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Norris Cole Rips Out Boston’s Hearts; The Lakers Finally Win A Game

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade (photo. Jonathan Mannion)

The rich keep getting richer. The Heat have a new toy and last night, he dropped 14 points in the fourth, drugged the crowd into chanting MVP for him at the line and used his Sam Cassell in ’94-sized balls to hit two straight jumpers in the final minute against the Celtics. Boston had to endure the wrath of D-Wade (24 points, eight assists, four blocks) and LeBron (26 points) for three quarters, but some great shooting and a zone defense brought them all the way back. Too bad Norris Cole wasn’t having it. It wasn’t even so much that Cole had 14 fourth quarter points. Even more impressively, he took 12 shots in the final frame. Surrounded by the Big Three, all of whom were great all night long, that took some stones. None of this would’ve been necessary had Boston not cut into a 20-point lead behind six threes from Ray Allen (28 points) and another full-course meal from Rajon Rondo (22 points, 12 dimes, eight rebounds). Plus, there was the zone defense that thwarted Miami’s speed in the second half. Yes, they still shot 56 percent for the game. But it would’ve been a lot worse. Once Keyon Dooling – He dropped 18 and four treys. Um… what? – banged a three with two minutes left, it was a three-point game, setting up Cole’s last minute heroics … Miami’s offense looked much more crisp in the first quarter than it did last season. Remember how ugly the Heat looked in their first meeting in Boston last season? Now, James and Wade are playing in rhythm and turning down the easy shots (neither one has attempted a three yet). The guards know where they are supposed to be and everyone is making the right cuts. Insert a faster pace and you have danger; The Heat went 10-for-16 in the first and put up 30 points. During one suequence midway through the second quarter, Miami rotated all over and chased Boston out of three shots until Marquis Daniels missed a J. Norris Cole hit the glass, and then pushed it all the way up with one pass. James Jones drilled a three. Then on the following possession, Jesus got sent back by Wade at the rim with both hands in some Jordan-on-Jordan crime before Daniels was ripped on the rebound. Cole got it all the way up the court in less than two seconds again and Bosh jammed. Scary fast. That put the Heat up 14. They should’ve subbed in Eddy Curry and watched him lose two rolls per quarter … LeBron had a eye-opening dunk in the first quarter that was nullified because Mario Chalmers passed off and then ran over a Celtic. It was just another example of why the charge call SUCKS. We’re going to start tracking this stuff. Worst rule in sports … And in case you wanted to know amidst the Cole hoopla, Chalmers turned the ball over four times in a minute and a half stretch at the start of the second half … Shaq was already taking shots at Chris Bosh (18 points, 11 rebounds, four tongue stick-outs) during the pre-game, making fun of him for crying after the Heat lost in the Finals … Steve Kerr and Mike Fratello were talking about Miami’s chances and while Kerr said they would steamroll everyone, Fratello said they would “easily start out 10-0″ as if that’s something they do every day … Keep reading to hear about the Lakers finally winning a game …

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  • Donkihot

    It’s so funny to watch Metta World Peace :D

  • control

    So…you guys hate the charge call (good), but then praise Demarcus for doing it(bad)?

  • Reno

    Norris Cole-World!….. Anybody else catch the look on Mario Chalmers face during the timeouts after Cole-World hit those shots? Lol.

  • Orange

    Metta chucked up the dueces with his dunk in the first half.


    Mario Chalmers had that look, the black on black crime look. Hahahaha.

  • beiber newz

    if i told you guys i predicted the freaking title of this article no one would believe me.

    it’s always lakers oriented, and when i said i feel like dime wants to bring attention to the lakers in a semi hating way i can’t say i’m not right.

    the last two smack titles before this made it so that the attention was negative on the lakers and it was the first line of the titles that focused on the lakers losing everytime.

    when the lakers win i figured they would talk about the heat in the first line and make the lakers the second line in the title but use the phrase: fianlly win. and i knew it. it’s blowing my mind to see that i was right.

    but it’s a conspiricy i’m creating on my part, but whoever in dime reads my comment here, NO ONE would admit it, BUT someone in the headquarters knows i’m right in a way.

    anyway, noone respond to this. i just wanted to get this conspiricy out of my mind on somewhere tangible like a comment section.

