t use an example and just ignore the other facets involved. It doesn’t work one way. If they are a “product”, like you say, then they should be treated as products.

  • UncheckedAggression

    tp–Man, if you think it’s mostly on the owners then I don’t know what to tell you. At least the players were strong enough to do the right thing, even though they are the ones that will be suffering the most through a missed season.

    Owners forgot why the league exists. They’re getting a bit of a wake-up call, although I’m sure they’ll ignore it.

  • Big Island

    Sean – That is a good lineup.

    tp – Nobody cares. I agree that it’s more the players, but arguing who is at fault is pointless. F both sides.

    JAY – I figured she was, but had to make sure. I have a half sister, which makes her half as ugly as me, but we look pretty damn close. I’m not saying she’s ugly, but she owns a vineyard and probably keeps her man liquored up pretty good. I am also fairly certain nobody has ever fucked her with the lights on.

    So my girl and I are going to (hopefully) have a kid. She’s in her late 30’s and has a couple of things that might keep her from getting pregnant. Well before she goes through whatever, we figured that I should go in and make sure I am not shooting blanks. So her doctor sends me to this lab to give a sample. Dude. I think I know what a hooker feels like. I’ve never been limper. Never felt more alone. There were 3 magazines from the 90’s and one was like teen pissers, the remotes for this little ass security style tv were in plastic bags, and there was a stack of bootleg dvd’s. I pulled some stuff up on my phone and just tried to get out of there. Well they have you pay AFTER the fact, and it was a lady at the counter. She could tell I was in bad shape and said “it was rough, huh?”, and tells me I’ll be fine blah blah blah. So I melt down. I tell her “I have been jacking off for close to 30 years, just about anywhere imaginable, and I’ve never had such an awful showing. I wish I could’ve done this at home.” She says “you can as long as you have the sample here within an hour”. Fuck. My. Life. I won’t say I cried myself to sleep last night, but I won’t say I didn’t.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY


    For the record, I’m laughing WITH you… not AT you. Hilarious! Not as good as the story about the Ewoks coming out of the tree, but still funny.

  • the truth

    Why do the ownesr want drug testing? D Rose will never go off if he can’t blaze before games. Anyone who’s blazed and hooped knows u play better high….well at least i do lol

  • the truth

    O yea and why didnt these mofos de-certify about 3 months ago instead of november?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    You guys are like my ex girlfriend. I read half of smack with the same way i listen to her talk “Blah blah blah blah” sounding like Charlie Browns teacher. But then….at the every end, the same way my ex used to take off her clothes and walk by me naked, you guys hit me with the Chicago HS hoops documentary and put a smile on my face. And for that I say thank you. it’s about time a light got shined on some of the talented kids here and not just the cream of the crop.

  • thrillah

    I don’t know how anyone can side with the owners. New York Knicks puts out a shitty product on the floor and still makes hundreds of millions of dollars. The reason owners are demanding so much is because the small market teams are still losing money. It’s common sense that there is no way San Antonio will ever be as profitable as the Knicks, it’s plain and simple. New York’s population is close to 20 million where as San Antonio’s population is 1.4 million. The knicks can charge 5 times as much as San Antonio and still be sold out night after night. Now instead of sharing the revenue to make all teams profitable, the owner decide to just take money away from player’s salaries.

  • thrillah

    Put it this way, you own a store outside of the city and all you do is sell iPhones. Sure you own the store, but wether you sell the products to make a profit or not is up to you and the demographic. You can’t demand Apple to sell you iPhones for less to make it more profitable compared to a store located downtwon.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Is

    Damn homie, Dime needs to set you up a blog on this site. Your stories are some of the craziest shit i’ve heard lmmfao.

    Owners do not own the stadiums. It’s mostly funded by the tax payers. So do the owners really “deserve” more money than they are already getting for essentially owning a sheet of paper/deed? Not IMO.
    The owners are clearly in the wrong here. Anyone who sees otherwise need to just do the research.

