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Dwight Howard & Chris Paul Race To The Lakers; Deron Williams 90 Percent Sure He’ll Stay With The Nets

Chris Paul

Chris Paul (photo. Daymon Gardner)

No one wants to come out and admit it right now, but is there a race going on between Dwight Howard and Chris Paul to get to Hollywood? Some believe so. How it came to this, we aren’t sure. But it suddenly feels like the two biggest pieces in this new age NBA and are both privately gunning for the same team. The only problem is, most likely, only one of them gets there. As Yahoo! Sports reported, the Lakers and Hornets have already talked deals. With Howard not coming out one way or another and with the Hornets’ front office determined not to have a repeat of what happened in Cleveland, the focus shifted to CP, and the Lakers reportedly offered New Orleans their pick: Andrew Bynum or Pau Gasol? Who do you want? Howard doesn’t want to play anywhere that is cold. CP would like NYC, but knows the earliest he could get there is next summer. Both of them love Los Angeles, even though there have been differing reports. Especially with Howard, some sources from his inner circle say he wants to stay. Former teammates like Matt Barnes are saying he’s already made up his mind. So if you were the Lakers, who are you gunning for if you had to choose (If they found a way to get both, it might even rate above Miami’s ridiculous turnout last summer. We have a hard time seeing it.)? The answer to us is quite obvious. He’s really tall and likes to dunk a lot … The Lakers could use all the help they can get to start the season. They are opening with three games in three days: Dec. 25 vs. Chicago, Dec. 26 at Sacramento and Dec. 27 vs. Utah. Andrew Bynum won’t be playing either (suspended) … Flopping? Yeah, it’s pretty much helped destroy a part of the NBA game that we love. A few comments on the rare video of Magic Johnson that we posted yesterday told it all: with so many big men in the lane now trying to fall backwards, we can’t see the same type of breakouts and moves we got from Magic. Here are our 10 biggest culprits of the disease of flopping. Two Lakers made the list … Grant Hill plans to suit up for one of these four teams next season: Phoenix, Chicago, New York or the Clippers. Reports say the small forward will make a decision soon on one of those four. Phoenix has the added advantage of employing the most forward-thinking training staff in the game. They saved his career, and if Hill never made it out to the desert, he might already be sitting at home on the couch. The Knicks have been rumored for a few years. But the two teams that really intrigue us are Chicago and the Clippers. The Bulls could use another vet like Hill. But where would he play? And you can’t really add another non-shooter next to Derrick Rose. That leaves the Clippers with their big, gaping hole at the small forward. It makes sense, but we don’t really believe he’ll abandon Steve Nash … One guy who definitely isn’t staying with the Suns is Vince Carter. As we reported earlier, Phoenix has already decided to cut the former Half-Man/Half-Amazing as soon as free agency officially begins. And not everyone is convinced Carter is done. Some will make the case he can be productive in 20 minutes a night. The man was the most efficient ballhandler on pick-n-rolls in the entire league last season while in Orlando. How funny would it be if he and T-Mac ended up on the same team? It’s definitely possible … Yesterday, Pat Cassidy dropped a post on the 10 best centers in the NBA. Do you agree with him? … Keep reading to hear about what Deron Williams had to say about the Knicks and why you need to ease up on Carlos Boozer …

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  • bdog

    i would prefer dhoward headed to la…this has nothing to do with fish but i see kobe playing a lot of point this season and adding cp3 just to me doesn’t make sense..i would like them to dump blake…dfish could be an asst coach..i would love a guy like dj augustin to guard the small pg and kb can handle most of the ball handling but that is just me!

  • yoda

    i’ve read that bynum is in great shape, lost about 10 pounds and he’s quicker than ever. sounds good if nothing pans out with the howard.
    as for d-will, always loved his game. but he makes too much noise too soon. he’s been in NJN for a half year, a year? with new owner who seems to be doing all the right moves? so players would leave teams after only one year, without giving a chance for management to actually build around them? i hope he stays and he fight his way up with his team.
    as for veal, he should go back to boston. most annoying team is bit less annoying without him and perkins.

