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Not Everyone Is Happy To See Chris Paul As A Clipper; Kevin Garnett Calls Out David Stern… Again

Chris Paul

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

These are strange times in the NBA. Strange times, indeed. We want to believe this whole fiasco revolving around the Chris Paul-to-the-L.A. Clippers trade is over. But we know, and y’all know, it isn’t. That’s what happens when a league is forced to trade one of its most visible and valuable assets. That’s what happens when there are accusations someone screwed around with the amnesty waiver process to make sure Chauncey Billups ended up a Clipper. That’s what happens when reporters ask a GM from Houston who thought he had a trade done last week, to comment on what exactly happened and the man backs off saying he isn’t allowed to speak on it. That’s what happens when league representatives appoint a man to run basketball operations for a team, and then step in at the last minute, completely overrule him, and then act later on like they were in agreement the whole time. This whole situations reeks of something nasty. As Adrian Wojnarowski writes, the CP trade stained the NBA’s credibility. We feel for Dell Demps. He was never told about the NBA’s stance on what they deemed a fair deal. He wanted the playoffs, coming from a place like San Antonio where winning is everything. Demps felt he needed a deal to keep the Hornets in the playoffs for the fans’ sake. Stern let him go on negotiating knowing full well he would never approve of the trade, if only to save his league from the perception of another super team. Then after the deal was torched, as Wojnarowski writes, the NBA started to leak things about Demps to the media in an attempt to destroy his credibility. Too bad we will never hear from Demps on what exactly went down. Not unless the man wants to be fired for good. The final straw was the night of CP’s trade to the Clippers, Stern forced Demps to listen in on a conference call where Stern told the media the two of them were on the same page all along and that Demps and the rest of the Hornets never thought the initial Houston/Laker/Hornet deal was done. Yeah, okay. The bottom line isn’t that one deal was nixed and the other felt contrived. It was how it played out, and the subsequent effects of it. We will never know whether the NBA clearly tampered with the amnesty waiver wire to get Billups to the Clippers. But the accusations are there, and when you see the Clippers finally agree to move Eric Gordon only after they land Billups… well, you can connect the dots … Meanwhile, we had the chance to chat with the TNT crew yesterday – Shaq, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson – and Barkley thinks there is a legitimate question now on who the best team in L.A. is. What the Clippers need most of all are shooters. If they could land one or two shooters to complement Paul’s passing – and while we love Billups, we doubt he can go full-time as a two – it’ll be a nightmare to guard that team with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan turning games into “lob city” … As for the Lakers, Kobe Bryant is blaming the other owners in the league for how screwed up the team is now, saying many of them didn’t want to see the Lakers get another star. But Bryant says at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. They’ll have to play with the guys they have, and even though he can’t wait to see what the Clippers got, he believes the Lakers are fine. That’s on the outside. On the inside, Stephen A. Smith says Kobe is pissed with the organization and how the team is regressing, and get this, may demand a trade. Even Ric Bucher said he wouldn’t be surprised if Bryant demands a trade within the next month … And new coach Mike Brown is making his stamp already. He says Metta World Peace will not be starting this year. It’ll come down to Matt Barnes, Luke Walton or Devin Ebanks. Brown wants MWP to bolster the second lineup instead … Josh Howard has signed with the Jazz (meaning Andrei Kirilenko won’t be back), and Carl Landry was re-signed for a year at almost $9 million in New Orleans almost immediately after the CP deal became official … The Pacers are still looking for bench scoring, and according to Mike Wells, they are going after Michael ReddKeep reading to hear Garnett call out Stern and Dwight Howard call for a trade …

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    No rap battles between Beiber and Control. It is Friday after all! You two should kiss and makeup and invite Big Island for a 3some! Peace!

