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Chicago Locks Down Derrick Rose; Ray Allen Calls Out David West

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose (photo. adidas)

Well Derrick Rose had a nice day. He got paid and became a made man in Chicago if he wasn’t already one. Then in the capper, he methodically picked apart everyone’s Eastern Conference sleeper, Indiana, in Chicago’s 93-85 win. We felt like it was April and we were back in the first round of the playoffs again. Rose (12 points, nine assists) was destroying Darren Collison (1-for-7, six points), Psycho T was doing his bowling ball routine (24 points, 13 rebounds) and the Bulls’ defense was more suffocating than an only child’s mother, holding Indiana to 36 percent from the field. But there was one big difference: Richard Hamilton. Hamilton isn’t the player he once was, and yet on NBA TV last night, Chris Webber called him the most underrated move of the entire offseason. Last night, he had 13 points, six dimes and seemed to fit into the offense perfectly. When you combine that with Carlos Boozer playing like a man (24 points), Chicago was too much to handle … The play of the night might’ve been Joakim Noah‘s block on Hansbrough attempted dunk. If Hansbrough could jump, we might’ve called it one of the best blocks we’ve seen in the last few years … If Dallas’ new lineup doesn’t live up to expectations this year, we might be able to look back at the preseason as the initial sign. Oklahoma City beat the champs 87-83 last night and the game actually wasn’t even close. That makes them 2-0 against Dallas in the preseason, and while Dallas sat a few of their guys in both games, some moles are already surfacing. Russell Westbrook and James Harden were putting down Sportscenter-worthy reverses, but it was OKC’s work on the glass that ended it. They won the boards by 12 and with a slim fast Kendrick Perkins (nine points, eight boards) back doing his thing, the Mavs couldn’t do anything in the paint. Tyson Chandler anyone? … Remember Jerome Randle? We’ve been high on him ever since he was murdering cats at Cal, and he’s looking like he could be Dallas’ answer to J.J. Barea this year (17 last night) … We’re not even into games that actually count yet and Kenneth Faried (14 points) is already hanging all over the rim in Denver. The Nuggets beat down Phoenix by 17 behind 21 from Ty Lawson, but it was Faried providing the highlights with one dunk where he took of from the Rockies and another that he tipped in … What are the chances of a Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding situation going down in Washington this season? We thought Nick Young liked to chuck, but damn Jordan Crawford is probably even worse. With both guys pretty much playing for money and to cement their place in the league at the same position, they might outshoot the entire division. Young put up 10 shots in 16 minutes (made three of them for eight points) while Crawford was 6-for-21 for 18 points. One of those guys is going to get their right arm mysteriously smashed by a door sometime this season. Washington didn’t get blown out this time, but Philly still beat them. Everyone’s talking about John Wall (17 points) breaking out to become a star this year. But what about Jrue Holiday (24 points, six assists)? He’s going to be a stud real soon … JaVale McGee (20 points, nine rebounds) jumps. Too. High … Marcus Thornton (21 points) and Sacramento edged David Lee (30 points, 13 rebounds) and Golden State 95-91, probably because Golden State continuously went to Klay Thompson (2-for-15) … And Cleveland self-destructed in the final moments of their 90-89 home loss against Detroit. First, they threw away an inbounds pass. Then, they smacked the Hell out of Austin Daye (19 points), who hit both free throws to put the Pistons up in the final seconds. Finally, Luke Harangody got a WIDE OPEN short jumper and was way off. That’s what happens when you give it to a guy who’s played one minute all game for the final shot … Keep reading to read about why Ray Allen called out David West …

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  • control

    I know it’s only preseason, but Cleveland is proving me right. Worst team in the league, and it ain’t even close. The only thing that could make them worse is if Mo Williams came back. I kind of hope Miami wins the championship just so I can send Gilbert an amusing card rubbing it in.

    Apparently Stephan Curry and Steve Nash retired eh? Ray Allen is like 3rd best shooter in league :P

    Glenn Davis still sucks too.

