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Players Don’t Want The Owners’ Offer; North Carolina Dominates Michigan State

Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes (photo. UNC Athletic Communications)

So after months and months of rambling back and forth, he reported she reported, and the owners and players doing a fair amount of snipping back and forth, it looks like we will have some type of resolution within the next four or five days. Whether it’s the resolution we want is another story. The negotiating is over, and for the players this is really the last realistic deal they will have a chance of signing before the entirety of this season goes bye bye. Some, like Danny Granger seem to think this offer will be rejected by the players. This whole thing comes down to this: the players know they’re getting a raw deal. They know it’ll be conceding defeat. But it’s this or nothing. Do they really want to lose a whole season? … UNC started their season off right, beating Michigan State 67-55 behind Harrison Barnes (17 points) and John Henson (12 points, nine blocks). Was the game close? Not really. UNC led by as many as 21, despite Draymond Green (13 points, 18 rebounds) going off. Is this the best team in the country? … Kentucky played, but did they really? They beat Marist by freakin’ 50, 108-58. In his first collegiate game, Anthony Davis was simply unbelievable, dropping 23 points, 10 rebounds and five blocks. Was it much of a game? Kentucky outscored Marist by 41 in the second half so there you go. The only problem was Terrence Jones, who had to come off the bench because he was involved in a car accident early Thursday morning, had a relatively weak game. Either way, for now, it doesn’t really matter … Jared Sullinger had 19 and nine against Wright State in Ohio State’s 31-point win … Was Jeremy Lamb ready for the big time? Apparently so. He dropped 30 in UConn’s 70-57 win over Columbia … And Coach K moved within one win of tying Bob Knight for the most wins among D-I coaches. Duke won 77-76 behind Seth Curry (16 points) … We’ve been covering Brandon Jennings‘ seemingly invincible flag football team for the past few weeks, and while they’ve been able to beat down other NBA players like Nick Young, DeMar DeRozan, Matt Barnes and Corey Maggette, how do you think they’d do against LeBron and Kevin Durant? LeBron announced on Twitter that the rumored game between his own squad and KD’s boys is officially set for Nov. 30. We’ve seen Durant play and honestly, he was better than we thought he’d be, throwing it and receiving it. But is there any question LeBron is going to dominate this game? We’re hyped to see highlights … If you’re in the Dallas area tonight and want to see some basketball, go check out The Josh Howard Celebrity All-Star Basketball Game going down at 7 p.m. ET at the P.C. Cobb Center. Kevin Durant was a late addiction to a lineup – what’s a summer game without the summer MVP? – that includes big names like John Wall and LaMarcus Aldridge, as well as Andray Blatche, Nick Young, Anthony Randolph, Jarrett Jack and Jason Maxiell. Plus with Howard playing in his old home, maybe he’ll be invigorated for the first time in about two years. The game will be streaming at TheBasketballChannel.net, and tickets are still available here … Someone linked us to this “official” Delonte West site yesterday and our computer nearly crashed. Maybe it was the freaking myst machine on there or the ridiculous amount of videos. More likely, it was the little talking Delonte head which looked a lot like Bill Nye the Science Guy. There’s no way that’s really West’s site… it has to be fan-made … At times this summer, it seemed like Metta World Peace was never coming to fruition. That’s okay. Ron Artest says he had a backup name just in case: “Queensbridge.” That might’ve been even funnier than MWP … And this needs no accompanying joke or smart remark. We’re going to leave you with what Samardo Samuels tweeted the other night: I’m addicted to sex with female not against gay people what u do in ur life is none of my business keep it too urself tho. … We’re out like “Queensbridge.”

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  • iannyb

    First St Lucia’s finest

  • Chris Ballz

    February 1st, 2010 at 3:59 pm
    Chicagorilla says:
    @eric, you’re not sorry or you wouldn’t have done it!


    You think Henry will suck or that he’s overrated? But you think Wall is a top ten PG right now? Name the skills that Henry lacks to be a legit NBA star. He’s got size SG/SF, he’s got the jumper, he’s got the IQ, He’s got avg to above avg athleticism and has a decent handle that is improving, one dribble, two dribble pull ups are money with this kid. His balance is great! He reminds me of Michael Redd but with a better jumper at a young age (Redd developed his J in the L, and was a slasher at Ohio St).

