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Happy Holidays: Foot Locker x Dime Gift Card Giveaway!

Foot Locker gift cards

Thanks to everyone who posted their Christmas wish list on the site yesterday for this contest. We really honestly wish we could give every one of our readers a gift like this for the holidays – the Dime Crew is nothing without you guys.

We had to pick four winners though, and here they are (by commenter handle name):
1. mgoss79

2. Craig Ortega

3. Imperial-Mel

4. lifep

Each one of you guys, email us at contest@dimemag.com with some sort of proof it’s you and well work on getting you your gift certificate.


‘Tis the season of giving and that’s exactly what we’re going to do today. How’s this for a holiday giveaway from your friends at Dime and Foot Locker? We have four $50 gift cards for use at any Foot Locker store in the U.S. or Cananda, as well as Kids Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Champs Sports, Footaction, and their corresponding web sites if you’re doing your shopping online.

Here is all you need to do to win one of these:

Give us your Christmas list of gear you want to cop at Foot Locker and what exactly you would put you $50 towards in the comments section below or on Dime’s Facebook page.

We’ll pick our four favorites and announce the winners at 6 p.m. ET today. We’ll contact you, get your address and do our best to get you your gift cards in time to use them for the holidays.

Sound good?

Have at it…

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  • aaron

    two words. air force 1’s!!!!

  • http://facebook.com gage turney

    sound’s good guy’s !!!

  • Craig Ortega

    If I were to get the $50.00 gift card I would have to get those new kd4’s. He is going to explode this year and I heard that his shoes are like Jordan’s now. If you wear them you instantly start with 10 points. (j/k….kinda)

  • Minh

    I’m a sneakerhead so first thing on my Christmas list is the concord 11s. I also need some new hoop shorts and a pair of sweats

  • lifep

    I mentor two brothers, one of which seems to get the “hand me downs” from his older brother. He loves to play basketball but doesn’t have the best shoes. I would love to take him to Foot Locker and surprise him with a $50 gift card. He would pee on himself!

    The link below is a website I developed for mentor ministry. The younger brother is the guy in the red.


  • lifep

    ^^^ in the first picture collage (with the red on).

  • BD3

    I’d get my grandma some better walking shoes for her knee replacement rehab

  • joanna

    Jordan XI!

  • Ryan Baker

    Concord 11s for me & the lil me so we can match!

  • paulo

    i would definetly get those new lebrons,i have been saving for 2 months already to get me a pair of new basketball shoes those new lebrons are really cool,and $50 would definetly make it closer for me to buy it. thank you so much

  • s.bucketz

    Mee personally..only shoes on the market I want are those new spizzikes but I don’t think u can cop those anywhere right now that I kno of (at least in the chi)…id use the 50 to get my nephew fresh..not sure wuts a better look for a 9 month old baby???timbos, af1s..no Js for lil man…he is bred to b a knicks fan…maybe they got them melos in a baby size??

  • Steve Nash

    Def copping socks and sneaker cleaner!!! with the change left over a Foot Locker backsack!!!!

  • Steve Nash

    oh and the snap back upside down caps!!!!

  • stefan

    My mother kept asking me what do I want for Christmas and after she took my “Ipad 2″ response as a joke, we settled for new basketball shoes. Why this was my second choice can be seen in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPpuKgi3AEY
    My green adidas adipure’s soles are done! It’s like I’m on ice and I am getting crossed by 40 year old guys.
    My choice now would be the all black adiZero Crazy Light which scores great in the traction category. I would definitely try that Max Grip thing too.
    As the shoes are so expensive for me, this gift card would really help my mother.

  • Imperial-Mel

    I would drop the entire 50 bones on my lil Bro from Big Brosther/Big Sisters. He would pass straight out if he could get some new gear for his bball season! That would be a great feeling. Tis The Season’

  • JCarr

    My head endures the harsh winter as I unload trailers full of toys (so a winter hat would be nice) and my hands would be less ashy and cracked if I had some gloves. Help me!!

  • JK

    I would stock up on some shoe cleaning supplies and use the remainder to purchase a pair of Air Max 95s.

  • jzinOKC

    Foot Locker Christmas List:
    KD IVs
    Logoman socks
    Vibe bball shorts
    Jordan retro 11 for my lil guy (started hooping this fall)
    Basketball never stops tee

    i think that should get me started! But really would like to get my lil man some new bball kicks!

  • Andrey

    adidas Howard shoes, or an analogue, so I can hoop outside in the winter.

  • Aaron T

    As much as I want to get the Air Jordan XI Retros this weekend, I’ll probably use that gift card to give gifts for family members who were affected by the flood in the Philippines. Tis’ the time for giving and they’ll definitely appreciate the gifts during this tough time!

