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Dwight Howard Wants To Stay in Orlando; Dwyane Wade Will Be Better Than Ever This Year

Dwight Howard (photo. Mannion)

So what did Otis Smith say? Or what did he do? Something happened. Something weird, because just hours after Dwight Howard basically came out and said “Look man, trade me. I’m not feeling like we can work things out. You and I don’t have a good relationship,” the big man is now saying he loves Orlando and doesn’t want to leave. Whereas Chris Paul had made it pretty clear he’s not trying to stay in New Orleans, Howard has been going back and forth for the past few weeks on whether he wants to stay or not. Howard wants more input on personnel decisions (Magic fans: “Oh goodie.”), and one of his first ideas as the league’s only player GM (we’re joking just in case anyone is sarcastically impaired) is signing Chauncey Billups. That’s great, except it sounds like the Clippers are getting Mr. Big Shot. Dwight has to be feeling the pressure, and by “pressure” we mean there are a lot of people out there who criticize Howard for trying too hard to be like Shaq. It just so happens this situation reminds pretty much every basketball fan of O’Neal’s Orlando escape 15 years ago. That whole motive of wanting to win, but wanting to blaze his own trail is likely weighing Howard down, and ESPN reports the sight of Dirk Nowitzki getting his Queen (“We are the chaaaampions!”) on this summer after winning a chip for the only NBA city he’s ever known has the big man contemplating staying now … Can this whole Chris Paul saga just go away now? First it was on. Then it was off. Then it got back on. Then it was off again. Now, league sources are saying that league officials have aggressively re-engaged the Clippers in trade talks in an effort to make a move. It’s obvious what happened. David Stern and co. tried to play hardball, tried to screw the Clippers out of everything. After L.A. turned around and said forget that, the league is now scurrying back in an effort to make some type of deal because let’s face it, if CP has to stay in New Orleans this season, that will get very, very ugly for everyone involved. No one wants that, even Stern. We’re still going off the assumption that he’ll be traded at some point before the season starts, and ESPN reports it could get done as early as today … The 10 “League Pass” teams that you really need to watch this year. Thankfully, our No. 1 team matched an offer sheet yesterday to keep their big man … When was the last time you heard a GM come out and say this: “We are pursuing big deals right now. More than one big deal.” Okay, Mitch, we see how you’re rolling. Kupchak and the Lakers are shooting for the sky right now, and a failed CP deal doesn’t look like it’s stopping them. He tried to clarify the Lamar Odom trade by saying it never would’ve happened had LO not requested to be traded. Weak excuse. Unless there’s something bigger hanging on the horizon, then we still have no clue why they did that particular deal. Saving money is one thing. Giving up Odom to the team that beat you in the playoffs last year for literally almost nothing just doesn’t make sense. Besides that misstep, we think it’s good the Lakers are searching for big deals. Listen, that team has a ton of talent. But sometimes, even the most talented groups have run their course. The Lakers, for all of last season outside of their amazing run to start the second half of the schedule, looked old, sluggish and mentally drained. They looked sick of each other. Sometimes the best coaches get fired or move on. It’s the same way with teams. A change could be exactly what they need to kick start this thing … The Bulls are on the verge of giving Derrick Rose a well-deserved extension worth $94 million over five years. Like anyone expected otherwise? … Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the Pacers have decided to amnesty James Posey and his $6.9 million contract. Where should he go? … Keep reading to hear why Dwyane Wade promises to be better than ever before …

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  • control

    I’m about ready to be done with Stern. That guy needs to start getting Occupy protests for him to be removed. The guy has completely fucked shit up in the last few days, he’s playing hardball with a player who is obviously not happy to be there, has not a snowball’s chance in hell of being there next season, and will probably play like shit the entire year. He’s not in a power position to be demanding a team’s entire fucking roster for that one player, if the offers he’s had for CP haven’t been good enough, I’m not sure what offer would be. Right now he’d probably turn down LeBron, Wade and Bosh for CP.

    Fuck Stern, and fuck Rondo!