  • beiber newz

    so let me get this straight. the hornets, when the first dealt paul, got players that could help them get into the playoffs. a chance to compete.

    their new team now, is highlighted by a shooting guard who isn’t guaranteed to stay and draft picks.

    my senses tell me, the new trade doesn’t open the door to being able to compete. it just opens the door for youth.

    hmm. what’s more important? getting young players over proven talent? i dunno. seems like the hornets were backed into a position of NOT letting a powerful franchise (lakers) get more powerful and had to use the ploy of getting young and had to take a deal that did that. for a once in a lifetime player in paul, the hornets struck out.

    that draft pick, will he even stay long term? will he just end up leaving New orleans when his time comes to be a free agent?

    youth is all and well, but youth doesn’t open the door to a championship. it just opens the door to potential.

    odom who is a triple double threat. scola who is a double double threat. kevin martin who could score and draw fouls better than picasso can draw would be a great trio. especially if they were to work out further deals to smooth out the roster, the hornets would have been a good team. now they are whack. with a draft pick who , let’s say turns into harrison barnes. ok barnes and eric gordon compared to odom, scola, martin. by the time barnes and eric gordon figure out how to win in this league, they’ll probably want out of new orleans. the hornets lost. they lost paul and they lost all chances to make a trade that’d help them compete.

    if there was a gun to my head, i couldn’t tell you when’s the next time i feel i’d see that team in a playoff hunt.

    sorry dell demps.

  • patrick

    Honestly I think that both of these trades were good for the Hornets. This college draft is going to be one of the deepest in years. If Charlotte can wind up with Eric Gordon along with Andre Drummond and one of the explosive high scoring wings at the top of the draft they will be just fine. Paul wasn’t going to stay anyway. I don’t think anyone is building a team around Scola, Odom and Kevin Martin. Either way those are both pretty good trades for a team that was tied for 8th last year.

  • beiber newz

    yea i guess it’s whatever. as long as the hornets are happy, my opinion really doesn’t matter then.

  • Big Island

    Had the day end with a fake post from the imposter in yesterday’s smack. I can’t be too mad because he mentioned Dirk and probably rapped better than I do.

    Dwight Howard needs to go away already. At this point, I wouldn’t trade for him unless it were for some garbage guys. It isn’t worth the drama.

    Kobe should be pissed. All of the Lakers should be. Jimmy Buss is going to kill the team so bad that it won’t even be funny. It wouldn’t shock me if he amnesty’d Kobe or gave him another max extension for 8 years. He’s terrible. Kupchak is gonna stink too for a bit. Watch how the ticket prices drop the next couple of years unless they pull a trade.

    KG can go away too for that matter. He’s right, but I hate him enough to disagree with him. He can eat a whole bag of dick.

    I don’t understand the whole love affair with this next draft. There are a bunch of solid guys, but no superstar guys. I don’t see any real franchise guys at all. There is a ton of B level talent, but no A guys. Unless I am retarded. Beasley would go #1 this year easy.

    I get the trade for NO. They get young, cheap guys. Nothing else really. Maybe it will sell easier with no real long term debt, young guys they can try to keep, or let them go and not care. I dunno, I’m with Beib, it’s whatever.

  • control

    Bahahah, it’s not Rondo’s “intelligence” that makes him hated, it’s the fact he’s an asshole and douchebag that makes him hated. If KG is saying someone isn’t as cocky as he is…damn, that person really has to have an ego.

    Hasn’t Stern publicly bashed on teams who tanked seasons and didn’t try to make playoffs in order to get better lottery picks before? Yet, apparently that is exactly what he has done with the Hornets? Refusing to take a trade that would have made the team better, and with a better chance to make the playoffs, in order to go for what is probably a worse trade?

    Stern has to go! The guy did good when he capitalized on star power to grow the league, but his dictator bullshit is just old. I really can’t justify spending any money on anything to do with the nba until this guy is gone.

  • Promoman

    Kevin Garnett can’t complain about things being condensed. Everybody knew that a lockout would have blowback and a crammed schedule or no schedule would’ve happened. You don’t stick your hand in fire and wonder why you’re burned.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Come on DIME, did you guys really bring this BS Hornets trade stuff up again. I’m done. I can’t be on here anymore.

