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Miami’s Big 3 Say It’s Title Or Bust This Year; Nene Re-Signs In Denver

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh (photo. David Alvarez)

Yeah, that guy we all saw last year wearing No. 6 for Miami in the NBA Finals? That guy wasn’t LeBron James. He was someone else, an impostor, a fake, a poser. LeBron says the real LeBron is back. Should we believe him? James says for the first time since he got to Miami, he’s back to the real him. More alive and ready to go. That’s good to know; We aren’t sure how anyone could deal with the amount of venom he had to take in last year. But still, the whispers about clutch failures, disappointments and lack of heart will only grow louder with each misstep. It’s a full-on disease for him now, and the only way to cure it is to win a championship and do it in a fashion that’ll have people forget about James’ past playoff struggles. As for Miami’s Big Three, they’re all saying it’s championship or bust this year. They came together for one reason only: winning. So another trip to the Finals isn’t worth it if they can’t get those rings. Looking at the landscape right now, the Celtics are older, the Lakers are worse, the Mavs suddenly got cheap and the Bulls still probably can’t beat them. There’s OKC to consider as well, but should the Heat be considered big favorites at this point to win the chip? … New Jersey stays taking Ls. We kind of called it didn’t we? One of their main targets once again isn’t coming. Nene re-upped in Denver last night for five years, $65 million plus incentives, reported Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. That’s a lot of money for a 29-year-old who has never even averaged eight rebounds a game in a season, nor 15 points or 1.5 blocks a night. But hey, that’s pretty much the market value right now. Denver needed to make a splash considering half their team is gone. We should bring up that hilarious picture of a smiling Nene. He’s definitely overjoyed right now … We told you yesterday the Mavs were looking to trim even more fat off their payroll for next summer, and they’ve done it. Marc Stein is reporting they agreed to send Rudy Fernandez AND Corey Brewer to previously mentioned Denver for one future second-rounder. Well that’s an ego killer, knowing you and one other player were traded for just a single crappy pick. Fernandez always struck us as a kid who thought he was better than he was. Even coming to Dallas, there were reporters who felt his attitude might hurt the Mavs locker room. Fernandez seemed like he felt he should’ve been dominating in the NBA like he did in Europe. Newsflash bro: this ain’t Europe and you’re not Manu Ginobili. He could never figure it out … The Lakers are back into the mix for Chris Paul, tweets Marc Stein. No more details at this point right now, other than that the Clippers and league officials are still talking with a few new names being thrown out (Mo Williams and Trevor Ariza). For the Lakers, they just need to do something (and signing Josh McRoberts for two years, $6 million doesn’t really count), stuck in-between CP and Dwight Howard (who named them one of the four teams he will consider signing an extension with, along with Orlando, Dallas and New Jersey) and not knowing if either one would come. L.A. isn’t used to not getting their way … The start of training camps and NBA Media Days always bring about some spectacular photos and stories. How much weight did this guy gain? How much hair did this guy lose? Who came back with the most new ink? Who looks like they want to murder their agent and GTFO town? Well this year, Kobe “I Don’t Give A F#$% Anymore” Bryant has given us some unintentional comedy. Bryant’s been uniquely blunt with everyone so far, swearing like there’s no tomorrow and basically answering every question as if he’s just bored with the entire process. As Grantland wrote, Bryant told a Clipper beat reporter to tell Blake Griffin “not to f$%^ himself up in the preseason.” He’s also said this about the Lakers: “We’ll keep the train moving. [Devin] Ebanks is going to step in there and fill it up … Ron [Artest‘s] responsibilities have kicked up and the train keeps moving … If I think a guy is a bum, he’s a bum. When Smush [Parker] was here, I told you he was a bum.” He’s like the old dude sitting out on his porch with the suspenders and lemonade, tossing insults down at any knucklehead who hits a ball onto his front lawn. Every once in a while, he gets all pissed off and comes out to show the ‘youngins how it’s done. We’re waiting for someone to ask Kobe about Kwame‘s new deal … Speaking of Brown, NBA TV analyst and former NBA player Greg Anthony told us this yesterday about Kwame Brown: “He’s one of the best post defenders in our league.” Dead serious. Check out the interview. Anthony, Chris Webber and Steve Smith had a lot of interesting things to say about Chauncey Billups, the T’Wolves and the shortened season, among other things … Keep reading to hear about Kevin Garnett calling out David Stern …

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  • bdownunder

    i can’t understand why dwight howard won’t even consider chicago to sign with? out of all the options, it presentst he best option to win now and win in the future.

    they’d be deeper than the lakers, definately than the mavs and the nets and it gets just as cold in brooklyn or NJ. I think he wants to go west to avoid MIA. dude is softer than i thought.

  • control

    Smush Parker might actually be the worst player to ever play in the nba. That guy wouldn’t even be the best player on the average YMCA Sunday run (at least where I play). I didn’t even like the Lakers, but when I’d watch him play I was yelling at the tv, just hoping that bum would get his ass off the court. The guy single handedly crushed Kobe’s 40 point streak, he completely iced out Kobe on the game he missed 40 points…if I were Kobe I would have hired someone to fucking Nancy Kerigan his ass.