  • Sean Sweeney

    I literally LOLed at that last part of control’s comment. Classic.

    But yeah Stern’s just being stupid now. Sure he has the right to veto these trades or make crazy demands, but if no one is willing to go all the way with what you want, what’s going to happen? CP leaves next summer and now you screwed over the franchise to the point where you might eventually have to shut it down or move them. What’s the point in that? It’s just a messed up situation right now

  • P

    CP3 is handeling his situation like a man, Dwight, not so much..

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    CP is handling it like a man? He’s been b!t*hing and whining. Dwight came out and said he just wants to win. CP is trying to get lawyers involved. Both of them are acting like complete fags to begin with for not wanting to stay in the cities that drafted them.

    You guys are all over Stern about this (and as much as i hate the guy, to me he hasn’t done anything wrong yet) but you are ignoring the b!t*ha$$ness from D12 and CP3 that kicked this whole $h!t off to begin with. Same group of guys that HATED Carmelo’s guts for wanting to be traded and called him a cancer (even though he balled his a$$ off and the team was winning). Same guys who HATED Lebron, Bosh, and Wade for doing the same thing two years ago.

    The good news is they are the last of a b!tchmade generation. I believe the group of guys starting with Durant and Rose are stand up dudes (for the most part, excluding SuperBeas) even outside of basketball. They seem to play ball because they love it.

    Although I do question Derrick Roses sanity if he signs for anything more than $60Mill. Why? Because a $90Mill contract will completely cripple the franchise going forward and he will end up wondering “why can’t I get better teammates”. Well Derrick, you kinda ate up a large chunk of the salary cap before your team was set in stone champions. It may not be Rose’s fault that the Bulls gave Boozer, Noah, and Deng a collective $200Mill worth in contracts, but its something he has to deal with.

  • Me

    if i’m orlando, i’m thinking “get dwight’s ass the fuck out of here”.

    you’re heading down a slippery slope accomodating someone who’s publicly trying to dictate your personnel moves. not saying their office guys are geniuses, but being a good player doesn’t mean you have any fucking clue on who your team should try to get.

  • Me


    what u smoking? how is cp3 bitching? if you don’t see the problem with the nba commissioner being the gm of a team, then you’re on something.

    after this cp3 fiasco, NO ONE should want to be a member of that team unless they just want a check. phil jackson hit that nail on the head.

    And Derrick Rose better get his money. Don’t leave a dime on the table. Any team that gives boozer that much money has clearly shown they’d just waste it anyway.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Chicagorilla — What’s up with the random shot at Beasley? Despite some young’n mistakes, I think he fits into the mold you’re talking about of guys who play because they love the game more than anything else.

    Before the pros he’d been The Man on every team he’d ever played on, but never reacted negatively to being on D-Wade’s team, and even (when I talked to him at least) seemed oddly happy for Miami when they landed LeBron and Bosh, even though he knew that was the end of the road for him there. He hasn’t made a stink in Miami or Minnesota that I can recall about getting more shots or more minutes or more money.

  • That’s What’s Up

    funny how all these posters think whining like a bitch to be traded isn’t bitching. The Hornets have made that little cheatin’ whiny bitch a very rich person and he shows his appreciation by trying to leave (for years now). cp3 and his bruised vagina deserve to waste another year of his career.

  • Baloogawhales

    Just trade paul to the lakers riiiiight??? Lol

    Mavs loading up for dwill so does that mean kidd retires?

    Rose and gasol deserve the contracts given to them. If it cripples the org then its on the fo. Get ur money when u can cus ur youth and health doesnt last forever.