    I don’t see that many positive qualites in Wall to name him the next great. But I don’t see them in Tyreke Evans either so i could be wrong. Also note, i’m not saying Henry will be a HOFer, I do think he is better than Wall.

    And Evan Turner may be 6’6 at worse. That’s only a 1 inch difference. He plays like a better Marqueis Daniels. Penny Hardaway like.

    Game recognize game eyes…and you looking quite unfamiliar right now


  • K Dizzle

    @ Dime

    Who did Duke beat….by one?

  • Josh Tha roc

    Yeah…recaps of blowouts but no info on the thriller??

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    John Henson can cover life half the court just by opening his arms. That kid is like a cartoon character.

    S/o to Jermey Lamb for the sick facial and possibly dunk of the year so far! I love defense, but one thing i hate is people abusing the “taking the charge” option. That kid was big enough to go for the block but instead he tried taking a charge and got posterized.
    Same goes for UNC’s Tyler Zeller. He’s 7ft tall. Yet I watch that bum take 3 charges in the first half. I’m a huge UNC fan, but nothing irks me more than seeing 7fters flopping.

  • Buckets

    @Chicagorilla – I agree w/ the Zeller comments. As a big you can’t continue to hit the floor w/o injury. Stay on your feet big man.

  • Bill

    Though was UNC was killing MSU at certain points, MSU was destroying them on the boards. Think it showed more of MSU lack of offense as oppose to showing anything special from UNC besides Henson.

    Kendall Marshall btw makes the sickest passes.

  • 12thman

    Duke beat Belmont by one, and from watching it, it really seems that Belmont is just about as good as the tourney team they had last year that was a popular sleeper. Duke let them come back from I think 14 or so, but it wasn’t incredibly close. Duke just had to hit free throws and they had a four point lead, but there was a 3 at the buzzer to bring it to a one-point game.

  • Big Island

    I’m a little lost with Ballz’s comment.

    Chi – Trying to take the charge is annoying as hell, but they call it all the time. I think you’re more likely to roll an ankle landing on someone’s foot going for the block than you are doing a Fisher, but it’s weak nonetheless. Harrison Barnes tried to take one last night and it looked like he got shot. And I called him a bigger Calbert Chaney awhile back. I would like to apologize to him for that. His game is smooth.

  • King

    I know they lost but did you see what Green did to their front line

    Uconn with Oriakhi and Drummond up front will beat this team.

    I need to see that takeover streak in Barnes to think they’ll overcome that soft middle

  • JBaller

    The union needs to take a vote. My guess is that out of the 400+ players the majority just want a pro league to play in where they make good money for doing what they love and have trained their whole lives to do. All we hear about are what the stars want, but they are in the minority. If you have no big endorsements you just wanna ball and get paid. I think that will be enough for most players.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Yeah Green was beasting UNC big boys. but that’s always been how a Tom izzo coached team plays. They almost always have the best rebounding team in the nation. UNC is always looking to get out and run, so its a bad match up for them rebounding wise.

    Barnes does need to be meaner at time, but he and Macadoo were the only ones truely battling for rebounding position vs MSU.

    @Big Is, its hard not to compare players by their looks and jersey numbers. Especially if you have watched a lot of basketball. Every player on the floor reminds you of someone that looks like them. During that game I was texting my homey and I compared Henson to CAmby in 95 @UMass and Barnes to Joe Johnson. Games are similar but they also are near the same skin complexion. I think it may just be human nature. Or maybe we’re just racist a$$hole lol. I try not to do it, but it happens.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @Chris Ballz

    I’m not sure which is more disturbing. You posting something that has nothing to do with the topic, or You going all the way back to FEb 1st 2010 to repost something i wrote.

    Are you a stalker. Do you plan on killing me and wearing my skin to your prom? I mean really, wtf was the point of the post?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @DIME faithful

    Here is the greatest sales man i have ever witnessed in my life. He defines the saying “He could sale ice to an Eskimo”

  • The New Guy

    ^That worldstarhiphop video was nothing more than a waste of time away from my prized wife.