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Kobe Bryant Can’t Be Stopped; Patric Young Gives Us The Block Of The Year

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant (photo. Chris Sembrot)

Asking Kobe Bryant to sit out with an injury just isn’t happening anymore. Some of us want to believe he’s doing it for the fame – “Not even Jordan could play through this!” – but at this point, it doesn’t matter the motives. Mike Brown says he can’t even tell Bryant is injured at practice, and Kobe is promising he will play this weekend. Kobe is Christian Bale and Gary Vitti is Morgan Freeman. So what will happen? We’re not doctors, but NBA 2K12 took a stab at it for us Stephen Jackson was pushing for a contract extension all through summer and into training camp. Luckily, he’s decided to call if off, saying “Right now, I know it’s not the time to talk about contracts or anything like that. It’s about focusing on getting to the playoffs.” Jack is right. Milwaukee has a shot to get a top six seed in the East if they’re able to get everything together. At the center of that is Jackson, who could be the best playmaker on their whole roster … For real, we’re all a little sickened at some of the craziness going on surrounding the release of the Concords. It’s not even something to joke about. Some messed up s$%^. Not everyone will get their pairs, and Nick Young is trying to make due with what he can. Earlier this summer, the Washington two guard said he’s never wearing Js again because of the stance Mike took during the lockout. Well, as long as Nick is getting his money, he doesn’t seem to care. About the new Concords, Young said: “Those were some of my favorites. I might have to give Jordan a call and apologize. I didn’t know those came out. Those were my favorites.” Of course, Young’s Jordan protest is over. Not like anyone took him seriously anyways … Honestly, Patric Young is a beast. First, he makes the block of the year, and then finishes it with a dunk … Laker fans rejoice: Andrew Bynum‘s suspension has been reduced to four games. The NBA ruled yesterday that because it’s a shortened season, his five-game suspension was a lil’ too much. We’re not even messing around. This is huge. The Lakers are going to be fighting an uphill battle at the start of the year. Bynum is incredibly important. We can just imagine David Stern sitting in his Manhattan office chatting up his people, saying “If we make this reduction, does this make up for the whole Chris Paul thing?” … Charlie Villanueva also had his suspension reduced to four games … Okay so the Pistons can’t get better on the court, but they can step up their locker room. The Detroit Free Press writes: “A newly refurbished locker room that is larger and features better lighting and technology. A roomy training room with saunas and several massage tables. A huge modern-looking players’ lounge with a big-screen TV and other amenities.” In all seriousness, sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make a difference. Players get recruited easier. People feel more at home. Detroit couldn’t get any worse than what they were. If they don’t win 30 games this year with that talent, we’ll be disappointed … On Twitter last night, Wilson Chandler gave out his top five albums of all time. He tweeted Illmatic, Ready 2 Die, The Chronic, Doggystyle, Reasonable Doubt and Me Against The World. C’mon now. We know it’s the hip thing to do to give love to Nas‘ first joint, 2Pac‘s most introspective album and all the rest, but no one is touching It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. If we’re talking hip-hop, NO ONE … LaMarcus Aldridge is saying his Blazer team has everything they need. And what he means by that is everyone wants to win. If he’s right, we like Portland’s chances. The talent there is obvious. But it’ll take more than that … In college ball, Baylor barely survived in OT, while every other top 25 team won easily … And the T’Wolves cut Bonzi Wells. They’re no longer one of our favorite teams … We’re out like rioting over Jordans.

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  • ab40

    bonzi wells cut? DUh
    Kobe should sit out an extra week we know he’s a “tough guy” but he should just let this one slide and sit out a few games. No Bynum and no Kobe could is tough for em but if he wants to survive.. bla bla bla. Kobes is gonna play no matter what the doctors say. And I hate asking this because there hasn’t been an AI sighting or rumor anywhere so what’s this dude up to?

