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Derrick Rose Destroys Christmas In Los Angeles; Carmelo Anthony Goes Off

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose (photo. adidas)

On the opening day of the regular season, it was hard to pick a leading headline. Too many great games. Matchups. Players to watch. Championship-caliber teams. And it was all on Christmas, so you know everyone (besides the entire Dallas organization) was bringing everything they had for the national TV audience. But we weren’t sure any game topped the one smack in the middle: Chicago coming from behind in the final minutes to shock the Lakers, 88-87. Chicago gave us a new meaning for Chistmas stuffing by snuffing Kobe Bryant‘s (28 points, seven rebounds, six assists) baseline pull-up at the buzzer and stealing a game they had no business winning, down double digits in the fourth quarter, and then after being down six with 54 seconds left once Kobe made a miraculous spin move fallaway. The Bulls just never gave in, even after controlling the game for most of the way only to see the putrid Lakers’ supporting cast open the lead up to eight at the start of the fourth behind crazy shots from Steve Blake, Troy Murphy and Andrew Goudelock. In the final moments, the game turned because of two insane defensive plays by Luol Deng (21 points, four steals), once stealing Kobe’s pass and then blocking Bryant’s jump shot to win it. It also didn’t hurt that no one in white wanted to hit a free throw. Finally, Derrick Rose (22 points) crossed up Derek Fisher‘s chalk figure and hit a tough floater right over Pau Gasol with four seconds left, which proved to be the game-winning shot. Rose wasn’t killing L.A., but seemed to always save his points for the perfect time. And he actually made four threes. If this was more than just an outside shooting aberration, it’s going to open up that entire Chicago offense … Kobe had serious energy and was playing his ass off to keep them close. Points, rebounds, jumping passing lanes – he was doing everything. That’s cool, but there’s no way he can physically play at that level all season, especially since he’s starting off with the wrist injury. Obviously not having Andrew Bynum is a factor, but Kobe plays that well and they still can’t win? Not a good sign for L.A. … Going from TNT to ABC is like the difference between opening a present and getting an iPhone and opening a present and getting a shoe horn … Whereas Kobe was once the king of clutch, Carmelo Anthony might’ve taken his crown. Late in the fourth quarter against Boston, it was Anthony (37 points, eight rebounds) coming through with a three, an off-balance jumper and then two ice cold free throws with 16 seconds left. When Kevin Garnett‘s (15 points, eight rebounds) jumper was off at the buzzer, New York had themselves a 106-104 wild win against their Northeast rivals. After KG missed that J, he then decided to use his Jedi Force push on Bill Walker‘s neck, cuffing the former Celtic and throwing him out of his face. We were ready to go off on him, but then we remembered Skywalker was looking too much like some Cool Runnings knockoff and that he nearly set a record for stupid basketball plays in the first half. In fact, the Knicks went up by nearly 20 early and really could’ve been up even more. Without Paul Pierce playing, they weren’t hustling back on defense at times, losing the ball or throwing it away. Their most aggressive player was rookie Iman Shumpert, who looks like he’s going to be really good (he also hurt his knee and may miss two weeks). But all in all, their defense looks three times as good as it’s been in the D’Antoni era … For all the haters who are convinced he sucks, Rajon Rondo (31 points, 13 assists, five steals) is pretty freaking good. He controlled the flow of the entire second half, and was nearly the sole reason why Boston stormed back from a ugly first half. He was hitting jump shots, running the offense perfectly and even threw one pass to Marquis Daniels (left-handed bounce pass) that may end up in top 10s even by the end of the year (KG also had a fabulous one to Jermaine O’Neal). After the way he finished last season, Rondo is due for a major bounceback year … We like how Chris Wilcox is endearing himself to his new teammates: By throwing the ball to the wrong guys and giving people wide-open, free layups … There was a game going on in Dallas between the defending champs and the Miami Heat, but the Mavericks seemed to lose interest about 15 minutes after they raised their championship banner. Not much to say about this one other than Dallas got embarrassed, losing 105-94 in a game that wasn’t even close. LeBron James (37 points, 10 rebounds, six assists) and Dwyane Wade (26 points, eight rebounds, six assists) dominated so convincingly that it didn’t even matter that no one else on their team even reached double figure scoring. They combined for one alley-oop (LeBron tipping his own oop to Wade) that was freakish. This game reminded us SO much of the Chicago/Miami season opener from 2006 – the year after Miami won it – when the Heat came out without any interest in competing during a 42-point loss. Dirk Nowitzki (21 points) and Jason Terry (23 points) got their numbers, but no one in Dallas was into the game at all … Keep reading to hear about Chris Paul’s Clipper debut …

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  • first christmas



    Hope everyone had a wonderful XMAS. Must be good to be around a male figure, some of you Spears Chuckers few up fatherless.