    Lakers better have big plans or else that lo trade has to be one of the dumbest in a while

  • K Dizzle

    Lol @ That’s What’s Up – Funny post, but unfortunately, we all know you hate dude so we can’t take u seriously.
    It’s like if I see Control sayin Telfair is a better player than Rondo, I take it with a grain of salt…

    It ain’t whinin if you been carryin a squad your whole career, damn near win the MVP in 08, then watch as the NBA wastes your prime years by takin over a franchise that should never have been put in Louisiana(Hello? Vancouver? Seattle?) then they proceed to get rid of talent (Chandler, Thornton, Dave West). Hell yeah, I wanna be traded. They got dude as just a piece of property right now. “We gonna keep you here cuz u a franchise player, but we need to scale back salary in case somebody wants to buy this sorry franchise so we’re gonna trade all your help n expect you to just ball outta your mind”

    “Giving up Odom to the team that beat you in the playoffs last year for literally almost nothing just doesn’t make sense”
    Truer words were never written. I’m more pissed off about losin LO than not gettin CP3…

  • First & Foremost

    As much as CP doesn’t want David Stern as his owner, David Stern doesn’t want to be the owner of New Orleans.

    Owners don’t pay players to be GMs. If Dwight starts making personnel decisions, their roster would have like 20 people on it & 7 of them making max money. Because he is friends with EVERYONE, no one would be traded or cut. To give a player that much power, you instantly lose your team when things aren’t going well. No one can hold that player accountable because he can just have you replaced. It didn’t work for Lebron and it won’t work for anyone else [Kobe excluded].

  • trollne1

    Maybe Dwight is trying to not make himself look so much like a bad guy by saying he wants to stay. He’s always been a kind of “good guy but not really” type of person: being friendly, approachable but he suddenly swings sneaky elbows and acts like it never happened.

    And no reaction on DWade being 231 freakin pounds at 6’4″ with 3.5% body fat? Dayum. Then you have a 6’8″ point forward in LBJ at 265 with 5% body fat. That’s crazy! Miami has freaking tanks at the wings. I’m not much of a Heat fan but it looks like it’s gonna get even uglier for the rest of the league.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    If ball players care so much about playing in a major market or living in a great area, then how is it that the colleges in those areas aren’t dominating college sports recruiting?

    St. Johns – New York
    DePaul – Chicago
    UsC – Southern Cali
    UCLA – L.A.
    Miami U – Miami
    Rutgers – New York
    UNLV – Las Vegas

    And in complete contrast to that, the best college basketball programs who always recruit the best players are all in very small towns. Without that school being known for college basketball I honestly wouldn’t even know most of these cities exist-

    UNC – Chapel Hill, NC
    Duke – Durham, NC
    Kansas – Lawrence, KS
    Kentucky – Lexington, KY
    UConn – Storrs, CT

    Tennessee – Knoxville, TN
    UConn – Storrs, CT
    Notre Dame – Notre Dame, IN
    Baylor – Waco, TX
    Texas A&M – College Station, TX

    Even here in Illinois. Depaul and Chicago State (yes thats a real college lmao) have all the big city marketing and hype a college player would need to propel himself to top 5 draft pick status. Yet those schools lost players to the University of Illinois which is located 2-3hrs south of Chicago in the no name city of Champaigne, IL.

    If players were going to ever in their lives be picky about where they would like to play ball, it would/should be their college years. Yet these kids continuously load up at schools in no name cities like Lexington, KY and Knoxsville, TN.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Yeah I kinda ignored the whole 231/265 because I always knew those guys where that big to begin with. For some weird reason, NBA players lie about their weight. Usually making themselves smaller than what they are. While Lebron came in the NBA at 240lbs, his weight on nba.com was always 250lb, even last year. Dude has been near 270 for at least 2 years now. Same goes for WAde (220-but really 231), Melo (230-but really 250), and even Joakim Noah (235 but really 250).
    I never really understood that.