    What would happen if another league started? Sorta like when the ABA 2000 came out? Except instead of bum a$$ players, they get all the NBA players to fill out rosters? A few loans from banks and billionaires looking to get some money, and you can easily have an 8-10 team league going. They will make a ton of money in no time. I honestly wish they would do that, just to sh!t on the owners doorstep.

    Just think about the crazy following the AND 1 mixtape guys got. Now add the NBA players to that and you can start another league in no time. They won’t make as much as they were making in the NBA at first, but players can stay home instead of going overseas. And it’ll take no time to build the brand since there is already a fan base established in all the major cities.

  • Peter

    What everyone is missing here is that the “players” did not reject the owners’ offer. The players never got a chance to vote. Billy and Derek and the attorneys apparently hold the players’ intelligence in such poor regard that they will not let them vote on their own future. It’s a clear example of union leaders controlling the players instead of working for them. Funny how it always happens that way… If this deal was put to a vote I’ll bet that 350 of the 450 players would be all-in and happy about it. It’s the highest-paid players, the 1%’ers of the NBA, who are holding everyone else hostage as they cling to the pipe dream of all being able to play together for the 6 major market teams. Better get in the mood to watch lots of good college hoops after the Super Bowl…

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    WTF are you talking about? The highest paid players will b just fine. It’s the middle class of the NBA that’s being eliminated by the owners current offer. Basically the NBA would be made up of players getting paid large sums of money and minimum wage players. That’s it. No more players that make $5-$10 Million but are essential to the teams success like Jason Terry, Mike Miller, Kirk Hinrich, Ronnie Brewer, or Nick Collinson.

    Do you even read the info given to you or do you concoct stories in your head that sound more interesting?

  • UncheckedAggression

    Peter–That is ridiculous. Did you realize at all that reps for each NBA team unanimously rejected the offer? And do you also realize that the reps are, for the most part, role players? Who are these 350/450 that you refer to? Give me a break. If that many of the players supported the deal, I think a few more would have voiced their opinion by now.

    Also, 100 out of 450 is not 1 percent.

  • BiGShoTBoB

    @Chicagorilla…That’s a great idea only problem is soon enough it would become the NBA all over agian and they’d be fighting over the same issues…lol

  • That’s What’s Up

    Which one of you sweet bitches has a crush on JR SMith?

    I’m tired of logging on to DIME and seeing pictures of his tatted up man tits.

    Can one of your hetero staff bring back the “Daily Dime” please?

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @ Chi
    “Owners do not own the stadiums. It’s mostly funded by the tax payers. So do the owners really “deserve” more money than they are already getting for essentially owning a sheet of paper/deed? Not IMO.”
    ^ Not sure what this comment was responding to. I’ll comment if you clarify. BTW, (since you brought up arenas) it’s more profitable to own the building… being a leasee, the owners are spending millions of dollars to use that space. If they owned it, they’d make millions.

    “The owners are clearly in the wrong here. Anyone who sees otherwise need to just do the research.”
    The owners are definitely the reason the lockout is being extended… THAT I agree with. But being “wrong”? I disagree. They are standing their ground to take power back. After observing what has been going on in the league for the last few years, I have no problem with the owners drawing it out. IMO, it’s perfectly fine. What’s WRONG is a player who is on contract with Team X, and while he is being paid by Owner A he is publicly expressing his desire to play for another team. THAT’s wrong. What’s WRONG is Player B setting a certain standard in his play, then GM and Owner Y signing this player to a contract based on that level of play EXPECTING that player to continue to play at(or near) that level, and then the player doesn’t give a shit anymore because the money is guaranteed. THAT’S wrong.
    In other jobs if a comapany isn’t profitable the owners/presidents/whoever can help their situation by laying-off workers… in the NBA they can’t do that. This is their opportunity to fix things. That’s ‘wrong’?? IMO, it’s fine.

  • The New Guy

    jay. you spend too much time trying to communicate with these low IQ, internet in their mama’s basement, good for nothing fans here who think they know how to solve the lockout, or put together better teams than mitch kupchack. sometimes, it’s best to let these morons bask in the glow of their stupidity.