2011 Free Agency, Latest News, NBA / Dec 8, 2011 / 9:26 pm

Breaking News: Monster 3-Team Chris Paul Lakers Trade is Off!

Chris Paul

Chris Paul (photo. Jordan Brand)

To quote a Chris Paul tweet from a few minutes ago when he heard the crushing news: “WoW.”

The massive three-team blockbuster deal with the Lakers, Hornets and Rockets is now reportedly dead.

This is what just dropped on ESPN.com:

Sources said that a group of NBA owners, assembled in New York for the ratification of the league’s new labor pact with the players, protested vigorously that the league-owned Hornets were trading Paul to the star-studded Lakers and convinced NBA commissioner David Stern to intervene.

“The deal is off,” one source told ESPN.com.

We’ll hit you with more info as it comes out during the night and into tomorrow. If this deal is really dead, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Lakers fans and lots of other people are undoubtedly extremely disappointed.

Really, the only person happy about this is probably Khloe Kardashian.

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  • PrettyPaula

    But I’m rejoicing

  • http://dimemag.com/2011/12/breaking-news-monster-3-team-chris-paul-lakers-trade-is-off/ soleinthefrijol

    laker fans should be relieved

  • Patrick Cassidy

    Haha, I’m sure that many non-Lakers fans are pretty happy.

  • bookkwormmaster




    This is hilarious. The owners whine and bitch just as much as the players do

  • mo.B.bad

    the NBA is a joke.

    this deal was actually better for Nawlins and Houston than it was for LA, but the owners were so pissed at the big name going to LA they voided it anyway.

    this sets an ugly precedent. and only hurts the Hornets; no way they’ll get a haul like that again. and it’s likely CP3 will leave on a free and the Hornets will get NOTHING. and he may go to LA anyway!

  • the cynic

    seriously the NBA is a joke, as the actual season approaches I’m losing interest by the day. Hockey is more entertaining anyways

  • Craig

    How much more even could it get? Do the owners think kobe is going to light it up for streaks of 50 games again? He’s not that kind of player. They traded Lakers second tier of strength for Paul. Houston got solid after the trade, as did Nawlins. This would be what, one strong year for Lakers (with a new coach for the players to learn) maybe?

  • Rich Richardson

    Wow David Stern, just wow. If there was any question of corruption and deceit with him, the evidence came to light. I wonder when he’ll finally step down. He had no right to do that, just wow

  • https://twitter.com/#!/djlocdog Loc


    Anything to piss off Kobe and the Lakers is good in my books!!!

  • clutch

    So now instead of houston getting an allsgar player and the hornets getting a good deal, the hornets will get nothing for paul when he leaves in free agency? Ya that makes perfect sense

  • Zak

    Derek Fisher is probably excited too.

  • control

    Man, the nba is on some bullshit. I could see these owners coming back from summer break and being asked by the teacher “What did you learn over the summer?” and each one of those cockeyed bastards could say “I learned me how to whine about everything. Whining gets me what I want”.

    Never seen such a group of old bastards whine so much. Fucking billionaires whining about not having enough money. The nba is really making it hard to be a fan sometimes.

  • P

    @ Patrick Cassidy

    ESPN is reporting the deal is on hold. Is there any chance it still goes through? The owners are saying it’s a conflict of intrest given the Hornets are currently owned by the NBA but they are doing pretty well here.. If anyone is getting the raw end of the deal here it’s Houston.

    This isn’t Pau for Kwame.

  • Shot in Ya Face

    Thank you David Stern for knocking some sense into the Lakers’ management. Now the Lakers can in the summer of 2012 1) Not exercise Lamar Odor’s player option: 8.2m come off the books 2) Use the Amnesty clause on cute and cuddly Metta World Suck: 6.7m come off the books. 3) Sign Chris Paul with the money saved $15-16 (pending NY signs Chandler) 4) give the middle finger to Stern and the rest of the owners.

    Does anyone know if this will work pending Chandler signs with NY and Chris Paul doesn’t get traded elsewhere?

  • 123

    The funniest part about this trade is you didnt hear any protest when the lakers traded garbage for gasol, but now that theyre trying to trade away legit pieces for a big name player everyone is crying. Small market teams if players don’t want to come to play for you it might not necessarily be because they don’t like the city, pay more, surround your star with quality players. Stop bitching and actually make your team better.

  • Y.G. Underboss

    I heard that Mark Cuban is the reason why this trade isn’t going down anymore.

  • Big Hook

    As a fan this is bad for the NBA, because now I really believe Stern and the conspiracy theories of how he is rigging the league. This reminds of the player hating teams in my fantasy football league that veto stuff cuz they are just hating.


