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Significant Progress Made Towards Ending The NBA Lockout

So no ultimatum? That’s what happened. The thing with this lockout is that it’s entirely too difficult to predict just what’s going to happen. Everyone’s throwing threats, ultimatums and “take it or leave it” offers when the truth is that both sides aren’t going to abide by this stuff. Yesterday, there was a 5 p.m. deadline… and the talks ended up going on long into the night. The lockout may not have ended, but significant progress was made. A 50/50 split appears to be the likely scenario, and now the two sides are working on system issues. The players have given up a lot and now they want to win this part. At this point, as long as the union can win most of these smaller system issues, then they should be able to approve a deal. At the same time, the owners may still put the rug out from under them, asking for more than 50 percent of the BRI … Random thought, but this is one of the coolest sites ever. Type in what music you’re listening to and it tells you what to drink … It took Arizona nearly 35 minutes to show up against Duquesne. But when they did, it was a wrap. Jordin Mayes (19 points) went nuts, banging threes, hitting floaters in the lane and balling out like he wanted to keep the starting spot he got last night after Josiah Turner showed up late to shootaround. He was the spark in the second half as Duquesne ran out of gas after playing ‘Zona to a standstill in their house for most of the night. In the final stretch, the game became a complete mismatch. The ‘Cats ended up winning 67-59 in a pretty impressive unimpressive win (if that makes sense) … Arizona’s freshman Nick Johnson – who can really fly and has a 42-inch vertical – apparently isn’t even close to the athlete his father was. The announcers said his father – “Jumpin'” Joey Johnson – once registered a 52-inch vertical. We’re gonna have to call that one an urban legend … If you want to know why there are people out there who can’t stand watching college basketball, all you needed to do was watch the final 60 seconds of St. John’s 78-73 win over Lehigh. All that happened was missed free throws and turnovers. St. John’s – who were up by four to six points during the span – were missing more free throws than a blindfolded Bo Outlaw. But at the same time, Lehigh turned it over three straight times with sloppy plays. Overall, St. John’s moved to 2-0 with another come-from-behind win (they were down 14 with 11 minutes left) as Steve Lavin made his season debut on the bench. During the post game, we felt bad for God’sgift Achiuwa (21 points, eight rebounds). Lavin tried to give him some face time at the end of the game, introducing him and pushing him towards the mic from Len Elmore. Instead, ESPN just switched off … Speaking of God’sgift, he has a teammate named Sir’Dominic Pointer. Lavin must’ve had a recruiting rule: only recruit kids whose parents were drunk when they named them … Remember how we said Mississippi State was a sleeper to watch? Forget it. Pretend we never said it. They were awful last night, completely lackadaisical in losing to Akron 68-58. All you needed to know was to check out Renardo Sidney three minutes into the second half, standing at the top of the key and refusing to move or bend his knees or pretty much do anything but look like a pole. He’s just looked out of shape. Akron has a few players though: Quincy Diggs (19 points) is a very nice looking wing player, and Zeke Marshall (10 points, five blocks) is like the college version of Tyson Chandler … No. 19 Texas A&M ran away from Liberty 81-59 behind Ray Turner‘s 20 points … Can you remember the last time you were cut/let go from a basketball team? Tyrell Young probably wants to forget everything associated with it. After being let go from Fresno Pacific University’s team, the 21-year-old went on a naked rampage. He was finally arrested but not before Young ran through a parking lot, tried to steal a police car, struck an officer and police dog and even assaulted two women. He was completely naked the whole time. Sounds out Young really wanted to go out with a “bang” … Two cities that desperately needed a celebrity playground team are getting one. Jamal Crawford and Lou Williams are organizing a game between Seattle and Atlanta. Isaiah Thomas told us earlier this summer that Seattle would beat anyone. Now he has the chance. Thomas and Crawford will be joined by Nate Robinson, Spencer Hawes, Jon Brockman, Marvin Williams, Terrence Williams and Will Conroy. Atlanta will be headlined by Damien Wilkins, Derrick Favors, Anthony Morrow, Joe Johnson, Jeff Teague and Josh Smith. The game will take place at Morehouse College on November 19 … And was there any doubt that Joe Paterno was never going to be allowed to coach Penn State again? Yesterday was nearly a formality. That stuff goes on in your building, and all you do is report it to a university official… and then let that same dude continue to have an office on campus and continue to come around? C’mon son. Everyone who was at all involved or had knowledge of the situation is either out already or will soon be gone. There’s no other alternative. Clean house, and then tell the students to stop rioting and clamoring for Paterno to be allowed to coach because they just look stupid … We’re out like Joe Pa.

