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Kobe Bryant Is Angry About The Lamar Odom Trade; Chris Paul To The Clippers?

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

The Clippers better hope David Stern likes their team because if it comes down to it, he’ll have a huge say in whether or not they get the best point guard in the game to possibly ignite the next Gary Payton/Shawn Kemp oop combo. ESPN is reporting Chris Paul likes the Clippers if he can’t ever get to the Knicks or Lakers, and luckily for L.A. they have a ton of assets that should please Stern, Dan Gilbert and anyone else who wants to complain. They have expiring contracts (Chris Kaman), draft picks (a possibly top three-five pick in a loaded June draft) and talent. The major question mark though is will they be willing to give up Eric Gordon? Sources are saying they are leaning to yes after saying for a week or so that there would be no way Gordon doesn’t stick with them. And they better, because knowing Stern’s direction, they WILL be expecting one of the best young players in the game in return. For our sake – seriously, CP throwing lobs to Blake Griffin? – we hope they do it. The Clippers are rumored to be the frontrunner to get Paul, according to Marc Stein. It’s going to be amusing when a trade is approved bringing CP and Griffin together that isn’t nearly as good as what New Orleans should’ve gotten on Thursday night … As for the other team mentioned prominently with CP, the Warriors just signed DeAndre Jordan to an offer sheet worth four years, $43 million. The Clippers plan to match it though. Weirdly, Jordan is a big factor in all this Paul stuff. First, supposedly Paul really likes the idea of playing with Jordan because he sees a little bit of Tyson Chandler in him. That, along with his great relationship with Blake Griffin, are major reasons why the Clips will probably match that offer (Jordan is First Team All-NBA when it comes to making star friends). As for the Warriors, if they did get him for this price, it would basically knock Golden State out of the Paul sweepstakes … Stern is probably praying for an easy resolution to all this. But Deron Williams can’t wait for it all to end, calling Stern a bully repeatedly this weekend: “He knows he’s a bully, ain’t no secret,” Williams told reporters Sunday. “I think everybody knows that.” … We don’t think too many Laker fans expected this. They were probably planning for Chris Paul, perhaps Dwight Howard, by the end of the weekend. Instead Lamar Odom is now a member of the enemy, and the Lakers have themselves a draft pick (and possibly more draft considerations)… and a trade exception. After hour upon hour of negotiations, the Lakers withdrew from the CP talks, tired of hearing they just didn’t have what New Orleans needed and instead – in what basically amounted to a salary dump – sent Odom to the Mavericks. We’re betting Cuban isn’t complaining about the direction of the league now, or whining about lopsided trades. So now L.A. will set their sights on Dwight Howard (who says his trade request comes because he doesn’t like working with Magic GM Otis Smith), and should have a decent shot of bringing him to Hollywood. ESPN reports Orlando will ask for Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol … As for Dallas, all those question about them not re-signing any of their core free agents aren’t being aired as loudly anymore. They’ve done a pretty good job so far this offseason to bring in some talent while also keeping themselves in position to make an even bigger move next summer. Odom seems happy to be there (and actually requested for a trade because he was so hurt from being shopped), and could be a killer playing next to Dirk. We’re just not sure how he’ll hold up without a beach around … The Lakers better have some big tricks up their sleeve after this one though because Kobe is heated. Really pissed. He said all sorts of things about the deal to the media, and none of them were positive. Bryant said he wasn’t happy Odom – whom he calls one of the most important locker room leaders the Lakers had – was gone, and that it’s even worse he’s going to one of their rivals, the team that beat them last season. Bryant told Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times about Odom’s foray into TV: “He had his best season last year. It clearly wasn’t a distraction. He played his ass off.” … Keep reading to hear about the one team everybody is overlooking in the East …

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  • control

    Stern really fucked up a lot of teams with his bullshit. GMs are still fucking idiots for throwing insane amounts of money at average guys. Pacers looking good, but not THAT good…glad they stuck it to Boston though, I’d cheer for them a little bit just because of that.