  • control

    This is one of the main ways Kobe is selfish. He ain’t doing this play through injury shit for his team, he’s doing it because he wants to be seen as invincible. Guy is just hurting team with this bullshit, he needs to shut it down a week or two and then come back healthy…instead he gives his jockriders an excuse they can always use “oh, he missed that game winner because he was PLAYING WITH A HURT WRIST!”. If he’s going to play, can’t be used as an excuse, and I’m not even talking by Kobe, but by his fans, Laker bandwagoners and ppl who lose it if you say Kobe isn’t the best at everything.

  • catdaddywhack

    “Not even Jordan could play through this!” is prolly the worst advise to give Kobe…

    Merry Christmas, Jockriders!

  • stefan

    @dime – the link to patric young’s block and dunk is not the right one

    @control – kobe playing with a bad wrist IS a sign that he wants to be seen as invincible. and what is wrong with that? I don’t think it hurts the team at all, guys have minor injuries all the time, if they all would sit them you would have 5 guys available to play every night. I will tell you what the problem is, if barnes or steve blake has a bad back or something like that, nobody cares, you would just find out at the start of the game that they are sitting out. but when Kobe goes through something, the media is all over it, like the so long fairytale about his little finger..

    people going crazy about some shoes is retarded IMO.

    is it such a lack of news that I have to read about wilson chandler’s favorite albums? the guy is in China for Christmas and probably bored as hell (if he isn’t partying with 5 asian hookers). of course he is nostalgic and listening to his old albums… I think he is also watching games that his dad recorded in wilson’s primary school and playing 2pac in background

  • yoda

    trying to remember when was the last season when kobe was fully healthy. guy has a bad luck with injuries. broken hand, finger, knee… i’m not saying is it smart or not to play with all these injuries. but he’s a guy who takes great care of his body to be in best shape possible and to reduce chances of getting injured yet he seems to pick up some weird injuries all along.

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    Hi hi from Jurg.

    Hurry NBA

  • Andrew

    I love chinese pussy ..not way Wilson Chandler is bored over there! lol

  • K Dizzle

    Just here to say Happy Holidays to everyone and of course an ‘Eat a dick” to those non-Laker fans droppin deuces in they drawers cuz Kobe’s playin hurt. Why you fools even care? Laker fans will take Kobe at 50% with no Bynum, Shannon Brown , or Odom. Last thing we need is Pau bein gassed by playoff time again so fools can talk about how hard he “fell off”. So thanks for your opinions but ya’ll act like you shocked that Kobe playin thru this. Same dude that twisted his foot upside down in last year’s playoffs n didn’t even wanna come off. Laker fans ain’t comparin everything Kobe does to Mike, the haters do. “Oh shit, Kobe playin with the torn ligaments cuz Mike never did” Huh? Dude been destroyin his body to play the game for over a decade and haters STILL twistin it like he hurtin the squad by playin thru pain cuz it’s selfish? Y’all think his teammates don’t want him out there? Stop hatin and appreciate the toughness. Now turn off the computers and go spend time with the fam…

  • tall order

    Clicked on the “block of the year” link and got taken to an article regarding the Concords. No matter, see what Rashard Lewis had to say about the frenzy:

    * * *

    As for the re-release of the retro Jordans, Rashard Lewis said he couldn’t relate to the craze, which has seen hundreds of people standing outside of stores for hours in anticipation of buying the shoe that retails for $180 and has led police to arrest unruly customers in Michigan and Georgia.”I couldn’t afford to have Jordans back then, so it wasn’t no waiting in line,” Lewis said. “My mother, she might smack me in the back of the head trying to buy some shoes for a 100-something dollars. . . . I heard a lot of people waitng in line. I guess Jordan is the man. It’s unbelievable how kids wait in line all night for Jordans. If they could do that for school, they might get better grades.”

    * * *

    I give him credit for taking that point of view.