  • john

    The Heat it is on !!!

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Just like i figured. Kobe spent all game freezing out Gasol and grabbing his wrist whenever he made a tough shot.
    MyPlayer 2k12 mode it is from here on out.

    One thing i noticed is that without the Triangle offense that allows Kobe to work without the ball and get into a nice post position on the Elbow, Kobe is trying to revert back to his old(younger) self and create his own shot. Problem is, he hasn’t had to do this consistantly for like 5-6yrs. Now he has to burn a ton of energy trying to make spins/crossovers/fakes/ and he’s not going anywhere. His handle looks a lot weaker than it did a few years back. He’ll need to work on that before playoff time unless Smart brotha changes the offense.

    Gasol plays 38min and only gets 14FG attempts vs Noah and Boozer? When there really isn’t any other options on offense other than MyPlayer-Kobe. Gonna be a long season in LA if this keeps up.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    So Tyson Chandler has 6 blocks? Yet Boston got a TON of lay ups by the 6’1 Rondo. And Brandon Bass drops 20-11. Yeah, it’s gonna take a lot more than Tyson to make these guys actual defenders. They can’t keep anyone out of the lane.
    But Melo went beast mode so they won.

    @DIME—although i shouldn’t defend Dwight because he’s an idiot. here we go.
    Dwight took 12 shots. TWELVE SHOTS! vs an undersized front line. You claim he was uninterested but just look at how many 3pters the Magic took.

    At one point I actually saw Dwight posting up and being patient, he ended up drawing a DEF 3sec call. As he’s handing the ball to the REf, Hedo Turk throws his arms up and questions Dwight as to why he didn’t pass it out to him for the 3. Dwight throws his arms up and gesters that he was drawing the DEF 3sec. Hedo walks away and Dwight slams the ball to the floor instead of handing it to the ref.
    Shortly after that, Dwight got into scuffles with Perkins, Ibaka, and Nazr Muh. Clearly pissed off all game. The announcers even mentioned that Dwight “Asked for the culture to be changed in Orlando” in order for him to stay.
    Well Orlando shot 28 3pters…..TWENTY EIGHT THREE POINT SHOTS! While Dwight only got 12 FG attempts.

    Oh and S/O to Loul Deng. Yes that’s right im giving props to Deng. Between his FT makes, following his short jumper, playing tough D (with the late steals) and getting that left hand block (perfect defensive play for that situation) dude played his a$$ off. If not for those plays, Rose never gets a chance to cut out LA’s heart with that ILL floater.

    Clippers game was fairly boring until CP3 showed why he’s the best. I did notice Mo Williams acting like a bytch when he got taken out the game. Sure he hit a few buckets in a row, but he was also terrible on defense. DJ’s 4 blks in the first quarter were all nasty. You could tell he was locked in.

    Golden State and New York are supposedly focusing on defense now. Funny thing is, defense is exactly what they DIDN’T do in their games. 105 and 104pts against isn’t good defense. I’m juss sayin.

  • McSimon

    Merry Christmas y’all.
    Man it’s good to have NBA back.
    Rondo with a J? I say he’ll be a fantasy beast this year.

    And did anyone from Europe had problems with free league pass? It was blocking and freezing all night

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Brokejumper

    Merry Christmas everyone, Rose just killed the Lakers, Lakers will pick it up.

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    Hi hi from Jurgo.