    KG is the perfect guy to try and bully up on David Stern. Throw Stern in a uniform and let him play point guard, and KG would unleash the beast on him. I could see KG being an amazing bar brawler, assuming he was chilling at a midget bar somewhere in Nashville or something.

    It’s pretty hard to nail down a favorite to win the championship this season. This season is pretty much fucked, whoever wins the championship gets a nice fat * beside it. Miami is looking like the fave so far…as much as it sucks to admit it.

    Celts Fan

    I seen your reference to that discussion a few years ago about PP vs VC. Honestly right now I’d still take VC, if PP didn’t get that loyalty reward contract from Boston, where would he be playing? The guy pretty much has one predictable move at the moment, no speed, not strong, not a great shooter (hanging around Rondo and Walker his entire career, can’t blame him) and isn’t that good at defense either. PP is basically an old man who still gets talked about because he plays for the Celts…he’s still the same guy who lead Boston to that amazing 14 win season, just older.

  • Big Island

    Funny how Dime talks about a poser, an imposter, but dudes here have been bitching about an imposter on Dime for months.

    KG is a dick.

    So is Kobe, but he’s kinda earned it.

    And I am in love with Daniela Ruah. She might be my new #3 love behind Dirk and Stana Katic. Number four if you count Arby’s. I love Arby’s more than Dirk. I actually wrote to Arby’s about how I had to stop going there because they got rid of the 3 for $5 deals. It’s a perfect combo, and they killed it. I used to drive about 4 miles round trip to get Arby’s, but they got rid of the deal so I just hit up Wendy’s which is like 1 mile round trip. I love the spicy nuggets, but not as much as Arby’s. I got the automatic reply, then another saying that it had been forwarded. Assholes. The only reason this is important to me is that my gf is making lentil soup right now and thinks I am going to eat it. Nope, Wendy’s.


    I wanna be like Stern, controlling these monkeys. Stern is modern day HNIC. Hahahaha.

  • Dana Walker

    lol @ Rudy. Seriously what has he done? I really hope the Lakers stop this Paul shit and get with trying to obtain Howard. I dont care if it means giving up Gasol and Bynum. Hell thats a deal for LA, one great player, and one prospect that shows potential when he isnt taking off half the season. I would even say throw in Steve Blake for good measure or a pick, just get Howard, he will change that team for the better, not that Paul wouldnt, just, you dont see players like Howard much at all anymore. They already lost their best rebounder because he got his feelings hurt like a prom date who’s girlfriend wouldnt go all the way with im finally so just dump the other two and replace them with Dwight.

  • trollne1

    Speaking of players who lost weight, Perkins and Gooden almost looked unrecognizable with the amount of weight they lost. Wonder if that would make Perkins a better defender. Probably not.

    And Kwame being one of the best post defenders in the league? I hope he GA was being sarcastic.

    And Chris Webber shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a microphone. He has that smug face all the time when he talks like he thinks his comments are always better or funnier than the others.

  • P

    Nene for five years, $65 million plus incentives.. That lockout was worthwhile.

    Can you guys imagine how f@cked it’s going be when this CBA runs out?

  • UncheckedAggression

    Dana Walker–As a Laker hater, I would absolutely love it if they picked up Howard and lost Gasol. A Laker team with Kobe as the primary ball handler and no decent distributors? HELL YEAH.

    Odom was the perfect match with Kobe. He could do anything on the court and never bitched about touches. And Gasol put up with Kobe better than any other top big man would. The Lakers were at their best when they ran the offense through Gasol. He made great decisions with the ball in his hands. Kobe, not so much. You take Gasol from the Lakers and they are in serious trouble.

    Bottom line: as the most talented team in the league, the Lakers underachieved last year. Their strength was the frontcourt and the depth they had there. Get rid of the depth and unselfish, smart bigs? And add Howard? Please do it. Let’s see what happens.

  • AirKaris

    It should read for Miami – “It’s a title or Chris is getting traded this year”/

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I agree. I think Odom, Gasol, Bynum and those guys were a perfect fit to play with Kobe.
    Chris Paul has NEVER in his career had to give up the ball and become a spot up shooter. We all know Kobe refuses to be a spot up shooter or off-the-ball slasher.
    Dwight has complained the last 3yrs about not getting the ball in Orlando. He would be #3 in L.A. 1st option is Kobe….2nd option is Kobe again…..then Comes Dwight.

    But the Lakers are looking for star power, and that’s what Dwight or CP3 would bring.

  • Ian

    ” assuming he was chilling at a midget bar somewhere in Nashville or something.”

    control no * for whoever wins. all the players are there and all the teams are there is the samething for everyone.