  • catdaddywhack

    If anybody needs to make a ‘fake post’ and claim ‘imposter’, it should be Dell Demps…

    (w/ all due respect, bi hehe)

  • stefan

    I don’t think there is man who could have accomplished more than Stern. You can hate all you want, but saying he should leave just because some controversial trade is just stupid. You will probably never know the real reasons behind CP3 to Lakers thing, so get over it. You had great basketball since you were born because of Stern… The only thing I don’t approve is the change of rules, transforming players in pussies..

  • control


    Stern did a GREAT job expanding the sport of basketball. He rode his stars to popularity…then he decided to become a control freak. He started putting his finger prints all over the game, in the game, on the teams, everywhere. People want and need to be entertained, but there is a line where if you force the entertainment enough, you lose the sport. Stern crossed that line. He’s fucked that line in the ass and made it go home. I love basketball as a sport, and as a hardcore fan of the game, I hate seeing all fucked up at the highest possible level. Right now it’s like watching Russian figure fucking skating, who by the way, have better officials than the nba. Couldn’t be more corrupt, IMO.

    Stern has taken control of the players, and tried to tame them. In the process he has turned them into giant pussies and competitive spirit.

  • raf

    whats tm103?

  • K Dizzle

    @ stefan – You probably a Clipper fan. If you were a Lakers or Rockets fan and just got fucked by the commish, you’d be pissed. I can’t stand dudes sayin “Get over it” like it’s no big deal that other owners in a competitive league actually having a say in your franchise’s affair is cool.Of course Cuban n Gilbert don’t want the Lakers/Rockets improving, but it don’t mean they got any kinda say in it. Anybody actually payin attention over the past week KNOWS why the Hornets trade happened the way it did…which is why Stern’s gettin shredded everytime I go online or turn on sports radio. Commissioner of a multi-billion dollar league ACTUALLY played God and decided which team could make their teams better and who gets screwed. Lakers will be alright eventually, we’ll figure it out. Rockets got screwed. And I don’t “have great basketball since birth” cuz of David Stern, I got it cuz of Magic, Larry, Zeke, Mike, Chuck, Stockton, Malone, TimBug and the Glove. There are over a 1000 people on the planet who could do Stern’s job. He was given a golden goose; just had to keep it fed.

    -Still pissed Lakers fan

  • Lee

    If the lakers need an odom replacement, they should just go after Kirilenko.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    I want to play out an imaginary trade right now assuming that Kobe Bryant does want to get traded.

    I run it through the ESPN Trade Machine and it worked. Here is how my imaginary trade will go:

    Utah gets Kobe (I am a big Jazz fan as most of you know), Los Angeles acquires Al Jefferson and Danny Granger, and Indiana adds Paul Milsap and Steve Blake.

    Who says no? No one. It is a win-win situation for the three teams.

    Utah will have a starting unit of Devin Harris, Kobe, Josh Howard, Derrick Favors, and Memo Okur.

    LA will have Derek Fisher, Granger, Matt Barnes, Jefferson, and Pau Gasol.

    Indiana will have Darren Collison, Paul George, Milsap, West, and Roy Hibbert.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    David Stern grew the league. It is an undisputed fact. He should just have known when to leave.

    Making players wear business attires on the bench when injured or not playing was correct. It made the players look more professional. Making the players always available for interviews by the was also the correct move. Players going on community outreach projects was also correct.

    Disallowing players to wear headbands upside down was childish. Taking the Seattle team out was bad. Hating on the Allen Iverson rap album was also childish.

  • K Dizzle

    @ alf

    So,Lakers trade Kobe for Granger and Jefferson…even though we still have Bynum and Gasol, then we trade our backup point guard so Derek Fisher has no backup when he really shouldn’t be starting or even playing more than 20mins per?
    ……ummmm no.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    Chris Rock on rap music:

    “I love rap music. I still love rap music. I love it. But I am tired of defending it. You hear people saying it is not art. It is garbage. How can you listen to that garbage? How can you listen to that thrash?”

    “In the old days, it was easy to defend rap music. It was easy to defend it in on an intellectual level. You can break it down intellectually.”