    ****anyway, anyone heard the new fabolous mixtape? pretty dope to say the least, http://www.datpiff.com/Fabolous-There-Is-No-Competition-Death-Comes-In-3s-mixtape.291573.html

    and i hope all you lakers fans in hiding don’t show your face here after they start winning, as if you were supporting them when no one else was.

    and all you hating ass lakers commenters, i hope y’all don’t pretend like you weren’t saying all the negative comments you’ve been saying when down the road in a month’s time they look like one of the better teams in the entire league.

    i have good memory. and i remember who the real fans were, not many of you “laker fans” were supportive when things looked bad. and all you haters will pretend like you haven’t said anythin. whatever. i’ve been like the only one here for the past offseason til now supporting all the lakers players and team as a whole. and i will reap the “fan benefit” when they start to shine, cuz i never saved face and kept my mouth closed when things looked bad. that is a true fan.

    im not a flaky fan. and i wont ever be embarrassed of the purple and gold, i know they have a legit big three and i expect them to do big things. as i’ve said before, all you guys talking smack will get amnesia when LA starts to roll.

    the end……….

  • silky

    crazy how good a shot blocker wade is for his height

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    The charge call sucks? Ok, from now on, instead of defense, it’s going to be dodgeball. If you’re on “defense” and an offensive player comes barrelling towards you, you must jump out of his way, or it’s a foul on you!

    In fact, the worst charge call of the night was when Norris Cole took a “charge” by jumping INTO the way of a Celtic.

    Is it a perfect rule? No. But it’s necessary.

    Let’s see, 2 pages of Smack, one entire page devoted to the Heat, the other 4 games on the schedule left for one page…nothing to see here, move along, move along…come on guys, everything you wrote, I saw on TNT.

    I wonder how many 30-20 games Blake Griffin will have this year (the answer is zero).

  • Vignesh Kumar

    ” and “he” Lakers went on a 13-0 run in the second quarter to give themselves some breathing room,”.. Come on dime.. do a proof-read at least… you guys are professionals.

    Miami heat is getting real scary.. i see a thunder v/s heat in the finals.

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    And a big hi hi to mr beiber.

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    And what a big day today for mr mr Norris cold who show big balls like Jurgo

    And who is liking big games from mr mr Andris beidrins

  • common sense

    Heat were perfect after 3quarters then fell apart. When Dallas played zone why didn’t they just post up Lebron Wade and Bosh instead of reverting to last seasons ‘Dear in headlights’ offense. Coach Spo still getting out-coached this soon, they need to fix that.
    Battier should not be playing 17mins, I know he’s a a shiny new toy but James Jones fits the scheme more so and Battier has entered the Juwan Howard/Derek Fisher zone of his career.
    It took all of two games for Cole to take Chalmers job. Chalmers can only blame himself, Cole is doing what Chalmers should/could have done last year.
    The refs gave EVERY call to MIAMI, as a Heat fan I was offended!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    It took three years for the Zombies to be where they are now. If the Jazz lottery picks turn out to be really good, they will follow the same trajectory as the Zombies. But until then, Utah fans will have to bear with a lot of humiliating losses.

    To quicken the pace, the Jazz need to bring back Jerry Sloan.

    Right now, I would be a fool for saying this, but the biggest threat to Chicago and Miami in the East is Indiana. That team is scary good. The bad part for the other teams? The Pacers are not yet done dealing.

    Advanced Happy New Year everyone!