  • Dana Walker

    Definitely agree control and again, I absolutely hate Cuban, he is the biggest loudmouth crybaby. Bitches to no end when shit doesnt go his way and then pulls off bullshit like this Odom trade. Seriously hope Dallas does nothing this year, probably wont anyway, they have two big underachievers now on their team a bunch of old guys who have gotten even older, all the while not really having a good center. I hope all NO gets is Kaman, some draft picks, and some scrubs like Gomes or whoever else is wasting away in Clipper land. Must be super exciting to go from possibly being on the Lakers to being on…the Clippers…

  • yoda

    what will happen in dallas? who goes to bench and who starts? dirk is locked as 4, but i can’t see LO playing 5 as he did sometimes for USA national team. so he moves to bench which makes matrix starting 3? who mans the paint?
    as for kobe, if nothing happens now, he would probably kill buss jr.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    As a bball fan i’m loving what the Pacers are doing. I don’t know why they would need OJ Mayo so much when Paul George was doing his thing last season. But i guess he can be a 6th man behind OJ.
    They may need a new coach though. That guy seems dead set on playing PHX sun/D’Antoni ball even though he has a potentially great defensive unit with Collinson, West, Granger, George, Dahntay Jones and Big Boy Roy holding down the paint.

    CP3 to the Clippers is by far the best move for his career. He’s an idiot for suggesting anywhere else but the Clippers IMO. Pairing himself with a 22yr old Blake Griffin will extend his career. Throw in Jordan and you could be looking at a sleeper team.

    I honestly think Blake Griffin will be the best player in the NBA within the next 2-3yrs. The guy is really that good. While he got a lot of praise for his dunks last year, I don’t think you people realized all the other things he did on the court while virtually being a puppy in the game.
    Add Chris Paul to that and it could get really ugly for the NBA.

    side note: I want to Hate Tim Tebow so bad….but i’m afraid to because God may not like me.

  • Big Island

    I can’t keep up with what is going on anymore. LO in Dallas is a nice pick up for them. I’m sure it’s part of a bigger Lakers plan, but Odom, Dirk and Marion is a pretty nasty front court.

    I wouldn’t give up Eric Gordon for CP. I mean I would, but CP’s knees have me worried. Gordon is nice, really nice, but damn, CP at the point for them is pretty filthy too. My brain is going to explode…

    GM’s will overpay. Imagine what it would take for you to leave a job you liked, in a city you liked, to take another job in another city. They had better pay up, right? No different in the NBA. Of course people want to live in LA, NY, Chi etc… How much would it take for you to go to Houston or Sacramento? Max money.

  • Big Island

    Chi – Hate away. Like Johnny Cash said, sooner or later God will cut you down.

  • matt

    Dana Walker – The Pacers actally have a future. LAL is at a crossroads right now. Granted for them just saved $8.9 million and whatever that constituetes towards the luxury tax. Only way I see LAL getting Dwight is for Bynum only. However it looks like Orlando want Pau and AB for Dwight. LAL has no depth right now. I think Dwight would love to team up with DWILL in Brooklyn and be a star there. That team has some solid pieces and an owner with $ to burn. Random, but crazy trade idea: Kobe + Walton (or Ron Artest) for Josh Smith and Joe Johnson. ATL get rid of JJ’s horrible deal. LAL gets a worse SG in JJ but is 4 years younger than Kobe. Also, Dwight is really tight with Jsmoove, then they’d be able to afford a Dwight/Hedo for Pau/Bynum deal. So, Blake,JJ,Hedo,Jsmoove,Dwight.

  • matt

    Dana Walker – I wrote Pacers, my bad, I meant the Clippers actually have a future (although the pacers are in a great position as well). They have a trading chips in Kaman,Aminu and minny’s 1st rounder in ’12. Also have great SG in EG and great PF in BG, up and coming C in DJ.

  • P

    @ matt

    Kobe has a no trade clause in his contract.. No way he is signing off on a deal to Atl.

  • john

    CP – Gordon – Butler – BG – Jordan would win the West this year. Thats why the Clippers will try to retain Gordon first, them, if it is not enough put him on the market

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    I also don’t see why LA would have to give up Gordon. It kinda doesn’t make sense on their part.

