• control

    I think if Chicago wants to do better, they have to have LESS of Boozer, not more…like, play him less minutes or trade his ass. He just isn’t a player that you know, earns his millions.

    There’s no way any team ends up worse than Cleveland…look at that roster, it’s horrible. If Dan Gilbert did change his teamname to the Cleveland Generals, the Washington Generals would come beat on his team all day.

  • jdizzle

    As long as the Bulls frontline stays healthy they should be all good. With this shortened season its the perfect year to win the title (yes I’m biased lol). They have an advantage over most teams in my opinion. While almost every team has had coaching and/or multiple player changes, the Bulls have only added one or two players to their roster. Only team they have to worry about is Miami

  • doc

    All Bulls and nothing else.Save the Pacer bullshit.