    Some problem for knick game but good after

    From big Jurg

  • Little jurg

    Hi big jurg

  • w1ndel

    nice read chicagorilla :)) true and entertaining

  • doc

    What I think I learned so far for this season.Boston is old and will slow don by playoff time.Rondo cooked NY but NY guards are trash.At least he hit a couple J’s tho.NY got Melo and Amare so they can compete with anybody but their D is terrible from 1 to 5.Miami about to run thru shit this year. Dallas looked bad but MIA was hype and Dallas was celebrating. They miss Chandler tho. LAL look old(Fish,Kobe),soft(Gasol),or just fuckin corny(Matta).And they got to many fuckin white players gettin minutes. McRoberts,Murphy,Blake.They need to seriously cut it out they are not Bird,Mchale,and Ainge.Chicago will be good as long as D Rose still can play and they lock up on D.OKC need to trade Westbrook or tell him to get his ball IQ up ASAP. Orlando aint shit with or without Dwight.I would be pissed off at that bum ass team too.People get tired of carrying bums.Golden State will show Mark Jack he can talk all that what he woulda did this and that if he was coach shit while broadcasting but if the players dont fuckin listen u look like u not shit as a coach anyway.He’ll explain that to us at next year seasoning opening weekend sitting in between Jeff and Mike. And the Clippers will only get better as CP learns what his teamates like.And there u have it folks!

  • DNice

    Rookie Norris Cole looked good for the Heat. NBA is BACK! LETS GO HEAT!

  • DNice

    Clippers looked good (I can’t believe I just typed that) even though I was half asleep by the 4th quarter. Those late NBA games are just ridiculous, especially on the East Coast, LETS GO HEAT!!

  • beiber newz

    HAHAHA I love the title. after la controled the game and embarrassed chicago’s starters who had a team at full strgnth, kobe controlled the game. and the bulls won by STEALING THE GAME. i liked wat i saw in the game from everyone in la, except the missed free throws. i gained even more confidence in my lakers. and i think they shutup all the haters EVEN IN A LOSS!! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN. I WENT TO BED HAPPY, BUT THE INITIAL thought of seeing la lose was upsetting, but the fact that they held their own against a team and the defending mvp showed me a lot and justified my claims. the bulls stole this game, but the good thing abut the nba is that there are many more games. go lakers 2012 champs!!! OR THE KNICKS!!

  • beiber newz

    AND AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA at chica’s ass, he’s spe ding spo much time talking bad about la instead of talking about what the bulls did. who is controlling the spotlight then ? the lakers? or any other team? the lakers always seem to be the topic of convo, just look at the title of this article..what did dime seem to focus on 1s? the lakers!!!!!!!

  • beiber newz

    i even think if 10 years from now if the lakers have a 2 win team, they will always be he topic, didnt it feel like chicago took down a giant after they won? like they finnally hit the bully? good loss la.

  • Chaos

    Man I missed basketball….

    NYK looked good and more active defensively but they got to get stops. Carmelo will be killing teams this year. He scored almost 20 in the second half and went haywire in the fourth after picking up four fouls and sitting for most of the third. But they need B.diddy back to run that offense cuz Shupert and Dougals arent gonna get it done.

    Bass is a perfect fit for Boston. He is tough and a great rebounder on the inside. But they need another big body

    Chicagorilla is right about Orlando, they got to change the culture and that is more unselfish players who dnot concentrate on jacking threes. Those shots gotta be opened up by their big man getting involved early and abusing the opposing teams defense. Hedo doesnt need to start or even play with the magic because he is a black whole

    The clippers looked better than last year but they def looked out of sync. Jordan was a beast but the big men have to hit those shots early. Chauncy and CP3 looked like they played together for a while tho (but they have high BBall IQ

    LAL smh

    Dallas needs to find a rhythm and quick because they looked all over the place (championship layover?) and were scrambling to make plays happen

  • beiber newz

    but what i really want to focus on…i made my mvp suggestions like a week ago, mentioning cp3, durant, melo, lebron and dwight. on opening night, all my mentions played like mvp’s and i left off rose from my list who played like an all star yesterday. so far i’m looking good in my prediction huh??????? melo 37 points and controlled the 4th quarter like i predicted even after his knicks collapsed and let the celts go on a 20-2 run in the third to steal all hope. but melo came in the start of the fourth and shitted on boston’s hope. all u that said melo cwont be in the discussion look so dumb right now and u all will b singing a diff tune come next month!!!!

    lebron played like he was mad rose won mvp as if to say i can beat these defending champs and remind y’all that u voted for the good guy becuz u didnt like me. lbj is poised and durant as well.

  • K Dizzle

    100 points if you a Laker fan n you knew you’d wake up, open up smack to read some drivel about why the Lakers lost.
    “Kobe froze out Gasol”? or “Gasol only put up 14 shots”
    Dude, watch the games, then post. Just cuz you threw out some shit before the games, don’t be tryin to make it stick with the ‘analysis’. Chicago comes into LA with the mvp, a shiny new 2-guard and enough depth to run with anyone in the l against a Laker team featuring Kobe, Pau and 7 dudes that wouldn’t even make Chicago’s roster n they almost got got.