  • doc

    @dagwaller-Id take that bet wit Blake.Give me the over.Miami lookin good.That youngin Cole playin with heart.Thats what they needed.Somebody with a ticker in the clutch besides Wade cuz Bron Bron beastly ass is pussy juice in the 4th against contenders.Kobe doin him but they still dont look to hot.They best hope is that Bynum come back ballin so they can trade his ass for Dwight, cuz thats the only way they getting back to the chip.Kobe gotta work to hard to score these days for me.Yall forgot Rondo full course meal included 7 turnovers.BJ vs Spanish Ricky Rd1 went to BJ. Ricky a got a nice little game tho.

  • vlad

    Yall forget , boston was without pierce and the frenchman.sasha pussyvic as your starting sf is a nightmare.Boston will be very good after some games.Miami got all the calls plus the rookie hit all the important shots in the 4th.lechoke was lechoke in the 4th…rondo was solid not perfect but he seems better then last saison.

  • That’s What’s Up

    beieber, it’s a wonder you can talk at all with that LA Shaft all the way down your throat. How can you even see your keyboard when you’re balls deep?

    (and please no corny-ass rap battle retort, just go back to circling LA’s schedules with circles for wins, and sad faces for losses)


    Tyrone Corbin….How in the hell does A COACH sweat like that? Is he helping out the mop guys during timeouts? …shooting t-shirts into the stands? …is he running in the layup lines? The man needs an assistant coach just to work his towel. Not even assistant coach Patrick “A No1 Sweat Game” Ewing came close to what we witnessed last night.

    …and when Udonis Haslem started talking trash to Brandon Bass, in my head I could hear Bass saying things to him like “Get some rogaine for your beard son”…and “Stop lettin’ your kids cut your hair nukka”

  • doc

    HA! Haslem shit was hacked up.That nukka got a box!

  • beiber newz

    that’s what up, liking a team means their penis is in your throat? stop lookin for trouble. you are a sad excuse for a nba fan.

    and predictably, lakers win and control pretends like that didnt happen. beautiful, typical laker hater gone blind.

  • Franchise

    ah…so common is a heat fan. figures. i’ve never known what a bandwagon feels like, care to share? dont hear u talkin bout Kobe and ball-hoggin this time around. he had a plus-minus of freakin 33. efficient all-round game. u claim you’re not a hater and yet u do what haters do, talk shit when things aren’t too juicy for your target, then go mum when he performs and and therez reason for deserved praise.

    Its always amusing to me reading u gals flippin out on the message board of Dime, when in real life if yall ever met any of the players u berate there wouldn’t be a peep outta you. probably just stare in awe. and pray that he doesn’t beat ur ass to dust. if your life sucks so much that venting on dime is the only highlight of your day, i feel sorry for u. here’s a hint; work on making ur life more suspenseful instead of camping out on Dime’s message board callin out people who can literary BUY you and who LIVE a life u can only dream about. pathetic.

    The sad thing is there is some truth to your rants. Like i’ve posted before, KB needs to be playing more of a facilitating role, and being a decoy to attract double-teams then kick it out. Its a well-documented fact that Kobe lacks true leadership coz if he did he would realize that getting the most out of Gasol (and Bynum when he gets back) is the Laker’s best shot this season. Not to mention the advantage of having such size at your disposal, not using it is a travesty. But KB’s never been a play-maker as u pointed out in all your wisdom. u take the good with the bad. Do i still think he should be playing?? hell yeah. He’s too big a part of what we do for him to just sit out when he can give it a go. We need as many wins as possible in this shortened season. Should he play smarter?? absolutely. there, u happy?? if therez anyone drinkin Kobe’s piss its u, coz he’s standing over u pissin and all u can do is whine on sum random message board while he makes his millions, fucks models and lives his life.

  • Franchise

    meant control. too many Laker haters for me to keep up with

  • jdizzle

    Can somebody remind me why the Bulls traded Norris Cole? I would mos def play him ahead of YMCJ Watson.

  • north

    ATL dominated from the jump and barely played their starters at all in the game. Smoove played 16 minutes and JJ played 24. That’s owning. Good to see they got a sentence in Smack even if it was a negative one.
    The Blazers/Kings game was interesting. Looks like Wallace has found a real home. He and LaMarcus were playing an unstoppable two man game a couple times. Jimmer can shoot.

