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Chris Paul Is A Clipper; Jamal Crawford Is Going To Sacramento Or Portland

Chris Paul

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Okay, so let’s recap. First, Chris Paul was going to be a Laker, to team up with Kobe and start a domino effect that would eventually land Dwight Howard in Hollywood and reconfigure the world. Then Dan Gilbert donned his five-year-old cap again, David Stern took the advice of Stu Jackson – only the worst basketball GM ever – to cancel the deal, and it was voided. Then the Clippers came swooping in with the best offer you could possibly hope for to get a 26-year-old point guard who already has knee issues. But the deal never went through because Stern negotiated like we were all still stuck in the hotel meeting room on the eighth floor of a Manhattan building during the lockout. Then he started freaking out, realizing when the Clippers pulled out: “Oh my God. Chris Paul is going to have to stay in New Orleans and it’s going to be an absolute PR disaster. And it’s all my fault.” So he smartened up, re-engaged the Clippers, even got the Lakers back involved to give himself some leverage and… got exactly what he wanted for Chris Paul. Huh? Yes, Chris Paul is going to Los Angeles to team with Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Caron Butler, Chauncey Billups (Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted CP met with the team’s brass over dinner to discuss his future) and Donald Sterling (besides that last dude, that’s an AWESOME nucleus), but how did Stern finally pull this off? Los Angeles gets the best point guard in the biz, and two second rounders, but sends out Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu and Minnesota’s unprotected 2012 first-round pick. That’s a hefty price, and wasn’t the hold up all along because they didn’t want to get rid of Gordon? At least now the Hornets may have enough players to actually run a complete scrimmage in practice, and if those picks work out, they have a future. Gordon is going to drop buckets this year and while they won’t win much, this summer’s draft has big potential for them. As for the Clippers, Paul should turn them into a playoff team. You can argue after Dallas, Oklahoma City, Memphis, maybe the Spurs and maybe the Lakers, the Clippers are now better than everyone else. Is there an all time alley-oop record? CP is about to DEMOLISH it if there is one … Can the Clippers trade their coach now too? … How will all of this affect your fantasy team? We have the scoop … And because of this deal, should Eric Gordon climb any higher on our top 10 shooting guards list? … The Orlando Magic have now ended trade talks regarding Dwight Howard, according to Yahoo! Sports. After turning down New Jersey’s latest offer of Brook Lopez and five first-round picks – with four picks going to Portland to entice a Gerald Wallace trade to Orlando – the Magic clearly have no intentions of trading Superman. Lopez, Wallace, Jordan Farmar, a first-round pick and some financial relief? Ehh. None of those players are All-Stars now or any time in the future. Farmar is a backup on a good team, and Lopez is just plain overrated. Howard is still on the fence about what he wants to do. There are conflicting reports out there, but Yahoo! Sports is writing that Howard’s “not a happy camper.” Orlando isn’t ready to give up hope yet, and wants to hold on to Dwight to see if they can win him over. In other words, the Magic intend on starting the season with Howard at center, then doing the good ol’ “Screw it, let’s just wing it and see what happens” move to somehow convince him to stay. The last time they did that they ended up with the cardboard cut-out of Gilbert Arenas and a heavier version of the Hedo Turkoglu who once played for them … The Lakers were privately fuming yesterday about hearing first that Howard is off the table for now, and then losing CP later in the night. Their first order of business better be to talk to Pau Gasol. He still sounds depressed, telling Kevin Ding, “The only thing that will make me feel better is when management approaches me and tells me that they want me to be here and that I can just focus on playing baksetball and helping the team out, not worrying about anything else.” … Miami’s new all-black uniforms are complete trash by the way … Keep reading to hear if Jamal Crawford wants to go to the Knicks …

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  • Waggle

  • https://twitter.com/#!/djlocdog Loc

    WTF is going on the comments section?

    Seriously, rapping basketball commentary? I didn’t even know Canibus read dimemag or liked basketball

  • john

    You guys can say whatever you want about David Stern, but I would like him on my side, he pull a heck of a trade. The best they could possible get. That pick is huge.

    And I see Bledsoe, fillers and pick being moved for K-Mart II.

    CP3 – Billups
    K-Mart II – Mo Williams
    Caron – ???
    Blake – ???
    Jordan – ??

  • beiber newz

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  • Big Island

    That pick is the most overrated part of the whole deal. Minny won’t be bad, the pick will be nothing. Wait, it’ll be rigged so the Hornets get the #1 pick.

    I am pretty sure the all time alley oop record for a season belongs to GP/Kemp, followed by Brian Shaw/Shaq. They won’t get the record in the shortened season, but next year for sure. If CP stays and his knees hold up, the Clippers should be just fine.

