• that dude

    I played pick-up ball against him in 1999 in D.C. during the lockout. Jerome Williams brought him to the gym. He was a real cool dude giving advice to guys never acting like he to cool to talk to people. I actually plucked him for the game winner one game and he dapped me up and laughed about it. was a fan b4 that but after i was a true fan cool dude real talk.

  • Promoman

    I think that Marbury isn’t/wasn’t quite as bad as advertised. It’s true that he isn’t wired right upstairs and that his ego is out of control due to him being told he’s the shit everyday when he was coming up by everybody but he wasn’t as bad as Allen Iverson. Marbury didn’t get passes like Iverson did when he fucked around and he did get a raw deal by the Knicks in a sense when he was deactivated. Nate Robinson can’t run an offense and thinks life is a reality show. Chris Duhon is a band aid at best. Marbury handled coming off the bench way better than Iverson did.

  • stefan

    I watched his “reality show” or whatever it was when he was streaming 24/7. This was about 2 years ago I think. I loved the guy until that moment. The Vaseline incident was around that time. I could not believe it, but Starbury is insane. He talks and acts like he’s in his own world and owns everything. It’s scary to see that.. money and fame can drive you insane… really..

  • beiber newz

    i don’t let what society say interfere with how i view marbury. excellent talent.