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla

    This doesnt help the Lakers all that much. Maybe for the first game, or second game, but after a few back to backs Kobe will need to rest and those bench guys will need to step in, but they won’t be ready. If Kobe takes a couple weeks off, the Lakers may drop a couple games they’d normally win, but the back up players will have a little more confidence, which is what the Lakers (and all teams this season) really need. And i dont by that “Gasol was gassed” crap. Everyone saw what happened. Gasol started last season like he was the best player in L.A. Kobe wasn’t having that shyt and he just started gunning recklessly and freezing out the bigs. Gasol wasnt gassed out, i think he was tired of Kobes selfish act and everyone in L.A. scared to say anything to him.

  • Robmo35

    Why can’t Stern stop meddling? Dropping Bynum’s suspension from 5 to 4, absolutely ridiculous. I don’t see the Laker faithful bitching about this. I guess as long as its in your team’s favor whatever Stern does is okay. Enjoy your mediocre season Laker fans.

  • jzsmoove

    Yall have a merry Christmas or whatever holidays you celebrate bitches.

    Stern has become a douche, probably losing his marbles or just not getting enough at home. Watch for enlightenment in the near future. It will all come to light to all his recent actions. Maybe going through a messy divorve or something?

  • JBaller

    Happy holidays dime crew! I hope you all get whatcha want! My wife and I are expecting our first baby any day now. A happy, healthy baby girl is all I want this holiday season. That and for the Knicks to whoop Boston in the season opener!

  • beiber newz

    the one thing i’m thankful for, real talk, is that a season is here. i never thought i’d live to see a lockout. i have to admit, that time was torture. this was the worst summer of the NBA for me, and i’m hoping i never see a work stoppage like that again. it makes me appreciate the game a lot more. i can’t wait to see my Lakers and Knicks play. i will feel like a kid again. this season is sure to be filled with a bunch of twists and turns and don’t be shocked of a surprise ending.

    good luck to all your teams this year fellas.

  • Big Island

    I hate Kobe, but I am with KDizzle. As a card carrying member of the FKB24 Club, you have to respect how he plays through injuries, he never brings them up and never uses them as an excuse. Kobe lovers do, but Kobe himself never does. He never mentions his fingers being whatever, but his fans whenever he has a bad game will throw that all over the place. He never mentions his knees. He never mentions the wrist, and he’ll answer maybe 2 questions about it. Without him, the Lakers are sauce. He is better than every other 2 guard in the league not in Miami or OKC and he has never milked an injury. Wade does. Don’t even get me started on Pierce and his fucking wheelchair. You can say what you want about him being selfish, he is. You can call him whatever. But even as a huge Kobe hater, the dude never makes an excuse for himself or the team and you have to respect that. If he is banged up enough to hurt the team, that’s on the coaches and management.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    By the looks of it Kobe is more injury prone than Bynum.

  • beiber newz

    control’s statement was either ignorant, or trying to get a rise out of anyone who likes the lakers/kobe.

    your one line that i took away from your response that made 100% sense was this: “Y’all think his teammates don’t want him out there?”

    what can the haters say to that really?

    gud one kdiz

  • str8ganksta

    1 – tribe: low end theory
    2 – erik b and rakim: paid in full
    3 – wu: 36 chambers
    4 – nas: illmatic
    5 – pe: it takes a nation…

  • beiber newz

    @robmo35, i will enjoy the lakers “mediocre” season as long as they win the finals in the end, u sour non laker fan. HA!

  • beiber newz

    TO LAKERS FANS; DO ANY of you think it would be a good idea, or bad idea to add someone like nate robinson, to replace shannon brown? sometimes all it takes is an environment shift and a player like nate could be an explosive scorer off the bench. just a suggestion, what y’all think?

  • Franchise

    the whole Kobe/MJ thing is really gettin old, don’t y’all think?? give it a rest. 50% Kobe is better than having 0% Kobe period. if u find that debatable therez no reasoning wit u. ‘long as he doesn’t force it too much which admittedly he has a habit of doing. thats on Mike Brown to control. @bieb seein as the LA roster now boasts the likes of Troy Murphy and McBob, bring on Nate!! he’s a jacker but the 2nd unit can use any offensive help it can get

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    How many players USE INJURIES AS AN EXCUSE?