    I can’t feel bad for Baron Davis. You got fat and turned whiney.

    Beib and his rap battles. To quote Chappelle, I LOVE THIS SHIT SON!!!! That’s why I’m in showbusiness ni**a!!!

  • bookkwormmaster

    Beiber Newz vs Control!? Oh hell yeah! LET’S GET IT ON!!

    That Memphis Grizz line was NICE

  • Big Island

    And BRUCE said something that wasn’t even REMOTELY racist!! WTF is going on around here!!

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  • yoda

    i wish these internet battles would go trough in real life. one would slap other like bitch, we would watch it, enjoy it and then go on with our lifes without having to read lines after lines of your bs.
    as for cp to LAC. stern got as much as he could, but i think first trade with lakers would give them more but in short term. as for LAC, all depends how paul’s knee reacts and how will CB enjoy his bench status. unless LAC rolls with 2 point guards, like USA team did with CB and rose.
    i bet lakers are big time pissed off right now.

  • CrapRap

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  • K Dizzle

    Lakers might be pissed but we phucked ourselves with that Odom deal. Could be worse tho, could be the Rockets. That blocked trade RUINED them. They bring back their top 2 players, who they tried to jet, no Gasol, no money freed up to sign Nene, who re-upped with Denver anyways…Ruined that franchise.

    @ John – why would the Clips trade Bledsoe when they fought so hard to keep him…and why would the Rockets want another point guard with Lowry, Dragic, Flynn and Lin on the roster?

    Thanks again, Mr. Stern, for fuckin my squad. No conflict of interest on that one, punk.

  • beiber newz


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  • trollne1

    Won’t be surprised if CP3 blows both knees this season. This is the Clips we’re talking about after all, perhaps the most cursed franchise in NBA history. Doesn’t help that they have Ster(N)ling as an owner

  • beiber newz


  • DNice

    @ Beiber, you killed him son!!

    Paul to Clippers, I feel sorry for CP3. You gotta read this article about the Clippers from Bill Simmons of ESPN, it is hilarious if it wasn’t so true.



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  • b

    magic can keep howard my trading hedo for 2nd round draft picks or expiring contracts to free up cash. some stupid GM would take the deal just to make sal cap right? have seen worse things happen from a GM *cough* kwame 7 mil *cough*… if they do that, they can keep howard and try make a run at williams… it’d be… wait for it… magical

  • Phileus

    What. The. Fuck?

  • reader

    Beiber wins….

  • raf

    rap battles on dime…beiber wins by a mile

  • seany_t

    Can we take a vote on the rap battle? My votes for control, had me lmfao!

    How did this all start? I musta missed that comment.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    Can someone tell me what the Clippers will do with five point guards?

    Rules will not allow them to trade Chauncey Billups. No one would take Mo Williams and his $8.50 million salary this season. Eric Bledsoe is not that intriguing to have also.

    Anyway, I am looking at all the trades and in my mind it is clear that Dallas is fully armed to defend its title. They have been quiet but efficient in grabbing the correct pieces.

  • j rey

    still dont wish j crawford was playing for Sacramento, id rather him play for a good team, and see him do work in the playoffs, not just fighting for the ball on a rebuilding team in the kings.

  • pipdaddyy

    Where’s Jason Richardson going?

  • trollne1

    My vote goes to control. Beiber sounds like a whiny 13-year-old crybaby who watches too much Jersey Shore.

  • Knicksfan84

    @ beiber
    @ control

    This is worse than athlete’s trying to rap….

    Rapping bloggers?!?!?! Really?????

    Both of you need to GET A LIFE!

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “look for Charlotte to become serious contenders along with Toronto and Cleveland and Detroit for the worst team in the league ”
    I love it… we coming for the #1 pick!

    @Big I: “I am pretty sure the all time alley oop record for a season belongs to GP/Kemp, followed by Brian Shaw/Shaq. They won’t get the record in the shortened season, but next year for sure. ”
    Maybe for duos… but the Clippers, as a team, will definitely put up a huge number of oops. Jordan is a poor man’s Chandler. Grffin and Chandler might be fighting for lobs. That team will be super exciting this year.

  • IGP

    Stop rapping please…

  • doc

    both of yall corny as shit

  • dmitry of jersey

    are you guys on drugs?

    here’s a fantasy league , last call before i open up to the public.

    pw banana

  • control

    Got some hate this morning, it wasn’t like I was writing up a top 10 list and putting Kobe 2nd, making LeBron a PG or Rondo ahead of Williams, haha. Don’t be talking no shit about the Biebs though, that bitch will ethug battle rap yall into death!

    I wasn’t rapping either, it was more like coffeeshop poetry recital.