    They have Minny’s first round pick. If they trade Kaman (who’s just under 30) who has an expiring contract. Throw in Minny’s draft pick and their owns for the loaded 2012 draft. New Orleans could potentially have 2 top 5 picks in one of the deepest drafts. To go along with the Clippers pick (assuming CP3 and Blake takes them to the playoffs) in the later first round. To sweeten the deal, the Clippers throw in Bledsoe who is very young and still on his rookie contract.
    Basically its a win/win for all sides.
    – Clippers get their PG, while keeping Eric Gordon.
    – CP3 gets out of NO.
    – Blake gets a real PG for the first time in his life and will reck the NBA because of it.
    – The Hornets reload fairly quickly with possible super talents like Lamb, Sullinger, Ant Davis, Harrison Barnes, Q.Miller, or Perry Jones. While also having the option of keeping Kaman (who is a solid-good center) or saving money and getting his contract off the books to clear a ton of cap space which.
    – NBA wins because Cap Space + young super talents + good coach = Easier sell to potential buyers of the Hornets franchise.

    @Big Is
    I can’t believe the BEars lost to Tebow. I’m not going to say anything else bad about dude. Clearly he is living the remake of “Angels in the Outfield” the football version.

  • beiber newz

    i’m happy kobe came out and said what he did about losing odom. kobe truly did appreciate what the man brought to the team.

  • Big Island

    The first Lakers trade with NO made sense but it got shot down. I am not counting on anything with CP until it actually happens.

    Chi – Try being a Redskins fan. Not fun.

  • P

    @ Chicago

    Doesn’t Stern want a “star” in NO though to help the sale? I agree with youand think your trade would be a great way to rebuild but in your example they would have to wait a year for that star in the draft. I’m sure he wants to get the Hornets off his hands as soon as possible and he feels he needs a big name on the roster to do that. I guess he figures even if they suck, they still have someone putting fans in the stands = more chance to sell.

  • beiber newz

    kobe for joe johnson…i nearly keeled over

  • beiber newz

    chicagorilla, these past few days all i’m hearing is “the hornets won’t get as good a deal as their first time around, the hornets got screwed…etc.” and the more and more you hear it, do you still hold the same stance? u shitted on the original deal, just because paul was going to be a laker. u are as biased as they come. the players new orleans got was incredible to pull off. a coup if i’ve seen any. for a six foot point guard with injury concerns, not much though. but hey, my point is, writers everywhere, analysts, the casual fan, those without bias know dell demps got maximum value for paul the first time around. NOW everyone is curious and essentially waiting to see what deal the hornets get now. and they are expecting it to be worse. and i will laugh when it is. and stern will look like the biggest douche. the hornets aren’t even his team. he is basically a rental owner. and whomever is running that team down the road will be like damn, so what we got younger guys in the new deal (if the hornets even pull off a new trade) but will these younger pieces give us a better chance at a ring? sometimes trading young pieces for established veterans will give you one ring in a ten year span. but having young guys and draft picks won’t guarantee a ring. it’s just guaranteeing youth.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    For this season, they have reportedly sold 10K season tickets. So I believe they will be find this year.
    I personally don’t think Stern wants any long term contracts. He put the brakes on that Laker trade because it wasn’t a good move money wise (contrary to Laker fans beliefs). He doesn’t care about stars because it’s not likely anyone will trade a real star to NO for CP3.

    The way to tickle Sterns/Hornets fancy is the way i stated above. I only say that because it’s the only real logical scenario from all sides. Sure Stern would love for the Clippers to send Eric Gordon to NO, but he knows that won’t help sales, and Gordon is due for a huge extension. That also won’t help the cap space/profit margin.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I had typed out this long response. But im tired of repeating myself. You already know my stance.

  • beiber newz

    your style? doggystyle in the butt in The Village ?

  • beiber newz

    but sounds like shame to me. shying away from your stance. it’s so evident.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    I feel so bad for people when they try to make funny jokes and it fails. At least you gave it the good ole college try. How about I give you a couple of “Lol’s”? Would you like that little buddy? would ya? okay here we go….


    you are so funny.