    1) Kobe wasn’t selfish at all in this game n woulda had 10-12 assists if Blake wasn’t missin open 3s and Gasol wasn’t kickin it back out or just gettin the rock poked loose. And for your information, Kobe grabbed his wrist after HITTIN that sick fadeaway over 2 Bulls and comin down on the wrist, which is also why “his handles look weaker”…Watch the games…then post.

    2) watch the video of Deng’s 4th quarter steal on the double team n the subsequent TRAVEL n ask yourself who Kobe was tryin to pass to. For some reason, everybody thinks Noah’s a legit post defender but a certain Chicago ‘fan’. Pau got the ball in the post in the 4th quarter at least 8-10 times. He went 0-3 from the field, turned it over once, kicked it out the other times, then proceeded to go 2-6 from the freethrow line(including 0-2 at crunchtime)..but that’s all Kobe’s fault.

    If haters actually checked stats, they wouldn’t post shit I gotta come on here and tear down.
    Let me educate you since Pau “only put up 14 shots in 38 mins”. Shocking, I know….until you realize that Pau has NEVER put up less than 12 shots or more than 14 shots per game IN HIS CAREER. Even in Memphis, he was takin 13-14 shots per. FACT.

    Derrick Rose has one of the best shooting games of his career and the first thing from your fingers is:
    “Just like i figured. Kobe spent all game freezing out Gasol and grabbing his wrist whenever he made a tough shot.
    MyPlayer 2k12 mode it is from here on out.”
    Huh? Your team just gutted out a double digit comeback with 3 to go, get a clutch steal, mvp makes an impossible floater, then the dude you been shittin on since day 1 makes a perfect block to seal the game and you don’t even mention any of it til your 2nd post if at all? LOL Laker hater first. Bulls ‘fan’ somewhere down the line.
    Lakers’ll be fine. Worry about yo’ Bulls still having offensive droughts against a lineup of Blake, Goudelock, Ebanks. McRoberts and Murphy lol

    As for Dwight, I don’t know why y’all trippin. This is a player that’s averaged 7 pts on 23% fg shooting on Christmas day games. That is who he is. Dwight just can’t be mad and play hard on Christmas. he just don’t.4-12 fg, 3-8 ft? It’s called ONE bad game…

  • trollne1

    Amare needs to get more touches on offense for NY.
    Conversely, he needs to grab more rebounds. When your starting PF and C, who played about 35 mins each, combine to grab a staggering total of 9 rebounds, that ain’t good. But props to Melo. 33 mins, 20 points in the fourth, 37 total points on 17 shots. It’s like he’s out there to prove he’s better than KD or something.

    No mention of Warriors’ Hack-a-Jordan? Weak. Mark Jackson looks like he has no idea what he’s doing in an NBA sideline.

    And I didn’t see the LA-CHI game but 8 TO for Kobe. Won’t be surprised if that ends up as his season-low.

  • ladidadi


    Dwight definitely played like an MVP….

  • beiber newz

    kdizzle..happy to hav u in the trenches….some of these hating ass posts be blowing mines !!! but they make for good comedy. aha

  • yoda

    it seems garnett is getting color blind as he gets older. he tried to choke a guard but he made mistake and went after a black guard. guess he will correct that mistake first chance he gets (next game or after suspension, if he gets suspended ).

  • Ian

    wow kobe didnt do the yell and arm thing after he got block at the end of the game.

  • doc

    How far the mighty lakers have fallen.Yall are happy they didnt get destroyed and just beat.Fuckin pitiful.My Sixers might whip yall ass twice this year if we play yall.Yall are Kobe an a bunch of scrubs.Maybe yall should see if Baylor will take Bynum and Pau for Brittany Griner since Dwight dont wanna play with Kobe old fake injured ass.

  • doc

    and calm down beiber how can u ask for props becuz u said the mvp will be between Bron Dwight CP3 and Melo and they had good games.Really!

  • beiber newz

    doc take my bALLs out your mouth.

    anyway, this doc idiot comes on and says the lakers are kobe and scrubs, yet lose by 1 to the team with the best record from last season. what does that say about the bulls?

    wait…keep the answer to yourself.