  • Ian

    nice move there with rip by your team

  • First & Foremost

    @Chicagorilla – Of course a CP-Kobe-Dwight trio would have to adjust. Kobe on the wing a couple of possessions. CP & Dwight pick n rolling teams to death. Pregame Arm-wrestling battles between World Peace & Superman. The Real Basketball Wives of LA. Kobe vs Dwight going neck and neck in the technical foul race. Mike Brown impersonations. Lakers colors shoes made by Adidas, Nike & Jordan Brand.

    In all actuality, Kobe will just have two different players to not pass the ball to. Call Dwight out for not being where he should be offensively. Call Chris Paul out for not have knee cartilage. However, they will have the talent to simply outmatch everyone else and in his advanced years Kobe will prolong his career to aim for ring 6 and 7.

  • First & Foremost

    If Kobe does get ring 6 & 7. His HOF speech will start with him saying, “I came to the left coast not to win 3, not 4, not 5, not 6…” and then bust out dancing on stage with a goat. BTW, Jordan will be the one he picks to introduce him.

  • jdizzle

    So the Lakers replace Lamar Odom with….Josh McRoberts??? LOL LMAO and CTFU! Then again when you think about it this signing actually makes sense. Now the Lakers have another big man who takes cheap shots when his team is getting their asses handed to them. He should compliment Bynum really well when he comes back.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Kyrie Irving hasn’t even played a game yet and he’s talking. I already don’t like him. He’s gotta slow his roll. 20 games in he’ll be begging for a vet to lean on. Good luck with Varejao, punk.

  • JDish

    LOL … Sounds like Kyrie Irving is beeegging for a classic NBA rookie reality check, with that attitude there is a %99 chance he’ll get his reality check. Calm down kid, you didn’t even have a Derrick Rose-ish college career and you’re already talking like your all that.
    SO let me get this straight Kyrie Irving. So you think you can run an NBA right out of the gates…and
    -You haven’t played a single NBA game yet
    -You were drafted from a weak draft class
    -You coming into the NBA after a lockout
    -Your gonna play for a basement team
    -You didn’t even play a full college season because of injury

    You need to be a bit more humble about your circumstances, if not you’ll be hitting the NBA reality wall pretty hard.

  • JDish

    (a small correction from my last blog comment)

    “SO let me get this straight Kyrie Irving. So you think you can run an NBA >TEAM< right out of the gates…and"

  • beiber newz

    mcroberts will be an exciting player to watch. similar to how shannon brown snuck up on fans, mcbob will have a similar impact. he is feisty. i like his game. as a power forward, he can dish the ball. his hops are INCREDIBLE. and he can look to score when he needs to, he is offensively capable. i anticipate many alley-oops, and a big man that can run the floor as well as throw a decent outlet pass.

  • beiber newz

    i know a lot about the insignificant nba players, the guys at the end of the bench. i have a fixation on knowing everyone’s game in the nba. i could probably even give you guys a good scouting report on charlie bell for instance. so trust when i say mcroberts will be liked in lala land. and i’m happy he is on a stage where guys will notice his game. good rebounder, not the best, but he does his job. fills the stat sheet, and he can hit the 3. wow. good find mitch, good find.

  • beiber newz

    i really just wanna see this man jump. his hops are equivelant to shannon brown’s. yea, i’d go that far. eh, brown may go just a pinch of an inch higher. but josh can SOAR !!! i love it.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I been trying to get Rip on the Bulls for two years now. Glad to see management waited until the guy is close to retirement before they made a move to get him. We’ll get two, possibly three good years out of him then he’s done. But for those 2-3yrs he’ll be very helpful to DRose.

    LMFAO@Kobe’s HOf speech and a real goat! hahahahadfaiofdfasasflkasdf

    I’m not saying that a Kobe-Cp3-D12 trio couldn’t work. It theory they would win the next 3chips and possibly more. But This is Kobe flucking BEan we’re talking about. Dude always has his own agenda.

    Also, Dwight Howard is not a pick-n-roll center. He is a post up center. You put Dwight on the block, give him the ball and let him go to work. that is his strongest asset to a team. He does need to be a much better passer though. You would figure a guy who used to be a guard growing up (Dwight) would have better passing skills. He must’ve been a terrible guard.

    Kyrie Irving:
    LMMFAO! That kid is amazing. Just remember I tried to warn you all about him before he was drafted #1 overall. I can’t believe he actually said he doesn’t need a mentor. Who the fluck says that? wow. I think he may have been mis-quoted. No one is that stupid. No one.

  • beiber newz

    i want to be clear though before anyone jumps down my throat (expectantly). he is not the lakers’ savior. he is not “replacing” odom. he is just helping to fill the void. he is not an all star. he is just one of those guys who need change to get noticed. and his skill will be there. he won’t be a bust is what i’m trying to say. he is a good player. period.

  • Big Island

    Goddamn Lakers fans! McRoberts is not going to do anything! You guys bought into Chris Mihm! DJ Mbenga!!! Sasha Vujacic looks like he’s coming into his own!! Hey man, Slava Medvedenko can play!!