  • thrillah

    Lol @ the wack rap battle. Control keeps coming at Beiber though, I don’t know who the winner is but the real losers are the rest of us who had to read that garbage

  • Yves

    Control was hilarious. Sounds 90s.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    DeAndre Jordan is a poor man’s Tyson chandler? seriously? I’d take Jordan anyday over Tyson. Jordan is headed towards a much better career and is much more developed than Tyson was at the same age. Plus he’s an actual shot blocker unlike Tyson Chandler who is mostly hype when it comes to shot blocking. If Jordan continues at this pace he should turn into an all-star center with averages of 15-17ppg 10reb 3blks while leading the NBA in FG%. And his numbers are capable of going much higher than that, but with Blake on his team it won’t happen. Jordan has the physical ability to be Dwight Howard. He just doesn’t realize it.

  • lifep

    @Chicagorilla, I agree with you Jordan commentary.

    @everyone else!
    I leave Dime for 8 months and come back to Stephen A and Skip Bayless battle rapping on Dime. Really…blog battle rapping. Is this what the kids are doing now??

  • lifep


  • silky

    lol@ thrillah- ughh definitely seconding stu Jackson as worst GM of all time. enjoy that team in Memphis cuz I’m now a 5 hr drive from the closest NBA arena.

    don’t u just get the feeling that something is gonna go wrong in clip-ville tho… sterling is like a dark cloud

    if Crawford goes to Portland- damn…. that team is deep like the minds of minolta

  • jimmhummv

    Yawn this article was straight. The rap battle? Ok. Wasn’t expecring that. Ne way go clips

  • Big Island

    Chandler has a little bit more of a nasty streak than Jordan. That is worth something, but I think Jordan is a better pick up.

    JAY – For a team, yeah. The lob record will be smashed in 2 weeks with the Clips.

    @ people hating the rap battle – I like the rap battles. Without stuff like that, this site is just the same Kobe/Lebron/Dirk (from me) lovefest. Two dudes want to battle, fine by me! Just read the articles if you don’t like it.

    @ lifep – Go away for another 8 months, come back, and I promise I will be posting recipes for coconut curry, banana bread and make-up tips for smokey eyes.

  • First & Foremost

    Has anyone seen Lebron’s mini bush lately? Hilarious

  • Chaos

    @first&foremost – you mean the mini bush that starts 6inches too late? Lol

    @chigorilla – jordan will be a lot better than tyson..if he develops a offensive game. Kid has size, athleticism and a nasty streak. He can do damage if he stays outta foul trouble

    Crawford needs to go to Portland. They are a contender and playing for Sac-town will just place him back in the running for hired gunner on bad teams. As of right now dude can be considered a basketball mercenary. Skill gunner to highest bidder

  • beiber newz

    i have to admit, i laffed @Thrillah’s #37 comment.
    but to fill y’all in, this started in yesterday’s smack.
    i made a comment responding to Austin Burton regarding his opinion on owners giving out ridiculous contracts.

    out of no where, control says to me: “Are you on meth or something? I would hate to have a face to face conversation with you, ranting and rambling in no really coherent fashion, while picking at scabs, twitching and trying to bite your ear…”

    so i tell him, what’s the reson for you to come at me? and i warn him not to piss me off. i told him it’d be a pussy move and NOT to be a pussy.

    he responds by saying something along the lines of: well honestly i just hate your name, change it etc etc.

    so i tell him: are u serious? that’s kinda acting like a chick. u starting a war over something so dumb?

    guys, it was as if he was looking for my attention. so i gave it to him. i slayed his ass in this battle, and exposed him for his purse carrying, high-heel wearing, real housewives of jersey watching, manicure/pedicure getting, lip gloss wearing, flag waving self.

    control. U. ARE. MY. BITCH.

  • That’s What’s Up

    It’s a bit shocking that neither control or Beiber used “I Spit Hot Fire” in their lyrics

  • control

    That’s What’s Up

    That is because Beibs only swallows, just ask his mans.


    Look at you all explaining yourself like a lil’ child. Like your mommy caught you jerking off and you are trying to tell her you just had an itch. Fuck that, you are even more of a pussy than the real Justin Beiber, he’d probably beat your bitch ass up if he knew you were pussying up his name. What is next? You are going to apologize to people for posting that lame ass shit? Who fucking cares, it’s a blog post, if they don’t like it they can suck it. Man up you fucking pussy, this ain’t a war. It’s barely a minor distraction in my day, cause you ain’t shit. I’ve taken shits that put up more of a fight than you.