    Not everyone just wants to read about how the Heat won and the Lakers beat a terrible team. DIME is turning into ESPN.

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    Norris Cole was annoying last night. Dude would make a decent play that any guard in the NBA is expected to do, and then he would explode with screaming and chest pounding and slobbering on himself and shit.

    Come on man, act like you’ve been there before. There are 64 more games to go. No need to act like a rabid animal after taking a shitty charge.

  • Franchise

    @biebs u bring shit on yourself with the “oohhh im not a flaky fan. and i wont ever be embarrassed of the purple and gold”…weak. and you’re ALWAYS tryin to point out how LA catches undue flak from Dime and people who comment. get used to it. in fact i like it. its just testament to LA’s greatness that our losses make more headlines than some other ball club’s wins.

  • beiber newz

    ohhhh yea b4 i forget, seems like the lkaers defense has been no problem at all with the highlight being holding the bull below 100 points, below 90 points actually !

    i also remember being the only person preaching how their defense was fine and they needed to work on their offense. i got shitted on and the result was mitch kupchack signing OFFENSIVE PLAYERS.

    FAST FORWARD TOO TODAY and the Lakers are locking up their opponents (it wont happen every night) but they r looking pretty good. when bynum gets back i expect a better defensive unit especially wit mike brown doing his thing with the defensive schemes.

    so all you saying i was wrong when i pointed out LA’s main issues were their offensive DRYSPELLS can continue to go into hiding.

    and take that’s whats up with you. lord knows he needs a friend.

  • doc

    @big freeze-He NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE! Gotta let the youngster show his emotions.Bron need somebody like that for 4th quarters and he know it thats why he keep talking like the youngin the next D-Rose.

  • beiber newz

    reports have it that the magic are looking for ESTABLISHED VETS for dwight.

    interesting….looks like they are taking my advice to compete NOW and win NOW!

    unlike hoping for draft picks to save a franchise. the celtics won a ring in the kg deal while the wolves are still trying to put together a winning formula. see how long it takes them to make the playoffs. smh.

    the hornets screwed themselves…or should i say stern screwed the hornets?

  • catdaddywhack

    Funny thing… when Cole were making those shots, it kinda looked like (on TV anyway) none of the Big Three douches came and gave props to the rook.

    Hate on KG or Kobe, but when a rookie (or any other) teammate is killing like that, they’re the first ones to run at ‘em give/show what the kid deserves…

  • doc

    @bigfreeze-He wasnt never there before.Bron need a emotional cat like that anyway.Cuz he cant look like a little bitch in the 4th if dude is about to beat his dam heart out his chest

  • karmatic

    i am not a laker hater, but KOBE looked OLD and SLOW against the jazz, especially his right knee, even when doing his crossover shake/slam; 3rd game in 3 nights can do that to an old man, tho’.

    minnesota has barea and rubio….and ridnour plays 31 minutes? that’s stupid.

    i’m hoping the nets played so gawdawful against the hawks cos lopez is out, and petro is starting, but at this rate, i can see the nets being 2-14 before lopez comes back, and deron wishing he’s back in turkey…

    if indiana is REALLY good this year, they’ll blowout the raptors tonite in toronto….even scraping a victory there wood be their first in toronto in 11 years!

  • That’s What’s Up

    as much as I hate cp3 I think I’m gonna have to start over and look past his cheating/whininess/bitchiness and try to respect his game. I really like Griffin and DeAndre Jordan seems legit, Butler fits the system and Chauncey seems to be the real key to that team – so dammit, now I have to watch cp3 on the reg.