    It wasn’t a real shot at BEas. I don’t throw subliminal shots, im not Jay-Z lmao. I like Beas as a player, but Beasley doesn’t strike me as a guy who loves basketball and plays for the love of the game. Beasley seems like he plays because there is nothing else he would be good at in life. Dude is very immature regardless of how you think he handled his being traded and while he’s gotten better, I wouldn’t put him on the level of the guys from his draft class. For the record, I’d put Javel McGee, DeAndre Jordan, Mario Chalmers, and OJ Mayo in the same category as SuperBeas. Those guys don’t seem to take the game serious. They don’t work on improving themselves each summer and it shows. OJ Mayo should be a top 5 scorer in the NBA, Javel McGee and DJ should be battling Dwight as the best Centers in the NBA and if Chalmers actually improved Miami wouldn’t be looking for a PG every summer.
    SuperBeas has Mega-Star inscribed in his DNA yet he can’t wrap his brain around improving his game. Its a shame too with BEas, because he could be a top 10 NBA player if he would take the game more serious.

    This all may sound bad, but to me that’s not taking shots.
    I’m just keeping it 100 with it.

  • DNice

    Dime, no mention of the apology from the Cinninatti basketball team. Gates said the right things but it just didn’t seem as genuine as I thought it could have been. I would have thought Xavier would have dished out longer suspensions. Oh well, nobody cares about college basketball until March anyway.

    I am looking for great things from Dwade this year. And if Lebron plays the point for Miami, I gotta agree with the Showtime Lakers comparison. Imagine Lebron on a fast break with Dwade running the lane and Mike Miller or Battier trailing. Either Lebron keeps it for a layup or dunk. Passes it off to Dwade for an acrobatic finish. Or a kickout to Miller or Battier for an open 3 in transition. Not only will they have the best defensive team but the best running team in the L, LETS GO HEAT!!

  • First & Foremost

    @Chicagorilla – Colleges are closely tied into their communities. If I graduate from somewhere, I’m a fan for life. College sports doesn’t need big markets because of other economic factors. NCAA labor is very cheap and easily replaceable.

    The decision making for student-athletes is different from the decision making of a professional athlete. I’d pick college A because they will help me hone my skills, play against a certain level of competition, and there is an opening at my position at that school. Playing in a college & endorsement deals don’t go hand in hand.

    As a pro, to maximize my exposure so I can be booked for more than just got milk ads, I need to go to a bigger market. Why play for a team than doesn’t have countrywide fans and only sell to your city. Yankee, Cowboys, & Lakers merchandise is sold everywhere. You could get a Yankee hat in Boston colors at Hatworld in Denver. Baltimore Orioles items are pretty much confined to the MD area.

    You choose a college to get you to the next level. The NCAA’s marketing is great enough that market size/location doesn’t matter. The Jacksonville Jaguars can’t sellout a game to save their life. The Florida Gators just an hour away have no problem traveling to New England to see their beloved Tebow.

  • First & Foremost

    @DNice – That was the gameplan last year. Lebron passing to Wade or the other way around with Miller or House or Jones trailing the play. Or the fact that Bosh, Lebron, Wade can have a possession and you can’t key on any one person. However, Lebron kept the ball, kept the ball some more, thought about giving you a good pass but then shot it himself. You had Bosh thinking to himself, “I’m sweating too much out here.” Wade standing in the corner not sure of what Lebron would do, “do I cut to the basket, is this fool asking me to set a pick or get the ball from him, has he not moved this entire shotclock, What is Chris doing? This True Grip is NICE. Forreal, you gonna pass me the ball with 2 seconds left. Swish… I’m making you look good out here.”

  • heiddi187

    one quick thought about Lakers

    if all else fails should they try to get Steve Nash from Phoenix for the TPE they got for Lamar??

    I mean Lakers need an upgrade over Fish and Nash is.
    Phoenix need to start rebuilding and if they can get both the Lakers and Mavs 1st rounders that would be a nice start

    what do you guys think?

  • IGP

    I think if I had $94 million instead of $60 million I would not care about winning a championship.

    Would you rather have $30 million or an NBA championship?