    He won’t be completely useless, but McRoberts, who is a good kid, won’t swing a single win or loss this season. The Lakers got beat last year because they slumped and caught a hot team. They were burnt, spent, tired, whatever. In a short as hell season, they were in a great spot to get the ring this year and they are tinkering with the team like crazy. They, along with Miami, Chicago and OKC are the ones who could go into the playoffs with their same squad, against teams who have blown up their rosters or added key new guys, like Dallas. San Antonio and Boston are really old. Nobody could compete with their size. I get it that they want to make a run at Howard and Paul to set themselves up for the next few years, but they are done this year.

  • Sean Sweeney

    Even though I’m a big Kobe guy, I completely agree with Big I. The Lakers really have no shot at a title this year. I didn’t think they could beat Miami anyways even with Odom, etc. We saw last year they got slaughtered by Miami at home and then played perfectly for 40 minutes in South Beach and yet lost again.

    The real problem now though is even if they do swing a huge deal for CP or Dwight or anyone else, that’s going to gut their core. Games start – incredibly – in 11 days. After that, you’re playing a wild schedule, like 5 games a week. No time to gel or practice. My opinion, they are a little screwed this year either way.

  • beiber newz

    their title chances was the farthest thing from my mind. i was speaking specifically on mcbob. i’m not getting sucked into championship discussions. that’d just start a whole nuther storm.

  • beiber newz

    also, no one talked up sahsa or medvedenko, or mbenga. wtf?

  • beiber newz

    i said what i had to say about mcbob. let his season talk. he’ll be exciting to watch. although he may suffer some inconsistencies along the way.

  • beiber newz

    cuz brown likes defense, and if he doesnt hustle, kobe may punk him, and he is playing behind some stars which is always tough, especially for a new guy, especially for a new guy who needs to prove himself, especially when compared to medvedenko and mbenga smh.

  • beiber newz

    even when i clarified that i wasnt boasting, or bigging up mcbob, i still have big island come down my throat, throwing me in the category of crazed laker fan. smh. i can’t win!

  • K Dizzle

    @ Sean,

    As a Lakers fan, I’m reserving judgment till I see who Stern lets us trade for…

  • beiber newz

    maybe he should retire. shit, if he is in medvenkdo’s class. shit. maybe mitch kupchak should resign. why is he signing a scrub after odom leaves? hmm. he must be an idiot.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Was I imagining that whole thing about NBA owners claiming their teams were broke and the system needed to be fixed?

    Soon as the lockout ends: Marc Gasol, Tyson Chandler, Nene, DeAndre Jordan and Greg Oden sign for a combined $235 million in new contracts, an average of like $11 million a year.

    Also combined: Gasol, Chandler, Nene, Jordan and Oden have zero All-Star selections, 1 All-Defensive selection (2nd team for Chandler) and 2 All-Rookie selections (1st team for Nene, 2nd team for Gasol).

    At no point in those owners’ meetings during the lockout did anyone say, “Hey guys, let’s cool it on spending if we need to save money.”?

  • Chaos


    That’s what I said! The owners wanted a larger piece of the profit sharing not because they were only broke but to have a larger margin or error signing players (not to say they weren’t important pieces) to undeserving contracts. I know nene wasn’t the focal point but u can’t get me 10 boards a game at least? Jordan was a borderline starter (thanks to having Kaman, but I think he will be a better version of chandler), chandler is a constantly hurt. The system was broke…now its just f*cked up

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I mean, I know collusion is wrong and everything, but for their own sake the owners would’ve been better served putting a hard cap of themselves.

    For A-level superstars, no more than $15 million a year. For solid starters, no more than $10 million a year. For unproven “potential” guys, no more than $5-6 million a year. Something like that. If everybody keeps their mouth shut about the collusion, what could the players do? Refuse the offer and sign overseas for less?

  • https://twitter.com/#!/DARKWINGpro DarkWing Productions

    “Monkeys” though?

    Yo @BRUCE, how bout you take your racist comments elsewhere?

  • beiber newz

    owners are going to remain competitive. they want their teams to have all the good players. and post-lockout, free agents aren’t listening to “good situations” or “good teammates” or “good city” AS MUCH as they’re listening to “good money”.

    the owners understand that. and the only way to get these players, especially when they have agents who lost a ton of money already from the lockout, will convince their players to take the money and owners are stuck in that conundrum of getting better = spending money.

    if you were a team in limbo, like the pacers, you would be hard pressed to pass up on david west when you have an obvious hole at the 4 with a small crop of bigs. it’s easy to sit behind a computer and critique every move GMs make. but when you’re in a position of having to get better, you may find yourself biting the bullet when it comes to spending.

    i doubt the guys in golden state think kwame is worth 7 million. i doubt GMs actually think DeAndre Jordan’s contract amount is his true worth. but when you have 15-20 teams in need of a big like him, and the only way to get through to him is to pay him, what would you do? lose out? i guess. but the warriors wanted him, but the clippers obviously wanted him too, as evidence by them matching the bloated contract.

    everyone agrees those contracts being doled out are outrageous. but put it in perspective. the owners hurt themselves with the lockout too. if i’m a player and i lost money because i was forcibly taken out of work, of course money would be a huge factor in where i sign. guys on their last legs won’t take that into account though (i.e battier). but when you are a commodity (nene, d.jordan) owners have no choice but to pay to appease.

    it still looks very very bad. that can NOT be excused. the lockout almost looks like a sham. but still, put things in perspective and you’ll understand why owners will continue to spend.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @beiber — But who are they competing against? How many teams were really trying to pay Marc Gasol $56 million? Who was GS competing with when they signed Kwame? Teams will come out of the gate with an unncessarily huge offer, thereby setting the market for a player.