    Grand Master Flash was art. Run DMC was art. Houdini was art. You can break it down intellectually.”

    “I love all the rappers today but its hard to defend this shit. It is hard man. ‘I got holes in different areas covered.’ It is hard to defend ‘move bitch get out of the way.’ As you can see, there is a bitch in his way. He needs to move. Thus the term move bitch get out of the way. You need to open your eyes to get the bitches out of your way.”

    “My favorite song right now is impossible to defend. It is impossible. We should all be ashamed of ourselves for liking this fucking song. Lil John – To the window, to the wall, to the sweat drips from my balls.”

    Yup.Chris Rock has foreseen what is happening in Dime right now.

    Darn. Why am I posting so much today?

  • First & Foremost

    @Alf I think making players wear suits wasn’t a good idea. If I’m hurt and decide to stay home, I’m getting comfortable. If I’m hurt and decide to come to the game, I’m getting comfortable. Out of the 16,000+ people in attendance, you might have 14 people buttoned up in a 3 piece suit. I’ll appear in 2 screenshots so the announcers can say that I’m playing tonight, as if it wasn’t evident by me not being on the floor or in uniform.

    Yes, it makes me look more professional, sends a subliminal message to kids that it is okay to dress in big boy clothes, However, I’m famous for what I wear on the court, not off of it.

    Get over Stern blocking the LA trade. He could of contracted the Hornets since no one wanted to buy them in the first place. But he didn’t, the NBA bought the team and the NBA gets to make owner decisions for that team. They decided not to follow through with the trade because as the owner of the team they have the right to do so. If you and your friends want to pony up $350M to purchase the franchise, by all means do so. If not, stay in your lane.

  • First & Foremost

    @Alf… “Hit her wit da dik. Hit her wit da dik. Hit her wit da dik. Hit wit da dik.”

  • Fish

    Good to see that Brown is still an idiot. Why would a defensive oriented coach put your best defender on the bench while the opposing best players are on the floor? I suppose I should reserve judgement, but I’m reminded of his inadequacies in Cleveland.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    @ First & Foremost

    Yup. (Nodding)

    @ K Dizzle

    The Clippers have five point guards right now. Do you think they will keep all of them?

    Ramon Sessions or Luke Ridnour can be had. They are good backups. Worst case, Carlos Arroyo, is still unsigned.

    The Lakers have options for a backup point guard.

  • stefan

    @ control – thank you for expanding my thought process. I agree with your summary of taming the players, this is true. I do have some advice though, as I am too a hardcore basketball fan: stop reading so much about administrative shit that is going on in the league. A lot of stuff is affecting your entertainment, but only to a certain level. Enjoy the rest, relate everything with what is going on on the court and then you wouldn’t be so upset at Stern.

    @ K Dizzle – I am indeed a Clipper fan. But I can only thank Blake, Gordon and Deandre Jordan for that. I am also a Thunder fan, and a Heat fan, and a Wizards fan.. you get my point. It depends on the players and the stories behind them. Players change, retire. I watch all the teams during a season, any game that is on. This is what a true fan does. How a person can feel so close to a team I never understood, when all that stays the same is maybe the concrete gym it plays in. Not even that. People make a team and like I said players retire and staff as well. You may be nostalgic and stick with a team for its past when in fact your real basketball taste at this moment would make you be a fan of another team. But that’s your choice.
    I doubt the 1000 people remark because I can see what is going on in other leagues and they are not even close to where the NBA is for its fans. The question is under what statute did Stern act in the CP3 decisions, commissioner or “team owner”? It may be obvious that his commi principles were in the way of him negotiating and he may be guilty for that, but it is just another minus on his resume. In the end he did what he thought is best for the league… sorry, I mean for the Hornets

  • stefan

    @ control – maybe this explains it better than me; from an article in SA express news: Today is Amnesty Day across the NBA, the date by which teams must decide whether to exercise their so-called “amnesty provision” on a player for this season, or save it for a campaign to come. For Richard Jefferson, long named near the top of every speculative “to-be-amnestied” list, today could mark the last day of his Spurs career. Or it could be the first day of the rest of his third season in silver and black. A red-letter day indeed, except Jefferson didn’t exactly have it circled on his calendar. “I didn’t even know until you told me,” a grinning Jefferson said after Thursday’s practice. “I could have gone to bed tonight a happy man.”