  • beiber newz

    i don’t wanna sound like i’m attacking dude, but, for all the hype d rose got last season, and mvp deservingly, how many of you think it was semi-fluky? like are you guys going into this season expecting him to take it again? who will?

    lebron said from his own mouth he doesn’t expect to get an mvp award again. not his choice though, so he has a good chance. my bet will go to the star player on a surprise team. everyone agrees the clippers NOT making the playoffs would be a disappointment, but no one is penciling them in a championship contenders, if paul is able to get that team to that level this early, i see him, with all the hype surrounding him especially, to take those honors.

    a safe pick would be a star player , like carmelo anthony who is set for one of his best seasons on a team that should win plenty games. dwight has a good chance to win BOTH defensive player of the year and mvp (but so does lbj).

    but if u guys love conspiracies, stern is already figuring out some way to get his young, lovable, all world stud KEVIN DURANT his first MVP. how good would that be?

    so my early top 5 choices this season, order considered, are:

    1-c. paul
    5-dwight howard

    can any of you make a better case? did i snub rose?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Watching Rip Hamilton in his first game with Chicago was like a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone who knows how to just play the damn game of basketball. Rip just knows what he’s doing.

    why don’t you guys mention how Psycho-T put in major work on Boozer? He made Boozer his b!t*h all night. And when he was done with Boozer, the Pacers would go small (Psycho T and DWest) then T would make Noah his b!t*ch. The guy either bullied his way in (although he weight less than both Noah and Boozer) for Buckets and off-Rebounds all night. Noah is supposed to be this great hustler and rebounder, but when someone matches his energy level or size, he becomes useless. I wish people would pick up on this so he stops getting hyped.

    Side Note: While Noah did get a piece of the ball, Psycho T still was going to dunk on him, only problem is HE GOT STUFFED BY THE RIM! Even Stacy King (who loves Noah) admitted it was the rim who blocked him, yet sportscenter and apparently DIME, insist on giving Noah the props for it.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Weak Warriors coverage.

    On one hand you had Curry going down with a sprained ankle in the second quarter (of only the second game played) on his supposedly repaired right ankle. His offseason surgery was supposed to stop his continuing ankle problems, but seeing ass how that lasted for about 5 minutes, look for it to be a continuous problem this season. Meanwhile, Monta Ellis and the Warriors are about to be sued for sexual harassment. Chick says she has a photo sent and texts to prove it. Was fired after complaining about it. Not exactly Penn State but not a good look for the Dubs if even partially true.

  • doc

    D-Rose can win MVP again hell yeah u snubbing him.U kno he 22 and not 32 right?But really as long as Bron in the league putting in regular season work and making his team get the best record he should win every year.Only reason he wont is if they dont have the best record.

  • beiber newz

    all u guys callin out mike brown here in these comments since he was hired, kobe has said nothing but great things about the man, eve shooting down the fact that he’s a push over and is retarded (well not the retarded part) but kobe has said brown is extremely detailed oriented and he is pleased to have him. GO LAKERS 2012 CHAMPS

  • wcs

    You got it wrong, Derrick Williams has to contend with teammate Ricky Rubio for ROY

  • control

    All those saying Mike Brown is good because Kobe is putting praise on him…what do you expect Kobe to do? Tell the media “yeah, this coach is garbage. I think we need to sign Spreewell just so we have someone to choke him out.”? It’s not like Kobe can start running his yap about how bad he sucks when the regular season hasn’t even started. There’s probably a hidden video of Kobe saying Brown needs to be traded, and how snitches need to be killed out there someone on the internet.

  • catdaddywhack

    No pre-nup and got married in California… Nah, Kobe’s too damn worried about losing half his shit than dissing & pissing on his “Undercover Brother”…

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    “Simply Orange” Orange juice with pineapple flavor is f^cking AWESOME! Just thought i’d share that with you people. Carry on.

  • Big Island

    Beib – You aren’t going to say anything about your boy Jordan Crawford?

    MVP voting is too weird. Some guys vote for the best guy on the best team, others go for who had the best season as long as the team makes the playoffs, and then others won’t vote for a guy because he already won. It’s f’d.

