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Kevin Durant Rips the Heart out of the Mavs; Kobe Bryant Demoralizes the Knicks

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (photo. Greg Morris)

As long as the door’s open a crack, Kevin Durant can – and will – sneak attack you and steal a game. Last night in Oklahoma City, KD did just that. A back-and-forth game between the Thunder and the Mavs came down to a final two minutes dominated by big shots. With the Mavs down one, Vince Carter drilled a three from the top of the key off a Dirk decoy play with just 1.4 seconds to go. After a timeout, the Thunder inbounded to Durant, and despite everyone in the gym knowing he was taking the shot, the Mavs inexplicably A) let KD catch the inbounds pass cleanly and B) gave him some daylight to get off a shot. Buckets. Thunder win … Seriously, you let anyone take that shot other than Durant, right? Even a Russell Westbrook clean look is preferable … By the way, have you seen Russ’ MJ-powered skates?? … How’s this for efficiency? KD got 30, going 10-15 from the floor … We know there’s no substitute for NBA games and practices for players to get in game shape, but dudes who showed up to camp completely out of shape? No excuse. On last night’s TNT broadcast, Mike Fratello said that on the Mavs’ off day on Wednesday, the team made Lamar Odom come in for two hours of conditioning work. Then he had to come back early before the team’s shootaround on gameday yesterday for more … Interesting observation from Steve Kerr last night: The Thunder use a bunch of the same exact plays for James Harden the Spurs have used for years for Manu Ginobili … Twitter was abuzz yesterday about how Deron Williams and Dwight Howard had dinner in Orlando on Wednesday night. You can imagine what was discussed, but once the Nets/Magic game started, Dwight was in seek-and-destroy mode. The Magic stomped the Nets, 94-78, and DH went for a 16-point, 24-board, 3-block, 3-steal, 3-assist night. It was the 49th 20-rebound game of Howard’s career … In the first two minutes of the game, Howard sent a Memo Okur shot out to halfcourt and nearly 10 rows up the stands … Basketball cannot be fun for Deron Williams right now. He’s the only real offensive weapon on a bad team and is facing constant double-teams and it shows. Last night he had 10 points, on 2-10 shooting. It’s amazing that he came up with seven assists with the players he has around him. D-will’s on an island and the only guy he has to help him is Marshon Brooks (17 points) … We’re getting close to permanent-vacation time for Tim Duncan. The Hall of Fame-lock got benched last night in Houston as his Spurs got blasted 105-85. Duncan was a miserable 1-8 from the floor and finished with four points … Kyle Lowry was a monster for Houston, just missing a triple-double with 16 points, nine boards and eight assists … Click for more: Kobe demoralizes the Knicks, Tyreke Evans and Derrick Rose battle in Sacramento

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  • control

    I might not be wrong saying the knicks might struggle to make the playoffs. They are just HORRIBLE on defense. Chandler is already showing signs of losing it because he’s the ONLY guy who even cares about defense. There might be a team this season who manages to put up 80% fg on the knicks.

    Kobe, when he is playing like he did tonight, is a great player. He’s not selfish Kobe, he’s doing what he’s gotta do to win Kobe. Teammate Kobe is 10000x better than Selfish Asshole Kobe!

    I’m really feeling sorry for Perkins, that guy CAN NOT get any sort of break from the refs. I don’t even like the guy, but it’s just unfair what the refs do to him. Dirk was losing it a little bit for a while, but he made the right play and tagged Vince for a shot he can make in his sleep. Of course, Durant is a fucking killer, damn that was an amazing shot. Westbrook also proved why he’s better than Rondo when the guy completely took over the game near the end there.

    I want to punch Lamar Odom in the fucking face. That stupid cock sucker is fucking killing my fantasy team with his silly bullshit. He has to be the only emo teen playing in the league right now. I know it’s probably really exhausting climbing that monstrous mountain he’s gotta climb every fucking night when he sleeps in his own bed, but god damn…making like 4 shots out of 35 or something to start the season? Seriously? Not even adding anything like rebounds or assists to at least offset it either, holy christ. I hope his gigantic wife kicks his ass for being a god damn puss!

  • NYK

    with Chandler on board, Amar’e and ‘Melo might even be more lax on D. they probably think he’ll be the garbage man picking up all the rebounds, and tonight you can clearly see what happens – 2 rebounds for Amar’e.

    they probably going to lose to an athletic Kings team next. they need a new PG. Bibby is trash, I don’t know if you can wait for Davis. I hope to god somehow, someway, they can pull a miracle trade with Phoenix for Steve Nash.

  • NYK

    oh if you talking about Lamar Odom being a little bitch and killing your fantasy team, try having Deron Williams… I can’t even drop him.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    While Perkins was on the Celtics he got away with tons of fouls vs my Bulls in the 08’s playoffs. So i have no sympathy for that overrated bastard.

    Just watched Shaq get a tree dropped on him, that shyt was hilarious!

    Bulls vs Kings
    Kings shot 34fts. While last years MvP (DRose) was only able to get 6ft attempts while nearly fouling out himself (5 fouls) with a ton of tick tac calls against him. I have never seen a star player be disrespected as much as DRose. But we (Chicago and their fans) are used to it by now.

    Lakers vs Knicks
    I agree with control. That version of Kobe last night was the best player in the NBA version and a top 10 all-time player. But unfortunately that is not the Kobe we see often.

    Dwight Howards blk on Okur = filthy!

  • control


    At least Deron is having it harsh because NJ doesn’t really have anyone else on their team and he is playing 5on1. Lamar is sucking because he decided to grow a vagina in response to his wife growing a fucking cock. Williams will be traded and blow up, you’ll be cool. Lamar will probably have that pussy stank on him for a LONG time :(

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    you mention how terrible Amare, Melo and the other knicks have been on defense. Then you “wish to God” that they trade for Steve Nash?

    Steve Nash won’t help the Knicks because thats not really their problem. Their problem is defense and their star players don’t mix well.