  • Robmo35

    Garnett/Bryant high school grads just can’t let go

  • First & Foremost

    O.J. Mayo for Eric Bledsoe.

    Clippers get their shooter and Memphis buys another year of production under a rookie contract. Both teams should look into that.

    Michael Redd would look nice in a Clippers uniform as of today. Maybe Gilbert Arenas finds his way out there. They can persuade Glen Palin to come out of retirement; he has range all the way out to Alaska.

    Eric Bledsoe for JJ Reddick. Changes need to be made, right?

    Mo Williams for an autographed copy of ‘Do The Right Thing’. Tell me New York doesn’t need a point guard right now.

  • cesar

    lol@3 charlotte hahaha

  • jdizzle

    @raf TM103 is Thug Motivation 103, Young Jeezy’s new album

    @F&F and @alf Put a dick in her ear, a dick in her ear, a dick in her ear, dick in her ear. Now fuck her in the eye, fuck her in the eye, fuck her in the eye, fuck her in the eye. Now blind the bitch, blind the bitch, blind the bitch, blind the bitch! Sorry…had to do it.

    So is the amnesty clause basically like a get out of jail free card?

  • jzsmoove

    Is there anybody else think that the storytelling format Dime is using is bullshit? its like a grownup narrating to a toddler. There is no more pizzazz, no explosion. Kinda like the narrating from Will ferrell’s Stranger than Fiction.

    Dime needs to stop stop talking bout trades that went down already. Cover some other issues slackers. Dime reeks of poor journalistic talent nowadays. Dime step up!

  • Dana Walker

    First off, Kobe needs to calm down. They lost a career underachiever who is getting older and wont be able to get by on his talent alone soon. Plus the Lakers are known for trading no namers or pretty much nothing at all to acquire a big time player. They dont need another superstar, just a good player, probably a really good player but not a superstar and yes Paul would have been better off with the Lakers (The whole Clippers being awesome this year, sorry is just media hype and will come to show when these guys dont mesh as well together as once thought, plus lobs dont win you shit, get you into the playoffs, or finals.) Yeah it sucks losing Odom and the whole trade thing did fuck up the Lakers mojo more but to demand a trade is drama queen city.

    Second, the trade is done, lets leave it at that. The Hornets got royally fucked, and Paul goes to a mediocre team that wont go any further than his Hornets squad. Clippers only have two leaders on that team, Billups and Paul, and they both play point. So I dont expect much out of Clipperland, they are notorious for fucking up good things and not winning shit for the past 30 years.

    Third I knew Mike Brown would try to be the big dog in town in a really stupid way. Starting any of those guys over Artest isnt the best move. I will give it a chance but Artest isnt a spark plug off the bunch. He does his job defensively and to get 7 pts out of him this season will be great. The lakers front office is probably making the stupidest moves out of everyone ie: not trading Bynum and putting it out there he would be included in a Paul deal or Howard deal, letting Mike Brown be your coach for one thing, and also pissing off an aging superstar and regressing an aging team. Dont see the Lakers going past the first round this year unless they make a big trade and get rid of Artest, Bynum, and the spare parts that arent working for them in the process in return for someone that had the same impact Pau did when he came.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @jzsmoove – that’s what I came away from this Smack thinking, honestly. The first part. The style that Austin had…well, I don’t think anyone else has that.

    Whoever writes now – Aron, I think – does a good job. But not a great job. Still learning.

    jzsmoove hit the nail on the head with that narrative style, though. That’s exactly how I feel.

  • JH

    Just bought my Jazz – Clippers tickets & can’t wait.