    It’s gonna be hard, but Spurs/Clippers 7:30 CST will be a good place to start.

    fuck me sayin’ fuck cp3

    for now

  • beiber newz

    @ catdaddywhack

    i was thinking the same thing yesterday in regards to none of the big three showing cole some love during his hot streak.

    it’s easy to see why if you consider last season. the heat caught so much junk from the public for celebrating. also, considering how close the game was it would be quite embarassing if they ended up losing especially if they wound up chest bumping, fist pounding and head slapping.

    but one thing is for sure, i bet lebron made a conscience effort not to show emotion to protect from public scorn.

  • beiber newz

    also @ FRANCHISE your points have been heard, taken and well received. i’m not intolerant to criticism.

  • doc

    @catdad-Yeah but KG happy the kid took the shot so he wouldnt have too and Kobe unless he passed it to the dude on some MJ shit would really be pissed off inside that the kid upstaged him like that. Then he would hold his fingers on his right hand because none of them work even tho he had 48 points on 34 shots and about 3 dunks and tipped passes where he was into the game so he forgot to grimace in pain.But when the reporter asks him about it hes gonna say.The fingers fine u just man up and play so he can sound like the Terminator or some fuckin body.But LA loves that scripted shit.Fuck the Lakers.Bum ass pricks.They goin 1-65.How the fuck is Derick Fisher running the player association?I thought u had to be a player?How the fuck is Jerry Buss still alive?Wasnt he fuckin bitches with Magic? I hope Magic come in the lockeroom and buttfuck the whole yellow and gold so they die of whatever fuckin disease Magic CLAIMED to have.The only HIV ridden fat healthy looking motherfucker 20+ years after he caught it.Another script for us.The next one will come when Bynum comes back and his leg breaks in half in the first game. Then they’ll sign Taylor Griffin and trade him and Bynums leg for Blake.Fuckin pricks.And Tupac was a rat! Biggie got me shot!

  • catdaddywhack

    @ beib

    forgot about the trauma factor. lol

    guess the three douches are always good at setting the wrong examples…

    lmfao @ doc

    crude… but true

  • Fox

    @ Jdizzle: Bulls made two mistakes in the offseason imo. Trading Cole, and letting old man Kurt Thomas go (he kicked Demarcus Cousins ass last night). To answer your question as to why the they traded Cole??? Who knows!

    @Big Freeze: As a few people pointed out, Cole HASNT been thr before. And to play this well on a star studded team he has all the right to be excited.

  • 4M

    LMFAO at Laker fans. Your team just won its first game of the season, against one of the worst teams in the West, after starting the season 0-2 and y’all trying to rub it in everybody’s faces like your team is on a 10-game winning streak or something. And you wonder why many people hate Laker fans. GTFOH.

  • beiber newz

    @4m ….. please point out exactly what line made it seem like anyone here made it seem like the lakers have gone on a 10 game win streak?

  • beiber newz

    it fucking annoys me when people here say shit, almost sounding predestined pre thought of lines like what 4m said.

    just because someone said good about a team, they wait to plug in the line : laker fans act like they won the title.

    if a laker fan here said kobe had a good game a line those idiots would plug in, one of those pre-thought of retorts would be, “you laker fans act like kobe is better than jordan”

  • Big Island

    Beib – The Lakers had been swept out of the playoffs (4 games), didn’t win in the preseason (2), and hadn’t won yet in the regular season (2). I think an 8 game skid is worthy of a “finally”. The Heat/Celtics was the only game that didn’t involve the Hawks, Nets, Bucks, Kings, Blazers or Jazz. That’s why there was no coverage of those games. I was shocked that Dime didn’t go on about Brandon Jennings having a shot now and being one of the top shooter in the league though. And if the Lakers win, and Melo gets MVP, you can say “I told you so”.

    Franchise – I still hate the Lakers and Kobe. They just beat a bad team last night so there isn’t much to say. I think they’ll be fine, but I would like the doc scenario of 1-65.

    I don’t get the hatred of the charge. Did you guys see Derek Fishers floppy ass driving the lane? He has NO intention of actually making a shot. He gets in there, someone looks at him and he flails around. They should cut down on calling charges a little bit, and they should start calling those floppy friggin offensive guys for code red triple technicals and suspend them for 10 games, then make them do another 10 in the WNBA until they learn that even the women playing are tougher than their floppy asses are.