    Tyson Chandler can’t shoot mid-range jumpers so he has to be around the basket on offense (which also helps with his offensive rebounding).
    Carmelo is their best post up player. So he needs to spend a chunk of his time on the low block.
    Which then pushes Amare away from the baseline/low block post ups and keeps him 18ft away from the rim. Sure Amare can shoot, but with your PF so far away from the rim, how’s he supposed to rebound?

    Bottom line, D’Antoni an idiot. He’s not a great offensive coach, all he does is let players free lance and jack up ill-advised shots. If he was a great offensive coach he’d be able to easily fix this offense and stop having people whining able bringing in a PG.

  • control

    Funny thing about NY…Amare might be the best and most willing passer on the team. That is straight pathetic. Fuck NY. Is Landrey Fields a serious nba player? Every play I seen him involved in, he just looked like shit. Almost like, I don’t know, a taller and stupider looking version of Chris Brown maybe.

    Steve Nash can’t go to the knicks. No way can my fave player end up on my most hated team, that would be a disgusting shamtravisty!

  • beiber newz

    so, how bout my lakers defense? mike brown finally warming up to any of you.

  • trollne1

    Oh god that was one ugly performance by the Knicks last night.

    Melo needs to have the ball on the block and not bring the ball up from the back court and set up plays. It’s already expected that the Knicks will suck on defense but their offense vs the Lakers was just atrocious. When everyone starts throwing bricks, D’Antoni should have a plan B, which last night was pass the ball to Novak and hope he shoots it from 3. They can’t even fast break or score on transition cause their front line is either busy complaining to the refs or just too lazy to care.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Disappointed@No beiber hate yet

    If things work out how i predicted kobe has a good chance of being MVP this season. Its really the only chance the lakers have at winning a title this year.

  • beiber newz

    and did en fuego just admit in his last comment on yesterday’s smack that he’s been the imposter?

  • beiber newz

    the bulls and jazz were throwing up bricks too against the Lakers. don’t just pin the horrible play on the knicks. some credit should be given to the Lakers players and their effectiveness on the defensive end of the floor.

  • beiber newz

    one thing i like, no LOVE is that when melo played poorly the focus was him and his mvp chances, when he has a good game the talk is the knicks’ defense . just completely flip floppy. and the person knows who i am talking about. 27 points, 2 threes, a block and over 50% shooting from the floor. and no mention of melo’s play, just the defense. seems like someone is just picking and aiming on what to rub in other people’s faces. very interesting move, but the guy is basically showing all his cards, if that person is gonna talk make convo about melo’s play when it’s atrocious, at least have good balance and talk about it when it’s good. that just shows complete haterness when you pick and choose WHEN to talk about something.

    just saying……..

  • beiber newz

    my last post needs A LOT of clarity. here goes. i’m sorry i make so many typos. i just get really lazy,


    one thing i like, no, one thing i LOVE, is that when melo had played poorly (against the warriors) the focus was him and his mvp chances. when melo played well (against the celtics and tonight against the lakers), then the talk isnt about his individual game, it shifts to the knicks’ defense. it’s just completely flip floppy.

    and the person knows who i am talking about. melo’s line: 27 points, 2 threes, a block and over 50% shooting from the floor. and no mention of melo’s play, just the talk of his team’s defense.

    seems like someone is just picking and aiming on what to rub in other people’s faces. very interesting move, but the guy is basically showing all his cards (as a trouble maker), if that person is gonna make convo about melo’s play when it’s atrocious, at least have good balance and talk about it when it’s good. when you don’t, that just shows complete haterness. when you pick and choose WHEN to talk about something, you expose yourself and you make it painfully obvious that you are essentially ignoring his good, respectable play.

    i think it’s fair to say that mel played like the 2nd best player on the floor, but of course no mention from that guy who loves to rub things in people’s faces, but one thing is for sure, he is waiting for a bad game by mel each and everytime he takes the court. tonite, mel has a good game and his mouth IS CLOSED ON THAT SUBJECT.

    just saying……..

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lakers defense looked improved from previous games. I watched them execute a few half court traps but i think Melo burned them with a 3 on one go around. wonder where bynum is, would you be surprised if he was training in some UFC gym somewhere waiting to lay some guy out in his 1st game back? Id be mad if this suspension turns him into a weeny.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lol@no ones reading the revised version after the first 4 words

  • beiber newz

    …larry hughes looks like he’s found his way back to the nba folks…….


    If I don’t see you Spear-Chuckers again, Happy New Year! One of my New Year resolutions is to not to be a racist on Dimemag!

  • beiber newz

    so apparently bynum is a cancer? is he really? that’s the first i’ve heard of it and it was during the announcing of the lakers game tonite.

    i mean he did come straight out of high school so he may still be immature.

    a man with a highschool kid mentality and millions of dollars can be a bad combo. i hav to look into this further…..

  • beiber newz

    thumbs up to bruce on his resolution ….

  • beiber newz

    also, does anyone know if michael jordan’s fiance has a nice body? i heard she is a model, but all i’ve seen is her face. she is cuban. and i wonder if she has a nice ass. seriously.

  • beiber newz

    @ panchitooo

    if kobe keeps scoring the way he is, he may thrust himself back into the mvp discussion, and AT HIS AGE, that is truly a feat…but he is of jordan’s nature (not saying he is jordan) so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he can produce the way he can at this stage in his career and with as many years as he’s been doing it.

  • Jzsmoove

    Ofom has got to back off reality tv and stay in shape instead. Toouvh hollywood. And I fucken apologize and got carried away with singing praises for the Knicks’ win on opening night. They are just plain disgusting.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Dime – easy as it is to rip the Knicks heart, focus should be flipped over to the Lakers d. It was suffocating. We had Gasol, McRoberts and even Kobe throwin shots back. I didn’t agree with Brown bringin Artest off the bench, but by giving the dude more responsibility, clicked something in his mind: dude has been ballin on that 2nd unit. Blake’s finally hittn 3s one year late n Barnes is still a pest.
    Lakers came down in the 3rd quarter n threw the ball into Gasol 7 staight trips, with Kobe on the floor. Kobe needs to play like this for 55 games cuz the teammates are unselfish; they’ll keep that rock movin. I’ll give him the leeway to go gunnin in 11 games if he hittin off the dribble like dude ws last night. As for Pau….where was this in the playoffs? Not forgiven yet.
    In conclusion, Bynum gets back…bench gets stronger, d gets even better.

