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Video: Grinnell College’s Griffin Lentsch Erupts For 89 Points

Griffin Lentsch

Griffin Lentsch (photo. Grinnell College)

Maybe the adidas adiZero Crazy Light really is the lightest basketball shoe ever. I mean, Grinnell College junior Griffin Lentsch laced ‘em up on Saturday and dropped 89 points. Yes, you read that correctly. 89 points. And for those of you keeping score at home, that breaks the Division III single-game scoring record.

Lentsch had 40 points at halftime and finished the game 27-of-55 from the field, including 15-of-33 from beyond the arc and 20-of-22 from the stripe. The 15 treys alone rank ninth-best all-time for all of NCAA.

While Lentsch’s 89 points surpassed the previous D-III mark of 77 points set by former Grinnell star Jeff Clement in 1998, his total is third all-time in all of college basketball, placing only behind a 112-point game by Clarence “Bevo” Francis of Rio Grande in 1954, and a 100-point outing by Frank Selvy of Furman, also in 1954.

Watch all the highlights:

What’s the most points you’ve ever seen scored in a game?

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  • DNice

    Great job of showing how not to play defense

  • Promoman

    He was on and the other team must suck or he’s that good. The last time I saw somebody drop a stealth asswhooping out of nowhere like that was Jodie Meeks.

  • luis

    59. they gave that guy too many open looks. i could have dropped 89 on this team too.

  • Chris

    You can try and say “No D” to a 30 or even 40 piece but for a dude to drop 89 means he was gettin buckets. If there is better D, they might hold him to 65 but you can’t say that D will drop his 89 down to 50.

    Some of those shots were contested 3’s that he just drain in different guys faces. Ain’t a damn thing you gonna do about that

  • http://www LP


    “””You can’t say that D will drop his 89 to 50 ????????????””

    wtf? have you ever played bball? that guy isn’t kobe, stick a 6’2 ballhawk on him, and he won’t even touch the ball…he may score 20…

    Most of these shots he didn’t even have a hand in his face…the defenders were playing zone, they weren’t even shading to his side, they weren’t even recognizing where he was on the court…please. He DID get buckets, but it was more of the terrible defense. Amazing nonetheless, not many people can hit all those shots…

  • thrillah

    A lot of those shots were uncontested. His lay-ups even seemed weak. He’s a great shooter, but i’d agree, with a decent defensive team or even a good perimeter defender, a lot of those shots wouldn’t have fallen, a lot of those shots, he wouldn’t even have took, and his teammates wouldn’t feed him as much. He probably would’ve scored close to 30 if the D was tight.

  • Chris

    @LP you’re out of your mind. Entire TEAMS don’t score 89 points. And not contested? just look a the first few 3’s. Two corner threes with defenders running at him with their hands up and he even got fouled and that shit was still wet.

    You need to realize that this is DIII. For that level, that is good defense. They have no scholarships. There isn’t a ton of athleticism. It’s mainly guys who have some skill that wanted to keep playing. NO ONE at that level has the speed and length to keep a shooter like that from getting off.

    No, he isn’t Kobe. But he is a DIII version of him. Anyone who says otherwise is just a hater.

  • http://www LP

    lol what?? like Thrillah says, if the Defense was even decent, he wouldn’t even take most of those shots, and his teammates wouldn’t even feed him the ball…He wouldn’t even be open to get the ball! That drastically cuts down his shot attempts.

    All those half-hearted challenges on those 3pters is not called defense. Who still plays zone on a guy that has already dropped 30+ in the first half? No matter what level…not taking anything away from the guy, he is good, just saying, with some kind of decent DEFENSE, he scores 20-30 (which is still good), not 89.

  • Chris

    @LP you ignore the kid’s ability to A) find the open space, B ) get open without the ball and C ) not get fatigued. Shooting 55 shots in a game is tiring. To make 27 is crazy. And to make 20 of 22 fts is hard enough as well.

    How many teams play piss poor defense? and how many players score 50, let alone 90? I never said that the defense was great but you guys act like he would have trouble scoring 30 against a solid D. That’s just crazy. The kid clearly knows how to score in a bunch of different ways. You can’t take away everything from him. Anyone who has played knows that the only way to take away everything is if one talent is WAY larger than the other and that is clearly not the case.

  • JD

    people loves to focus on the negatives – the point is that the kid was on and hit pretty much all the open shots in the basket to make 89.

    Now, how many non-pros like us can do that in a game …. -_-

  • DNice

    I gotta agree with LP. The only way factors A, B, and C would be relevant is, that is what the defense was giving him. Of course you are going to get open if the D is not weak. You are not going to get fatigued if you are not having to shot of the dribble or create a shot. If you were shooting open 3’s with barely having to dribble the ball, you could easily put up 50-60 shots and not get tired during an entire game. Thats onlt 12-15 shots per quarter or 25-30 shots a half. And yes his teammates were looking for him. Yes he did make the shots, I am not taking that away from him. But if he was being defended either half those shots don’t fall or he doesn’t put them up.

  • Veeezie

    On the real..89 points in nuts! I guarantee you you all couldn’t drop 89 points in a church league game much less a Division III game. I that nigga his respect. My career high in high school was 42 points and I remember how tired I was after the game. He had that at halftime. Repect.

  • Veeezie


  • http://www LP

    Great. The guy scored 89.

  • Seven Duece

    His release is SUPER quick! Got me motivated to head to the gym and get some shots up. 89 is 89, credit is due.