    I’ve never heard an actual player use his injury as an excuse as to why he didn’t perform well. Even a douche like Jay Cutler. So when you guys keep pointing out that “Kobe himself, never uses it as an excuse” that means absolutely nada!

    And while 50% of Kobe theoritically is better than 0% of Kobe, especially in this case with Bynum being out, you have to understand what that means to Kobe himself. This is an excuse for him to come out gunning. And we’re not talking about the flucking Toronto Raptors here. This is Chicago. A top 3 defensive team in the NBA, with 2 guys in Rip and Brewer, who can effectively guard Kobe. Add that to the great defensive scheme of Thibs.

    Bulls-Rip/Kings-Reke/Utah-Bell all in a row is a tough start on both sides of the floor.

    He gets a break vs New York, but then he has to face Afflalo who is one of the best defending wings.
    Then he has Kevin Martin who could drop 40pts on him no question.

    To me, it just seems like he should be sitting out.

    If Pau Gasol was such a great pick up for Houston (and Orlando) and was going to be their franchise big man to replace Yao. Why the hell can’t he hold down the fort for L.A. for 4 games until Bynum gets back?
    I mean a franchise big man should have no problem carrying a team until the star wing gets back right?

  • JBaller

    I love Nate coming off the bench to supply instant offense to any team without a well-rounded second unit offense. I wished he could have stuck around with D’antoni’s Knicks, since D’ant likes using a short rotation. He could rest his high-scoring starters and give Nate the green light. The same could be true on the Lakers; give him some of Kobe’s minutes and rest the Mamba more now that he’s older.

  • control

    It may be the holidays, but apparently ignorance and stupidity never takes a break eh beebs? Call me out again? You are either a sado-masochist who likes to be degraded because you have no self-esteem, or you are some teen emo chick who is fat, cuts herself and has no self-esteem. Sorry buddy, not going to send anymore attention your way, go cut yourself if you need a “cry of help”.

    KDizz, others

    I’d rather have Kobe as close to 100% as possible for the important games, instead of rolling along at 50% all year because he feels he has to do everything. Mike Brown IS NOT going to have any control over Kobe, ever. Kobe is like a wounded badger, when he’s injured or hurting, he’s coming out gunning. How is that good for the team? Guy missed a few game winners last year, and he wasn’t 100% in the play offs. If that is what Laker fans want, then all the more power to them, just don’t make excuses for Kobe. Kobe ain’t making excuses for himself, but he really does need to adjust his game to his current physical status.

  • Franchise


    1. no question Pau can hold the fort down, im no fortune teller but i see him rollin off 20-25pt 10reb games till bynum gets back and starts takin shots away from him. Pau’s skills and ability are unquestionable IMO, the problem is his motivation and self-belief. and wit Bynum out and Kobe not 100%, plus his having something to prove, i look for Pau to bring it. but i believe addin KB to the mix can only help, IF he keeps his shit together and doesnt try to take over. i believe he’s matured over the years, and knows that at this point in his career winning chips is what matters, not 40pt games. so i say play him!!!
    Kobe has been sayin in interviews that the injury is the type that playing on it wont further aggravate it, so why not play? KB is a competitor and wouldn’t back down from a challenge (apart from when he has some point to prove, the Suns series in ’07 was fuckin annoying). rip-reke-bell is gruesome, but IMO thats the perfect ingredient to get KB going while that injury heals. again, KB claims playin on it wont cause any further damage. check the Lakers website for the interview, cant find the link.

    @control i agree, Kobe isnt always the best judge of his limitations. guess being so darn good so long does that to someone. not making excuses for him tho, he needs to realize that he’s not his usual self and thus tone it down a bit especially offensively, play the role of a facilitator and decoy on offense since u know a double team is comin his way long as he’s on the floor.