    Also, I notice a lot of posts from wanna-be GM’s. Well, join our active Yahoo “Head 2 Head” 12 person – 9 cat league (5 slots left)& prove it…but only join if you plan on playing beyond week 2.

    League ID: 55438
    Password: Password

    Live Draft: Monday, 12/19, 9:00 pm MST.

  • First & Foremost

    ^^How does fantasy basketball drafting transfer to arm-chair GMing?^^

    What NBA team do you know that would punt the TO or FT% category in hopes of having an overwhelming advantage in block/rebounds/FG%?

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “I am indeed a Clipper fan. But I can only thank Blake, Gordon and Deandre Jordan for that. I am also a Thunder fan, and a Heat fan, and a Wizards fan.. you get my point. ”
    Yeah we get it. It’s either “bandwagon jumper”, or the team you truly support is notorious for being shit, so you look around the league for other teams to latch onto. <– that's me. i got the Raptors, and they are a joke. Since I'm a basketball lover first, I look around the league for teams that play a style that I enjoy. BTW, there's nothing wrong with being a bandwagon jumper. Those types of people hang on to the winners year in and year out. IMO, nothing wrong with that. The main difference is the reward the single-team supporters get when they experience the ups-and-downs with the team. Can you imagine the jubilation Billy Crystal will have if/when the Clippers win a chip? You won't feel the as much as he would. He's a hardcore Clipper guy.

    "I watch all the teams during a season, any game that is on. This is what a true fan does."
    You think so? IMO, not exactly. Ask an athlete what they consider a true fan, and you won't get an answer like, "You know, a true fan is the guys who like a bunch of teams all at the same time."
    A "true fan" is the guy who goes all crazy in the stands and throws all their support behind one, and only one, team. They might enjoy watching other teams, but it's live or die through that one team. THAT'S a true fan.

    Your description – a person who watches "all the teams during a season, any game that is on" – is a "fairweather" fan.

  • stefan

    you really did your research JAY, but honestly I am not a fan of one losing team or something like that. they are like pussy, you may find a hot one, exactly your taste but in a few years she gets old. you want new pussy.

  • beiber newz

    jay’s right

  • beiber newz

    HA!! JEFF VAN GUNDY SAID ON MIKE AND MIKE THAT HE BELIEVES JOSH MCROBERTS WAS A GOOD SIGNING AND THAT HE’S A GOOD PLAYER! hmm kinda echoes what i said recently. he even said, he “Certainly is no lamar odom” similar to when i said “he is NOT a replacement for odom”

    hmmm, a seasoned analyst saying what i said. interesting.

  • First & Foremost

    I’d consider stefan a fan of the game but not really a true fan. A true fan sticks with one team regardless of who is on the roster.

    I’m a fan of the game also. There are certain players I’d love to see win but when they decide to go chase rings [Malone] or just suck at life [Kemp] it really does suck the life out of liking that franchise. The reason you may like one team is no longer there so therefore you have no reason to like this team anymore.

    I like watching young teams progress but my devotion to one team will never get to the point where I roll on my living floor clutching a pillow crying with tears of joy that they finally won a championship. I will never make it to Chicagorilla’s level of fandom.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Stefan

    Sorry, but 2nd what JAY said. U switch teams every few years n you watch whatever game is on?

    Whatever works for you, I guess. I been a Lakers fan since 85, like 2-3 years old. Never switched. You get more involved when you live n die with one team. ie ‘true fan’

  • stefan

    I like that: watching young teams progress. It’s like some playoffs series of the past few years when I would really care for an underdog. It’s a general rule, more neutral people like the underdog. But let’s take Lakers-Thunder. I had money on the game with the Gasol buzzer beater that sent the Thunder home. I was a true Thunder fan and still am. It started that year and the hundred euro that I lost on that Gasol shot did make me “roll on my living floor clutching a pillow crying with tears of” sadness (not only because the money I lost). For me this means that I am a fan of the game AND a fan of a team (that time the Thunder)… more teams in my case..
    the remark about loving to see a player is also true.

