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Breaking News: Baron Davis Commits to New York Knicks

Baron Davis

Baron Davis

It seems kind of crazy that a guy with serious back and conditioning issues can basically take his pick between the Knicks and Lakers, but that’s exactly the position Baron Davis found himself in heading into the weekend. After much speculation over the last few days, ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting that Baron has made his choice: He’s going to sign with the Knicks.

Stein says that Baron has committed to New York and that deal could be done as early as today. Davis became available after the Cavs used their Amnesty Clause to officially release him on Friday.

It’s almost a pre-requisite to say this any time you talk about Baron Davis, but when healthy and invested, there isn’t much to not like about his game. Obviously, the times when both of those things are aligned seem to be few and far between. Even now, reports of the severity of his back injury vary from him being out anywhere from 4-10 weeks. I’m sure having a starting slot with the Knicks waiting for him will help the healing process along quite a bit.

Even if Baron shows up in NYC at 75%, he’s still an upgrade at the point over Toney Douglas (not really a PG) and what’s left of Mike Bibby. All in all, it’s a good low-risk signing for the Knicks. On paper, a starting five of Baron, Landry Fields, Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Tyson Chandler is pretty solid, and certainly has the potential to contend in the East.

Sam Amick reports that the deal if for one year, $2.5 million.

How much Baron Davis the New York Knicks?

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  • derik

    if this is Baron from 5 years ago, it would be really scary, but now he is just an injury prone, overweight, former star who can;t even shoot well…. Knicks backcourt is all about Iman Shumpert now.

  • http://www.sadas.cax Guitar Hero

    First time in his career that he’ll be playing for a (semi-)contender, so of course he’ll be motivated.
    Playing with two future HOF, in MSG, NYC of all places…of MUST be motivated.

    So it’s just a case of being healthy. Let’s hope so. He’s only 32, so he should have 2 or 3 good years left in the tank.

  • 123

    so instead of the lakers making this move they signed Troy Murphy…. wtf lakers

  • control

    I kind of used to like Baron, but he’s going to be a knick, so I guess I have to start hating on that Jenny Craig eating motherfucker now.

  • Phileus

    Better than the Mike Bibby signing, at least. Jesus Christ, why don’t teams realize that Bibby just needs to retire?

  • beiber newz

    New York City?
    Nope, NEW YORK BIDDY !!

  • control

    Guitar Hero

    Knicks have two future HOFers? They have no HOFers unless they pump out 3 or 4 championships in a row, which they won’t. Chris Bosh has a better chance to make HOF than anyone on the knicks right now…

  • beiber newz

    FOR all the concerns expressed about baron davis, he is the only pg on the knicks roster as well as the free agent market that you can say is an nba starting pg. so this is a good move for the knicks. if he can focus on distributing the ball, what is the need to focus on his atrocious shooting fg percentage?

    ny has so many scorers baron or any other pg with his vision would gladly tone down their shooting just to get at least 8 dimes a game. davis passing ability will be welcomed with open arms. that’s my anticipation of this team’s signing. also, don’t sleep on davis just simply pulverizing all the little pg, he size is also a welcome sign. and his intelligence at the point should also boost the team and lead to many many more fast breaks.

  • beiber newz

    “Chris Bosh has a better chance to make HOF than anyone on the knicks right now”

    how can anyone trust the basketball knowledge of someone who makes statements like that one?

    maybe the child that thinks that believes getting into the hall of fame means being an all star and riding the coattails of two franchise players to possible multiple championships.

  • Davros

    I think Control was trying to point out that there is as much chance that Bosh become a HOF’er that Melo and Stat. It was more a diss of the Knicks than a shout out to Bosh

  • beiber newz

    i realized that, that is why i was saying he is crazy for that because melo/stat are not riding anyone to their championship aspirations. they are the ones with the target for their respective team.

  • control

    “maybe the child that thinks that believes getting into the hall of fame means being an all star and riding the coattails of two franchise players to possible multiple championships.”

    Wow, you actually understood what I was saying, and STILL managed to fuck it up and twist it in your mind. IF Miami wins a 3-4 championships in a row, Chris Bosh WILL get into the HOF. IF the knicks don’t win a few championships, Melo and Amare WON’T get into the HOF. The chances that Miami goes on a championship run are much much higher than the knicks going on a run…so that is exactly what I was trying to say. The HOF isn’t just filled with guys who are “the man” on their team, there are quite a bit of role players in there, at least Bosh is a legit all star.

    Also, Melo and Amare aren’t riding each other’s coattails? NY was trying to get Chris Paul to make their own “big 3″…wouldn’t that mean one of them would be the “bosh” of the team? Keep in mind your opinion now, and IF the knicks get another all star, I bet you’ll change your opinion completely.

  • Robmo35

    For the record I am an upgrade from Douglas or Bibby. Good luck Knicks

  • Chaos

    I liekl this move by the knicks….Baron is a good point guard (when in shape). he can average over 10 assists in this offense and it would be close to a system he is sued to like when he was in Golden State. This is a fast break team and he is a fast break pg who can push the pace. he doesnt have to score. al he has to do is make the right passes. throw lobs to amare and tyson while making sure that Carmelo gets his. its not lob city but damnit there will be some(just hope his knees make it thru the season). plus they got a “defensive” wing in landry fields plus shumpert, douglas, balkman and jeffries can come off the bench where they belong

  • beiber newz

    control, hall of famers aren’t ONLY made by championships. a lot goes into the decision of who gets in. i dont even know why this needs an explanation. wow, speaks to your low knowledge of the game of basketball. patrick ewing and a number of hall of fame talents don’t need championships to have got in the hall. now considering that, how many voters do you think will look at bosh and give him even 20% credit when or if miami wins a championship or goes on a championship run?