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    PEDOPHILE State University! Long live Joe — Send him to Fleece Johnson!

  • beiber newz

    scalabrine’s son heated. all his videos are worth the watch

  • Promoman

    I’m not a Penn State fan but it looks like Joe got scapegoated. He testified against the pedo in court and only the athletic director and a vice president are legally responsible for not reporting what happened. The President was riding shotgun in this clusterfuck. Penn State’s administration was responsible for keeping the freak around for years. They were the ones who not only let the guy stay in the system by moving him to satellite campuses but they made him a professor in the Phys Ed dept. Joe had stroke but he can’t make people professors. Everybody but him covered it up from what it looks like now.

  • Big Island

    Joe had to go. He has/had enough pull to do something about the office etc… that dude got, but he didn’t. Everyone around the program during that time has to go. This wasn’t paying a player, or covering a murder like Baylor, this was raping kids. Sodomizing a kid in a shower. On campus. Joe Paterno knew someone on his staff fucked a kid in the ass in the shower in his football facility, kept him on his staff, and didn’t put up a fight when the university gave him an office, said no more kids on campus, and basically let it slide. Think about that for a second and tell me Paterno is a scapegoat with a straight face.

    Joey Johsnson had HOPS. He played in a tournament at the Blaisedell Arena, I think it was the Rainbow Classic, back when I was in school, and he put his handprint in the dust on entry into the locker rooms. It was almost 13′ high. They ran a thing in the paper, with a picture, about how he just ran into the locker room and put his handprint there, and said he had a 54″ vert. We were just starting to smack the backboard on our layups. I figure that I am 6’3″, I have an 8′ standing reach, so to get 54″ off of the ground, I could touch 12 1/2 feet. I don’t have long arms so I buy the 54″ vertical story. I would have to jump 9 times now to total 54″ though. Maybe 10. Who am I kidding, I would have to jump 97 times to get a 54″ total now.

  • beiber newz

    this is so fuckin hilarious. i love south park. this sums up the players stance toward the owners. WATCH!!!!!!!


  • Big Island


  • beiber newz

    lmfaoooooooo i be dying BI!!

    as for the guys going overseas…

    “if yer don’t like america, then you kin gerrt errt!!


  • Russ M

    Paterno wasn’t “legally responsible” for reporting this!?!? So, let me get this straight.If you become aware of some sh*t like this, it’s only necessary to report it if you’re “legally obligated” to?

  • Buckets

    I have no idea how or why people are defending adults involved in this situation at Penn State.

    Regarding the lockout, has anyone noticed nobody in the media has taken a hard stance versus the players? NOBODY. As opinionated as the media can be nobody has came out and said they are w/ the owners regarding the CBA.

    Why is that? Simple, players will not forget and media outlets cannot afford a boycott from NBA players at the end of the day. There is fault on both sides but I just find it interesting that no writers have come out solely backing the owners. As outspoken as some are in the media you would think that would happen by now.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but between the start of the collegiate season and NBA 2K12, I’m getting my basketball fix like a muthafucker.