    To Ray Allen,

    Maybe 3 years ago coming to the Celtics meant a shot at winning a ring. Your team is old and busted up. West took money and went to a team that is getting better and he can make a big difference on over going to and old team that is going to get worse every year. You sound bitter. Get over it.

    Big Island

  • jimmhummv

    Talent wise indiana may be getting there but even now boston is still no lower than third. Even with a 36 year old pf

  • Chaos

    Man I think Psycho T is gonna be in for some money soon. Straight energy, has some pretty good skill (underrated) and has a nasty streak. If he comes off the bench he will make Indy even more dangerous. I just Hibbert would be more assertive…

    I was gonna wait for Chicagorilla to say something about Rip. Rip is a straight ball playing vet. U can insert him into a bunch of systems and he would shine. He is all D-rose needed and watch as Roses points go down but his assists and efensive stats go up now that he doesn’t have to waste so much on offense

    The TWolves are gonna be pretty bad be the most exciting team this year aside from OKC, LAC and Indy.

  • QQ

    Lotta chatter today – it’s QQ time! who’s ready? who’s excited? yea QQ got charisma. QQ got class. QQ got….Milk. Come get some milk. Big Island’s fat ass momma definitely got some of my milk (she’s a filthy tramp). QQ fed that tramp so much liquor that she couldn’t even taste anymore. then QQ demanded head. about 5 mins into it, the bitch started hiccuping…. QQ being the innovator that he is decided to invent a new act and coin a new term – i present to you, “hiccup head”. BigI’s momma was hic’n like a MOFO and i just jammed myself into the back of her throat and well…. Milk.

    Anyway – just thought i’d share that.

    BiebFever – where to start? First off, You not giving DRose a chance to defend his MVP is pretty recockulous. in addition to that, you’re crazy if you think the lakers have a chance this year with their current roster. aside from the lack of youth, talent and overall desire to win, there are simply too many distractions. Let’s start with the obvious: Kobe’s divorce. Feel free to rape all you want now kobe (just keep making those shoes though – real comfy). Pau Gasol being softer than Rosanne’s son (remember him crying over some chick in the playoffs?? grow some balls dude, you play in the NBA). Ron, er, meta physical retard? Desparate cry for attention. in 5 years we’ll find out he was in the closet the whole time. No LO – no good – hahaha. And last but not least you replace a HOF basketball genius with a guy who looks like he’s constantly staring (looking crosseyed) at the tip of his nose. This is a guy who takes 4 minutes to tie each shoe, because we all know how complicated the motions of tying a shoe knot are. Quit the charity act and send that chump back to the ronald mcdonald house of charity and get someone who actually knows the difference between his ass and a hole in the wall. Wait, i thought that was where it ended for the Lakers, but there’s more… add in the fact that they are now the 2nd best team that plays in the Staples Center, and it all spells – yall FUKT! Hahaha.

    Control – Ray Allen is still the best shooter in the NBA. No one else i’d rather have shooting when there are 2 ticks left (not saying he’s who i want creating the last shot). Any way, FUCK YOU. You’re a has been. You’re rhymes are garbage and pretty much anything you say should be caveat’d by saying “i’m a fucking moron”. Please make the necessary adjustment.

    At any rate, QQ having a decent day. After work tomorrow, QQ is on vacation until the end of the year. QQ is looking forward to sunday to see some real games. QQ da BOSS! Aston, please verify.

  • beiber newz

    control there are ways to NOT support your coach while not belittling him in public.

  • beiber newz

    big I, i still think crawford is a good player. u guys called him a scrub. the fact that he is allowed to take that many shots in a game/being able to get them off means he is going to be a talent.