    Again, it would require some technically-illegal collusion, but if the opening offer to somebody like DeAndre Jordan was $6 million a year instead of $10 million a year … like I said, what’s he gonna do? Not sign with anyone?

    You’re right that it’s easy to sit here from my desk and pretend I’m an NBA GM, but it’s also hard for me to imagine overspending so blatantly when I just told my fan base that I’m running out of money.

    It looks like teams are signing deals under the new system by comparing salaries from the old system. Nene’s agent could take the stance of, “Chris Kaman makes so-and-so amount, so my guy should make so-and-so.” But that’s when teams should say, “Yeah, but Kaman got his under the old system. It’s a new day.” Easier said than done, but damn.

  • QQ

    I know firsthand how damaging an impostor can be.

    GOoooooooo MaaaagicCCCccc!

  • Big Island

    Beiber – I wasn’t going directly at you, apologies if it came off that way. I am saying that every Lakers fan jumps on guys thinking they will be solid or great because they get to play with Kobe. Slava, Sasha, Luke Walton, Mihm, Mbenga (“he is a big guy who can give you six fouls and intimidate!”), Farmar, Bynum, they even jumped on Smush’s sack while he was here. Then when they leave it goes to “well, they really weren’t that good”. To be fair, nobody was sold on Kwame.

    Example: Twenty minutes ago I was talking to my buddy about how I think the Lakers blew it by trying to get Paul. I can see Dwight, but Paul has too many questions about his knees. We all know what happened to the trade, and Odom gets shipped out. He goes into the whole “we don’t need a guy like that on the team. Artest can give you the same stuff. Gasol is happy. Kobe is Kobe. Besides, I have a couple championships so Kupchak gets a couple of passes.” Really? In a short as hell season, you have a big, healthy team. The same team that “you” won a couple of rings with. They had a legitimate shot at winning the whole thing this year. This was followed with a “I’d rather have a healthy Bynum than Dwight” argument. Guys like Sporty J make up 98% of their fan base. I live here. I see the damn Lakers flags get stuck on rimmed up Altima’s and Expeditions all day long. The guys all of a sudden start wearing their Lakers shirts and hats when they start winning. Kobe’s the best ever isn’t even a discussion, it’s a fact. It’s awful, they (the fans) are awful, and it will probably always be that way.

    My gf is a nanny for a pretty famous couple (she is more famous than him). So a couple of years ago the husband goes to one of the Finals games because he wanted to be seen there. No joke, he wanted to be seen. Shells out damn near $20K for a ticket. So the kids turn on the game so that “they can see dad” when they show the stars, and the mom says “I don’t think dad is gonna get on there without me”. Totally true, he never got his close up, and he was bummed out. The Lakers won the championship and he was bummed out. THAT is the Lakers fan/fag that I am talking about. I’ve never met him, but I hear he’s actually a pretty cool guy, very generous with the people around him etc… Bought a brand new truck with cash for the guy who keeps the wood rails at the house clean because his truck broke down one day, money is no good to anyone he knows at any of his spots, but he’s a typical Lakers fan. His wife is the nicest lady you could ever meet though.

  • First & Foremost

    @AB It just doesn’t make sense. On one hand they claim players are making too much and then we haven’t seen a reduction in the size of the offers. Deandre gets $XXM and he has yet to play in a playoff game. Collusion would be nice if they could pull it off. Players are still testing free agency using the owners to bid agaisnt each other but some of these teams bid against theirself for no reason.

    Derrick Rose making just under $19M per year. Okay, he had a great year but if player salaries are too high would anyone have questioned him getting the same deal KD got @ 80M over 5yrs.

    Teams should shift to heavy incentive contracts. Have incentives based on team & individual performance. That would cut out all of these “potential” based contracts being thrown at borderline decent players.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Big Island — You’re talking about Cash Warren and Jessica Alba, aren’t you?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @F&F — My favorite was the Gilbert Arenas deal. From what I’d heard, the biggest offer he got from another team was like $80 million over however-many years, so of course the Wizards respond with like $120 million. Gilbert himself had to be like, “Umm, how about we go with $111 million so you can get some other players in here?” Even the guy GETTING PAID thought they’d bid too high.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Damn… these boards are so fuckin entertaining. Straight up. I hope Dime knows they have the best fuckin regulars on any basketball site. Seriously. Have any of you read some of the other sites? Garbage. I read arguments here where both sides are going back and forth making valid points on either side. On other sites they just get bitchy. I hope the DIME writers appreciate that shit.
    Just my two cents guys. Carry on.