    Better yet, I know you like links.
    Here’s what Eddie Murphy would say

  • Jzsmoove

    Wwowwwwww Odom to the Mavs is slick but they are not done they still need a center and will shop for one . Howard I think so.

  • First & Foremost

    @Chicagorilla, I know for a fact you saw watched the Pacers-Bulls series. I know that you know Roy Hibbert can’t play defense vs. the pick n roll. The last few possessions in each game came down to Roy Hibbert having to pick a side to defend on the high screen. The play(s) went something like this.

    Collison playing good enough defense as Rose counts down with the clock. Noah comes up to set the pick. Roy not really having the footspeed to do anything camps out to the initial pick side, in the key. Noah, as discreetly as a 7-footer with a bushy pony-tail can, changes the side of the pick and blankly stares at the out of position Hibbert. Collison, assuming his help saw the change in pick, goes under the screen to poke the ball out if Rose brings it back. Hibbert, as only a 7-footer can, defesive slides down the lane as one of the fastest players in the game goes high off the glass [every f****n’ time]. He even decided to clinch the series over 3 people, 1 of which was Hibbert who convinced himself that you should ALWAYS give Rose the open lane to the basket and hope he misses instead of forcing him to shoot that automatic jumper.

    All in all, I agree with parts of your first comment. Get Hibbert his own defensive specialist to work with. Bring in Ewing for the Georgetown connection, as an assistant. I might have to see the Pacers this year because on paper they can go bucket for bucket with anyone.

  • First & Foremost

    If the Hornets had their own owner, I’m sure they would want Gordon as well. For now we will call it greed. Get Gordon, and then use the 2 picks you mentioned to get bigs. You’d have a young hopefully leader to build around. Two should be solid picks to attract a buyer, one of which would be the replacement for Okafor who has an expiring contract in 2013, rising SG in the league, and cap space galore.

    Most could be achieved without Gordon but the NBA has to sell this team and it would be easier with Gordon who will be resigned for relatively cheap.

  • DNice

    @ First and Foremost, When did Rose get that automatic jumper? His Field Goal % has dropped last year from 48% in 09-10 to 44% 10-11. If you mean his 3 point shooting it has jumped from 26% to 33% but I would hardly call that automatic. Anyway I do like the Pacers, but they would prob be a 7 or 8 seed again. I can still see the Heat, Chicago, Celtics, Orlando, Atlanta, and Milwaukee ahead of them. LETS GO HEAT!!

  • DNice

    By the way, I hate Dallas and I hope they get kicked out in the first round by OKC, LETS GO HEAT!!

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    You think the Pacers will be the same seed after adding DWest and OJ Mayo to the line-up?
    Also, DRose’s midrange jumper is automatic at this point. His FG% only dropped because of Thibs insistence that the Bulls fire up a ton of 3’s per game. Rose nearly tripled his 3pt attempts, and as you pointed out, he shot 33% from 3pt range. Do the math. More shots from a lower percentage range = lower overall FG%.

    When I added that last line about Big boy Roy holding down the paint, that’s exactly what i meant. Roy can’t cover the PnR but neither can Dwight and most other centers in the NBA not name Chandler, Noah, or Vajayjay. Even athletic guys like DeAndre Jordan aren’t very good at it. But the ones that can, have defensive deficiencies in other areas that Roy doesn’t. Roy is 7’2 and can average 2-3blks per game. Up until last year he was a walking foul, so that tells me he’s learning.
    But Defensive units are much better to have than defensive players. Tyson Chandler will find that out his first week of games in NY when he fouls out every game. Look at Kendrick Perkins, he’s terrible at Pick N Roll defense, but his post defense (which is good but overrated) and rotations are usually on point. Same with Big Baby. The reason why the Celtics are so good though is because of the Unit, they are on a string.

    Also, Eric Gordon is a 22ppg scorer who has the potential to be a 50-40-90 shooter. He’s a hard worker and he does his job. That’s not the kinda guy you just give away. I can see the Clippers going for it though.