  • First & Foremost

    The NBA should have a penalty box. 2 minute penalty for flopping, offensive or defensive flopping. Coaches can challenge the ruling of a flop, 3 per game. If the coach loses the challenge, the other team is AUTOMATICALLY awarded 1 point.

    Flop -V. -ped, -ing, -s
    An unnecessary act of unmanliness which uses overt exaggeration and/or dramatization in order to gain an advantage over an opponent, as a substitute for sport related talent or skill.

    Flopping consists of but is not limited to: screaming like a little girl the moment you realize the sporting action you attempted to partake it won’t end with the desired result, flailing ones arms aimlessly to catch the eye of a sporting official [not considered homo for some reason], attempting “trust falls” for no apparent reason when an opposing player approaches, continuing to stumble even after you have caught your balance or using the tuck n roll technique even though you were previously jogging/walking, Anything Paul Pierce does other than defying death.

  • beiber newz

    is anyone here confident enough to say cole will be a perennial all star? i respect early predictions more than studied, analyzed estimations.

    what i mean by that is, for example, when rubio was playing ball in spain, people were hesitant to say whether he would be a good nba player, and pretty much all you guys were saying he was a bust. but as soon as he made some noise in his first nba game, everyone comes out the shacks and underground to say , wait a minute , rubio will be a good player at the nba level! but those same people were the guys reserving judgement. i seen the same thing happen with iman shumpert. no one liked to talk about how good he’d be coming out of tech, but as soon as they see him more closely then they give their 10 cents on him.

    i guess cole is in the same boat now, seeing as how he finally made national tv at the nba level on top of having an eye opening game, but still, who here is willing to say he will be a perennial all star? or will he simply be the next nate robinson (no offense to nate, love him), minus the hops, which is a talented guard able to control stretches of the game offensively, really CONTROL it with speed and a knack to get off any shot and make it, but never develop into a certified baller.

  • beiber newz

    flopping is extremely hard to judge, but i see where you are going fNf

  • JC

    I feel kinda bad for Mario Chalmers, in a way. He has never been quite good enough to be taken seriously as a championship-caliber PG in the NBA. It always felt like Chalmers was 3-4 plays per game away from being solidified as the PG of choice for the Heat, but you never really saw him put it together. Maybe he did for a game or two, I just don’t recall it. The questions have continued to linger regarding Chalmer’s viability as a long-term PG solution for Miami. Last night, it seemed to all come crashing down on him, even though he had been doing his best to keep it all together the last few seasons (temporarily ignoring the notion that he hasn’t actually improved much of anything in his game since entering the league).

    Cole looks like he could pose a serious threat to Chalmers’ sanity, as Cole appears to fit in better with the look and feel of Wade, James, and Bosh. It’s not so much that Cole may be a better player, but every open jumper Cole makes is going to send a fragile Chalmers into a downward spiral. Chalmers is most effective when he’s not looking in his rearview mirror, but he’s not effective enough to prevent other players from creeping up on him. Hopefully, Cole is the truth and can remain consistent because Chalmers is just going to get worse, even if Cole does this kinda thing once every 10 days.

    I’m surprised to see little commentary regarding LeBron’s 4th quarter play. I feel like Cole’s play could be a further indictment on LeBron’s inability to take over in the clutch, regardless of whether it’s a rational reaction.