    **Gamer alert** (for those not interested skip this)
    I just finished the regular season in my online association. We did Fantasy Draft and with the 23rd overall pick I somehow managed to draft a starting lineup consisting of Louis Williams, Manu, AK-47, Pau Gasol, and Ibaka, with T. Gibson off the bench… not bad. I started out the season with 6 straight losses (in a 29game season) but I scraped my way back to lock the 8th seed by winning 9 of my last 10 games. That last win was satisfying as hell… I ran up the score vs Wade’s team and killed them by 23pts.
    I don’t care if the NBA season starts or not… i’m content.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @ Promoman
    He was legally responsible… but he was morally responsible. If one of those kids was your son/nephew/little cousin, and you found out that Joe Pa knew all along but kept the perpetrator employed and didn’t go to the cops, you wouldn’t call for his firing?? He had to go. As an organization, you don’t want this sort of thing hanging around so you HAVE to cut all ties with everyone involved. I’m sure the school let him go with regret, but it had to be done… and I’m pretty sure Paterno understands that 100%.

    The rioting students are stupid.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    ^ correcting…. “He WASN’T legally responsible… but he was morally responsible.”

  • First & Foremost

    “Officer, a man sodomize I kid on campus.”
    “Really?!?!? Is this true?”
    “Well, someone told me it happened but I didn’t actually see it.”
    “So you are just taking the word of someone else and reporting a crime you aren’t even a witness too.” -_-
    “You have to believe me!”
    “You have to show me some evidence or this is just hearsay. You do understand this is a serious crime you are accusing someone of… without proof.”

    Paterno is a scapegoat, the university mismanaged the situation and now everyone, just or unjustly, is being punished. However, because of the nature of the crime, the university had to do what they did.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    ^ Exactly…

    Except a scapegoat is a single person who is used to take the blame. AKA “the fall guy”. From what I’m hearing on the news, Penn State is cleaning house. They fired the school president too, didn’t they? If they are cleaning house, then he ain’t no scapegoat. They are detaching themselves from everyone involved…. which, IMO, is the right thing to do.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Question…. what happens if Sandusky is found innocent?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Actually, that is not true. If someone reports abuse towards a child, immediate action is taken. If the police don’t respond immediately they could be in trouble.

    Think of it this way. If you heard your neighbors arguing, and you suspect that the guy just beat the sh!t outta the woman. Once you call the police, they will come no matter what and interview the woman. If she says “yes” it happened, even if it didn’t, the guy is going to jail right then and there.

    This is a felony crime. This is not like he said, she said type sh!t. police have to respond immediately in the case that someone is accused of such a thing.

  • Big Island

    JAY – If he is found not guilty, it will be because of some weird bs about evidence not being admitted or whatever. I think the fact that he admitted it to a family of one of the kids, and signed paperwork at PSU saying he did inappropriate things and wouldn’t bring kids back to campus. There is a difference between not guilty and innocent. He isn’t innocent, but might be found not guilty. It’s the difference between being fat and not skinny.

    F&F – Paterno legally did what he had to do, and his hands aren’t as dirty as some of the other guys involved, but they sure as hell aren’t clean. Scapegoat shmapegoat.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Oh shit… I didn’t know he admitted it. Last I heard he’s been pleading innocent. If he admitted it, then fuck that dude. As punishment they should assign him half the prison clothes… let that dude walk around the yard with no pants on. We’ll see how he likes being the wide receiver.

  • tdot

    why do the owners have to take on all of the risk? and players get guaranteed money. All this talk about ‘giving up’ 3 billion dollars of bri, … you’re not giving it up. it was 57% last cba because it was 2000 and the world was booming. the players need to get their heads out of their asses and look around and realize that the global economy is recessing.

    You can’t expect owners to take on all of the risk in the business while telling them its ok to pay 7 year $100M contracts to scrubs like rashard lewis. and don’t tell me “oh if you can’t afford him you shouldnt have sign him. Its your fault.” No. The fact is that, that was his determined market value. If orlando didn’t, someone else would have.

    Anyways, the players need to hurry the fuck up and accept whatever is proposed and stop whining and bitching and play some damn basketball.

  • First & Foremost

    @Chicagorilla, if a friend of yours is playing 2K12 online and inbetween launching 3s he mentions that his neighbors are arguing and it might sound like it is getting violent. If you, X number of miles away, reports this crime, how credible is your information? You heard it through the grapevine.

    If you say nothing should you then go to jail for being an accessory after the fact?

    If you post it on facebook that your friend’s neighbor is being beat nightly, does that absolve you from the crime?