  • First & Foremost

    My bad everyone… I was being sarcastic about Rose’s automatic jumper. It was just the way Hibbert constantly stayed put whenever Noah decided to change the screen side. The entire time, he’d set the pick, and then casually walk behind the defender to the other side and Hibbert would refuse to move until it was too late. Hibbert decided to play the screens incorrectly each time [sarcastic font] because he was deathly afraid of Rose’s jumper that really wasn’t there that series. The defense allowed him to not even have to use it.

  • Dapro

    I love the Cp3 trade for LA but if I’m the clips, I can’t include Air Gordon. Look at the current two guards in the league, after Kobe (33-34) and Wade(31) , Roy (knees) you can make a case that Gordon is the best shooting guard after the above mentioned guys. I think the deal can get done without trading Gordon. Stern needs to save face, he screwed up the hornets original trade which made the most sense from a business standpoint. Now Stern is allowing the worst owner in pro sports to have the most exciting team in the league! The NBA where dumb sh%* happens!

  • First & Foremost

    Would you rather have Mo Williams & Eric Gordon or Chris Paul & [Insert Name]. Scorers are a dime a dozen and that firepower can be replaced cheaply somehow someway. Your first option would be to have Paul & Gordon but you run the risk of not having Paul.

    [Sarcastic Trade]
    Clippers gets:
    Truck load of Gumbo
    Chris Paul

    New Orleans gets:
    Two 1st rounder picks
    Donald Sterling

    Paul goes to a big market, Sterling gets to be robbed of a nice team after 30 years of doing the bare minimum. The NBA gets to sell a more enticing franchise to get to the desired 30 owners.

  • jdizzle

    Sorry for going off subject but I still can’t believe we got Tebow’d yesterday. I am now thoroughly convinced that God and Tebow have matching BFF bracelets

  • Baloogawhales

    Whats going on

  • First & Foremost

    @Jdizzle and Chicagorilla – What are the odds that one of the most bruising RBs in the league who just runs over people Eric Dickerson style shaking his dreads til he goes dumb, breaks through the line and fumbles the ball because he got hit with an uncannily placed arm-tackle?

  • beiber newz

    @chicagorilla woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    #19, 20 wasn’t me. it was pretty funny tho.

  • Big Island

    F&F – Including Donald Sterling in the deal is the best idea yet. Unfortunately it would take Blake Griffin to do that. It’s pouring rain here today. Hopefully I can find some games on later or something.

  • dapro

    F & F I hear you but “pure” scorers don’t come a dime a dozen. Although he isn’t a pg, his talent is on par with Westbrook and Rose (Gordon that is) I’ve seen the kid give buckets to Kobe and Wade like he belonged in the same class. The kid is a franchise type player, CP is arguably the best pg in the game but your mortgaging a lot for someone who’s going to play 60-65 games a year on a bad knee. If this can be done w/o Gordon pull the trigger immediately!

  • That’s What’s Up

    Where’s Sporty-J ???

    Did he ever recover after gagging on Dirk’s Bratwurst ?

  • beiber newz

    hornets have the option of eric gordon or the twolves UNPROTECTED 1st round pick. damn, that pick can turn into anyone in the top 5 of the draft. what would y’all do? is anyone in the top 5 of the draft better than eric gordon? harrison barnes will be a problemmmmmmmm! i wouldnt know what to do. asking for the pick is sorta like gambling. so if i wasnt a betting man, i’d take gordon and look the other way.

  • That’s What’s Up

    @post 31

    Do you think God’s bracelet glows in the dark and reads WWTTD

  • Sean Sweeney

    If they do get the option to choose, I would agree with you. Take the proven player… besides the Clips can put protection on that pick if it was agreed on, or you never know it could turn out to be at 8 or 9 or 10 something like that. Then, you’re drafting someone like Terrence Jones instead of keeping a proven 23 a night scorer. Gordon is still only 22 yrs old.

    And I loved Bill Simmons take on this the other day – besides Gordon, there’s no other young 2 guard who’s even close to him.