  • beiber newz

    and funny the same guys saying the “mighty” have fallen wouldnt have called that team mighty during the time when they were, except they were saying they suck. double standards are crazy and shows true hatership.

  • jzsmoove

    This is the heated exchange between Garnett and Bill Walker:
    BW: haha, that was a lame ass pullup shot from an old man. that was fugly.
    KG: yo mommas fugly.
    BW: oh no you did’int.
    KG: and yo fugly momma didnt think this man too old.
    BW: cut it now old man
    KG: shyet, you aint a 5 foot-nothing point guard. my bad.

    There is definitely a good culture change that Chandler brought with him. I’m excited for the Knicks. There has not been a more exciting time for the Knicks since their miraculous #8 seed run to the Finals.

    I actually thought in my mind that the LA-Bulls was over before it ended when Lakers were up 8 in the 4th. I decided it was safe and went on to bath my son instead. I MISSED A FRIGGIN HELLUVA game ending. The Bulls were playing really bad and Lakers were making do of their lineup. I just dont see those teams keeping up with that trend all season.

    Howard needs to get outta Orlando. HOW DA FUCK do you only get very minimal touches when you are the franchise player? you are the focal point, man! As for KD, keep doing what you’re doing fella.

    The Heat are going to be very good. A little spanking and humility will go a long way into making them eventual champs. I just do not like the fact that Jon Barry and even Magic Johnson are already crowning them champs (again). This is what makes them annoying and hated.

    The hack-a-Jordan was annoying. It was good play but annoying. It forced Del Negro’s hand and put him on the bench. IT SHOULD BE MANDATORY FOR INTERIOR PLAYER TO PRACTISE THEIR FT SHOOTING. Or at least work this clause into people’s contracts. Clippers need a lot of work. Something that popped into my mind, ditch Vinny Del Negro ASAP, and then maybe coax Phil Jackson to coach the Clips. That would make for one helluva media circus in LALAland.

  • Big Island

    just like I am giving the NBA a couple of weeks to settle in, I am giving you guys some time to settle in. The posts are sloppy. Beiber is all over the place. K-Dizzle is acting like someone insulted his mom. It was the first game of the regular season. Don’t crown NY, CHI or MIA. Don’t give up on the Mavs or Lakers. Melo isn’t MVP. It was the first day of the season.

  • beiber newz

    who said melo was mvp?

  • doc

    I aint with the homo shit beiber so keep ya balls.And the same guys must be me since i said that but i dont know what the hell u talking about i called them scrubs before.They had a nice team ever since Gasoft came aboard.But its a rap.Kobe getting worse and unless yall get another animal yall done.Nobody care about that we only lost by one shit.That sound like some 5 and under little kid shit.And I neverheard a Faker fan talk like that.Its funny to me,almost as funny as a man callin himself Beiber.

  • Nyeme

    Dwight on any other team will be the same thing…unless he plays with a PG that throws lobs all day.

  • Dapro

    I’m saying it Bieb! Melo will have his best year and be included in the MVP talks. He’ll lead the league in scoring, have career highs is rebounds close to 8 and assist close to 4 but he won’t win because CP3 will get more hype because of 20+ game improvement for the clippers

  • beiber newz

    dapro, i said, melo will be in the convo this season, and people want to jump the gun and say i said he IS the mvp. people need to stop jumping at people. and doc, shut up, u callin gasol soft and talking shit about la, ur type would never giv props to la even when they has 2 championships, u propably were the idiot talking more shit then. ur type never gives props and u jus sit and wait until they lose and u get exuberance from that. it’s funny and corny on your part. and all im saying is that if you claim that a team is decapitated and shitting on THIS la team like u are, IT SAYS MORE ABOUT THE BULLS WINNING BY ONE than it does about la losing period. think about that. u dumb smurf. u said la is kobe and scrubs. scrubs!! so that says a lot about the opponent. not the team with the scrubs. u dummy. u exposed urselfand shitted on the bulls by accident yet u wont admit it, so u say im a 5 yr old. lol thats a cop out. admit u shitted on the bulls. kobe and scrubs yet the bulls STEAL a win. analysts say the bulls STOLE it and against a team u say is an OLD MAN ON THE DECLINE and scrubs. says a lot more about the team in chicago who had a full lineup. sad.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    I predicted a fight 1 month ago for the celtic knicks game.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Kobe hasn’t been “king of clutch” for a loooong time, and even when people thought he was, he wasn’t really all that clutch.