  • Charlie

    Oh man I can’t even remember buying anything from footlocker. The ones in Canada always have terrible selection and the prices are always jacked. In saying that I would have to give it to my best friend who gave me a 5 dollar gift card to me for footlocker way way back in the day when we where young bucks. Or actually. Ill show him the card and tell him if he can beat me in 2k then he can have it. We have some classic 2k battles. All the way back from 2k6.

    Thanks! Merry Christmas

  • Scoop

    What footlocker can you get concords or KDs for $50?? I get the gift card and its graphic tees like #basketballneverstops and some shorts to hoop in. Its only right

  • http://Yahoo.com Nick

    I want Jordan 11 concords. A heat win on Christmas day and Miami heat tickets Vs. the clippers

  • richard munassi

    this year my Foot Locker Christmas list is the following:

    Blake Griffin House of Hoops The Blake Show shoes.
    – i fell in love with these kicks the minute they were featured on Dime. the color scheme is awesome, and the fact that i’m in LA and actually can pick these up locally is perfect. plus being a clippers fan for all the ups and downs (well…mostly downs), owning my first clippers player signature shoe would be a very big deal.

    Shoe cleaner/guard
    – gotta keep the shoes nice!

    under armour hoodie
    – for keeping me nice and warm in these freezing 55 degree SoCal winters

    it’s a short list, but a sweet one, and i would be using all $50 towards it!

  • Ahmad Youssef

    List of gear i want to cop from footlocker!!:
    Jordans I Nike Air Jordan I shoes,
    Jordans XIII Nike Air Jordan XIII
    Jordans II Nike Air Jordan II shoes,
    Jordans XIV Nike Air Jordan XIV shoes,
    Jordans III Nike Air Jordan III shoes,
    Jordans XV Nike Air Jordan XV shoes,
    Jordans IV Nike Air Jordan IV shoes,
    Jordans XVI Nike Air Jordan XVI shoes,
    Jordans V Nike Air Jordan V shoes,
    Jordans XVII Nike Air Jordan XVII shoes, full list on eBay
    Jordans VI Nike Air Jordan VI shoes, full list on eBay Jordans XVIII Nike Air Jordan XVIII shoes, full list on eBay
    Jordans VII Nike Air Jordan VII shoes,
    Jordans XIX Nike Air Jordan XIX shoes,
    Jordans VIII Nike Air Jordan VIII shoes,
    XX Nike Air Jordan XX shoes,
    Jordans IX Nike Air Jordan IX shoes,
    Jordans XXI Nike Air Jordan XXI shoes,
    Jordans X Nike Air Jordan X shoes,
    Jumpman Pro Nike Air Jordan Jumpman
    Jordans XI Nike Air Jordan XI shoes,
    Jordan Team Nike Air Jordan Team
    Jordans XII Nike Air Jordan XII shoes

    Kobe zoom IV
    Kobe zoom V
    Kobe zoom VI

    And the gift i would use the $50 gift card towards would be the Kobe VII’s. I’m a huge Kobe fan and never really could afford his shoes…. And this giftcard would help me a lot!

    I really appreciate Dime Magazine for trying to help out!

  • Bryan

    Definitely use it towards a pair of Retro 14’s. I wore my original pair out imitating MJ’s jumper over Byron Russell. It would be so fun to wear those on the court again.

  • Nick S

    Would definitly purchase the Adidas AdiZero Crazy Light.

    Chicago born and raised what better way to school people on the court than in the best shoes around. And these are D Rose’s shoes of course.

  • Eric
  • First & Foremost

    My vote(s) go to comments number 5, 15, 13, for either their acts of selflessness or comedy.

    You guys need to get more creative and detailed with these wish lists.

    “Dear Dime Santa,

    For Christmas I’d like to have a $50 footlocker giftcard. With my gift card, I’d buy exactly $50.00 worth of shoelaces. I’ll cover the sales tax with the money I get from the sofa cushions. With the shoelaces, I’d go around to local underpriviledged youth centers and I’d giveaway as many pairs of shoelaces I can to those kids. I could even spend a few moments teaching the younger kids how to tie their shoes or even making the shoes they already have a little bit better. Even though most feel Christmas is about giving and receiving, my small gift to the affected children would also show them to appreciate the small things in life that they do have. So please, help me help them during this holiday season by finding it in your heart to select my comment as one of the four recipients.

    Dime Santa’s Litte Helper”

    If this is a winning submission I really would do this.

  • Jerome

    I’d really like to get the D Rose Crazy Lights or the Rose 2. It’d be nice to wear something other than 3 year old shoes I bought from Ross for 20 bucks. Or some Clippers gear before it all sells out.