  • beiber newz

    exactly…eric gordon i think can hold his own. i remember a game where he was playing kobe and just looked absolutely fearless. as dapro said in post 36, he was playing like he belonged. kobe i could tell def respected him a ton more after the game was over. i really couldn’t believe what i was seeing. gordon was playing with so much tenacity, he was fighting, driving, crossing people up. he was an animal, and i saw the potential. he wasn’t going to be the next nick young (n.y. is still good player) or the next ben gordon, but he displayed the game of a future superstar talent.

  • beiber newz

    but there are still gm’s, especially when they are rebuilding, who would take the pick because they want to draft THEIR guy. but me, i think gordon would be well worth taking instead.

  • JBaller

    Kobe has never spoken truer words…Odom did have his best season, won sixth man and wasn’t a distraction and Cuban’s normally whiney ass is probably fine with these trades now that cp3 isn’t going to LAL.

    I don’t think that Kupcheck is done though, I see them pulling the trigger on Pau+Bynum for Howard.

  • First & Foremost

    Funny what the spotlight does to people. I could have swore back in May people were claiming James Harden to be the next in line at the shooting guard. He too has had honorable games vs. Kobe. Just last week people were talking up Kevin Martin saying the NBA shouldn’t have turned down that offer. Chicagorilla has Aaron Afflalo’s scouting report tatted on his back.

    Eric Gordon is nice with his: unlimited range, built like tank, a few posters to his name, etc etc. Paul does have bad knees but not like that is stopping teams from wanting him.

    If the Hornets did have an owner, wouldn’t they want to have Gordon as well? They’d get a young star who has had his share of injuries, picks, and cap relief. The Hornets have until the trade deadline to get something done. This is the definition of a player being shopped. You turn down some offers and wait for the deal you think is the best for you at that time.

    David Stern and the owners spent the entire summer showing you how they “negotiate”. Do you really expect him to jump at the 1st or 2nd offer thrown his way?

  • Big Island

    If I were CP, I would just play out the year and leave. He’ll get to go wherever he wants without the league having a say in it. Just say he loves the fans, but with all of the bad GM’s calling the shots for a team that he gave everything to, he just isn’t going to keep getting screwed. Take a season to rest your knees up, don’t kill yourself, and sign where you want. If someone offers a trade, tell them politely that you are not signing an extension with them. Unless it’s a team you like. Seriously, you want 3 starters, a bench guy and draft picks for CP for 140 games? Come on Stern.

  • First & Foremost

    @Big Island, if the Hornets trade him to a team and he doesn’t sign the extension, that is on the other team, not NOLA. If I hook you up with a blind date and you can’t close the deal, that is your fault. I did my part.

    Trade 1) The Hornets would be left with huge contracts finishing no better than 7th but no worse than 10th in the West.

    Trade 2) They were left with a better deal but if you aren’t willing to part with a player I want then, no dice.

    The Hornets ownership is acting like any other owner would when they are faced with a trade they don’t like.

  • Big Island

    F&F – I want your 65 Chevy truck. I offer you my Trans-Am, a couple of daily drivers, and I get my buddy to throw in an Impala so I can get the truck from you. You say no. Then another guy offers his Camaro, his Ford truck, a daily driver, and his ticket to get his pick in the auction coming up. You say no because you want his Nomad too and they say thanks, but no thanks. Besides, I know I might not get the title to the truck past the next year. What more do you want for your truck?

    I know that you are losing your truck in 6 months. I really want the 65 Chevy truck, but I am just going to wait it out, and buy it in auction. If someone else wants to overpay for the Chevy truck, that’s fine, but they passed on a couple of really good offers, and I don’t see them getting a better one. Golden State walked away. The Knicks have moved on. The Lakers have moved on. The Clippers appear to be moving on. Who is left? Maybe someone else wants him, but they have seen the offers that have been shot down, and know that they would have to give up too much to get him. I want OKC to offer Durant and then back out of it on the NBA. Or the Clippers to offer Griffin and then say nah… Orlando trades Dwight and then neither guy signs an extension.

  • First & Foremost

    The season hasn’t even started. More offers will come up. Just like the other superstars, they only want to join contenders which is code for, I’m an undercover frontrunner. Let a team with a decent head coach start playing really good ball, have an injury and then CP3 will be okay with joining them too.