    Lakers, baby!
    “The reports of our death are greatly exaggerated”
    -Mark Twain

  • Dan

    I think Tyson Chandler isnt as effective without a passing PG. He gets into the game more when someone is there to feed him a couple alleys. He gets hyped then plays better D.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    To appease panchitooo, I’m posting what I just posted in yesterday’s SMACK…

    Re: beibers #102 comment: “i never attack people first, never, i only attack when my opinion is called dumb, or when someone is making fun of one of my teams when it is unwarranted.”

    Let’s go back to Dec 23rd, 2011. He brought up the crazy notion of Melo finally deciding to work hard on defense. i disagreed, and compared that to Reggie Evans deciding to work on his jumpshot. Then out of nowhere, he hit me with this gem…
    “December 23rd, 2011 at 11:20 am
    beiber newz says: and offense is very different from defense, defense s a mindstate and hard work. so ur reggie evan example IS DUMB TO SAY THE LEAST.”

    Normally I don’t repost old posts, but beib, you rubbed me the wrong way when you called my comment dumb. If you disagree, that’s fine, but calling it dumb?? To that, I respond with a nice, clear, annunciated “Who is this fuckin punk?” Then a few days later(yesterday), you claim you attack people ONLY after they call your comments dumb. GTFOH. You say one thing, but do the other. You’ve been spending the last few days backpeddling from some older comments…. there’s no backpeddling from this now. Someone who claims to do something, but who’s action are directly opposite from their claims, <- that's a hypocrite. Remember that word?? That's the word you used to criticize MJ when he backed his cause as a player 11 years ago, then changed his tone this past offseason as an owner. The only difference is, his perspective changed in those 11 years. What has changed in your life over the PAST WEEK to have you actions contradict your words? If you were so damning when you called MJ a hypocrite, why are you clear of the same label?

    And for the record, I'm not calling you a hypocrite (like you saying you didn't call Melo "THE" mvp, but "A" mvp). I'm just pointing out the striking similarities between your actions and what a hypocrite is.

  • Buckets

    I’m so tired of this Tyson Chandler talk. He is a guy you bring in when you are trying to improve your rebounding and defending the paint. He is not a critical part of your foundation. Guy couldn’t score in a whore house. The Knicks went cheap on the best position in the league, as a result they will struggle on offense all yeàr.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Spurs got rocked by the rockets.
    I guess the rookies on that team now know they ain’t goin’ 66-0. good for them.

    That Dwight Howard block was a serious goaltend. Can’t believe the refs let that one go.

    27 comments and 10 of them belong to vagina newz.
    Son, your bullshit-blog percentage is down, you’re usually hovering around 50% of the total posts (yet the added value is only around 1%)

    …and league pass is free until January 8th, at least on my uverse. check it out if you already haven’t.

    I’m looking forward to Bulls/Clippers tonight – D-Rose vs. that dude who runs point for the clippers

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I’m a huge Mavs fan. I hated when Tyson Chandler signed there for last year, because of his Hornets days.

    But then he went and won a championship. I couldn’t not like him during that run.

    …after which he left the team for millions of dollars and a glamorous spot amongst some glamorous dudes (pause).

    I’ve watched him for years, even when he was with the Bulls, and I think he’s way overrated.

    Bulls: he had no point guard, so he was a good defender on a bad team.
    Hornets: he had a great point guard, so he was a borderline all-star.
    Bobcats: his point guard wasn’t all-NBA, so he was forgotten again.
    Mavs: he had an all time great PG, making him look serviceable.
    Knicks: Toney Douglas. Nuff said.

    As a Mavs fan, I’m glad that he wasn’t overpaid just to “be tough” and “play strong D”. He didn’t even grab 10 boards a game! And people talk like he’s an elite rebounder! He blocked 1.1 shots a game last year, which was the fewest IN HIS CAREER. WHY would the Mavs pay him a bunch of dough for that?!

    @Chicagorilla – I’m glad that you mentioned offensive spacing. I was JUST thinking about how Dirk Nowitzki has been underrated by certain people. Last year, during KG/DN debates, I kept saying that Dirk is just as valuable on offense as KG is on defense. Dirk spaces the floor by being able to knock down shots, therefore not clogging the lanes for his centers or slashing guards.

    Glad to read that you’ve seen the light! Lol

  • First & Foremost

    @Buckets I agree, video games have ruined the idea of synergy. Everyone thinks you can just plug and play players. Chandler brought toughness to the Mavs. The Mavs also had desperation and a couple other guys who knew they needed to step up on the defensive end. Even though Tough Juice was injured he contributed to the culture of the team. J. Kidd & Stevenson being wing defenders. Terry and Barea being pesky, Dirk developing that German hitman who-throws-a-shoe? scowl, and then you had Tyson AND Haywood holding down the middle.

    Just by adding Tyson to the Knicks, you’d think he makes the Knicks better defensively, but they don’t have a defensive culture. Amare & Melo aren’t/can’t pull someone aside and say you need to D your man up better. That isn’t who they are so how can they berate a teammate for a lazy effort?

    Conventional wisdom says pair Amare with a defensive big so that Amare can play his “natural” position. However, what if the key is to pair Amare with a competent 4/5 on offense and let the two of them be some trash on defense. Hell, playing a zone is in vogue now.

    Move Amare to the 5 and pursue David West instead. West can get a rebound if need be and he spaces the floor on offense for Melo. Then whatever big comes off the bench will be your garbage, I-have-6-fouls-to-give, so-glad-I’m-almost-seven-feet-tall big man.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I agree 100%, you hit it on the head.

    nice try lol. but you know my stance on that KG/Dirk convo.

    Bulls playing the Clippers is going to be ugly. I don’t think the Bulls stand a chance really. The Clippers are strongest where the Bulls are the weakest (front court). Rip and Rose will be slightly better than CP3 and Billups, but Blake is going to have shytfest 2011 all over Boozer and De Jordan won’t allow Noah to get a bucket in the paint. Plus this is the 2nd back to back of the short season already for the Bulls.