  • Celts Fan

    Not to be a troll, but i def remember arguing agajnst tons of people that pierce was head and shoulders above VC 5 yrs ago and no one was having it. 5 yrs later, vince signs w dallas and thy dont mention it in smack, instead choosing to make a crazy joke a bout delonte, who i wish wed kept. Just sayin…

  • dmitry of jersey

    between the back-and-forth of the cp3 trade and dwight’s back-and-forth trade demand, seems like half the league is bipolar…

    (check out my fantasy league if you need to pick one up:

    pw: banana

    it’s a good one)

  • paye tingba

    Loving the boardwalk empire reference!

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    LOL @ Celts rubbing that shit in people eye. Nice

    I wasn’t around posting at DIME back then but I’ve always shared that same opinion. The sad thing is VC’s stats put him in HoF consideration territory. To me, it’s a no brainer, he’s out. He’s hit some shots and had some big games, but the guy is all personal stats. The teams he was on consistently underachieved. He’s a dud.

    I wish I was around back then when you were dropping that argument.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Dallas really improved. Delonte backin’ up J-Kidd, Odom on the frontline and then a fresh Vince Carter…sheeeit.

    If VC can stay around 15 minutes a night, come playoff time, in a short season, he’ll be ready to go. laugh now, but the reality is that’s about all he can do these days. Age can slow down a scorer, but not stop one.

    ..and Telfair has been better than Rondo for years (Fcp3)

  • Big Island

    Chi – College kids go to where they get the most exposure. Since they can’t get paid with endorsements, they go to the places that get on tv all of the time. In the pro’s, you can sign endorsements, and being in a bigger market can help your pockets. It’s apples and oranges.

    Both CP and Dwight can leave at the end of the season if they want to. The worst thing that can happen in NO is having CP walk out when his contract is done and they get nothing. They have gotten 2 really good offers with 2 really different packages (proven vets vs young and cheap) and have shot both down. A regular team probably would have taken one of the two. Instead of being shot down before an official request went in, they waited (I don’t know if they have to because the league owns them) until after it was officially submitted and then turned it down. Bottom line is if the league wants anything for CP, they have to trade him.

    Dwight is all over the place. If he stays because he wants to be the man on his original team and all of that jazz, I completely respect that. If he wants to go to another city, I completely respect that. But going back and forth in the media is just poor. I understand Lebron wanting to ball with his buddies in Miami, but he handled the whole thing poorly which is where the hate came from. Dwight is heading down that same road.

    I need to go workout at one of those places with Wade and them. I am 6’3, 260, about 485% bodyfat.

  • The New Guy

    @chicmonkey: college is diff from pros. can’t compare markets of college to markets of the nba.

    parents get involved in the college scenerio. moms and dads want their kids to go to nice places. not like places like miami where women show their goods walkin down the street.

  • That’s What’s Up

    gathering from his last line, post 26 is either on The Tebow Tip or he is really The New Gay

  • Big Island

    That’s what’s up. My son is gay. I’d appreciate if you would not use that. Word to make fun of somebody. Judging by your name I bet you have erectile dysfunction.

  • JDish

    Thats Right Thats Right. My boy Dwight Howard has got to stay in Orlando. Be loyal and get your team to make moves and bring you some much needed help. Its up to you Dwight to show that your loyal, and its up to the Magic to do what ever necessary to get some much improved talent into Orlando.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Where’s QQ for all this Dwight drama?

    I bet he switched names and is now on the Heat’s bandwagon.

  • JDish

    Why continue with this whole circus with Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. How about just putting them together on a team and be done with it, FAST. To New Orleans/Orlando, get a deal on the table to send Chris Paul to the Magic in exchange for Jameer Nelson, J.J. Reddick, Quentin Richardson.

    -Its a good give-&-go trade cause the Magic are getting what Dwight Howard is asking for an all-star team mate. You bring in an all-star PG to put’em alongside an all-star C, and in NBA tradition (as I have heard) this can lead to a squad that will compete for a chip.
    -The Hornets get a good PG in Nelson, while getting a couple decent shooting gaurds in Reddick and Q. Rich.

    IDK but this would put an end to this whole trade-DH/CP3 circus. End the mess with this whole Chris Paul to L.A. … NOOOT! circus. And would calm D.Howard down by showing that the Magic are aggresive and go out and snatch CP3 out of the hands of those other teams.