  • Dana Walker

    Kobe has to play because a fucking scrub like McRoberts will be the starting PF against the Bulls. My god is it fucking 2006 all over again in Lakerland.

  • Dana Walker

    Can the Lakers just resign Kwame Brown at this point? Hell even he is better than Murphy and McRoberts…combined. Seriously, the Lakers are Fucked this year. I see a first round exit in their future, probably 4-1 or even getting swept.

  • beiber newz

    golly, leave kobe alone. if this was michael jordan saying he wanted to be on the floor, all you guys would be hanging off his nuts saying jordan is a god. yet since it’s kobe all you slimeheads want to have all your reasons as to why kobe wants to be on the floor. here’s what you dummies should do, shut up and leave kobe alone, you are not the coach, you are not the medical staff and last but not least, you are not kobe bryant.

  • Franchise

    and chi….love the underhanded reference to “the nixed trade.” i wont be goaded into debating that shit anymore, it happened and im over it. Fuerhrer Stern can go fuck himself. LA will always find a way to win even when the league is working against it, 16 chips weren’t won by accident.

  • Franchise

    Dana hilarious stuff but calm down. the Pau-Bynum frontline is still one of the best in the L. and therez that guy called Kobe. being swept in the 1st round is too harsh. however unless KB finds the fountain of youth and Pau becomes the swamba therez no chip this season and that jus doesnt cut it in LA. its win it all or go home. lets hope Mitch can figure something out ‘else ur right; we’re fucked

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    On the flip side to Kobe’s match-ups at SG. Look at who Gasol will be matched up against.

    Boozer/Noah- D.Cousins- Jefferson/Kanter/Millsap

    Being “The Man” in these first 3 games could be the exact thing Pau Gasol needs to jump start him this season. Pau could easily average 30ppg against these guys. I personally know that Noah nor Boozer can guard him. Especially with all the 3pt shooters the Lakers could roll out there. That means a lot of one on one match-ups and Pau should feast on that as long as he gets the rock.
    As for the bigs in Sactown and Utah….Paus over/under on 30pts should be waaaay over if he is feed on the blocks.

    The one thing that Laker fans have been right about is that Gasol can score buckets. He may not sustain this over a long period of time, but against a weak line up of Bigs Pau can really cause problems. Even if he’s doubled he’s a good enough passer that guys like McRoberts, Blake, Fish, Goudelock and the others should be wide open.

  • Franchise

    @ chicagorilla couldn’t agree more…those are some favorable match-ups for Pau, especially against the Kings. Whether he can sustain high-level play for a long time and if he can flucking man-up against the better frontlines is the main issue. Last i checked tho Goudelock has been assigned to the D-League…barring a walk-on-water miracle your squad shud carve up my Lakers 2moro, lets wait and see.

  • beiber newz

    franchise, im disgusted by your stance. even if you think the lakers will lose to the bulls, saying winning against chicago would be equivalent to walking on water is bad coming out the mouth of a laker fan.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Chicagorilla

    So as a Bulls fan, you want a Christmas lineup of Blake, Ebanks, Barnes, McRoberts and Gasol against your Bulls and you think any Laker fan in his right mind would think that’s a good plan?

    Why are non-Laker fans all worried about the Lakers team chemistry and injury issues anyways? Y’all should be happy if Kobe goes “selfish” and plays hurt…You’ll pardon Laker fans if we don’t mind pluggin Kobe into the lineup instead? How would anybody who’s a hoops fan not wanna see if Kobe can still go hard on the opening day of the season? Especially, if you a Bulls fan and you think Kobe won’t be “good for Gasol” And what does that say about Gasol that you think he threw away a postseason cuz he was upset about Kobe’s ‘jacking’ so he allowed Dirk to rape him?
    We’ll just agree to disagree and I’ll take Kobe at 50% even if he’s just a decoy…

  • the truth

    dana walker came in and shut the argument down…kobe is playing cause his team is starting devin ebanks and josh mcroberts. it would get very ugly

  • Celts Fan

    Merry Christmas bitches!