  • stefan

    it’s nice to hear these different opinions and I understand your love for one team, I really do. it is just my logic and I am sure I am not the only one, as I see that some people have the fan types categorized. logic doesn’t allow me to be a fan of only one team for more than a few years. I guess a more philosophical discussion would only create more confusion.
    but I am curious, what is it in the end? the excitement that your team goes through good and bad, like the Clippers example from a few posts above? is it the geographical location. that you live around the corner of an arena? it doesn’t make sense to me, when I can go through good and bad with more teams, and live exiting experiences when a player (arenas) scores 60 on the lakers court, so I start following his team. I see it’s bad, so I enjoy it so much when it reaches the playoffs and it’s a great playoff series against the cavs. I go crazy at 4 in the morning for a few nights a week when every game in the series is decided by the last possession. so I don’t buy that supporting one team gets you so much more excited when it wins.

  • First & Foremost

    @Stefan, What we are trying to say is that you aren’t a true fan. You are jumping from one fad to the next. Whichever team is convenient for you at the time. You weren’t a fan of them starting 2-23. You just became a fan to see David beat Goliath. You had a vested interest in the Thunder but it won’t last. IF injuries and bad trades happen to them, you’ll sweep your “true fan” spirit about that team under the rug and follow Memphis.

    You can’t be a true fan of multiple teams. Also you can’t be a true fan one day and then abandon the team when players retire or leave.

    That’s like being a good husband… only when your wife cooks & cleans. If she is doing anything else you treat her like shit.

  • First & Foremost

    Supporting one team allows you to hate so much more. That hatred then fuels rivalries to the point that shit will hit the fan when 2 teams meet [Da Raidaz vs 49ers]. If you like a bunch of teams that dilutes your hatred making it impossible to keep rivalries alive.

    Sports is a love-hate relations. You love one team and hate all others. You especially hate those teams that constantly beat your team. You love one franchise and then love to hate all of the other franchises. You could be a diehard Boston fan that appreciates Kobe scoring 81 points in a game. But you will also have a crowbar on standby if he is attempting to do that vs your team.

    Once again, you are a fan of basketball but not a true fan of A team. You liked watching Gilbert Arenas play but you really didn’t care for the wizards as a whole.

  • beiber newz

    i’m gonna say this now: steve nash should demand the suns to trade him to the new york knicks.

    the suns should rebuild. they should deal him out of good faith, not looking to even obtain equal value. trade that man simply on the basis that he has been classy. and he deserves to be rewarded to go to a team with the pieces in place for a run at a championship.

    nash would put the knicks over the top, ahead of the heat, and the best team in the nba.

  • First & Foremost

    @Beiber – What would Grant Hill do without Nash? And I digress, that sometimes doesn’t work. Jamison left the dreaded Wizards to join Shaq & Lebron. The Wizards did the right thing. They allowed him to contend for a title and not suffer through yet another rebuilding campaign. Shaq has retired, Lebron packed his bags, Mo Williams cried, and Jamison was left virtually alone and is now on a rebuilding team.

    The suns should reward Nash’s loyalty by letting him go. However, it is a business and if being entertaining is your business, why give up your cash cow? This is the way sports works. Just because you are a nice guy doesn’t mean you are entitled to a championship.

  • stefan

    now I start feeling like I am missing out on some amazing stuff. lol
    is there any books on how a guy can become a hardcore fan of one team? maybe I film a documentary. first episode – move near grizzlies arena…

    I just think that as a basketball fan I am lucky to be able to appreciate more teams, players, events… The hate thing is another topic and don’t tell me that UNC fans hate Duke players with all their heart. It’s just dumb, what is there to hate, a bunch of hard working guys like the ones in your team? so what if they beat your team, there is some trash talk. then it all turns around and you can talk back.

    I think it’s funny how the team fans that you are talking about create this imaginary world. that is why I said earlier that I understand. in my view it’s just a fake belief that is something to love in a team. And I can also start the discussion the other way, saying that team fans don’t appreciate the sport as a whole, and give arguments for that.

    but really, thanks for the comments and discussion, this was fun and it made my day at the office more fun than usual

  • stefan

    reading the last beiber comment and coming back to the topic of the article CP3 and the Hornets. I wish they get an owner who thinks like beiber.. but that’s almost impossible

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Damn son, you taking shots at me and I don’t have anything to do with your convo lol. I got you though.