  • the truth

    flopping ruins the damn game…even though all the best do it. and why ask norris cole to act like he’s been there before when he hasn’t? lol his second game. and im a heat fan, but what the hell was up with miami’s 4th quarter offense? back to last year’s finals…no movement, lbj hold the ball for a while then pass off to someone as the shot clack goes down and wade acts likt eht rock’s a hot potato. that being said, i do like the fast pace…and the lakers gon be just fine, like to see them get one more good wing

  • beiber newz

    flop of the year last season def goes to bosh when boozer swung thru with the ball in the post. i think he beat out anything ginobli or fisher did in the 2010-2011 season by a mile with that one. true basketball fans know the flop i’m talking about.

    and for sir charle’s sake…….GINOBLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Three Stacks

    @justin bieber

    Just because some people don’t feel the need to freak out or cream their pants at every up/down the Lakers experience doesn’t mean they aren’t true fans. People being more vocal when good things (i.e. wins) happen is just a natural response, it doesn’t necessarily make them bandwagoners. And just because you have the time in your day to think about these things and let the internet know about it, while the rest are busy with school and work, doesn’t mean we’re not as passionate as you — it only means we’re not as obnoxious as you.

    I understand that the Lakers have a lot of bandwagon fans, but what do you expect? We live in a bandwagon city, half of the population isn’t even from this area. The Lakers, as much as Los Angeles itself, are a tourist attraction. The majority of fans might not be able to meet your unusually high standards for fandom, but you need to embrace that this kind of exposure (hate/love, genuine or not) is what allows a team to generate the funds to thrive and succeed.

    The team exists to make a profit and provide entertainment to the public, which they undoubtedly do. They do not exist so you can be a prick and annoy people with your smug interpretation about how fans should act. Get over yourself.

  • beiber newz


  • First & Foremost

    I was watching one of the bowl games last night. The runner was chased out of bounds, the defender grabbed on, swung him around BUT HELD THE RUNNER UP and both players were under control standing up out of bounds. All of a sudden the runner starts flailing his arms trying to trip over people.

    FLAG – 15 yard penalty.

    Flopping, unjustly changes the entire dynamic of a game. If I had to coach against Dwight Howard, I’d put my skinnest defender on him and play him straight up. 2 offensive fouls later and I don’t have to see him until Midway through the 2nd.

    As much as we hate the refs for dictating the outcomes of games, coaches/players do everything in their power to use them to their advantage. I’m still waiting to see a player throw the ball off of a ref, catch it, and then get a 2nd live dribble.

  • Big Island

    F&F post #41 – LOL, OMG, FYI, LMAO, ASAP, BRB, TTYL, TL;DR, all of those things. Consists of, but not limited to…sporting action…trust falls for no apparent reason… Gold Jerry! PURE GOLD!!

    Three Stacks, even though he dogged my boy Beib, said exactly what I have tried to say a hundred times. Since he isn’t mildly retarded, and can construct a sentence, and communicate much more efficiently through writing, it sounds better than my usual “Lakers fans Kupchak bandwagon change stance hate Kobe sucky wrong Buss kid boo”.

    I’m starting to get crap for wearing my Dirk jersey again. Hopefully they can “finally” (sorry Beib) get a win tomorrow. But they play OKC so it does not look good. Apparently replacing your sparky back up PG and your defensive minded center with Vince Carter and a still hurt feelings Lamar Odom was a bad idea. Who knew?

  • Conor O.

    Los Angeles will be fine. Bynum’s presence equates to a 3-0 record, however hypothetical.

    Given the circumstance, they are 1-2 and those idiots who vilify them have another month to do so before they become cohesive and begin destroying the League once again.

    Enjoy their circumstance for it will not last, basketball trolls.

  • First & Foremost

    ^LOL^ He must be talking about the 7 feet tall center the Lakers have. The same guy who routinely has just dominated the league through and through for the previous half decade or so. The guy who has a few 20 rebound games, 9+ altered shot games, and is hands down better than Dwight Howard which is why the Lakers won’t pull the trigger on the trade.

    Did anyone else picture him leaning back in his chair mumbling, “release the hounds” in his Mr. Burns voice?

    Bynum MIGHT have helped in their two losses but he also MIGHT have gotten injured. We probably have another month or so until every Lakers’ story mentions Bynum getting his knees drained during every halftime. This is a Lakers team that has not only fallen from their title contending grace, but on the verge of not being the best team IN THEIR OWN STATE.