    You may never call the police but that is a moral/ethical issue and not a legal one. The actual witness of the crime SHOULD be the one to report it.

    @Big Island, true his hands aren’t spotless but to lose your job basically because you were guilty by association is absurd.

  • Big Island

    Off topic a little bit, but I’ve been listening to some Heavy D lately for obvious reasons. So watching the Nothing But Love video and the ugliest girl in that video is a solid 8.9. Damn. Every single girl in that video is bananas.

    Microphone check one, microphone check two, three, you can’t see what I can see.

  • UncheckedAggression

    I’m a little disturbed at how many of you seem to support Paterno in this situation. Part of what gets me about this is how much of an emphasis we put on leadership and character in sports like football. Paterno’s actions (or inactions) were NOT in accordance with the idea that he is a great leader of high character. What was going on with one of his coaches was wrong, and nobody would argue against that. The fact that he enabled the situation after being given a heads-up is the real issue here.

    He doesn’t deserve the position of head football coach if he can’t make the right decision in that scenario, period.

  • Promoman

    @ Jay

    Sandusky admitted to doing that and more for years. A mother testified that he told her face to face that he showered with her son and told her that he wasn’t going to promise to not do it again.

    The whole thing was mismanaged from the word Go.

    @ Big Island

    I have thought about it and can say that with a straight face. If that were somebody close to me, I’d want the truth and all those truly responsible. Two of the peple involved have been charged with perjury and Joe may’ve been in the minority that testified honestly in Sandusky’s trial. Paterno’s the low man on the totem pole at most. Assuming the timeline’s true, Joe was told second or thirdhand the day after the rape and since there’s been a multiyear coverup by the brass, including the President, it makes sense that they made the choice to keep Sandusky since he was going to replace Paterno. All they did was remove him from the kids after passing him around the system and give him an assistant head spot in the Phys Ed Dept. If Joe’s wrong, he’s getting overly blamed.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    your analogy is a little off. It would be more like my friend walked down the hallway and saw his neighbor beating his girl, then came back and told me. And we didn’t call the police. But even in that case, we are talking about adults. this is a child. Children aren’t held responsible for their part when being abused because they are children. So because this child is not expected to report the incident for whatever reason, the adults in the situation have to take on that responsibility by default.
    The Witness is the most responsible, and whoever he told is next in line. Do i think Joe P should be arrested by law….No. By law he didn’t do anything wrong. Do i think he should lose his job? HELL YES.

    Reason being, Joe P essentially works with kids. Sure they are teenagers and on their way to being adults, but if he isn’t in the business of protecting kids and protecting the integrity of the university then he shouldn’t be around any longer. I don’t think he’ll go to jail, and he probably shouldn’t. but he clearly is an a$$hole for not reporting the incident. By not saying anything, he could potentially have effected the lives of every other kid Sandusky abused after that day.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    great post!

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY


    People acting like Paterno was the victim. He ain’t the victim. The kids are. Who’s standing up for them?? Joe Pa wasn’t.

  • K Dizzle

    100% agree with Jay, Rilla and Unchecked:

    Anybody sayin Paterno is catchin any undeserved heat needs to check themselves.
    If this had happened with Coach K at Duke, Williams at Carolina, Saban at Bama or any other coach that pretty much has the power at their U, it’d be the exact same thing.
    The facts as I heard them was that somebody saw some shit goin down and pretty much went right to the top with the info(let’s be real. At PSU, Paterno is above the Athletic Director or President). Now the perp is on the coaching staff so JoePa shoulda handled it right there. Instead, dude passes it on and they keep Sandusky on the payroll n at PSU where he goes on to abuse more kids for more years.
    Morally, Joe fucked up and all those students at PSU flippin cars and throwin tantrums are looking even more foolish by the minute.

    Y’all defending JoePa need to stop makin excuses…

  • PH20

    Here`s a Deron Williams Eurogame with Besiktas vs ZZ Leiden ( team from holland )

    Its got Dutch commentary

    Deron`s got 20 points and 7 dimes in this one

  • BiGShoTBoB

    If it’s me as head coach and I find out one of my assistant coaches is raping little boys in my locker room. I come nothing short of beating his ass and asking questions later. Then I go on to make a statement of how I never want that sob in my locker room again period.

