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The Top 5 Potential NBA Amnesty Clause Victims

Baron Davis

Baron Davis, Dime #29

There has been a lot of talk over the last several weeks about the new CBA’s “Amnesty Clause” for NBA teams. In it’s most basic sense, the clause is a do-over for teams, where they can rid themselves of one hideous contract. So in a league awash in bad deals that cripple teams, the rule would provide the option to eliminate the absolute worst of the worse. (Stuff you need to know: it’s not as easy as just eliminating a contract. Check this out for the details of the clause.)

Depending on how many teams decide to use the clause, there could be a lot of very talented NBA players instantly unemployed. So who are the best of the “worst” players who could potentially be available? Here are my Top 5:

5. Baron Davis - Common sense says that if there is any sure thing in these Amnesty Clause scenarios, it’s that the Cavs use theirs on Boom Dizzle. He’s great when he’s healthy and in shape (two things that rarely coincide), but he is also owed almost $14 million this season. With Kyrie Irving and Ramon Sessions on the roster, BD is expensive and expendable.

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  • Lee

    I never understood the Lewis deal. The magic had him for £90m as a free agent then did a sign and trade for $113m

  • Joe’s Momma

    I think Washington is keeping Lewis.

    He only has this year guaranteed, next year is only half guaranteed (around 13 million)

    Lewis is tight with all the young pups in Washington’s core, and is a the only veteran presence.

    And I think Roy being amnestied is a bit much. Paul Allen only does it to get cap room (if he does it at all) and I still don’t think Portland has enough room to go after a big name if they do. Paul Allen has never been afraid to pony up the loot, let Roy do the bench thing, and if next year he sucks donkey balls, they can amnesty him then.

    Boom is gone, its already done. Boom has never been a hard worker, and they want to give the ball to their #1 overall pick Irving. And didn’t B. Scott and Boom have beef back in their Charlotte days? Wasn’t that why Boom was dealt? That might factor into it.

  • Aleks Kaludjerovic

    Yes this new clause mean Jose is finally gone!

  • ScoGo

    Antawn Jamison seems as likely as Baron. But do the Cavs need the space – salary space or spots on the roster?

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    These aren’t “victims” – please, they’re going to make millions and millions of dollars still. If their contracts were nullified (as they deserve to be, anyway), then they’d be victims.