  • beiber newz

    as a laker fan..i felt like it was in the bag that dwight would become a laker before soon and very soon. however, it really did scare me (and this was my only 1st real threat to dwight not goin 2 hollywood) when i read that the bulls were prepared to make an offer to the magic of ANYONE BUT ROSE.

    the bulls have some crazy peieces when packeage. if i were the magic, and i had the lakers on the phone saying bynum/odom for dwight, then i hear chicago call and tell me, ‘well u can have DENG, BOOZER ANNNND NOAH, maybe even picks, money, strippers etc, it makes me think my dwight with kobe dreams may be derailed.

    the only string of hope i’m holding on to is the fact dwight, supposedly, does not want to play in cold weather, and if i’m not mistaken, chicago IS the windy city. how much that sways orlando to look the other way and take the deal with LA is anyone’s guess. but my guess for now is that no team in a cold city would risk shipping their prized players away for a center who won’t do a sign and trade, or do an extension because he’s uncomfortable in that city.

    how do you guys think those old school basketball players would look at dwight if they heard him say that? he’s supposed to be this big, bad center and he won’t play in the cold. haha kinda funny. he’s like a prima donna who won’t do the show because the stage crew didn’t take the blue MM’s out his candy bowl.


    Howard over Paul because Paula cannot man the paint. We saw that before, 2008. Howard for Bynum and spare parts. Give us Hedo if needed, you can have Luke.

  • the truth

    hahaha @bruce, paul cannot man the point….then who the fuck can? idiot

  • johnny

    @the truth, he said paint; NOT point…..

  • spit hot fiyah

    ^it says paint

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    He wrote PAINT, not point.

    I don’t care anymore about this FA stuff. It’s already gotten old and I think DIME is just writing sh!t to get page hits now. Google Dwight/CP3/Lakers/Knicks/NEts and their website is atop or near the top every day. Very good business strategy…terrible ethics. But as we all know, ethics belongs no where near good business in America.

    As for VEal…he can go to hell. I don’t give two squirts of piss about that dude. I don’t even consider him a real NBA player. Sam Clancy is somewhere scratching his head and wondering what he did wrong.

    Thibs defending Boozer: Well he has to. management has told him Boozer ain’t going no where and he knows he has to deal with him for the next 4yrs or so. So of course he tries to back him up in the media. What is he supposed to say “Boozer sucked balls. He’s the reason why we lost”?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    flopping = no fast break plays?

    That makes no sense. When are big men ever going to be the first person back on defense? and with all the guys able to fastbreak in todays game (Rose, Wade, Lebron, Westbrook, Wall) they don’t seem to have any problems finishing plays without a charge. Especially since the NBA allows them to travel.

  • Three Stacks

    @ Chicagorilla

    Obviously Dime is just trying to get more page hits, that’s why they changed their website format and divide their articles into separate pages now, not like before when it all appeared on one page. This is part of the reason why I’ve only visited this site about four times in the past year, as opposed to my daily visits before then. Way to sell out, fellas.

    And from what little I’ve seen in my sporadic visits, the quality of the articles have fallen off, too. Dime used to be the sh*t, now it’s just another tired media site.

  • beiber newz

    ^damn SHOTS FIRED early!! at dime too!

    on a separate note, this video is kinda depressing. if you are a kindhearted sensitive reader here, don’t watch this video. some kid gets screwed for life on the internet in this altercation. i felt real bad for dude after watching. what happened in it is so fucked up. they stupid for showing their faces on camera. are criminals just getting more and more dumb? http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh6Oe0p57YMcDOg7Gi

  • Josh tha roc

    Hahaha I’m assuming Pat is the fantasy doc, cos first he argues Jared Dudley is better than Bogut. And then leaves Bogeyman out of the top 10. Could not possibly leave him out of top 5 let alone 10.

  • len

    did you ever see carlos boozer not have a lousy playoff run? just saying

  • First & Foremost

    Pair Dwight with any decent pg and pair Paul with any decent Center, then argue which team would make the better tandem. There is your answer. Or just ask Kareem which one he’d rather have.

    The NBA is home to the ‘fake-tough guy’ so flopping only seems fitting. Dude strips you on your drive to the basket, jump in the air and pretend you are trapped in a tornado. You can’t get rebounding position, no problem – catapult yourself into the 3rd row. Afraid to bang down low with the big boys, no problem – trust fall.

    All this talk about heart, desire, toughness, yeah okay… Be a man, take a charge and make the other guy fall a la Julius Peppers.