  • Big Island

    Promo – I can’t support him, sorry. My feeling is that Paterno had enough pull within the university to have Sandusky removed. If it were someone close to me, they wouldn’t be close to me much longer. Paterno isn’t a scapegoat.

    Imagine that we are all employed at Dime, and Beiber comes to you and says he caught me molesting a kid. You tell Chicagorilla and let it go. In the meantime, Chicagorilla and F&F tell me that not to, and I can’t bring kids to the office, and I can’t post in Smack anymore, but I get to post in the Style articles. I agree to all of that. You keep letting me come around the office when you have the pull to tell Chi and F&F to get rid of me. If I didn’t do it, I am telling you guys to fuck off a thousand different ways. Beiber gets the most blame because he didn’t go to the cops. Chi and F&F are next for covering it up. And even though you reported it to who you had to, by me agreeing to not bring kids by, take another office etc…, you know I am guilty of something, and you have the pull to be the voice of reason to tell Chi and F&F “Look, get him out of here, or I go and say why I abruptly left my position”. Legally, you did the right thing, morally, you fucked up bigtime, and when everything shakes out, people will look at you and say “he knew something, and he didn’t do what he should have”.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Now that I hear more and more of the story. It seems very disturbing that Joe P didn’t turn him in. I mean, even hard a$$ criminals in jail dispise pedophiles right? But Joe P is cool enough about it that he is willing to work beside the dude?

    What kind of dirt does the guy have on Joe P that Joe P would let that ish slide? That’s the question i think people should be asking.

  • Big Island

    Chicgorilla – I don’t know that there is any real dirt on Paterno, but you are dead on with the other stuff. If hardened, bad, evil dudes look down on the stuff that Sandusky is accused of, and Paterno even had an inkling about it, he had to do something. If Paterno would have said “get Sandusky out of here”, the university would have listened. He didn’t. Some stuff doesn’t warrant a second chance, let alone several chances. By the time I have a kid that goes to college, I am praying he/she isn’t into athletics because there won’t be anyone to trust. I’m gonna teach that bitch/bastard some ukulele.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @ BiGShoTBoB: “If it’s me as head coach and I find out one of my assistant coaches is raping little boys in my locker room. I come nothing short of beating his ass and asking questions later. Then I go on to make a statement of how I never want that sob in my locker room again period.”

    ^ That’s the right reaction. Well, maybe not “right” but it’s the way I’d react. I’d beat the shit out of him and then call the kids dads to beat the shit out of him… THEN i’d call the cops. I’d go to prison but I’d be a hero everywhere… in prison AND out.

    Chico (cellmate): “What landed you in prison?”
    me: “I beat a dude up who had sex with young boys to the edge of his sorry life, then invited the kids’ dads to get their shots in too.”
    Chico: “Oh shit! I’m in for armed robbery for trying to get some money to take care of my family and send my 2 sons to school. Accidentally killed a guard on the way out… I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of those pedophiles in here but they keep those dirtbags separated from the rest of the gen pop. You and me are cool… *yelling out the cell* Yo! Jose!!! This nigga beat the shit out of a kidfukker. He even called their dads to beat his ass too!!!
    Jose: “Fuck cuz! I got 4 boys at home, myself… good lookin out cabron.”
    Jamaaal (cell next to me): “You really did that, nigga.
    Me: “Yeah… he fucked boys…. so I fucked him up”
    Whole prison: “YEEEEEEEEAAAHH! Fuck them up!! WHOOOHOOOO!!
    Chico: *throws his own shit on the guard* *splash* WOOOHOOOOO!!

  • Big Island

    JAY – that sounds about right.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Chico throws his own sh!t at the guard?

    hahah;difha;iodfhja;iosfj asidfjoaisdjfioasdjfioasdjf;asdjfajsfdoijafdoijasdj
    WTF did that have to do with anything hahahad;hifaihfiahdfioaasdi