    I’m defintely am not a crazed fan. Just go back and read my post. I root my team on sure, but when they do stupid $h!t (ie pay Boozer/Noah/Deng way too much money) I have no problem $h!tting on them.
    But I get what you’re saying.

    Anyway, since the Lockout $h!t popped off back in July, I had been trying to explain to everyone that playing in a Big Market doesn’t guarantee anything. And I now have the perfect article to prove Market size doesn’t matter when it comes to winning.


    very good article with the stats to back it up.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Yes UNC fans absolutely HATE Dook fans with all our heart. it works both ways.

    Same goes gor Sox fans vs Cubs fans

    Bears fans vs Packer fans

    Yankee fans vs Redsox fans

    Auburn vs Alabama
    and so on and so on.

  • stefan

    @Chicagorilla – I am not going on wikipedia now to read what scientists have to say, but I am pretty sure this whole “I love my team” thing is not applicable to rational men. I think inside of you, you know it’s all bullshit. If you adjust the famous prison experiment (where guys just starting hating each other) and if you change some factors in your life, like going to jail and only being surrounded by ex duke players and duke fans, with duke videos and books, you will not go crazy and kill them. it will be a few months or years and you will get hooked by their stories and become a duke fan. it hurts though that you would be convinced by people more detached from reality than you. so this true fan stuff and hate I will just not understand.

    on the other hand I grew up watching football (soccer to you) and I always wished I could celebrate a goal like the fans I would see on TV. I envy them and you that you live and go through that emotions, but I do think they start from an inside belief that I rightfully miss

  • beiber newz

    @ ff
    yea i agree w/ you.. but would you pull the trigger if new york offered iman shumpert/draft pick/cash….for nash?

  • beiber newz

    ^while thinking in good faith and conscience heart for nash

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’m in agreeance with Stefan. You can absolutely be a “true fan” of basketball — or the NBA, or college basketball — without necessarily picking ONE team to back for life. And you can also be a “true fan” of a team temporarily.

    When the Sonics left Seattle, I didn’t become any less of an NBA fan. And when I threw my allegiance behind the Pacers, I didn’t become any MORE of an NBA fan. And if someday the Sonics return, I will totally ditch the Pacers as “my team,” but that doesn’t mean I’m not a true Pacers fan right now. If that makes sense.

    Anyway, I came across this old Kevin Durant post from a few years ago and it made me laugh. Check out the comments:


  • knicksfan84

    How come “control” gets a shout out… BOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Watching the Pacers vs Bulls right now. Hibbert started off the game abusing Noah and they won’t give him the ball back lol. How stupid are the Pacers players? Hibbert kills Noah when he tries to single cover him. Also, you can almost see the height difference of Paul George. Kid looks like Dante Greene now.

    Side note: DRose….the 2011 MVP, picks up TWO cheap fouls in 2min and is already sitting out the first quarter. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a superstar be disrespected as much as Rose.

  • Big Island

    Just read that Kobe is getting a divorce. Dude is going to drop 40 a night, easy. I am absolutely terrified of what he is gonna do this season now…

  • K Dizzle

    @ Big I…thought the same damn thing

    Jellybean warned him about that ho tho. U won’t leave me after Colorado but you bounce after LO gets traded?

    @ Austin – if Seattle hadn’t got screwed outta the Sonics, would you be reppin the Pacers? And why you ain’t just rep the Thunder?

  • First & Foremost

    “If I could be like Mike” has been taken to the next level.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @K Dizzle — Why won’t I rep the Thunder? Ummm, because I kinda wish Clay Bennett and his ownership group would simultaneously get The Incurable Clap. Loved Jeff Green, love KD, loved Collison and all the guys who suited up for the Sonics, but I can’t root for the Thunder.