    Speaking of which, am i the only one who’s furious with David Sterns schedule? by tomorrow the Bulls will have played 4 straight road games to start the season. ALL THE WAY ON THE WEST COAST. For the team who had the best record in the NBA you’d think they’d get a little more respect. But instead Stern is using them to help sell tickets for Sac and GState.
    I have a great fear that Derrick Rose is going to break down physically this year. Not only Rose either, I think Kobe, CP3, Melo, Wade, Durant and/or Westbrook will go down with a season ending injury.

    Playing all these games so bunched together is by far the dumbest shyt i’ve ever seen from Stern. He clearly doesn’t care about the players, they are like animals on a farm that make money for him.

    side note:
    Did you see Kobe’s fingers when he was sitting on the bench and they zoomed in? His fingers were severely swollen and his pinky was disfigured. Im sure it swollen up more when he came out the game, but why would anyone insist on playing with a hand like that.

  • kyballer312

    Biggest thing I think a lot of you have ommited is that in this league you have to have strong PG play…NYK biggest mistake was letting Billups go…MIA needs a PG as well although their talent level is exremely high with their big 3.
    I thought I read a question asking would “Lob City” have chemistry problems like MIA did there first year I said no…you got TWO extrmemly good PG’s…CP3 the flashy dynamic one and “Buckets” the savvy vet who been there done that and seen it all…You have to have a PG with a set of balls to handle the egos…A lot of you hate on Rondo but take him off the Celtic team they don’t win the ship’ that year.
    Even during the Bulls run you had good PG play BJ Armstrong and Steve Kerr…that is the most vital of positions in my opinion (ex-PG) on the team…hopefully for NY when Boom-Diddy gets healthy they are not too far out of the race to make a run.
    There are only a few “true” pg’s in the league CP3, Nash, Rondo, D-Will and a few others…your PG can’t think score first and should NEVER have to be your leading scorer unless he is just on a bad team D-Will and CP3 last year…your PG should be option 3-4…he is “supposed” to be the coach on the floor and if he sucks: Chalmers, you resort to your best offensive weapon being your primary ballhandler which moves other players from there comfort zones on the court…so when Melo takes over tht duty he is looking for “his” shot; Kobe, D-Wade, LBJ all the same.
    You have a LOT of score first PG’s: Westbrook(why they will struggle in OKC for a ship’) Jennings, Evans and a LOT of others who are great players but not pass first PG’s “I” think you need in the league

  • beiber newz

    first of all, jay…that was still me attacking 2nd….what you did in your comments was use a crewed way of saying i was insane. when i mentioned melo working on his d, by u comparing that to reggie evans transforming his game, you effectively used that example to shit on mine. so of course someone should take offense to that. if you look at it from that angle like i did, you attacked MY OPINION FIRST.

    what you failed to mention was the response i had to you which was:

    “@ jay, you can NOT compare offense to defense, that is the only reason i said it was dumb, sorry for using the word, but i wasnt calling U dumb. so i want to be clear on that.”

    imagine if you had said something for example: i like vanilla icecream.

    harmless right?

    what if i responded to that by saying: how could you like vanilla icecream , “THAT IS LIKE” enjoying hot sexy with an ugly girl.

    sorta to the extreme i know, but even though you did not use any negative words, by using a bad COMPARISON like you did to me with the reggie evans comparison to the melo defense, you effectively ATTACKED my opinion FIRST.

    i wish you had pointed out that i wasn’t calling YOU dumb, but you are trying to spin a story your way.

    damn, can i get the heat off me for one day?

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @Chi – lol you know I had to go there

  • Douggie

    The Knicks played awfull Last night It seems like when Little kids played against Seniors,,,It is contagious most of them missed easy shots and even Melo missed sooo bad..I hope that Baron can help These poor Knicks.

  • beiber newz

    @ k dizzle……i’m sitting here shaking my head…not at you, just the world.

    when i was the one saying the lakers wuld be fine and have a good season, i was called insane, and everyone doomed their season (kobe’s OLD).

    they made fun of their offseason signings (how are mcbob and troy murphy going to help at all).

    they made fun of the coach (how can he lead this team, he is semi retarded)

    and i felt like i was on an island…

    glad to see the lakers have the pride to fight and scrap and have a good season.

    as of now, the way they are playing, they looked poised to make some noise again for another season. after the jazz game, kobe mentioned that they should have won all 3 games..and i think even for the haters, you have to agree, that bulls game was clearly stolen from them (no offense to the bulls, from their end they earned it by not giving up and i respect that).

    but please, for the haters, please admit that mcbob has been playing pretty effectively. troy murphy has been a very reliable rebounder and off the bench as well.

    k dizzle, i sooooo agree with you aon the ron artest thing. something definitely has clicked and it was a smart fucking move to have him lead that bench. has he had a bad game yet?

  • beiber newz

    @ fNf

    haha at your mention of: video games have ruined the idea of synergy. Everyone thinks you can just plug and play players.

    that is true, but only when talking between fans/friends/people

    but to be fair man, i seriously doubt you can make that claim against nba GMs, the guys ACTUALLY putting the real teams together. they have their own beliefs and reason for putting the personnel they do together. and i seriously doubt it’s because of 2K.

  • beiber newz

    @ chcicagorilla (or anyone else who wants to observe)


    he is spinning a basketball, but look at his index finger…


  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Whatever beib. If you consider THAT analogy as me attacking your comment, then I don’t know what to tell you. “Your idea is stupid”, is attacking (which is what you did). I simply disagreed and drew parallel lines to something else. And as many of the regulars have already expressed it seems like when someone disagrees with you, you get offended. Again, I did not attack you… I simply disagreed. There’s a difference.

    “i wish you had pointed out that i wasn’t calling YOU dumb,”, but you are trying to spin a story your way”
    – I never said you called ME dumb. I was very clear in my post that you called MY COMMENT dumb. Read it again. Repeatedly I wrote “my comment”, not ME. I’m not trying to “spin anything”, I posted what happened because you claimed you don’t attack anyone first.