  • beiber newz

    funn thing is for all you guys who routinely point to bynum’s injury history, dude played through a serious one and got LA their second ring against boston. he is still talked about in the convo when talking about the Ls best bigs. add to that every single team would love to have him in their locker room and on their roster. and i estimate you guys are jealous.

  • control


    Seriously calling me out for being a Laker hater when I specifically tried to explain to you that I am a selfish Kobe hater (love unselfish Kobe though), and a Mike Brown disliker? I understand you are certified as the Dime Mag Village Idiot, but damn you are stupid.

    I predict that either Indiana or Toronto will win the game between Indiana and Toronto today, then tomorrow I will call out all my haters!

  • Big Island

    Beiber – We point to Bynum’s injury history because, well, the dude averages 55 games a season. The Lakers might not have won without him in the season you are talking about, and I agree with that. But he has played a full season one time. He has played over 50 games 3 times. He has an injury history. He is mentioned in the top centers because there aren’t any really good centers in the league. Don’t take honesty as hate.

    Control – LOL at your game prediction.

  • catdaddywhack

    lmmfao @ ‘prediction complete’

  • catdaddywhack

    injury prone with the work ethic of a bum (didn’t kareem gave up teaching him?)… and he’s not even the best center on his own team – his team’s starting pf is…

  • beiber newz

    i hear u big i, but my point is, if you guys focus on that, you are basically calling GMs in the league idiots. bynum’s name has been in trade discussions involving player like jason kidd, carmelo anthony, dwight howard..etc.. i mean, you guys always point to him and his injuries but and downgrade his talent. he is still one of the best players in the league not just withing bigs. that what i was getting at. i know he gets hurt, people get hurt but you guys seem to ignore what he DOES bring which makes it seem like you are nitpicking. GMs aren’t dumb and bynum’s own GM made him untouchable for a reason. you don’t think he is aware of his injury list? but you fans, the people sitting behind a computer want to speak lowly of him simply because HE IS NOT ON YOUR FAVORITE TEAM.

  • dagwaller

    control – YOU’RE JUST BEING A HATER!!!


  • First & Foremost

    I speak very lowly of most centers. Really, how can the majority of them be one-way players? People want Bynum because of his size. Size is a very hot commodity in the league. J.Kidd for Bynum straight up, at the time you only had Shaq/Yao to deal with. Bynum could have been the best center in the East. Maybe a decent point finds their way to NJ.

    Bynum for Melo straight up, You’d pair Nene & Bynum owning the boards with Birdman/K-Mart rotating. Who would have a better big man rotation than that? JR Smith would have been able to shoot as many wild jumpers as he pleased.

    Bynum for Dwight… People speculate that trade because everyone feels Orlando MUST trade him and they might as well get a big in return. Other than getting something rather than nothing, the deal has no other value to Orlando. Bynum isn’t as marketable, isn’t as healthy as dwight, can’t cover as much ground, and probably does even worse impersonations.

    Bynum is only an untouchable asset to the Lakers because the Lakers also know they need size. Murphy not too long ago averaged 10 rebounds. McBob is athletic. Aside from the Superstars, every team was trying to get Nene, Chandler, Jordan, Gasol II, & Dalembeast. Most of those bigs have gaping holes in their game yet they still average $9M+ per year. We wouldn’t stack any of them up against the centers from the 90s but they all have size.

  • First & Foremost

    Detroit is shaping up to be the worst team in the league.

  • beiber newz

    WARRIORS BEAT MY KNICKS! BUT i am truly happy for mark jackson, he is getting his shot and looking good in the process :D

  • K Dizzle

    ” This is a Lakers team that has not only fallen from their title contending grace, but on the verge of not being the best team IN THEIR OWN STATE.”

    Seriously, the hate is just stupid.

    Who’s the best team in Florida?
    Who the best in Texas?
    Better question: Who even cares? It’s 4 days into the season…