  • JDish

    This can also be done by involving some other teams to get some player swapping going (instant media fest/ratings/$), and make the trade work even better.

  • QQ

    SMH at this whole Dwight situation.

    SMH at the new guy. you gay homie? Don’t get it twisted, Tebow prolly on his Tiger biz.

    Big Island – your son has beiber fever?

  • QQ

    I’d magma gulp D12 if he’d agree to stay in O-Town.

    BTW, do you guys remember the group O-Town? They are performing live about 20 minutes south of O-Town….. I can’t wait!

  • Big Island

    QQ – Nah, I don’t have a kid. Post #28 is the poser. If I do have a gay kid, I really won’t care though. I know enough gay people that it doesn’t bug me in the least if someone is gay. If he/she is a fag who bitches about everything all of the time, then I’ll have to beat that ass (no pun intended). My buddy’s son is gay and he tried to pull the “you guys don’t like me because I’m gay” crap. Um, no. We don’t like you because you act like an asshole. Your boyfriend is cool as hell, you are a bitch. Your brother is a bigger fag and he is straight. None of us give a fuck that you’re gay, we just won’t hang out with you if you’re an asshole.

    Quick sidebar, when he decided to tell his dad he was gay, it was on a Sunday during football, dude is like 20. So he walks into the garage and says “Dad, I need to tell you something.” His dad is like yeah, yeah, whatever. He bets big on football games. So the kid goes “Dad, I am gay.” Dad says “Yeah. I’ve known since you were like 14. Throw me a beer, I need the Bears to score to win my parlay bet.”

    What does all of this have to do with my love for Dirk? Nothing.

  • Franchise

    LOL at QQ on post 33………personally im tired of this bullshit. if i had the power, i’d impose media blackout on potential/in the works deals till something is finalized. no constant speculation and “dude wants this, dude doesn’t want that,etc”.

    plus we the fans are the ones being played for fools here. the NBA is a multi-billion dollar business thanx to the fans who pay to watch games and buy merchandise. the FANS are the reason they get those ridiculous TV deals and advertisement dollars (coz businesses are tyring to reach to the consumers). the owners are making millions (rich getting richer). the players get paid in 1 year more than the average person will make in a lifetime. literary. just what does the fan get?????? really, apart from gettin fleeced of hard-earned meager earnings and devoting waaayyy too much time reading up on Stern acting like an emperor and CP3 and D12 whining like bitches??

    IDK maybe its unresolved anger issues with the lockout and nixed deals and all, but this whole thing has made me step back and take a long hard look at things. i’ve been a die-hard NBA fan since 2000 (LA battling Portland, Sacto got me hooked) but im out, im bouncing yall no more wasting my life on this BS

  • Franchise

    sum parting shots:

    fuck stern.

    fuck the owners.

    fuck players who are gifted with amazing physical abilities and dont do shit with them, apart from collecting paychecks they dont deserve.

    fuck the Miami Heat. bunch of pussies.

    on the flip side: big up to DIME for making the tail-end of my fan-hood immensely enjoyable. and shout out to dime readers who comment (even tho yall can be an annoying bunch, chi’rilla im lookin at u, bieber a close second)

    and a piece of advice: if ur not a journalist or affiliated to the National Basketball Association in some way which makes it beneficial to be fixated on this joke of a league, stop wasting ur life on this shit. hit the gym, hit up the playground and actually play the game instead of reading about others playing it. get money, get pussy, live ur life instead of watchin others live. peace

  • Franchise

    oh and FLUCK the poster known as “bruce.” always meant to get it out there. fuckin retard

  • UncheckedAggression

    dmitry–I’d like to have another team but it’s telling me there isn’t enough room. Is it too late to join the league?

  • Big Island

    Damn! Franchise with the greatest storm out ever. Like Kanye said, if tonight’s the night, pop bottles, fuck models, spend money til you’re broke, my ni**a live your life.