  • control

    The owners are exactly like Wall Street fat cats who need bailouts…this lockout was THEIR bullshit bailout. They live like rich little whiney bitch kids, buying whatever they want with no thought of cost or market value, then when they have buyers remorse, they need someone else to cover their losses. The people who cover those losses are the fans, prices go up, league gets locked out and the owners just keep on with their idiotic behavior. Fucking idiots, fuck Stern, the owners and Rondo!


    Are you on meth or something? I would hate to have a face to face conversation with you, ranting and rambling in no really coherent fashion, while picking at scabs, twitching and trying to bite your ear…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @control — Always meant to ask you: What’s your exact beef with Rondo? Do you just hate Rondo in general, or do you hate him more because so many people like him?

    ‘Cause if you’re one of those “he only gets 10 assists because he plays with 3-4 Hall of Famers” people, I’d like to have that argument with you.

  • First & Foremost

    @AB And then when the highly paid player becomes an overpaid player all of a sudden it is the player’s fault that he has a toxic contract. For a guy that didn’t have a substantial history with injuries, can you fault him for injuries taking his career away? But then Arenas is used as an example of how bad players are overpaid.

    Too many times a guy is paid based on potential. Then when he doesn’t live up to the potential people act like he stole the money. Even though prior to the contract that was nothing or very little evidence they would suggest he’d ever tap into his potential.

    If the center position is really thin and not enough quality guys to go around. I’m not going to overpay for one of the not-all-that-good-centers. If I want an Iphone I’m not going to pay Iphone money for the Microsoft Kin. If I desperatly need a phone and the seller keeps jacking up the price, me and this bat signal will just have to do for now.

  • First & Foremost

    @Control – Agreed. Ticket prices either stayed the same or slightly went up. League pass is the same price as it was for the full 82 game schedule. Concessions will probably go up to make up for the missing 2 months.

    How can an owner lobby for a hard salary cap and then not spend money accordingly? Then again, we’ve only heard the big market teams making a ton a noise.

  • control


    I’ve explained it quite a bit in the past. I started disliking the guy because of his douchebag attitude and personality. I’ve never met him personally of course, but dozens of stories out there reenforce that opinion, the first actual interview I read with him being a complete asshole (IMO) was actually on this site.

    I think the guy is a good play maker, pretty good passer and aight defender. That is about it though. He gets hyped up by the media SOOOO much, but the guy is so essentially flawed that teams don’t even bother guarding him. The contradiction is so harsh, when I hear people talking about how good he is, when the sheer logical fact is that there is NO team sets up their game plan to stop Rondo. How can he be as good as people say he is, yet if ANY other player in the league were given the coverage he is given, they’d go off for 50+ points?

    Rondo gets a high amount of assists because he is a good passer, AND because his teammates finish his passes for the most part. HE’S not the reason his teammates are getting good baskets though, he’s not making his teammates much better. Steve Nash takes a shitty guy and turns him into a better player because HE sets them up. Steve Nash IS the system, HE creates. Rondo plays in a very strict and disciplined system (Boston being my 2nd most hated team, even I can admire and admit that), he’s not the artist, he’s a very good role player in a predefined system.

    I just think when you say Rondo is a great point guard, or the best point guard (which is just fucking crazy talk) in the league…people are overlooking his flaws and the fact that he is just a cog in the system. That isn’t what I appreciate and desire in a point guard. In a different system and different teammates, Rondo’s flaws would overwhelm him, they would cripple him to the point of making him absolutely useless. If he weren’t the 4th or 5th focal point of a team’s defense plan, he wouldn’t be able to exercise his strengths so much.

    Bottomline, how can a guy be rated as a top elite player in the league when the plan to guard him is to just ignore him? Just don’t make sense.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Kevin Garnett’s a punk. If everyone in the league is going through the same duration of training camp, it’s not better or worse than normal – it’s just different.

    What he really wants to say is, “I didn’t get ready in the offseason, so I need a longer training camp.” Prick.

    Speaking of pricks, Kendrick Perkins is making Garnett look like even more of a punk. Did anyone else see that Yahoo! article, or the picture that accompanied it? Dude lost 32 pounds and was talking about having to make sacrifices. Props.

  • control

    I can say this about Rondo, which people can’t really argue with…he is by far, the worst shooting point guard in nba history. There has never been a guard who is so SCARED to shoot outside the paint that he absolutely can’t. There has never been a guard who has been worse at free throw shooting than him. There is not another guard in the league who you could use Hack A Shaq on. There is not another guard in the league who another team’s coach will say “we left Rondo open to take the shot at the end of the game because letting him shoot the final shot is a gamble I’d take any day of the week, and win every time”.

  • First & Foremost

    @Control… [Sarcastic Font] That is crazy talk. He went toe-to-toe with Kevin Durant in an impromptu 3-point shootout and nearly won. KD is considered one of the best shooters in the league right now. So using my superior knowledge and foolproof logic, the FACT that Rondo ALMOST beat one of the best shooters in the league at shooting, should by default make Rondo almost one of the best shooters in the league.