    And you think the Melo/Evans thing was a bad comparison?? It’s not. Wanna know why? Evans has no interest in hitting jumpshots… just like Melo has zero interest in playing defense. Melo waking up one day saying he’ll start playing defense is like Evans dedicating himself to jumpshots. Sorry if you don’t see any similarities in those scenarios. That one may have flew over your head.

  • cesar



    u can do better, Dime!

  • cesar

    @beiber newz

    spinning the ball like a boss!

  • beiber newz

    and after re reading your last few lines JAY (from an old smack that i didn’t know you reposted your comment to me again) which were: “(like you saying you didn’t call Melo “THE” mvp, but “A” mvp)”.

    it IS BLOWING MY MIND that i am catching heat for saying melo can “play like an mvp”

    the only reason i am catching heat is because BEIBER NEWZ said it. if someone you guys are more comfortable liking said that, you would understand the words used.

    rose was the mvp, but didn’t dwight howard finish a close second? (or whomever you think finished behind dwight) dwight didn’t play like an mvp because rose won it? that logic is blowing my mind.

    think about this, there are voters who vote for the mvp. not everyone voted for rose. someone probably voted for durant. that man who voted for durant BELIEVES DURANT “PLAYED LIKE AN MVP” even though durant did NOT ge tthe award HE STILL PERFORMED like an mvp.

    that is the only case i was making for melo’s game. not once did i make a declaration he will get the award. not once did i predict it wuld be his. what i DID predict, was that he would elevate his game and play on an mvp level.

    since my name is beiber newz, you guys don’t want to see eye to eye with me. it’s kinda weird, but think about how i see it from my end. you can’t sit there and criticize me for say “an mvp”. it is accurate to say. please, if my name is the reason why i am hated, reevaluate how you approach people. because that is kind of forcing you to be closed minded before you even have a chance to analyze my comment because i’m not even getting that fair chance at a fair hearing.

  • beiber newz

    jay, yes you disagreed, but you have to consider the way you disagreed. further down the line you called reggie evans clumsy, obviously you have 0 respect for his offensive repertoire. so by you, even though you did not use a negative word like stupid or dumb which was nice, you still used a far off the cliff comparison which is basically embarrassing my claim of mel on def.

    i hear you though man, maybe i do go overboard when someone disagrees with an opinion of mine. i will be more conscience of that and not act too sensitive on that end. i get you (i’m not sure it’s entirely true, but i’ll keep an awareness to it now), but c’mon man…that reggie evans comparison was a low blow in the most inconspicuous way.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Beibs
    What I’ve learned on this dimemag website over the past 6-7 years is that, if you a legit fan of a team, it’s best not to post everyday. You can’t win that way. For example, right now, to Laker fans, we are the best team in the world. New York is a legit 3 or 4 seed out east with the best frontline(allegedly) in hoops. We crushed them from beginning to end. Scorers couldn’t get loose n their defender(singular) couldn’t stop anybody. Our franchise player played like one, our all-star post looked like the most complete post in the game and the bench represented. Everything the coach diagrammed was gold and to top it all off, our big man, doesn’t even come back til the next game. So for one day, it’s all gravy….until saturday. We play deep-ass Denver. So let’s say they come out n roll us by 15-20. Kobe shoots 7-27. Pau goes 2-5 with 7 boards. Bynum sprains a joint. The haters will be at the door. Unfortunately, that’s just how it goes. Even after beating Boston in a classic 7 games series to pull a chip, haters couldn’t give Kobe a day off. It wasn’t he boarded like Rodman or hit the clutch shot or made the big stop, it was ‘that foo shot 6-24′. I been a Laker fan since 85. Trust me when I tell you, you gotta know when to pick your battles. You don’t have to tell REAL Laker fans the team’ll be alright. Shit, we got Kobe, Gasol and Bynum. That’s a better 3 than 90% of the league. Only thing that woulda been better was KB, AB and CP3(Eat a dick, Stern.)

    @ Chi-rilla – As a hardcore Laker fan since I was 3, I’ll tell it like this and I believe this 100%. Something is wrong with Kobe Bryant. FOR REAL!

  • beiber newz

    ^great advice….i’ll take heed

  • bookkwormmaster

    Man that was a f***ing awesome game between Dallas and OKC. Someone mentioned the f`d up schedule and I completely agree but at the same time we`ve been treated to some spectacular game so far. Dallas looks like their starting to get their ish together but if they gonna make any noise this year Vince is gonna be the x-factor. You already know Dirk, Terry, Kidd, and Marion are gonna play their roles but what Vince brings to the table could be what ultimately determines how far they can go

  • First & Foremost

    Chandler was in the same hype machine that Dirk was in this summer. Dirk is the best PF ever in some circles and Chandler is apparently worth a massive contract. You;d think GMs aren’t suckered into the media hype machines because they SHOULD have some inside knowledge to scouting of players. Afterall, that is their job.

    Yet GMs make transactions that are based on hype, thinking they can just plug n play players. Some people have transitional skills and would be consistent wherever they go. Kevin Love, Dwight, Lebron, Blake, Crawford, and plenty more. However, not everyone can go from team to team and produce. Let a role player have a good year and some GM thinks he will have a great career on their team in a different system.

    Amare & Dirk aren’t top notch defenders. Chandler is one of the better defenders for his position. Amare and Dirk have similarities. Dirk was paired with Chandler and won a ring, more importantly Chandler won his ring vs the team to beat in the East. Chandler & Amare should have a similar result.

    If your team’s best player is Amare, it would be best to figure out which types of players he is better playing with. [Ignore Melo for a moment] Did Amare have a better year playing alongside Shaq [used for defensive purposes] or Frye [used for offensive purposes]?

  • Big Island

    So I am scrolling through the comments this morning, chillin, especially after Durant shat in my mouth last night, and I see That’s What’s Up say the League Pass is free on his uverse right now. I sat up, apparently sitting up is better for searching for a channel than laying back, and found it. I want to shake your hand sir, you have made my next few days.

    Couple of things on the Knicks, They shot like crap. Amare was awful. They need a pg. Nash wouldn’t help their D, but they would probably score 120 a game.