    This is the type of stuff that makes Stern and the NBA look shady. So the oher owners didn’t like the idea of Paul going to a big market? I get that… but where the hell were these objections when it first surfaced a WEEK AGO that Paul would be traded?! Oh that’s right… the other GM’s still thought they had a chance back then and it’s only when they saw they were going to lose out on the Paul sweepstakes that they startin b*tching. The block of this deal sets a really bad precedent and if I were LA or Houston, I’d make sure that ANY other trade involving Paul gets similarly canned. This ish Stern pulled tonight is by far, the most, infuriating (and possibly illegal) thing he has done… and that’s saying a lot. As a fan, this is the type of stuff makes it hard for me to stay a fan. First the lockout and now this. It’s like Stern has a “favorite way to piss off fans” handbook that he has been living by for the last few years!

  • GoEasy

    I understand people saying that this looks shady and all… but doesn’t also look slightly shady trading arguable the best point guard in the league from the league owned hornets to the Lakers?

  • Brown

    Stern’s PR guy better figure out how to spin this one.

  • CasualFan

    Do you need any more proof that the NBA is rigged?

  • http://freshouttatime.blogspot.com freshouttatime

    stern is just looking out for the interests of the knicks…
    remember the ewing draft drama hahahah

  • Me

    Funny, the people who got it nixed are the people who would have benefitted.

    cp3 and kobe WILL NOT play well together. they both have to have the ball to be effective. It would make their offense more consistent scoring-wise if mike brown doesn’t eff it up. (which he will)

    the hornets would have been the biggest winners, yet their owners nixed it. wow.

    the hornets would have moved to seattle after no one came to their games, and seattle would have eventually became good because they aren’t a big market with the pressure that leads to dumb decisions (NYC). they would have improved through the draft a la okc.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    @ Hockey is more interesting

  • Dana Walker

    This is good, trading away all your length for a 6 ft point guard who is a bit overhyped for proven players on your squad would have been…stupid. Now go after Howard and other players that will help you, just because Paul is as good as he is, doesnt mean he would have fit in, look at Artest, before LA he was pretty decent still, since coming there, he has been pretty dreadful aside from a handful lucky moments. Try for Howard, if that fails, try for any other center, just dump Bynum.

  • beiber newz


  • Sam

    Contraction is probably in a few teams’ future…

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    hjahahahaha;ajf';aihjf ;iajs;fioahjsdgfio

    I honestly think the trade will still go through, but I find this flucking hiliarious!

    The Lakers were once again about to STEAL another player, and then when the trade gets blocked all the whine and cheese fans come out to party.

    You guys do know that the NBA OWNS THE HORNETS right? Stern didn’t do anything outside of a normal owners power. I find it funny that all of a sudden it’s a conspiracy to keep the Lakers down lmao. GTFOH.

  • beiber newz

    chris paul is currently talking to billy hunter about pursuing a legal route against the nixed trade. i guess he really genuinely wanted to be a laker. wow.

  • Sam

    I think it would be pretty awesome if the league amnestied Chris Paul from the Hornets and gave him to whichever team under the cap bids the most.

  • yoda

    as a laker fan, i’m no mad at all. pau+odom are too much for paul. especially if we don’t get someone tall or good at D back.

  • Big Island

    I actually thought NO came out ahead in the trade. They get Scola, Kevin Martin, Odom and a pick for Paul? Sixth man of the year, a solid big, and a 20+ ppg scorer for a point guard who might not have knees and is going to leave anyway? Lakers are better off IMO keeping Gasol. I can’t wait to see what the Lakers fags, I mean fans, say in Smack tomorrow.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Great idea.

    There is no legal action. If that’s true, then that shows how dumb some of the players are. He can’t force the team to take on another contract they don’t want/need.
    Pau Gasol is owed like $57 Million over the next 3 yrs
    and if it was Louis Scola that was supposed to go to Nawlins then that is just dumb of them.

    Basically, the Hornets trading CP3 should get them some young cheap talent or cap relief. MAJOR CAP RELIEF. Everyone who is proposing these trades are only looking at the salaries for this year in order to make the trade happen. This Lakers trade would have ONLY HELPED THE LAKERS.
    What? are the Hornets supposed to build a new team around 31yr old, soft a$$, highly paid, Pau gasol? Who’s already been in the NBA for 10yrs! Oh no, maybe they should have built their team around the career underachieving 32yr old Lamar Odom who has been in the NBA for 12yrs himself.
    Oh wait, maybe they should build around 31yr old Louis Scola.

    I mean come on, you guys know this is a flucked up situation for N.O. Yet your blind love for the Lakers to screw over yet another team is blocking your way of thinking.