    And Melo’s been one of the best closers in the league for a few years now. I don’t really like dude, but credit where it’s due.

  • control

    I’m not hating on Kobe (but I will be on Mike Brown), but exactly what I said would happen, happened. Second last play for the Lakers, Kobe gets the ball, up by 1, with 17 seconds left…WHY ARE YOU PASSING? Bulls HAD to foul, why is Kobe doing anything but standing there with the ball? Who cares about that though, last play of the game…what does Mike Brown come up with? Oh, give ball to his super star, let him create, sounds original eh? Of course, Kobe get triple, and damn near quad teamed, and everyone in the arena knows he ain’t giving it up. Kobe always has to make the great shot, but he doesn’t give a fuck about making the right PLAY. That is the major difference between him and a player like LeBron…

    I ain’t hating, it is what it is. Well, maybe I’ll hate on Mike Brown, the guy is a horrible in late game situations, just horrible in general.

    KG keeping it classy as usual.

  • control

    Why is Ron Artest (I ain’t calling him no fucking Metta bs) coming off the bench? Normally I’d agree about having an aging guy like him heading up the 2nd unit, but his skill set just doesn’t make any sense coming off the bench. He isn’t too great at creating his own shot, and he’s not a guy who can carry an offense (or at least a good one), he pretty much just has decent defense and a little bit of crazy, mixed with knocking down a shot or two AFTER defenses collapse on someone else. All of those skills complement the players in the starting line and against another team’s starting line. They are completely wasted and misused with his team’s 2nd unit, and against another team’s 2nd unit. Bad coaching decision.

  • Franchise

    LOL….crazy first day of NBA action, crazy posting as well. “a man callin himself Bieber….” ouch. on the reals brah u need to give serious consideration to changing that handle. and i’ve been away 4 Christmas and saw u callin me out on the last smack for sayin LA would need a ‘walk on water miracle’ to win against the Bulls…well, look what happened. up 6 with 45secs to go but still lost??!!! dude we’re both LA fans but take off the purple-tined goggles for a minute. if ur starting McRoberts, AND Ebanks who even some Laker faithful dint know existed, PLUS ur facing the defending league MVP leading a squad that won 60+ games and got better over the off-season, yeah u need a miracle. i’ve been a Laker die-hard HALF my entire life and im 25. do the math. dont be callin me out like that.

    aight got that outta the way. LA will be fine, dint see the whole game but from highlights i think there were lots of positives from this game. the defense especially. LMFAO at Dizzle straight destroying ‘rilla. its hilarious. ur squad wins but first think u do is bash Kobe and LA. slow down on the Laker hate man. DAMN. u sound like a jilted ex or somethin

  • K Dizzle

    @ Big Island – make up your mind what you hatin on ok?
    When the Lakers win and the fake fans pop outta the woodwork, you get an attitute. Then when they barely lose against a better team, you cop an attitude cuz I take an exception to someone tryin to shit on my squad. I didn’t just wake up and decide to rant for the fun of it, it was a rebuttal to a previous post. I’m not delusional, bruh. My team lost, but they played well n they gave one away. What’s your issue with my post specifically? I know you got the in-laws over n it hurts but spit the vnom elsewhere

    @ Control – I disagree with your opniion on Kobe’s last shot. It was the right play. The problem was that Deng made a great defensive play. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Good take by Kobe. Great recovery n block by Deng.
    I gotta agree with the Artest on the 2nd unit issue though. He should be starting then come with Ebanks or Barnes to back him up depending on the situation.
    I’ll tell you this tho: Everybody was bangin on Mike Brown before he coached a single game, but he already got these dudes playin better d then last season…

    @ doc – what you mad about? Shitty christmas gifts? Philly’s a nice young team so what’s ur Laker issue?
    U won’t beat us with Bynum so stall that.
    Why all you non Laker fans so crusty today anyways?
    Lol try to enjoy YOUR team. Stop sweatin mine so bad if you don’t think we gonna do anything this season…

  • Robmo35

    All this talk about a Lakers loss. Jesus Christ what happens when they when a game? Kdizzle will be giving out free hjs to the homeless.

  • Franchise

    @control he tried to pass coz he got trapped and from there on it was either jump-ball or they man-handle the rock away….dont know if they had any time-outs left, smartest play would have been to holler ‘time’!!!