    And nobody saying anything about the Lakers shooting the damn lights out? I am with control, Kibe looked good last night. When a team shoots 53? percent for a game, you probably aren’t going to win. D’Antoni is incredibly overrated. I can’t believe I fell for it in Phoenix. He’s the NBA’s Mike Martz.

    This is day 4 of my bachelor life, I have a couple more to go, and I am not doing well boys. My eyes aren’t focusing. I have about 3 seconds from the time I realize I need to take a dump until it is in my pants. I ate nothing but cheese popcorn yesterday. It feels like I had a great leg workout but I haven’t trained in a week. My dog won’t even look at me. I think I have showered, I may have brushed my teeth. It’s not looking good.

  • beiber newz


  • Big Island

    Kobe spinning the ball, not a single fuck was given that day.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Chi-rilla

    Seriously. Dude plays thru some of the most ridiculous injuries I’ve ever seen. I took physiology, human kinetics n anatomy in college and do athletic therapy now so whenever Kobe tears, or rips, or breaks, or fractures, or severs some shyt from where it’s supposed to be, I shake my head. We all talk hoops with our boys so my bbm, facebook, etc blows up with the “Your boy gonna be gone for a few weeks LMAO” and whereas it used to stress my ass out, now I just shrug n send back the “We’ll see”.
    That’s why I say something’s wrong with him cuz he playin with injuries that DO knock down the toughest individuals. Like average people miss work for a few days, average pro athletes miss a few weeks on th IR; this fool don’t even take a day off. He finds some way to tape it or wrap it up so that the 20 footer is still wet.
    A torn lunotriquetral ligament is no joke. Shyt stabilizes the bones in the wrist. The last thing you should be doin is snapping the wrist on jumpers and dribbling, not to mention the contact made just by playin ball. Yet, this fool is out there, hittin and-1 30 footers and gettin hit on the wrist, dunkin like it’s no thing and shootin fadeaways like he’s on playstation.
    I guess the great ones can just tunnel focus and ignore what should be ‘shoot-me-now’ pain levels. Larry Bird and Jerry West got tore-up fingers too.
    I’m just happy this psychologically messed in the brain assassin plays for my favorite squad…

  • beiber newz


    every GM probably went into their job with the same thinking as you are explaining now. you make 100% sense. i can’t argue with your points…but put yourself in the driver seat. every gm wants to make all the perfect moves. but you have to take what comes with the territory. being a GM involves taking chances, it involves gambling. it involves thinking with your brain as much as it does with your heart.

    i don’t think the celtics knew what they were getting when they kept rajon rondo out of the KG trade involving the timberwolves. but they ended up keeping a future all star.

    while every GM wants so badly to put together an all star team, there will always be a hit and miss. no one want to have jordan’s label of a bust GM. but sadly, no GM is psychic.

    harmless question Fnf: do you honestly, HONESTLY think you could take over, let’s say the bucks, and with the knowledge you have now, put together a team that can compete for a championship if given a 5 year deadline?

    it’s much easier for owners to blame faults on coaches. why does david khan still have a job?

  • http://deleted dagwaller


    post 29

    I knew that I said Harden would be the next Ginobili! Lol ya’ll don’t want to know how long it took me to find that.

    @ Big I – your hand is your friend, homey, just sayin! lol

  • beiber newz

    :D @ big island’s comment of: “I have about 3 seconds from the time I realize I need to take a dump until it is in my pants.”

    very visual, very funny

  • Big Island

    KDizzle – I always wondered about stuff like that. When I blew out my left ACL, I had the doctor tell me the quickest he has ever seen anyone ever come back from one was 4 months and he was a 20 year old pro hockey player. I was like “I can do that”. No. It’s been 7 years and it still ain’t right. They cleaned everything out while they were in there and it feels better than my right knee though. I blew the right ACL 3 years ago in March and decided I was done, passed on surgery for that one. I fell a lot for about a month when it would pop out, but it’s pretty good now. My right thumb pops out and won’t open all of the way and my left middle finger can cross over my ring or pointer finger at the middle knuckle. I have a decent pain threshold, but trust me when I say I was not playing through some of that crap. Kobe is out there dropping buckets with dangling puffy hands and knees probably worse than mine ever were. Dirk with a tooth in his elbow. Nash with his back. Rondo when his elbow snapped. All it shows me is what a candyass I am.

    Speaking of guys tougher than I am, Lesnar fights Overeem tonight. I might be using my hand like dag suggested. All homo.

  • First & Foremost

    Confidence is 1/2 the battle so I will make a definitive statement and proclaim, I’d be able to build a team that could contend 5 years down the road.

    My Road to Success would be along the lines of:
    Start by cleaning house for draft picks and cap space. The key is not to swing for the fence EVERY year. Look at the Blazers. They don’t have to get the biggest named FA. My first draft pick will be a PF. In the offseason I’d pick up a few vet PFs as well. Their job is to show the kid the ropes. The coach will be an extension of me. They will run my system, not the other way around. With me and him/her on the same page, the players know I have my coach’s back. No BS-ing around in hopes they get fired. My draft/FA process will be similar to Khan but I want an army of big men. Years 1&2 will be drafting bigs. Year 3 I’ll survey the landscape and either draft a PG or a wing scorer. Hopefully the wing scorer comes through the draft and then I’ll step to the plate and point to deep left with my pitch to get a better than average PG. Then we wait.

  • First & Foremost

    Now that my rose colored glasses are off. Most GMs are handcuffed by none other than the almighty dollar. I’m not sure about Portlands finances but they go through GMs like Derrick Rose goes through skittles. NY signed Chandler because he was a nice shiny toy. Not brand new, not completely intact, but just because he shined. NY can market him to their fans as, “he is one of our missing pieces, not we just need a PG.” This year’s crop of PGs wasn’t great but the question is can Amare play with Chandler. You pay Amare more so Tyson is the odd man out. Would NY had been better off going for Nene/Gasol II? They grabbed Chandler because he has become a bigger name.