  • John Vu

    I would get my self some socks for basketball and insoles to make me feet not hurt so much.

  • jlfor3

    Lebron’s… Need to ball in style.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Double J

    I would use the money the put down on those Jordan Retro 14’s… I had these shoes when i was 9 years old and just loved how easy they were to play in and how comfy they were. When I outgrew them I gave them to my best bud who wore them down like he was cruising with the Flintstones. Considering I’m a broke college student this would be a great gift to help reunite me with a pair of my favorite kicks ever.

  • shaw32

    my brother needs new shoes for his varsity basketball season id put them towards getting him the new Melos

  • dubicki09

    I need to get some basketballs for the kids at the rec center in detroit. And maybe some shoes for one lucky kid. To make his Christmas…

  • mgoss79

    Being a member of the Army and playing in a military league I would love to get a pair of the Nike Hyperdunk 2011 Supremes the Michigan State wore during the Carrier Classic. Right now I’m playing in a pair of Lebrons from 4 seasons ago that I took with me to Iraq to play in. Needless to say, there isn’t any more traction and it makes it tough to cut and defend when your feet slide instead of grip. The digital camo Hyperdunks would definitely go over well with all of the other military personell in the league.

  • Andre Fernandez

    All I want for Christmas is the new Nike Zoom Kobe VII “Supreme System”!

  • rey

    If i won the $50 gift card i would get an ASO EVO Ankle Brace and a Wilson Evolution Basketball. That would be a dope Xmas present.

  • Me

    I’ve been feenin’ for the Nike Flight huaraches. I think they were re-released recently, and i think they have a slightly different name too, like huarache 2012 or something. anyway, they’re the basketball huaraches that the Fab 5 wore at Michigan. Been looking around forever, take a few days off and now i hear they were rereleased (and immediately out of stock) on 12/16. Nike’s euro site still has them in stock, the gift card would mean i’d only have to pay an arm (and not the leg) to get them shipped over here.

  • rob stewart

    ADIDAS CRAZY 8’s, the real Kobe shoes!!! I’d wear these snugly on my feat while celebrating Jesus’ birthday(not Shuttlesworth) and watching Kobe beat the Bulls.

  • Cheire

    I would get the Nike Air Prestige 3 and the Nike Kobe Black Mamba Skin T-Shirt with the Nike Kobe Deadly Pants.

  • Celts Fan

    Was gonna talk about how I need new all white AF1s cuz mine arent so white anymore, but forget it. Give it to mgoss79. Thanks for keeping us safe man.

  • DJ ILLusive

    I would use that $50 gift card to buy a nice fresh pair of black and red adiZero Rose 2’s cuz my New Year’s resolution is to break some ankles and get a $94mil contract too! :)

  • BobBaby

    Gotta go with the up and coming Under Armour program. And I love soon to be All-Star Brandon Jennings so I’ll be looking for the his UA Bloodline kicks. He should be an ALL STAR this year!

  • bigpun

    any pair of bball shoes.my bball kicks are so old, the laces ripped through the eye holes so i gotta tie them to my ankles. dimemag help your boy out

  • Einnod31

    I will use the gift card to pay the sales tax for some new Kobe VII for my 9 year old son Dustin and 7 year old son Noah. Gotta love CA sales tax!

  • gmoney11

    Brand new pair of Oakley’s. and maybe some new socks. I love socks.

  • William Xie

    I would use the money for the new concords! or some new basketball shoes most likely the new Kobes coming out.

  • th3darkhors3


  • mjw09c

    My list includes basketball shorts and some new socks. I would put the gift card towards some Kobe VIs when they go on sale because I am a “baller on a budget”

  • suberzat

    Another year of Christmas Jordans XI dropping and this year the Concords are the Jordan i will be getting this year. The day after Christmas i will be getting the Christmas Kobes VII (Christmas supreme) this year. I have been getting the christmas kobes since he been shipping out the Kobe iv. Just another year of christmas sneaker shopping before i leave from home on my christmas exodus.

  • lmurray

    put it towards a project im working on to supply young kids with basketball gear

  • dbowe10

    My list includes the concords 11s thank you.

  • http://yahoo.com HardWork

    zoom kobe 7’s
    and hopefully a varsity spot on the team next year
    iknow i worked harder then everyone this year but u can’t beat a system if ur short n r new to a school

  • Robert

    The gear that I would cop most def. is some fresh air force 1, can’t go wrong with those. Have to look fresh for christmas!!

  • First & Foremost

    Why have I not been contacted yet?

  • Jefferrson

    Seriously? Only 2 of those 4 winners you picked deserved it. I call BS. Dime sucks unfollowing…

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lol dam i missed this giveaway