  • K Dizzle

    @ post 42 – you’ve had all day n that was ur attempt at humour? Pop in a Kevin Hart dvd, study it, then try again…

  • Robmo35

    I don’t know who Kevin Hart is, but I do know that your Laker fandom is blind and mildly retarded. A team on the decline lost to a team on the rise on opening day end of story, and seriously this post has been up all day, and you’re still looking at it? Grow up and move on

  • beiber newz

    u know what pussies do franchise? see something, reserve comment until they are 100% sure of something. you think that 1 point win by the bulls showed that the lakers needed a mitracle to win? u just proved me right and now i know u saw my post. i hate ppl like u that do that. if u dont say something the 1st time , dont say shit at all. dime commenters are looking real bitchy. bad look bad swag. and i will keep my name. seems like u ppl let names define u!!!!!

  • beiber newz

    ricky rubio’s first regular season game :D CAN’T WAIT!!! expect highlights, he’s a gamer, he’s a ball, he’s a playmaker and a shotcaller!! in case you didn’t know!!!!

  • b

    beiber newz earlier comments are terrible. la control the game? chicago had control of that game until la’s bench hit some tough shots late 3rd and early 4th.

    chicago did its thing all game, d-rose took 1 shot in the 1st quarter as was just reading the game.

  • beiber newz

    i’m sorry for the terrible comments

  • beiber newz

    lou williams ALMOST got robbed !

  • Andy

    Did anyone else actually watch the Clips game? They looked like shit all but the last two minutes of the game where they ran away with it. The game was in reach for the Warriors for the most part though which is alarming. I’m not saying the Clips can’t get better, but with a showing like that they would be lucky for an 8 seed.

  • Big Island

    KDizzle – I know exactly what I hate on. I hate on 99.8% of the Lakers fans because they are trash. I hate on the Lakers a little bit because of the fans, but I give credit to guys when need be. I hate Pierce and KG, don’t hate on them, just hate them. Hate on the Celtics. I hate on Miami, but give credit where it is deserved. I hate on Dwight Howard even though he is the best center in the game right now. I hate on all kinds of stuff. Today, I feel like hating on the guys who are all over the place like the world is falling down.

    FACT Kobe blah blah blah.
    FACT Rose blah blah blah
    FACT Melo blah blah blah

    It was the first game of a short season after a very short training camp. The Lakers lost a game, like you said, but people come on here acting like they are going to win 4 games if they’re lucky. Then you come in with your numbers telling everyone to shut up like you didn’t just get off of basketball-reference.com to check it out. It was the first night of games, the players were rusty, and quite frankly, so are some of the posters. If you want to take it as hating on you, fine. Can’t help you there buddy. But the in laws left today and I shot an 81 at the golf course so I am good. Nevermind the fact if you looked at my scorecard, I was 2 under on 10 holes and 16 over on the other 8. So I hate on golf too.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I watched every game that came on yesterday. the only one i didn’t watch begining to end was the DAL/MIA game. The Clippers didn’t look great yesterday, but they def didn’t look as bad as you are making it out to be.

    De Jordan had 8 blks(!!!) and changed even more shots. Vinny mad a bad decision in trying to go with a 4-guard line up to match G-State which allowed G-State to keep close. Eventually he smartened up and threw DJ back on the floor with Blake, CP, and Billups and that ended the game.
    I don’t want to rush to judge Mark Jackson, I’ll have to watch about 10 games or so. But if that game was any indication of how he plans on coaching, then he’ll be retiring soon.

    First off I guess I need to point out that I actually DID MENTION THE BULLS in my post. But for some reason you ignored that.
    I also made mention of the Clippers, Magic, and Warriors.If I wanted to ONLY post about the Bulls then I will go to a Bulls message board. I’m not just a fan of Chicago, I watch basketball in general.

    But the real problem is you seem to be getting all pissy because your Kobe looked like $hyt and I pointed it out.
    I don’t need to go over it all again, but i will examine that last play.
    The Chicago Bulls/Thibs are known for great defense. one of the best in the NBA last season. The greatest strength is their HELP defense. So explain how it’s a good idea for Kobe to drive against 6’9 Deng while 6’9 Gibson and 7ft Noah came over for help? Thibs had Gibson guarding Derek Fisher! He KNEW KOBE WASN’T GOING TO PASS!!! Gibson left Fisher wide open on Kobe’s right side, yet Kobe never even looked that way. Not only that, but KObe NEVER GOT THE STEP ON DENG. Deng was already retreating, so why not just pull up for the patened jumper/fadeaway? I’ll tell you why, Kobe was mad. He was expecting the refs to bail him out as they did all game long.