    Oh and nevermind that THE LAKERS ARE THE TEAM THAT ELIMINATED THE HORNETS LAST YEAR from the playoffs. And it’s common knowledge that you don’t trade within your own division and preferably your own conference when trading a major star. You always send his a$$ as far away as possible so it doesn’t come back to bite you in the a$$ 4 times a year plus playoffs.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    I just looked up the contracts

    Hornets get:
    Scola has 4yrs $40Mill
    Odom has 2yrs $18Mill
    K-Mart has 2yrs $24Mill

    Lakers get:
    Chris Paul 1yr 16.6Mill 1yr Player option $18Mill

    Rockets get:
    Pau Gasol has 3yrs $57Mill

    They go from owing one guy $16Mill and a possible $34Mill if he comes back the next year. If he gets hurt, then they only lose 1yrs worth of games for $34mill

    If they take this dumba$$ trade then they end up owing
    3 guys a total of $82Million over a for year span. They would be taking the risk of 3 guys getting hurt, underachieving, or getting old.

    And I’m not even going to go in on how stupid as fluck Houston is for sticking their nose in this trade. Gasol and Scola ain’t too much different (playing for a $h!t team without Kobe) except Scola has a much cheaper contract and a lot less wear and tear on his frame. But then to top it off they throw in 20ppg scorer Kevin Martin . Which means they lose two player in order to get one back. Or look at it money wise. The Rockets would be giving up $64 Million between 2 players in order to pay 1 player $57Million. What is the benefit…saving $7Million over the next 4yrs. That’s just dumb and pointless for them to even stick their noses in on the trade. Basically making it easier for a conference foe to become a juggernaut.

  • beiber newz


    “are the Hornets supposed to build a new team around 31yr old, soft a$$, highly paid, Pau gasol? Who’s already been in the NBA for 10yrs! Oh no, maybe they should have built their team around the career underachieving 32yr old Lamar Odom who has been in the NBA for 12yrs himself.
    Oh wait, maybe they should build around 31yr old Louis Scola.”

    it doesn’t have to looked at as BUILDING when it could simply be looked at as WINNING. they were gonna get kevin martin in the del too. i think pau was going to houston. but that is good for losing your top player. that’s a good bunch that wouldve carried the horents farther than they went last season. people forget how good lamar odom can be because he is so unselfish. no one else with his talent would be able to play behind so much talent like LA has. put odom in a hornets jersey as a feature player and i say he’s good for 18 points 8 boards and 5 assists. u culd throw in a 3 a game too.

    but i didnt wanna speak on trades. i jus wanted to answer something cuz smack aint out yet.

    and yes, paul has been on the phone with billy hunter. i heard chris broussard say it after i posted it too, so it confirmed it for me that he is doing something along those lines chicagorilla? did that solve your uncertainty?

  • gutiguti


    you dont think they could flick scola, a fantastic power forward to a contender?

    you dont think that odom’s guaranteed 2.4m in 2012/2013 is going to be valuable to a team that covet’s cap room?

    That and the knicks 1st rounder.

    what trade would you have them accept?

    I personally think Demps pulled off an unbelievable trade for the hornets and got screwed and i suspect we will see him resign real quick after being undermined like that.

  • beiber newz


  • Ian

    how did that work out for them??

    laker fans crying conspiracy??? wtf???

    kobe must be the jeter of basketball if this thing goes thru

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    One of the best draft classes since Derrick Rose’s class in 2007 is about to come out. THE LAST THING the Hornets want to do is play themselves out of a top 3 draft picks. If the Hornets are smart, they should be looking to pick up nothing but 1st round draft picks, expiring contracts, and young players still on their rookie contracts.

    Any offer that doesn’t involve that would be stupid and a bad trade for the Hornets.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    where you been son?!?!

    oh and I don’t think Jeter ever force Sodomy on some hoe in a hotel room.

  • Ian


    “oh and I don’t think Jeter ever force Sodomy on some hoe in a hotel room”

    with no basketball i stopped checking dime daily but its back now.

    hows everything over on your side?

  • Ian

    i thought the trade was good for the hornets but after reading your posts i have to say i agree with you on this one. now as a spurs fan i wouldnt mind the seeing the lakers without all that size. rather see parker play paul than duncan vs gasol , odom and bynum together.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    As you can see, i don’t sleep lol.
    And we had a 100 comments debate yesterday. And I honestly can’t remember what it was about off the top of my head lol.



  • http://www.dimemag.com juhwahn lewis

    the lakers was about to make a dumb trade sending pau gasol and lamar odom to the hornets for chris paul.they were about to give up two good players for one good players.I cant believe the lakers was even thinking of a trade like that.They need to keep pau gasol and lamar odom because they would have been losing two real good players.

  • beiber newz

    chcagorilla, every1 except you thinks this was abad trade. you must not know basketball. u claim to do. but throwin out stats and memories doesn’t giv u credibility especially now, when all u can think of to prove this is a bad trade is cuz of a draft class and building a future. well wit that trade the future WAS NOW. and they had good players capable of producing. wow. u dont know shit officially.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    ^ What trade? Who cares how many people thought it was good or bad.. there was no trade. Moving along…

  • beiber newz

    jay, no need to be an ass u bitch