    The 11-12 season is finally here. Before i head to the familys and immerse mysekf in ball, i wanted to make a few predictions.
    CF: Miami over Chi in 5, OKC over LAC in 7
    Finals: Miami over OKC in 6

    For all the hate, this team has too much talent and youth to withstand this and thrive in it. Get ready to hate life, cuz itll become a damn near annual thing to watch Bron sheepishly smile as DWade gets the Finals mvp as they keep filling out the roster with cheaper vets.

    Teams most likely to disappoint:
    I see this as a changing of the guard yr. The older teams finally fade into Bolivian as the NY, LAC, OKC, Chi, and Mia take their places at the top of the pecking order. Mark my words, one of these teams will miss the Playoffs.

    LAL (older Kobe, and no Laker fans, u cant use this wrist injury as an excuse. If the guy refuses treatment, u cant keep saying, “IF kobe was healthy” like u been the past 3 yrs w his wrist and knee. And how the fuck was that procedure in europe not blood doping?!? Also, it should be clear now, Bynum is NOT a franchise center and will prob miss half their games again. Pau and kobe are beefing and Khloes husband is off in TX. The lack of depth will cost them. I see em going out in the forst rd.)

    Dallas (they changed 4 of their rotation guys, dirk and especially Kidd are a yr older, and now Vince Carter and Vince Carter’s “heart” and “toughness” are prominently involved. VC always = disappointing results. I see em losing early in the Playoffs, signing Deron Williams in the offseason, and really gearing up for a quality 3_5 yr push to end Dirka career.)

    Boston (this makes me sick, lets move on. Depth issues, too old for the rigors of this screwy season, etc. This is the quintessential victory lap. We prob lose in the 1st rd.)

    SA (love that they got some new legs in w K Leonard, but theyre still too old to do anything resembling what they did last yr. Guessing a 2nd rd loss if the kids are semi legit, potentially missng the playoffs altogether if theyre busts.)

    Mvp. 1 cp3 2 durant 3 bron

    Roy kemba (hes their #1 from the jump. Seems like his award to lose.)

    Dpoy tyson chandler (LOVE this move for them. Their Gs need to get better/healthy, but this, IMO, is the best frontcourt in the league. They can acore in a ton of ways, defend, and get up and down the floor. Barons health and Bibbys corpse may slow them this yr, but they will win a chip before these guys are done their deals long as thy dont start toney douglas – like him as the instant offense 6rh man waaaay more than as a starter stuck playing a specific role.)

    All 1st team NBA; CP3, dwade, bron, blake, dwight

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  • beiber newz

    i was da first to say cp3 would get mvp on this site as a commenter. but damn, i thought u were goin to predict the winners of today’s games not the post season . it’s all gud. but im curious as to what grade u guys will giv shaq on his 1st time out as a tnt crew member

  • beiber newz

    let me be clear, i mean i was da first to say he is in the forefront, he is in the best position to get it. but durant, melo, lebron and dwight round out my top 5…i got sme heat for not including rose… understandably…lil man is a problem!

  • JBaller

    Knicks are beating the Celts right now, thats all that matters to me!

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Celtics look terrible now, but for some reason i still think they will win this game. It’s like the Knicks can’t capitolize on Bostons slow start. Expect a BIG 2nd half from Ray Allen. Tony D shouldn’t have pissed him off.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    That “NBA Forever” commerical was sick as hell! With all the players from the past and present mixed into one video. Of course the best part for me was when DRose dapped up MJ.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    @ Celts Fan:

    “Fade into Bolivian”? Is that your final answer?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @Celts fan and Anyone who believes that Tyson Chandler would change the NY Knicks defense is fooling yourself.
    It takes 5 players to play defense.
    Just look at todays game and the pre-season. NY is still giving up Lay-up after Lay-up after Lay-up. and Tyson is standing there watching with the rest of them. Until they FIRE D’Antoni they will never be a championship team.