  • Big Island

    AB – No… Though that is a hell of a guess.

    Owners can’t help themselves. They will overpay because they almost have to. They don’t want to let someone get away because they didn’t offer enough. DeAndre was restricted, so GS had to make a big offer to try to get the Clippers to not match it. The Clippers didn’t want to piss off Blake so they matched it. If GS didn’t make that offer, the Clips would never have paid that to keep him. On the flip side, if every team colluded to only offer $5mil per contract, NOBODY would play in Sacramento or Indiana. The Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, NY and Miami would have every player want to play there, pick the top 40 guys, and then everyone else would get the leftovers. LA gets Kobe, Durant, Lebron, and Dwight. Wade, Rose, Griffin go to Chicago. CP goes to NY. Basically take the All-Star teams, then let them pick where they want to play. Players would pick where they want to play even more.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @control – that’s a pretty nice write-up on Rondo. I do think that you underestimate his defense, though, and his ability to fit into a good defensive scheme.

    All the same, I don’t think as highly of him as many on this site.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @control — I see your points, and at least you did give Rondo credit for being a good passer.

    After seeing him play in-person from the right vantage point, I’ve come to fully appreciate that Rondo does create shots for his teammates. Sometimes you know he has no intention of shooting the ball, but he’ll take his defender in one direction and find that precise angle where, say, Paul Pierce’s defender has to at least turn and look at Rondo; and as soon as that guy turns his head, Rondo whips the ball to Pierce, who now has either enough space for a J or already has one step on the guy to drive. It’s really something to watch.

    As for his shooting, I can’t even argue. I still remember when Rondo was at Kentucky, I bought NCAA 2K-whatever and played a season with UK. Rondo averaged like 5-6 steals a game and a ton of assists for me, but I swear in the entire season he never hit ONE jump shot outside the paint. And I think Patrick Sparks was on that same team raining threes, so that just made him look worse.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Big Island — If you have some kind of scale where superstars would still get their $15M a year or whatever it may be, All-Stars get X-amount, and so on, I don’t think it would be a case of all the stars going to the same 4 teams.

    Take somebody like Danny Granger. He’d know that even if he doesn’t get to A-level superstar level with Indiana, he’s at least got a better chance of being All-Star level or possibly reaching superstar level as The Man on Indiana than he would as the 4th guy in New York. So it would balance it out.

    Plus you still have the Draft to distribute talent, and while a lot of NBA players will always chase the money, some guys truly do like the city they’re in and would stick with their franchises for a while. For example, would Kevin Durant have chosen to play for Seattle/OKC right out of college? Probably not, but he got there, and not only did they build a good team around him (without spending crazy money, he LOVES it there now. He’s not going to jump to L.A. or Miami just because.

    Basically, just because the NBA salary cap is at, say, $60 million doesn’t mean you have to spend $59.5 million every year. If you’re running a business and legitmately worried about saving money, SAVE MONEY. So maybe you missed out on Nene, but trust me, another Nene will come around soon enough.

  • beiber newz

    control, don’t start a war with me. you’ll disappear like EN FUEGO. anyone remember him? that guy was a pussy. don’t be the next pussy control.

  • control

    I think the thing that would fix the nba’s financial issues, and improve the experience for the fans, would be to take away guaranteed contracts. How many times do guys get these huge ass contracts and then not live up to them? GMs are fucking idiots for paying Grey Goose prices for Mohawk players, but there are situations where the guy plays for a contract, noticeably busts his ass off, then gives NO effort once he’s getting paid. Fans hate it, owners hate it, and other players on the same team hate it. If there were some way to reduce that amount if a player just falls off, then it would be a better experience for all people involved (except the fool who fell off, but fuck him).

    Other than CEOs and politicians, the nba seems to be one of the only jobs in the world where you can get paid top dollar and not produce any results at all. Fuck that shit, these guys need a reality check.

  • First & Foremost

    Exactly, just because your team has a hole doesn’t mean it has to be filled immediately. The best big man in this FA class might not even fit with your team. Teams throw money at a guy just say that they got a guy. [Reference: Travis Outlaw].

    My car might have a flat tire but I can still get around on this donut wheel until I find a tire that fits. [Reference: Chuck Hayes]

  • control


    Haha, if you change your name, I’d forgive you and your 30 1 paragraph, methed out posts. I grew up 15 minutes from Justin Beiber, so he’s got the hometown bonus with me, but I still think he fucking sucks and can’t stand seeing his name 100 times when I’m trying to read here.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I don’t think the Clippers were backed into a corner at all. So Blake Griffin is BFFs with DeAndre Jordan? That’s good to know. And I also know that both of them have cell phones and Twitter and Skype and all of that. Keep in touch all you want, but we’re not paying this $6 million cat $10 million just to make Blake happy. There’s 10 other guys on the team he can be friends with. As we’ve all heard before and as I’m sure Blake will say if he ever decides to leave L.A. via free agency, “This is a business.”