  • K Dizzle

    Completely agree with Big I. F & F, your Hornets gonna be standin on the corner next season with no Paul, no Odom, no Scola, no Martin, no Kaman, no Gordon, no Aminu, no draft picks and a roster with your best player being Ariza. Ask Charlotte how that workin out…
    New Orleans/NBA wanna keep cryin wolf, no one’s gonna be around when they realize “Holy shit. CP really leavin!….but at least we got a bunch of cap space” LOL! Who comin down there if CP is gone?
    Lakers n Rockets completely gave up too much. Clippers gave up just as much. Here’s what Stern needs to realize:
    They’ve set the bar so high that NOBODY will be able to meet their trade demands. Who gonna wanna own a team that nobody can negotiate with?

  • Big Island

    This CP thing is going to be Shaq leaving Orlando all over again. Remember how that turned out for them? There is a 100% chance that CP does not play in NO past this season. Get what you can, and move on. The closer it gets to the deadline it will be harder to trade him. The league is putting NO in a tough, tough spot.

    And F Dwight Howard while I’m at it. I wouldn’t even trade for him at this point. Unless it was straight up for a scrubby guy of course.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Im gonna take a wild guess and say the Hornets don’t give two $h!ts about bringing in talent for this year.

    Eric Gordon would be a nice addition, but they would just be getting greedy and I doubt the Clippers are that dumb. Plus the Hornets could pick up a talent just as good if not better than Eric Gordon if they could somehow get another draft pick added instead of Gordon.

    Me Personally, if i was the owner of the Nets, I would take the young talent and draft picks…maybe even some money. This has nothing to do with winning now but more so about MONEY.
    Eric Gordon is a good player. But at 6’3 and a weak handle…I don’t know if he’ll last as a SG in the NBA once his athleticism starts to go. I would rather try my hand at getting 2 maybe 3 first round draft picks in 2012. If they could get two picks in the lottery and one pick in the mid-teens. They could revive that team immediately. They could easily roll out one of the most exciting teams in the NBA with all that young talent. Remember the Clippers when they had Darius Miles, Q-Rich, Maghette, Elton, and Keyon Dooling? The Hornets could have a similar team in 2013.

  • First & Foremost

    @K Dizzle – CP3 can then only go to a team under the cap if he walks. This is about leverage. The Hornets know he isn’t coming back. He will go to the team that overpays in assets. With the majority of teams with an amnesty clause to use, just about everyone is in play. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of a bidding war, you just flat out offer twice as much as what the item is worth. The Hornets default management is waiting for someone to bite.

    Stop pretending that the LA trade was good for New Orleans. What would a team that has been broke for the past couple of years do with a huge payroll of average players? Hey there new owner, your team finished 33-33 and your luxury tax bill is…

    The NBA is trying to sell this team. Gordon plus an expiring contract, a couple picks, and some throw-ins to fill to the deal is the most attractive offer, if you are trying to sell the team. The NBA is not trying to make a deal just to make a deal.

  • beiber newz

    hahahaaaaaaaaa chicagorilla said gordon got weak handles! what is he smoking.

  • First & Foremost

    I’m switching my entire stance on players going prep-to-pro. I think players should do a minimum of 4 years. I think the root of this superstar alignment happening in the NBA comes from players never having to go through a rebuilding period. In college, teams rise, fall, and reload. Even if your team doesn’t go through that cycle, you at least see it happen to a rival.

    In the NBA players play 6-7 seasons and if they haven’t won a championship by then, they are ready to leave. How can you not be in your prime but demand your team stay a contender EVERY YEAR? At some point you have to reload, not everyone is Clint Eastwood.

    Years 1-3 of you being there, you should help your team improve just by you getting better as a player. Year 4-6 your management should place the people around you to make you a contender. Year 7 shouldn’t be the year you demand a trade. How is a front office going to continue to get better when they don’t have the draft picks to make an instant difference and they went out and picked up the free agents that they thought would fit at the time. Picks 20 through 60 is a crapshoot.