    bosh is a great player. it almost sounds like im shitting on him but im not. just trying to put things in perspective. bosh is a good good player. but when you coe out and say that he has a better chance than carmelo anthony, all you are looking at is basically the championship aspect, and by doing that, you are giving bosh a ton of credit for those championships if your reasoning for him being selected over carmelo is THAT.

    now, to be fair, no 1 really knows how many melo will win, but i think it’s safe to say he is capable, not that he will, but is capable to win one. no one knows if the heat will win. but they are capable of getting at least one as well. now pretty much, with that thinking, you are saying bosh has a better chance than durant to get into the hall because his team is in a better position to win MORE RINGS.

    that is bad thinking. bosh, melo and durant are all good players but which one of those names sticks out? easy enough answer, so i wont say the answer. a lot goes into who makes the hall. melo is already above bosh even though bosh’s team is in position to win more rings, not saying he will, but he is in position .

    basically, you’re dumb. i’m upset i even entertained this.

  • beiber newz

    davros of post number 10 seems to agree in a weird kind of way. by saying it was a ‘shot’ at the knicks’ players sorta implies that your statement is a joke control. matter fact, you’re a joke period.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Thats it, Pencil the Knicks in for the Finals spot!

    Are you guys outta your effin minds?

    Funny how last year Toney Douglas was soooo good. He was going to take Ray Feltons minutes. And blah blah blah.
    But as soon as he’s the #1 option at Pg, it’s “he’s not really a pg” or “he’s not that good”.

    Chauncey Billups was part of a “NY Big 3″ until they cut his a$$ for a slightly above average center. Then Billups was old, and falling off.

    I hate flaky people.

    Also, Baron Davis was a running joke at DIME. Kyrie Irving was going to get 40mpg even if Baron was there. Now all of a sudden he’s a knick, and “It’s scary” for the rest of the NBA? GTFOH!

    Baron Davis is done. I loved his game when he was healthy, but dude just can’t do it anymore.

    interesting that you would like/respect Baron Davis but you hate Vince Carter and TMac. I know those guys hit closer to home because they left T-Dot, but all 3 are some of the biggest underachievers in basketball. But VC has had the best career out of all 3 (which actually means he had the biggest upside and is the biggest underachiever of the group lol). I don’t see how you could like Baron while hating those other guys.

  • beiber newz

    @chicagorilla, i hear he likes baron mainly because he thinks he’s sexy. he went online to buy season tickets just to stalk the knicks’ locker room. if that turd is the reason ny gets distracted from the championship, by golly…..

  • JBaller

    NY is my hometown team and I’ll always route for them. Boom Dizzle is an alright pick up for now seeing as there were no other pgs available and the Knicks didn’t have one, and he came at the right price considering where he is in his career. BD used to be nasty, and I wished we had him back in the day. The biggest worry is that BD, Melo and Amare tend to go iso too much and none are true leaders. Too bad we couldn’t afford to keep Billups. When he got to Denver he made them so much better. Even though Melo was the best player it was Billups’ leadership that got them to the conference finals.

    Anyway, GO KNICKS!

  • control


    I don’t think I hate VC and Tmac, infact I actually respect Tmac’s game quite a bit right now because he’s went from a pure scorer to a playmaker. Wish he could teach a lot of players how to do that. VC…well, I’m a Toronto fan, what do you expect? I’m going to bash him, but he’s probably been the single most motivating player to me personally. I don’t mind Baron, I don’t hate him, I don’t love him as a player, but he’s been pretty good (when in shape and healthy). Now that he’s a knick though, he can go fuck himself.

  • beiber newz

    control who are you kidding? telling baron to go fuck HIMself… you know you would gladly help baron davis sexually.

  • Jah

    i think he’ll be motivated and adjust his game to contribute. He’s definitely an upgrade (when healthy) at the PG position. Playing with D’Antoni should be invigorating for him, too. I’m expecting big things out of NY this year.

    Baron Davis
    Landry Fields
    Carmelo Anthony
    Amare Stoudemire
    Tyson Chandler

    Yeah, that’s intense.

    The championship still goes through Miami this year, though.

  • MadSammyboy

    To my way of thinking, the biggest problem with the Knicks’ signing of Baron Davis is the fact that the Knicks now have Baron Davis on their roster.

  • trollne1

    Amare summed it up perfectly when he said “This guy’s out for 8-10 weeks, man. He’s not our concern at all” about Baron

  • Buckets

    Patch work quilt, not a championship team

  • JH

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  • JH

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  • beiber newz

    @ troline, i heard some reports were exaggerated to scare teams away from claiming baron when he was amnestied. baron wanted to clear waivers and become a FA.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Boom knows going to play in that Dantoni offense will pump up his stats, so he can angle for a fatter contract next year.

    Don’t see him making enough of an impact due to several reasons but most notibly, he cant stay healthy anymore

    Toney Douglas will earn the majority of the mins as long as Melo will be facilitating the offense from the pinch post

    Would have prefered they go after TMac for the min rather than Boom, but its a good pickup regardless

  • beiber newz

    i don’t think GMs are dumb enough to just focus on stats. they observe the player’s game. if he dropped 10 dimes a game because he was in a high octane offense, i believe what they look at is his decision making in terms of IQ, his vision in terms of how sexy the pass looked, and timing on knowing when to do what. *in a gm’s mind: was it the smartest move to pass to melo, or should he have thrown the lob to tyson?

    gm’s don’t just look at the stat sheet as if they are playing fantasy basketball. they have paid observers scouting other teams’ players. so even if baron averages 10 dimes, they will appreciate his capability, but they will also look at the situations he put himself in during the 48 minute game and HOW he got those assists.