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NBA Trade Rumor: Dwight Howard To New Jersey In Four-Team Deal

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard (photo. adidas)

We keep waiting on New Jersey to make a big move. Since acquiring Deron Williams midway through last season, they’ve been a ticking bomb. There are only so many chances to hit a home run and with Williams doing the obvious – declaring his intentions to be a free agent next summer – the Nets cannot afford to come away empty handed.. again. So knowing the Lakers will always be hot on the trail of Dwight Howard, and seeing their prime target, Nene, get reeled back in by Denver for $67 million last night, earlier this morning ESPN sources said Mikhail Prokhorov‘s bunch are speeding up their efforts to land the best big man of this generation.

ESPN reports that the original talks between Orlando and New Jersey have expanded to include Portland and Gerald Wallace, and may grow to include a fourth team. With this deal, the Magic would come away with Wallace and Brook Lopez as valuable assets while also being able to shed the terrible deals of Hedo Turkoglu and Chris Duhon and receiving some future draft considerations. The Nets would get their big man, but he’d come at a price. They’d take in both of those bad contracts, and combining the approximately $46 million still owed Turkoglu and Duhon (both of their final years are partially guaranteed) with new deals for Howard and Williams would eat away at New Jersey’s cap. Still, I’d take the deal in a second if it meant pairing Howard with my superstar point guard. Sort out the mess later.

By most accounts I’ve heard, Portland wants to shed Wallace and the $19 million left on his deal to make room for Jamal Crawford. LaMarcus Aldridge has been recruiting the former Sixth Man of the Year all summer, and while the Blazers have screwed up a whole lot in the last few years, I doubt they want to piss off their best player. Crawford currently has them in his final three destinations. While Wallace is certainly still a very solid player (he made my top 10 small forward list), much of what he does can be replaced by the cheaper (will make less than $2.2 million this year) and younger (happy birthday by the way… he turned 23 today) Nicolas Batum. ESPN reports the Blazers would get back multiple first-round picks.

But do the Magic really want to do a deal right now? Howard’s gone back and forth – should I stay or should I go? Orlando doesn’t exactly want a deal until they’re absolutely sure Howard is out. The worst possible conclusion for them would be to jump the gun and bite the bullet to get back average worth (Lopez is okay, but not an All-Star. The same with Wallace.). Until then, I can’t see them making a move.

How would everyone make out in this trade?

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  • jimmhummv

    Long time no see dime. This is a good trade. If orlando is going to actually trade

  • bingo

    you can’t amnesty anyone you acquire in a trade

  • K Dizzle

    Will David Stern stick his nose in again?

  • Sean Sweeney

    @bingo You’re right. Good looks.

  • Simon

    Any fantasy implication on Wallace in this deal? I picked him in the 4th or 5th round in my draft and was hoping for a big year with no Brandon Roy.

  • beiber newz

    simon, who would u take on your fantasy team this season, tmac or james johnson of the raptors?

  • stefan

    I am not even going to read this article. tired of rumors

  • BiGShoTBoB

    IMO Brook Lopez will be an allstar in the next few years. In fact I’d take him over Bynum if I were the Lakers and missed out on Howard.

  • Simon

    @beiber newz,

    That’s a tough one. If given the opportunity to play 30+ minutes, I’m liking Johnson for something like 12,6 and 4. However, Klezia is coming back, so that would take away his small forward minutes. If that’s the case, Johnson isn’t seeing too many minutes playing behind Bargs and Davis at the power forward spot either. I think I’m going Johnson because Klezia might still be hurt, and I think Johnson would challenge him for that starting spot anyways.

  • thrillah

    T-Mac is coming off the bench for Atlanta, atleast James Johnson is starting. I had JJ on my team last year towards the end and he gets all kinds of stats.

  • beiber newz

    good advice bro…i was considering tmac because he could play 3 positions, especially if teague is a bust. and marvin williams doesn’t play consistent. i like that tmac will knock down the occasional 3 as well. i like james johnson though because he will start and he can contribute in many cat’s. damn, but i guess you pushed me over the line to take james johnson. especially when the season is condensed, don’t know if i can trust tmac on those back to back to backs.

  • JDish

    No way is this a good trade, not for Dwight Howard nor for the Magic.
    First off, Dwight Howard wants to go to a team that is winning right now, A CONTENDER, the Nets were not a playoff team last season and don’t have a talented enough roster to offer DH a winning squad.
    Second, the Magic would be giving up the Best center in the NBA. That to me is the dumbest idea ever to give up one of the best players in the game right now. Can’t they trade other players to get Dwight Howard the help he needs rather than just giving him up. He has expressed that he’s willing to stay, BUT he needs to see positive activity from the front office that they are doing all that is necessary to bring 1 or 2 more great bball players to Orlando and raise the competitive level of the Magic.
    Look At what Boston did to get Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. Look at what Miami had to do to get Lebron and Chris Bosh. Those were different situations, but you can’t argue that those teams did everything they could to pull those trades off.
    I say Orlando DON’T TRADE D. Howard. TRADE other players, shop guys around to other teams and get DH some teammates that will make the Magic a great team.
    C’mon, get a package together and ship Jameer Nelson, Hedo Turk-a-glue, Ryan Anderson, Daniel Orton …IDK… but get something done… BUT don’t let Dwight Howard. Show him that the Magic will do everything to offer him great home to play in.

  • yourdribbleizcookiez

    Awful trade if you’re Orlando(what kind of good stuff are You smoking jimhumv). In the case that Dwight really wants to be out, send him to LA, Bynum and Gasol sounds alot more enticing. Hedo has a monstrosity of a contract, true, but even he has some skills to contribute, and word out of training camp is that he’s looking leaner and sharper, so it’s not like a team would just be footing a bill. Wallace is past his time, and Brook Lopez is, well, Brook Lopez. Sorry Brooklyn, keep on pipe dreaming, you’re more then welcome to take Chris Duhon though, gawd he’s so trash.

  • QQ

    QQ gotz the money, so QQ gon pay/ thats my franchise I ain’t even gota say it/ its just something they know….

  • QQ

    oh yea, QQ get that BRAIN too. Betta recognize!

  • BK

    Can’t the Magic trade to get D.Will from NJ? I thought he didnt want to re-sign with Jersey! What’s the point of going to NJ if they are not that much better than the the Magic are now, even with DWill!! DH’s whole argument for leaving is that he need more help! So why NJ of all places?!? I can see Dallas or LA, but NJ…..

  • beiber newz

    just dropped james johnson for jarret jack. thanx to the cp3 trade.