    These players still have time to start over, but they refuse to rebuild. You can make a strategic retreat and one day comeback just a little bit better.

    Orlando tried to give Dwight firepower on offense. They took a risk on large contracts because they don’t have time to develop draft picks. It didn’t workout. Superstars feel like rebuilding is beneath them.

  • K Dizzle

    @ F & F. Mostly good points….except the Hornets just said no to both deals.
    I say the Lakers/Rockets deal make em competitive with or without Paul. Why we suddenly actin like talent comes cheap? Martin n Scola are efficient and Odom was the 6th Man of the Year. Dragic has a bright future n they got picks. Who said the Hornets had to keep them? Why can’t they flip em for picks n youth? Michael Jordan bought the Bobcats; tell me who his big draw was.
    Fine. Don’t wanna play with the Lakers or Rockets? Cool. Stern squashes it for “basketball reasons”. Here come the Clips with a 22 year old stud 2guard who averaged 23, 4, and 3 while shootin legit %ages or if u don’t want him, here’s a pick from the Wolves that could be 1st overall PLUS a lottery pick from last year(Aminu), a former all-star center with a year left on his deal(Kaman)AND last year’s 18th pick who’s about to blow up(Bledsoe).
    Not the NBA/Hornets. They want more. U want Gordon, Aminu, Bledsoe, Kaman AND??? the Wolves pick?

    Wakeup call. This ain’t complicated. Both deals were great for New Orleans and the NBA STILL wanted more. U actually think some other GM can do better than those 2 offers? League doesn’t want Paul choosin where he gonna go. That’s what this is all about…
    If you could afford the Hornets n you know CP leavin, do u even care who they bring in?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I think the deal with the Clippers will actually go through. That’s the difference between the two trades. Well not just that, but that’s the major difference.

    The Clippers are def overpaying if they give up Gordon. And I don’t see the Hornets getting too much of a better offer unless the TWolves or GState get involved in the CP3 trade. Which won’t happen because CP doesn’t want to go there.

    Honestly I wish the Hornets would not trade Paul and force that fool to be a free agent and sign with the teams that have the money to pay him. Then perhaps he wouldn’t be asking for so much money.
    This is a chance for Stern to prove his point about teams helping to create super teams. The Cavs and the Raptors both did not have to do the sign n trades for LBJ and Bosh. Imagine if they hadn’t done that. It would force LBJ and Bosh to take even less money to play together. And probably would’ve convinced one of them not to sign.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Chicagorilla–Gordon with weak handles? I get the feeling you haven’t seen him play much.

    I’m going to take a moment to tell you all how happy I am about what the Lakers have been up to. Trading Odom for almost nothing is one of the biggest mistakes I have ever seen. Odom was a huge part of the Lakers, and not having him is going to make them much weaker. I can only hope they’ll trade Gasol for Howard now. Let’s see how that team operates with no capable distributors.

  • First & Foremost

    I think there are conflicting reports out there. Some say no way Gordon was in the trade, NO wanted Gordon, and that was the tipping point. At least that is what I believe. If it were up to me, I’d swap Gordon into the trade and kept Bledsoe out. Scorers can be had, especially when pairing them with CP3.

    I’ll agree this is Stern making an example of Chris Paul’s demand to be traded and picking what team can have him. Mr. Burton wrote in a different article, “He signed a contract so he should honor it.” If a player doesn’t think his team will stay competitive forever, then he shouldn’t sign long-term deals.

    All of these superstars are just frontrunners. Whelp, this team is having a losing season so it is time for me to move on.

  • Skeeter McGee

    The Lockout is over, but with the way things are going already, is there any reason we should not be concerned for the welfare of the NBA moving forward?

    Stern is showing that the League has more power than we thought. Owning a team and now, GM’ing it (allegedly) shows that they have a conflict of interest. Also, GMs are going to throw ridiculous cash at players that have had a few good seasons. Talent is not spread out enough, yet there are still the same amount of teams (yeah I’m suggesting contraction). Overall, the state of the NBA almost looks worse post-lockout than before.

    What do y’all think?