  • beiber newz

    and at qq, who would u even knock off my mvp list to put rose on? NONE

  • beiber newz

    and at qq, who would u even knock off my mvp list to put rose on? NONE

  • beiber newz

    qq, who would you knock off my list to put rose in replacement? i think it’s safe to say none of u had him as your mvp by all star break. he earned it by the end tho, and the best record did well in solidifying it. but rose over durant? rose over lebron? rose over paul who is in line to put up better stats. and pound for pound, paul is a better rebounder and defender.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Here’s what happens when I’m bored at work …

    So I started an NBA 2K12 frachise with Sacramento, and so far here’s what I have in Year 1:

    PG – Tyreke / Jimmer / Ish Smith
    SG – Sefolosha / M. Thornton (6th man)
    SF – Danny Granger / Donte Greene
    PF – J.J. Hickson / Kris Humphries / Chuck Hayes
    C – D. Cousins / Nikola Vucevic

    I like what I have for the future. Two stars who can conceivably put up 20-5-5 averages (Tyreke and Granger) … young big-man duo with loads of potential (Cousins and Hickson) … one perimeter defensive stopper (Thabo) … one explosive bench scorer (Thornton), maybe two (Jimmer) … spot-up shooters (Jimmer, Granger, Thornton, Greene) … one pure PG (Ish) … a couple tough rebounder/defenders (Humphries and Hayes) … a young big man with shooting range (Vucevic) … guys who can play multiple positions … I’ve even got a poor man’s Granger (Greene), plus Hassan Whiteside is marinating in the D-League.

    But at the All-Star break, my record is kinda ugly. (I’ve only played 4-5 games manually.) Some deals I made mid-season, so the entire lineup hasn’t been together the whole time, but looking at it like a real NBA team, what’s missing? Or is this just a young team that needs time?

    And why do I care more about this team right now than I do Georgetown, the Pacers, or Franklin High School in real life?

  • QQ

    @BeibFe – I’d knock Carmelo off that list. He will NEVER be MVP of this league. And I also think that while CP3 is a GREAT GREAT pg, a lot of his success will depend on the play of his team (which should be great)… tho he is the floor general and team leader, that is still Blake’s team and town now. MVPs won by LA players will be going to Blake.

    QQ DA BOSS! Austin, verify.

  • QQ

    Austin – in real life I wouldn’t expect your team to reach .400. Perhaps in time that team would develop, but right now that team is mediocre at best. I don’t think any one individual on that team has really truly proven themself as a FRANCHISE type player. Lot of good players. Some borderline all-starts. Decent potential. Not built to win now.

    p.s. QQ want your job (QQ still the boss, but the boss be running all over the place trying to get things done!)

    QQ da BOSS – austin, verify.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’ll verify that Melo can only win MVP if he, 1) leads the NBA in scoring, 2) puts up like 27-and-10 on an East-leading NYK team, 3) hits a bunch of game-winners in one year, or 3) has a year with the “He’s become a great defensive player now” narrative on top of still scoring 24-28 ppg and leading a very good Knicks team.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @QQ — I see what you mean. Personally I think Tyreke and Granger are both franchise-type players, but I also admit I have a bias toward both of them because they’re two of my favorites in the league. My team was horrible defensive before I acquired Thabo and Humphries, now it’s closer to decent. Probably all depends on whether Hickson and/or Cousins gets real good.

  • srb

    Austin what does the future have to do with it? I have 2k12 but I don’t do association mode. Don’t you just get the players as they are rated now, or is there some kind of potential metric that makes them improve?

    That team would be wonderful for a GM competing for a title in 2-4 years, but in a video game it kind of sucks.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @srb — They have a “potential” metric but it only applies to younger players. So, like, Reggie Evans doesn’t have a potential grade, but Tyreke Evans might have an A- potential or something like that.

  • Big Island

    I thought the first QQ post was someone making fun of QQ. Then I realized it was QQ da boss. Then he goes straight for the “your mom gave me head” line. Very nice touch, not very original, but I don’t expect that from you so I take what I can get. I’d say something about your mom, but she is far too nice of a lady. She treats us all very well and I could never stand someone, let alone myself, bad mouthing her.

  • b

    whats even more underrated about rip signing in chicago is that rose will be fresher for the playoffs as won’t have to work as hard on offense all year, plus a shortened season.

    this year will be their best chance to get past miama due to the shortened season, depth and high iq 2 guard.

    unless of course they somehow get dwight and keep deng… not happening though

  • QQ

    BigI – QQ da boss may has misjudged you. You carry yourself with class and integrity. QQ da boss declares truce.