  • Celts Fan

    @atom mike tyson joke. If youre too young to remember that, i feel sorry for u. Mike was the best.

    @chicagorilla. 1 guy cant completely change a team’s D but youll never be a good defensive team without a guy that can protect the rim and get boards. They still need perimeter defenders, but it’s a good start.

  • beiber newz

    @chica…sounds like you were just itching to ready aim and fire with your #43 comment. LOL it’s the ultimate told you so mentality.

  • beiber newz

    right now the celts are up 8 with 3:55 left in the 3rd quarter…..i bet ny wins by double digits after melo takes the game over.

  • beiber newz

    ny’s momentum has all but disappeared… melo will own the 4th

  • Celts Fan

    Thanks to those awful 40 yr old white guys Im on my way to the Honda dealership. I never realized how much I wanted one until I saw those clowns try to rap. Cant wait to drive out in a new Accord. Smh

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    So i see the KNicks pulled it out. I didn’t see the last 5min, I turned it off in favor of some NBA 2k12. As close as that game was, it was just boring. Maybe because i don’t care for either team. Rondo was killing it though. So was Melo.

    Watching this Heat vs Mavs game and I’m 5min from turning this one off too lol. It’s boring. Odom will be a big deal for Dallas as long as he gets enough minutes. Ironically, Odom is exactly what Dallas needed. Bad move by L.A. to give him to a conference rival.

  • Dayinho

    Joey Crawford > Boston. True Knicks, great perimeter defender. Him and Melo killed Pavlovic and Daniels!

  • beiber newz

    hahah chicagorilla, ur just oozing with “i hope the knicks lost today” plus, melo came played displayed mvp talent in the 4th. came in with 0 momentum, and just carried his team to the win. ahhhh feels great. prediction complete !

  • beiber newz

    all the talk ive been doing about the knicks and melo the past few days…feels so good to have it justified today. feels like eveRyone was waiting to point and laff at ny. but they won. i even feel like dime wanted the knicks to lose. eh. mostly u guys here as commenters. i look like ms cleo. go melo, go new york, go KNICKS!

  • beiber newz

    FEELS GREAT TO GLOAT ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! merry christmas yall!! ahahahahhahahahahah go knicks and melo carried the 4th. i had 1000% faith.

  • beiber newz

    o and yea…all you rondo haters…or people who downplay rondo’s game, or those who say he aint really all that….looked pretty good didn’t he? he’s poised to have a good season. i was right about rondo too, as i talked about him during the lockout, saying he was good, he gonna carry these old guys and the stats will follow. just watch.

  • beiber newz

    did melo look like an mvp haters???? hahahahahahhahahahahahah

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    wtf? 0_0

  • beiber newz

    chica our squads face off tonite, la/chi! if you let kobe control that game, especially after he has to chase rip around all night, that would be really embarrasing. if la must win, they are going to have to do it with the team. oh and u guys get to see mcbob in action. he’ll supply some eye openers. i got shitted on prior when i talked about him the day they signed him. am i on a roll today? let’s find out. i never count my lakers out. and rose will have a tremendous game, and that will make this game even more exciting. that kid has really blossomed. i respect him wholeheartedly. with that said, kobe must be salivating at the challenge and you know how competitive kobe is. he wont let his team back down. i expect the lakers win by 5!!!! or more!

  • Big Island

    Damn, I just came here to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but it’s pretty intense. I am in chill mode, Dirk is getting smashed, doesn’t matter, have a safe holiday, I hope everyone enjoys themselves, the games, your families and your friends.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    16Ft attempts for LBJ and mostly on ticky tac foul calls. Does the NBA think this is exciting to watch?

    I know they damn sure better cut away to the Bulls/Lakers game when it starts.

  • beiber newz

    ^hahah analyzing the post gives me all the answers i need on how he taking the knciks win!!!! go new york!

  • beiber newz

    did i just see the lakers lose a 1 point lead with no shot clock?