  • beiber newz

    fnf…havent done any research, just off the top of my mind…sounds like your formula MAY be similar to the bobcats/raptors who also took a PF/C type player in a draft. i know the bobcats rounded out some of their roster moves taking bigs (sean may, gerald wllace) and took a pg (felton) down the line , not entirely sure about the rap’s moves.

    but hey you make it sound easy, maybe they SHOULD hire you.

  • beiber newz

    ^bobcats: okafor
    raps: bargnani

    i don’t think their moves were similar to the one you diagrammed however….but still, both franchises remain to make any championship caliber runs .

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @ beib: I’m only going to respond to one of your comments then move on, because I feel like rehashing everything is pointless. i chose this comment because I feel like you think I’m jumping on you because it’s the trendy thing to do on Dime lately. Honestly that’s not the case from my perspective.

    “if someone you guys are more comfortable liking said that, you would understand the words used.”
    Not exactly man. I give you the benefit of the doubt. You know that. We’ve joked around often, agreed often, and civilly disagreed other times. But, even you have to admit, for the last few weeks or so you’ve been a bit out of hand. For whatever reason, whether it’s because you were provoked by somebody, or a bad day, or whatever… you’ve been confrontational like a son-of-a-bitch. And that’s not so bad because it’s an internet discussion board, but sooner or later (especially because you post so often) that routine runs thin. Dude’s get tired of it. I know I did, so i stopped reading your posts. All I’m saying is, keep it cool man. No need to bug out on people. Call my comments “crazy”, or I’ll even tolerate, “what the fuck are you talking about!!”… if you call my comments, ‘dumb’ IMO, that’s crossing the line from a discussion, to immature name calling whether it’s direct at someone personally or their comments. It ain’t cool.
    That said, there are some times when something might escalate(or descend) to that level, like with you and control, but shit I didn’t chomp your head off. Be easy. That’s all I’m saying. Maybe smoke a joint if u need help levelling out. Nothing wrong with a little bud.
    *puff puff pass*

    …moving on

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    …or you can play the BRUCE card and not give a fuck at all. Tell us all to fuck off and just be totally ignant dude. No offense BRUCE.

  • First & Foremost

    But how many coaches have the Raptors and Bobcats been through? That is where teams make their mistakes. They bring in a new coach to coach players that don’t fit his system and then because of contracts the new coach is handcuffed to being forced to use pieces that don’t fit. His draft picks aren’t ready to lead either. The coach loses his job, current players want to leave, and the next coach has the same problem the previous coach did. He has a bunch of 2-3 year players that were molded to run one system yet the franchise brough it a vastly different coach. You can’t swap D’antoni and Rivers and expect them to have their same results because the pieces don’t fit.

    Successful franchise have few front office changes. Leadership flows from the top down. Andray Blatche isn’t afraid to speak out because he knows 1 of 2 things will happen. Either he gets traded or the coach gets fired, both are fine by him. If the Owner/Gm/Coach move in unison, you’ll never hear a word from the players unless they’re grossly mistreated. Example, Indiana. Of all the Spurs that have come and gone, only Tony Parker expressed his frustration. They paid him off and he has STFU.

    Why do you think so many football coaches refuse to play for various owners? As a coach, you want GM responsibilities and as a GM you want a coach that plays a style you’ve drafted for. Either way, you want your Coach and GM to be on the same page. That way the players have no one to complain to, they can only focus on doing their job.

    Toronto has a problem of retaining players. The Bobcats have a problem of retaining coaches. Neither will make championship runs.

  • beiber newz

    the comment u responded to was actually an extension of the actually comment that should have been the focus.

  • beiber newz

    ^that was directed to JAY

  • JBaller

    I’ve been waiting for the knicks to have a team I can root for for so long, but it’s still so hard. I like the front court, but with no backcourt to speak of, no leadership, no on-ball defense, no playmakers except isolationists and a coach who rode his former mvp point guard to prominance they still suck! Waiving Chauncey to pick up Chandler now seems to have been a mistake. CB was just what ny needed, a playmaking leader pg. They looked like shit out there last night, like they have no idea what to do, no game plan whatsoever and no one who would be willing to execute a plan if there was one.

    I’m just gonna have to root for Denver, since I live in the CO, Rockies now. Got some tix for DEN vs BOS in March foe Christmas.

  • King

    The knicks will continue to be average until dantoni is fired. he sucks


    Fuck you, beiber. You still trying to use me as an excuse for your psycho fucktardness?

    I’m gonna call your 5000 bucks cash if you see any of my posts admitting about faking.

    There’s only one faker here and its you, beaver, you dumbass poser.


    Let’s see if you can prove shit, boy.

    And we’re doing it as technical and as detailed as fuck – just like the way you want it.


  • beiber newz

    “Either way, you want your Coach and GM to be on the same page.”

    THAT IS integral…very integral actually.
    i haven’t heard of one bobcats fan. maybe because that franchise seems all over the place. i have no clue what direction they are going in term of the type of nucleus they want to put on the floor. what product are they aiming for?

    are they a defensive unit? are they a run a gun squad? are they a slow it down, grind it out team? i don’t know. maybe it is because of the coaching situation you mention. GMs can’t just thrust players here and there and expect the franchise to prosper. i see your point, doc rivers and his GM have been on the same page for years. and although the celts get made fun of for bringing in old vets, they still have a cohesiveness that allows them to compete and that only instills good chemistry.

    with that said, saying it is easy….actually putting it on the floor is the hard part. most GMs have ego’s. most coaches hate interference from up top. but seeing as how you’re headstrong on finding a coach that will be happily subordinate, those problems can be avoided.

    but that doesn’t guarantee success. sometimes players just slack. sometimes they don’t live up to their contract. there have been a number of players who look good to everyone and then flop 1 or 2 years down the line. then those GMs are handcuffed for years. most gm’s pray for luck just as much as they pay for scout’s analyzed studies on player’s true effectiveness i.e. landry fields. had anyone known he’d be a reliable guard, no one can argue that he wouldn’t have been a first round selection.

    basically, my point is, for as much and as good as you sound, and as perfect as your plan seems, sometimes you have to roll the dice. i think the spurs have been the smartest drafters for years. they always get sneaky gems in the draft. that is why i’m pretty sure kawhi leonard will be a stud. it’s not my opinion, i just have a lot of trust in the minds on the spurs staff. really, who was their last bust in the draft? i think they even drafted scola, they should have kept him…..


