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NBA 2K12 Shows Us Exactly What Will Happen On Christmas Day

LeBron James

Are you making some bets and need help deciding who to take this Christmas Day? Check out the simulations from NBA 2K12. Okay, I wouldn’t do that, but as the most realistic sports video game yet, these videos are a good start. In anticipation of opening day in the NBA, 2K12 simulated all five scheduled games in an attempt to predict who will come out on top. While you might disagree with the results, the means are justified. The game recently released an update with pretty much every roster move that took place over the course of this offseason, including adding rookies, free agent signings, foreign players and even Metta World Peace.

With that, here are all five simulations, starting with New York and Boston, the first game of the new NBA season…

For Boston, too bad Paul Pierce doesn’t sound like he’s going to play as he had 30 points in this one. Ray Allen helped make up for it with 23 in Boston’s 15-point win. And if you’re New York, I’m pretty sure you want more than eight points and three rebounds out of Tyson Chandler.

No wrist injuries for Kobe Bryant here and yet he still couldn’t stop his old high school rival, Rip Hamilton. The new Bull went off for 20 in Chicago’s 95-92 win.

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  • beiber newz

    lakers and knicks losing in the game, makes me feel good cuz maybe that just means they win in real life!! you know how in a basketball game, when you have the ball in your hand and the ref signals the timeout, you may shoot it or drop the ball and head to your bench. if you shoot it and make it, your mad because you’re telling yourself, damn that would’ve been good. but if you miss during the timeout, you tell yourself, phew at least i got that miss out my system. it’s only a weird psychological thing but just like this video game, since the knicks and lakers lost here, i’m feeling even more confident that they win because they already lost in the game!! i know none of this makes sense, but it’s not supposed to…it’s sports. i dunno. time to make a sandwich.

  • phil_mcaffee

    STFU faggot!

  • phil_mcaffee

    STFU faggot!

  • sonic

    ^thats some good weed

  • bigsmoov

    ^LOL – commented shortly after 4:20…

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    You got me rolling

  • K Dizzle

    Why was Bynum playin? Re-do!

  • RobL

    Lakers will blizt Bulls even though you know DR1 will have a good game KB24 is itching for a shortened season so he could get he’s body right 2011/2012 LAKERS CHAMPIONS