  • beiber newz

    the “real” justin bieber is spelled how i just spelled it. not how u spelled it. why do you keep trying to prove to us that you are in association with justin bieber? wow. we don’t think you’re cool. if you’re thinking about changing your name like u stated in one of you sleep-inducing raps, try PEST CONTROL. cuz that is what i need right about…..now. ur bugging me

  • beiber newz

    does anyone thinks it’s sorta ironic that the Pistons, who play in the “palace” have a player with the name “prince” and another one named “knight” ? they might be thinking of hiring billy “king” as GM.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Agree with Big I about the rapping going on. I just skip right past those post. And if you guys don’t like it either, then do the same.

    @Chi: “Jordan is headed towards a much better career and is much more developed than Tyson was at the same age.”
    I’m talking RIGHT NOW. I agree that Jordan has the potential to be much better, but I’m talking about today, this upcoming season. At this moment, I’d take Chandler. He has a MUCH better understanding on the defensive end, and I’m not talking about shotblocking. I’m talking about spacing, and awareness. IMO, Chandler will be more valuable to that Knicks team than Jordan will be for the Clips.

  • QQ

    seriously control, your flow is trash. U got shitted in your mouth. Yea, str8 open bootyhole spray. Go back to being a professional porn watcher.

    Beiber, you definitely won that battle. but real talk i’d roast you if i didn’t actually have a job, lol.

    What does everyone do where they have so much time? Bunch of lazy broke ass bastards.

    Both yall some fegts!

  • QQ

    oh yea, 3 more words i have to add….

    QQ da BOSS!

  • Dana Walker

    yeah this season is shaping up to be great. A bunch of cryfuckingbabies and dudes getting cut loose from shitty teams, getting their money, and then signing on with whatever team they want to chase the ring they dont deserve. I hate to admit it but I have to agree with the NBA haters, this sport is becoming bullshit.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Man after months of reading this site through the lockout I’ll take the last week of crazy trades and battle raps.

    And if we’re voting I vote Control.

    He’s got the volume and he got those replies up pretty quick. And I like his non-rap posts better.

    And I agree with whoever said this was the best bball comments section yesterday. I read smack but the most enjoyable part is the comments. Thanks.

  • control

    Haha, now Mr. “Look at me, I have an imposter, oh shit, that just my multiple personality!” wants to fuck around. Go back to the closet with Sporty J you fucking idiot. I’m sure you can roast him some QQ, your job as a jizz mopper ain’t really THAT hard is it?

    What’s next? YOUNGFED coming back and running his yap? That shit would make it look like the Avengers, Mentally Challenged Edition.

  • Big Island

    LOLOL!!! QQ said bootyhole spray! And I’m not knocking your hustle, but some guys have jobs with internet access and don’t have to worry about the deep fryer. Some of us do our own thing and if we feel like taking a few minutes to check on Smack during the day, then so be it. I honestly have about 8 days the entire year where I absolutely have to be somewhere at a certain time. When I show up for the bid, and when I deliver and install it. The rest of the time I am free as all hell. I just build shit.

    Beiber is obviously a rapper. JAY steals money from our accounts while we aren’t looking, Chicagorilla takes money from colleges to steer kids to their schools. He is on Calipari and Aureama’s (sp.) speed dial. That’s What’s Up is a defense contractor. BRUCE has a gay porn production company, and for the 1000th time, I will not let you suck my dick. Balooga drives heavy equipment. Sporty J sells gum at the club. F&F is a hitman. All of these professions have enough free time to post on Dime. I have to go, my 12:30 happy ending massage client just showed up and he looks tense.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    I think we ALL just lost on that one.

    Comedy though.

    A YOUNGFED mention for the mf’ing win…..damn I forgot all about that jackass.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I know I’m late, but that had to be beiber rapping against himself, right?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    I have no idea what went on in here today. It’s like coming home to find out that your kids had a water balloon fight and destroyed your home. You want to whoop some a$$, but deep down inside it’s funny as hell to you, so you can’t get too mad.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    yeah you’re right. Tyson has a better understanding of the game as of right now on both ends of the court.

  • cesar

    control wins!!!!!!

  • Big Island

    my penis is so big so QQ can suck on it
    And I put my balls on his eyes, no photo tricks
    He said he is good, but seeing is believing
    he’s so slow in the head, during christmas he’s trick or treating

    I try my very best to get nowitzki tickets
    if I’m ever in his hotel room I know were going to kick it
    This is a shoutout to QQ, if u win I give u Dirk’s gear
    But you’re so fucking weird, QQ stands for quirky queer

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @DIME and the crew

    Is anybody watching this Oak Hill vs Miller Grove game?
    This sh!t is off the chain! I’m gonna call it right now, the PG for Oak Hill, Tyler Lewis, is by far the best PG in Highschool basketball. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a kid this smart and this good at passing. To go along with his sweet floater in the lane. Kid will be amazing in college wherever he goes.

    DIME, you guys better get up on dude now before he blows up.