    ^^^^^Long, boring and pointless as usual.

    Always analyzing the obvious with stupid, dumb as fuck opinions.


    What a poser. Posting opinions as if we don’t read shit about the NBA.

  • beiber newz

    hi en fuego, i hope you are having a wonderful day so far.

    to address your comment, i wasn’t sure whether or not you admitted to being the imposter, which is why i posed my comment as a question and not a statement. let me explain why i wanted to inquire as to whether or not you had admitted to it.

    when i was asking about who faked my comment, i told you that you sounded defensive, and although you did say that it was a “nice setup” (i wasn’t sure what you meant by that), as i continued reading your comment you said that “you stooped to my level” and said that you had kicked my ass “for old time’s sake” ….. ? i wasn’t sure if you had admitted that you faked my comment to “kick my ass” as you claimed and for old time’s sake – as if you have been faking comments for a while. i wasn’t sure at all.

    that is the only reason i posed the question. it wasn’t an accusation, but i can see how anyone can take it as so. i understand that.

    no offense…why do you constantly use: HAHAHAHAHA ?
    u say it after everything…even when it isn’t “ahahaha” worthy.


    Posting as if he’s the only one who knows hoops. Annoying know-it-all asshole.

    And he’s posting and trying to be nice today. But still trying to explain and weasel his way out. What a phony.


    And now you suddenly back off, say you ain’t sure and go safe again. Typical. Everything is HAHAHA worthy when its about your pretentious bullshit. And I can tell it annoys the psycho out you, so…

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you piece of shit

  • First & Foremost

    So apparently the best way to beat the Spurs is to play extra hard for 36 minutes and then watch Popovich hand you the game.

    So if there are any superstars out there that have taken flak for not being clutch when it matters because they have had a career of blowout wins under the their belt, THIS IS YOUR SEASON.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lol@beiber agreeing with everyone today and en fuego still shitting on him. looking foward to more hate in 2012!

  • beiber newz

    EN FUEGO, you truly make me smile. *hand on bible*

  • beiber newz

    i have nothing to disagree with. it’s funny that people just think i go out my way to disagree. lol
    like if i defend my original comment i am a “disagreer ”


    no one here has said anything truly disagreeable for me.

    man. funny how you get a label after ONE WEEK! and all because of my melo mvp talk. smh lol one week of me defending melo and i have the label of a disagreer, how long have i been commenting on this site, and one week will define me. silly.

    this is actually the first thing i am truly disagreeing with today, and it’s me defending the fact that i am not a disagreer, how ironic is that?

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Dam idk whos hated more on this site beibernewz or Lebron lol

  • beiber newz

    lol….? people luv drama. they’ll create it out of no hwere. just to stir up hate. clear example

  • That’s What’s Up

    someone is still crushed after the Mavs swept a fading team out of the playoffs last year.
    move on.
    the lakers have a chance to fuck the whole thing up again this year.


    Not one week. Not Melo. You had it coming.

    Your douchebaggery did you in.
    Panchitoooo called it. HAHA

    It was inevitable. The only thing uncertain is who control hates more, you or Rondo?

  • beiber newz

    did me in? lol were we in battle? :D

  • beiber newz


  • RobL

    Lakers putting Metta in charge of the 2nd team was exactly what we needed especially now that Drew is on he’s way back into the lineup most likely gives MWP37 a bit more confidence knowing the coaches see him as an on floor leader & realistically that’s exactly where we need him never know might be 6th man @ the end of the year.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    after reviewing the last couPle laker games in my head i still think kobe needs to improve on lots of things. Now that hes freestyling his attacks hes turning the ball over on silly moves/plays and that needs to end soon. Not only that but i feel he could come off the high pick and roll a little harder and really look to score within 2 dribbles. Kobe doesnt elevate as well as he used to and that 3rd dribble IMO gets him too low in the key where he cant finish consistently over younger and taller defenders. I know that the mid range 18 footer is his bread and butter but scoring like that is not as effiecient as other options on the court. He should stick to shooting 3s and taking it to the hole either off the dribble or post ups. The trust and passing will eventually follow and soon after the MVP trophy….

  • RobL

    MAVS vs OKC, Mavs should have never let that slip obviously they were going to KD35 but to pretty much hand OKC the win after VC hit the go ahead 3 because of poor defense & clear passing lanes I would say the 10/11 champs would be disappointed & might even be experiencing a championship hangover well see oh & KD35 is PLAYING like an MVP >_<
    Knicks went & recruited offensive weapons got 1 player who plays good defence ( when he has a decent PG ) & probably hoped they would land CP3 but Chandler can't do it all alone & Stat use to be a monster on the boards before the injuries It feels to me NY think they can go out & outscore there opponents everynight but that ain't going to happen with the opponents knocking down shots with ease and then making NY work even harder by locking down hard on defense & making NY earn there buckets…

  • beiber newz

    @robl….you mention kd playing like an mvp..you’re not allowed to use that terminology apparently.

    @ panchitooo…you mentioned a lot of hypotheticals when talking about kobe/mvp. you’re not allowed to use that syntax apparently.

    not tryna stir anything…but i guess no one here likes when people talk like that. i got heat for it, just giving you two a heads up…i found myself in a war zone when i did.

  • beiber newz

    the way dwight is rebounding the ball and the way kobe looks rejuvenated, i think it’s safe to say if those two played together the rest of the league should cry… like, go into mourning.

  • beiber newz

    i need to see some highlights..rubio is cooking miami, 12 assists ! there has to been a handful of sexy dimes. he has arrived.



    Now that is comedy gold! Beaver still trying to weasel his out with “technicalities” about the MVP. Just own it, man. This is just too pathetic.

  • First & Foremost

    @Dime – There isn’t a healthier team that refuses to win a game like Detroit.

  • beiber newz

    more “hahaha” from en fuego. man, you really do over use “hahaha”

    anyway…rose and 250 million will be in the same sentence very soon…………..