    You brag about the Bulls having the better line up, well that is debateable, especially since Rip Hamilton, Boozer, and Noah were all in foul trouble the entire game! 3min into the game, the Bulls team had 5 fouls against them. I think two were offensive fouls!
    Which is why Thibs sat his starters. He didn’t want any of them picking up more fouls. He put in the back ups to let them rack up the fouls. The Lakers starters were able to play against the Bulls backups from the 6min mark of the first quarter until the 8min mark of the 2nd quarter when Thibs put Rose back in. How did they not just feed Gasol that entire time?

    GTFOH, with that blind love for your team. Keep this up and you guys are going to disappear like Sporty J or change your s/n to something else. It’s only going to get worse from here on out fellas.

  • That’s What’s Up

    go spurs

  • DanniGirl

    Ummmmmm, am I the only one that thinks Orlando’s biggest problem isn’t Dwight? The Magic’s biggest problem is short, fat, and has a ridiculous mustache…SVG needs to go!!!

  • control

    Man, watching Lakers right now…Kobe is the reason Lakers are losing at half time. When you have teammates that are so open they are jumping up and down waving their hands around under the rim, and Kobe is still looking em off and jacking a horrible shot…you ain’t helping your team. I said it months ago, Mike Brown can’t control Kobe, it’s only going to get worse as the season goes on. Kobe might end up averaging like 30-35 shots this season.

    Oh yeah, I absolutely hate Derek Fisher. He has to be one of the worst point guards in the league. He doesn’t play one OZ of defense, he just waits for someone to leave their feet then falls down near them. Seeing him try to take a charge from Reke, when Reke was 2 seconds in the air already, then hold his face for a solid 3-4 minutes was just disgusting. They break to commercial break, and came back and he was STILL on the floor. Reke damn near had to shoot free throws with him still withering on the ground.

    I don’t see Orlando doing too good this year. Yeah, they won the game, but that was because Hedo(nt) had a throw back game and didn’t look as fat and lazy as he normally does. How the fuck does a team have Fat Davis as their go to scorer for a solid 7 minutes in a game? That just ain’t a good look, in fact it’s about as bad a look as you can get. I’m not even sure how he managed to squeek those shots he got in, in. The guy has the ugliest off balance, flopping like a bloated fish with no vertical jump shot. Guy can’t even see the rim when he shoots his jump shot because his arm fat is flapping him in the face.

  • control

    More on Fat Davis, because it’s funny. How does a team’s scouting team break down Fat Davis when they are thinking of letting him join their team?

    Scout 1: We got this power forward we have to look at, lets check him out! He’s being hailed as the next Stephan Marbury!

    Scout 2: Didn’t Marbury play PG? How tall is he?

    Scout 1: Somewhere between 6’6 and 6’7, but he looks impressive because he’s a fucking chode.

    Scout 2: Oh, he’s fat? Nice, we can use that! What other things is he good at?

    Scout 1: He can kill a buffet, stream videos while completely wreaked up on drugs, impersonate a donkey or shrek decently well, and allow our team to look like it is accepting of fat people.

    Scout 2: But fat people suck…when I youtube this guy all I see are videos of him hitting a shot and murdering a little fan worse than Ron Artest did…

    Scout 1: He’s big boned, and we need him, lets get him!

    Scout 2: I don’t know about this…

  • beiber newz

    chicagorilla claimed the only game he didnt watch beginging to end was mia and dallas yester. yet, on christmas he said this

    “Celtics look terrible now, but for some reason i still think they will win this game. It’s like the Knicks can’t capitolize on Bostons slow start. Expect a BIG 2nd half from Ray Allen. Tony D shouldn’t have pissed him off.”

    the celtics lost and then he tried to save face by saying this

    “So i see the KNicks pulled it out. I didn’t see the last 5min, I turned it off in favor of some NBA 2k12.”

    looks a lil flaky, that’s not beginning to end!!! that’s someone hoping the knicks lost especially when the game was close!!!! that 4th quarter was the best out of every game yesterday including the bulls’ game cuz the lakers were missing freethrows and shit.

    flaky lying fans everywhere man!!!