  • doc

    What dum ass stat says Vince is the most efficient ballhandler on pick and rolls?Yall trippin. And u pick Dwight over CP everytime. But aint nobody tryin to hear that gay ass I wont play n cold weather shit.All the money Dwight got he should just get a heater that goes up in his ass.

  • DNice

    NY better be worried because if CP3 goes to LA, they can forget about a big 3 with the Knicks. I would actually like CP3 on the Knicks better then CP3 to the Lakers. I would love to see a new Heat, Knicks rivalry again. LETS GO HEAT!!

  • Patrick

    Why the Boozer hate. His numbers aren’t that much different from Zach Randolph.

  • baloogawhales

    The Lakers want BOTH cp3 and d12?!?!?

    i think the rest of the league want both of them too lol but damn i wish it’ll work

    Yahoo! writer Adrian Wojnanowski wrote a piece on this and said that Bynum wouldn’t mind being the man on his own team. So it seems like he’s open to being traded. Seems like he’s tired to being on a superteam and wants to make his own path/ legacy. A rarity these days

  • doc

    Numbers aint everything. If u think Z-bo and Boozer had the same kind of season last year it aint even worth explaining to u.Go ask D Rose who he would want out of them 2 this year.

  • Josh tha roc

    2nd that.

  • Josh tha roc

    Surely you are joking Patrick.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Patrick is Boozer

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY
  • Big Island

    I hope Dwight has the option of Orlando, Toronto, or Minnesota. That’s it. Go be cold asshole.

    I can’t even keep my eyes open.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Why would Grant Hill to Chicago intrigue anyone? Ya’ll just listed 2 reasons why he WOULDN’t go there. “Chicago is a big market”. Yea, well so is Phoenix, isn’t that intriguing enough?


  • First & Foremost

    So Deandre Jordan is being offered $40M over 5 years. Besides dunking, what does he actually do? Is he being paid just because he is 7 feet tall? Do you pay someone THAT much a year, when he isn’t even the focal point of your offense? True, he won’t make as much relative to other bigs [who signed before the new CBA] but as of this very moment, who is he actually better than at his position.

    WTF wasn’t Chuck “Too Tall” Hayes on the Top 10 Center list? You put Bargs on it because “he is a guard trapped in a center’s body” but you leave of Hayes because he is a guard trapped in the center position. Dude posted a triple double without blocks. Show some respect.

  • beiber newz

    and also…i want to say hmmmmmmmm to the person who was arguing with me on the subject of the lakers troubles last season. i claimed the lakers’ problems stemmed from them CONSISTENTLY finding themselves in dry spells where no1 would hit a bucket. odom disappearing, bynum disappearing, pau notoriously disappear.

    they lacked scoring at the most important times, allowing teams to increase the lead and allowing kobe’s anger to increase. word is they are looking to sign JASON KAPONO. a player NOT known for defense, but a player known to wake up out of bed and knock down the trey b4 brushing his teeth.

    he didn’t have the best season last season or in recent memory, but alongside greater offensive players, it’d allow kapono to be more relaxed because defensive attention would be mitigated while the opponents focus on stopping kobe and crew, he’ll find himself with a lot of open 3s.

    once again, the signing is just potential. but news says that kapono is willing to take a 1 or 2 year deal.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    I think that was a statement signing. Maybe the Clips are trying to break their reputation of being a cheap team who won’t pay their players. Hopefully this contract doesn’t prevent them from signing free agents in the future.

    And don’t put too much stock into that Top 10 C’s list. It’s mind boggling.

    Bad move in trying to sign Kapono. When has he ever helped a team? He doesn’t even run the floor. Seriously, it looks like he’s always walking. They need to get in touch with Salim.

  • beiber newz

    oh and in regards to POST 27
    they also drafted goudelock

  • First & Foremost

    So apparently Samuel Dalembeast as some people like to call him, doesn’t want to play for Miami because of the would be paycut, and would rather play for the Rockets.

    1) Removing salary from the decision making… Chuck Hayes would still beat him out for the starting center spot.

    2) If a player would rather make money than contend for championships, what incentive does that player have to make you a contender when you pay him up front?

  • the truth

    haha my bad, i thought he was straight dissin my boy. I went in unnecessarily