    Now if the Clippers can afford it, that’s their business. But don’t come crying to the fans about you’re losing money as a franchise when you just paid DeAndre Jordan $43 million and could’ve had Kris Humphries for $23 million.

    @F&F — I was sure your spare tire reference was going to end with Eddy Curry.

  • Big Island

    AB – That would be ideal. In a perfect world everyone would be paid what they’re worth and be spread all over the place. But a guy like Granger would probably go to a team where he could make more money off of the court than on the court. Hey, NY needs a 2 guard, I’ll get the same money that Indiana offers, but I’ll be in NY. So Indiana offers more money, maybe too much, for him to stay. Wait, that’s what we have now. It won’t happen as long as guys can be traded and become free agents. Or they could have the team who drafts a guy be able to offer him a big amount to stay. Since my math is bad, I will use 50 percent more, but not have it count against the cap. So Lebron and Melo would have gotten $15 million to stay in Denver and Cleveland, but when they left, they only got $10 million. Once it went past 3 years, they could resign for more. It rewards guys who stay, and if you want to leave, you take a big pay cut.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I don’t like the idea of punishing a guy who fulfills his contract and want to try another city/situation … but I guess I could equate your system to paying in-state (cheaper) college tuition versus out-of-state (more expensive), so maybe it’s not that bad.

    And I do think pride and competitiveness will continue to be a factor. Maybe Granger, as an All-Star but not a superstar yet, could make $10 million in Indiana or NY. But if NY already has Amar’e and Carmelo, will he want to be the third guy or take his shot at becoming a superstar with Indiana? I think the competitive part of Granger might choose Indiana.

    Now, you could say that’s the exact situation LeBron faced last year, but there’s one exception: LeBron would’ve been the best player on the team anywhere he went. That’s why all the “Robin” and “can’t beat em join em” stuff annoyed me. Wade and Bosh were already underneath LeBron on the hierarchy, and nothing changed with his move to Miami.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    “Exactly, just because your team has a hole doesn’t mean it has to be filled immediately” – FNF

    ^^Exactly! Thats the same dumb ish the Chicago Bulls front office did. We had a hole in the low post. The bulls had a ton of money and were going after the big guns (Wade, Bosh, Bron, JJ, Amare). Once they weren’t able to get those guys, instead of holding on to their money and coming back stronger next year (especially knowing that DRose was up for a huge contract extension) they blew their load on Boozer. MFKing Boozer! After they already gave Noah and Deng big time extensions.

    We saw how that worked out. Yet to the casual fan it was all covered up by Thibs and DRose superb seasons.

    Great write up on Rondo. I co-sign every single word of it.

    Surprising that you would take on that argument. There is no evidence supporting your side of the argument really.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    “Wade and Bosh were already underneath LeBron on the hierarchy” –AB

    That’s YOUR Opinion. Because If I were trying to win a championship this season, Wade is the guy I would chose.

    I’ve never thought of Lebron as the #1 player in the NBA. He’s top 5 and all, but not the clear cut number 1 by any means. Wade’s numbers, ability, and history matches up with Lebrons every step of the way. And the thing that seperates them is hype. Wade never got enough hype (irnonically since he was in a so called major market Miami while Lebron is in small market Cleveland) to win MVP even though he deserved it. But Wade also has a Finals MVp and a ring to match. Something LBJ couldn’t get without him.

  • beiber newz

    @control how bout i NOT change my name and call you a bitch ass muthafucking prick?
    you sound like a chick. starting nonsense over nothing. y the hell do u want me to change my name so you can forgive me? are you just looking for my attention? another chick tendency.

  • control


    I don’t want you to change your name over nothing, I want you to change your name because it fucking sucks. I think you have even said that yourself, so quit fucking whining and do it.

    Even if I were a chick, what would be wrong with that? Women are equal to men. I wouldn’t mind it if I were a woman, I love pussy and it would be convenient to have one available to play with anytime, haha. Your disdain of females seems to indicate you, like your name suggests, like yourself some fucking dick to eat.

  • beiber newz

    guys do u see this pussy control, trying to get my attention by randomly getting mad at me to change my name? what a fucckkiinnn douche.

  • Big Island

    AB – Lebron had 3 choices really.

    Cleveland – try to ride it out and be the hometown hero.

    NY – Become a goddamn legend. If he lead the Knicks to the Finals, the world would have imploded with the nedia dick riding.

    Miami – Go play with the one guy in the league who people will argue is better.

    I might have to go with Chicagorilla regarding Lebron. Lebron has more ability than anyone in the league. He doesn’t have that “thing” yet. Maybe he’ll get it, maybe he won’t. Dirk, who I love, didn’t have it. He always put up #’s, but never willed his team to win until last season. At the end of the game you knew he was getting the ball and you knew he would come through. Shaq and Kobe each had that individually for the Lakers. With Shaq or Kobe, or even Dirk last season, it is a case of “we have to stop him” and then when you couldn’t it was over. Dwight Howard, you let him get his and stop everyone else and you win. At the end of the game, you stop Wade and let Lebron try to beat you.