  • beiber newz

    @ austin….wow, u nailed all the check marks for how melo can snag the mvp. i had those in mind as well, but i think what most voter will look for is an improvement in his defense, team wins and LEADERSHIP. if melo can become an elite player, mvp caliber, he must become a leader on the defensive end. yea the knicks have tyson, but if melo can step up and guard the lebrons, and win and defend him well, guard the durants, win and take him out his game or maybe even take up a challenge of guarding dirks, shutting him down, and winning the game he HAS A GREAT CHANCE AS ANYBODY to take the trophy.

    no one questions his cluthness, i seriously doubt voters are looking for that when judging if he can be an mvp, we know that aspect. i think mvp’s must raise their game, elevate a deficiency (hence his defense) and TEAM WINS, not game winners. those will HELP don’t get me wrong, they will most crtainly help because it means he is a big time performer when his team needs him, but we know he got that. if his team plays well they won’t find themselves in that situation. and not being in that situation either means his tem has a strangle hold on the game, or they are losing.

    but for me, if i was a voter, if melo can add defense to his already established overall game ( i mean what else doesn’t the man do? rebound, good vision, post up game etc) melo can take the lead by storm. how could you NOT give it to him if his team gets the BEST RECORD IN THE LEAGUE? especially if he has averages of let’s say 24 points, 7.5 boards, 4 assists 1.5 steals and 2 threes? with the best overall record?

    i mean, it’s his time, and who is more exciting to watch on the offensive end than melo when he is on fire (don’t none of u say durant! his game is boring, but he gets it done because he is a mismatch, seriously, do u get excited watching durant highlights compared to melo’s? kobe has the best highlights tho, so im playing devils advocate in a way)

    anyway. QQ, ur dumb for saying he will never get it. a player who WILL be a future hall of fame always has a CHANCE u dumb fuck.

  • beiber newz

    @ qq, i said last week or something that big island must be a good person in real life cuz nuthing fazes him. i said he has to have a good heart because he rarely get riled up. he is always a voice of reason.

    ….then i got called gay for saying that.

    immature fools. but at least some1 else sees what i was talking about.
    surprised it was u QQ to be honest.

  • beiber newz

    @ austin

    sry for all the typos, i get real lazy in checking when i post a long comment

  • beiber newz

    also when i said future hall of famers always have a chance, i hope no1 comes here and says : so tim duncan can win the mvp? or paul pierce?

    those guys are old, yes some veterans playing now will go to the hall of fame, but they aren’t in position to be an mvp player for their team. their bodies and coaching won’t push them that hard.

    but young talents like the griffins, and durants, who can be MVP level players cu of the stage in the career they’re in, have that chance.

    so im jus writing this, cuz dime commenters always tend to be smartasses

  • BiGShoTBoB

    Hey Austin question…When your playing 2k do you put difficulty settings on allstar or superstar. I’ve been playing on superstar and been getting my ass kicked everyday by the cpu. I’m beggining to despise that damn game. When you put it on Superstar it’s not even like they start playing better or anything. I’ll be winning the whole game and when the end of the 3rd hits all of a sudden my guys start missing insanely easy shots or commiting turn overs left and right.

  • control

    Look at QQ poppin off at the mouth and talkin reckless again. My rhymes suck? As bad as I am, I’d still fuck you up, and I’m a fucking white business man who just balls like I’m from the hood. It’s amazing how someone can have some many multiple personalities, and they all fucking suck. It’s like this idiot is a faggy version of Basket Robins, 31 flavors of asshole. Fucking skitzo, can’t even name your personalities different names, had to stick to an easy two letter name so you could remember em.

  • beiber newz

    so…while watching this knicks game…humphries checks in and gets boo’d LIKE CRAZY!

    i ask myself, y? y is this man so hated? cuz he maried someone who thought loved him?

    anyway, that’s not why i was commenting jus now….i was more concerned/just wondering how he’d be received when he visits dallas, to play the mavericks…and sees khloe in the stands.

    would that be awkward? seeing a fam member? i guarantee cameramen capture back to back shots of hump/khloe.

    this projects to be a long season for kris hump. i feel sorry for him. all he did was marry a celeb, a controversial one however, but still, he did nothing wrong. i hav no reason to hate that man.