NBA, Video / Dec 30, 2011 / 10:00 am

Kevin Durant’s Buzzer Beater Against the Mavericks

Kevin Durant buzzer beater against the Mavs

As we said in today’s Smack, everyone in the gym knew who wanted to take the final shot for the Oklahoma City Thunder last night. Down one with 1.4 seconds left, no one but Kevin Durant was going to get this look.

How the Mavs let KD get the ball and a sliver of daylight we’ll never know; we doubt Rick Carlisle got much sleep last night. Give credit where credit is due though – KD still had to take and make the shot. And he buried it.

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  • thrillah

    That was cold. Durant is the clear cut MVP. LeBron has been playing great, but there’s no way he could’ve pulled this off.

  • wishuwould247


  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lebron made a similar shot to win the game a few years ago during the playoffs against the Celtics. So im gonna have to disagree with you

  • Michorizo

    May be the best in the league today

  • SayItAintSo

    @ Panchitoooo

    And I’m going to have to disagree with you. I mean, yes you can find one anecdote from LeBron’s career and you have to go a ‘few years back’ to find it. I’m assuming you mean the lucky bank shot?

    KD is clutch and on a mission. He leads by example and doesn’t defer when the moment is his to seize and that’s what the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER should do in moments like the one in this video.

    Like Dime says, everyone KNEW that was going to KD and he still made it happen. Same situation for the Heat and I’m not even sure LeBron takes the shot, let alone makes it. 1.4 seconds isn’t enough time to bully or crab dribble your way into the lane.

  • dk

    @sayitaintso… Get off of it bro’ , KD is a phenomenal scorer, no doubt, but I watch him continuously fail defensively. Did you see Hedo, yes Hedo, continuously blow by him? Stop the non sense. Obviously James is far superior the all around talent. It’s not even close.