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OKC Puts On A Shooting Clinic; The Heat’s Big 3 Can’t Be Stopped

It wasn’t too long ago that Orlando/Miami was a big Eastern Conference tilt. Now, it’s simply a mismatch. With Dwight Howard (2-for-9, five points, six rebounds) going through the motions somewhat – let’s hope this doesn’t become a habit this season – the Heat toyed with Orlando for a while and then blew them away in the second half, winning their opening preseason game 118-85. Miami has a better, and healthier, supporting cast this year, but it’s still going to come down to the Big Three. And that’s bad news considering they look healthy, confident and comfortable, combining for 47 easy points. LeBron was especially impressive and had two incredible highlights. Near the end of the first half, he almost hit his head on an off-the-backboard alley-oop from Mario Chalmers, and then after the break, he caught Big Baby Davis and smashed his shot from behind. They said Big Baby gained 25 pounds of muscle. Sure that was muscle? Amazingly, this was Orlando’s first preseason loss since 2008, and if they aren’t careful this season could go down the drain pretty quickly … Technically, the Mavs began their title defense last night in a 106-92 home loss to OKC. But with Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd sitting out, we were left with a lot of new blood. Lamar Odom and Vince Carter had solid nights. Dominique Jones and Roddy Beaubois were outstanding off the bench (17 points each). But none of it mattered. Early on, the Thunder might as well have not been locked out at all because we felt like we were still watching the Western Conference Finals. Oklahoma City probably never even left Dallas; it wasn’t long before Serge Ibaka was racking up fouls, and Russell Westbrook was coming down full speed, jumping into the air and committing turnovers. Some of the names changed, but the recipe stayed the same for most of the first quarter, and in the second, if the Thunder weren’t intent on turning it over every other possession, they could’ve opened up an insurmountable lead. All of their three-point shooters were money. Actually for most of the fist half, the Thunder were shooting up around 70 percent, and eventually that took its toll. Kevin Durant had 21 points on five shots, and James Harden added 14 off the bench … Cole Aldrich checked in looking like a bad Halloween costume; the shiner on his left eye was one of the worst bruises we’ve seen in a while … It only took about three and a half minutes before we got a Khloe sighting off a reverse lay-up from Odom. As for Odom (14 points), he looked right at home, scoring off the dribble, hitting threes and playing almost exactly like he did in L.A. … Boston survived a last-second missed shot from DeMar DeRozan and a Andrea Bargnani missed tip-in to beat Toronto 76-75 in one of the uglier preseason games you’ll see. We just couldn’t stop looking at the 3D graphic now underneath the Toronto baskets. Very confusing … The Washington Post is reporting that Nick Young is going to take Washington’s $3.7 million qualifying offer. Nothing to analyze here. Young wanted a ton of money, no one was willing to give it and so he’ll have to try again next summer … The Xinjiang Flying Tigers of China are giving strong consideration to releasing forward Kenyon Martin, says Marc Stein of ESPN.com. If Xinjiang does in fact release Martin, they would be the first Chinese team to release an NBA player who signed with them during the lockout. Sources told ESPN.com that only the threat of serious sanctions from Chinese league officials for releasing a player of Martin’s in-season stature has stopped Xinjiang from already doing so. You gotta think K-Mart is sitting somewhere in China reading this and throwing down a “Tiger Woods at the 2005 Masters” fist pump Keep reading to hear what Andrew Bynum is saying about his knees …

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  • beiber newz

    the magic have ceased trade talks…for now
    dwight, comes out and says he hasn’t backed off his trade request
    i wonder if dwight will play below his talent level because he doesn’t want to be in ORL any longer
    have you guys ever played in a random pickup game, where you your team is clearly not as talented and the game gets out of hand? the opposing team is just thrashing you and you sorta just want that game to end to start a new one? or in that same game, your teammates are ballhogs or simply don’t know how to play smart?

    i wonder if dwight is going through some things in his head that will make him play how vince carter played in toronto. he may want his ticket out of town to be rejuvenated. for the fans’ sake, i hope that’s not the case.

    dime pointed out he was going through the motions, hopefully it was just “preseason blah”. i saw a highlight where wade did a nice looking turnaround fade away in the post with some hang time to it, and usually during the regular season, that woulda drew some swag walk after, but wade looked like he was just ready to head to the locker room, shower and go home after that move.

  • JBaller

    Dwight’s a punk if he pouts and plays poorly on purpose to force a trade.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    speaking of buying out numbers. I noticed that CJ Watson wasn’t wearing his No. 32 jersey for the Bulls. So i wonder how much Rip had to pay to get that number from CJ.

  • control

    Someone mentioned it over weekend, but the Lakers probably had the worst offseason by any team (Rockets sucked as well, but that was Fuhrer Stern’s fault). They downgraded their bench, their coach (went from one of the best to one of the worst), and their management team. They pissed off a few players, traded away some vital pieces and are hanging their future on an injury prone douchebag of a center. Good job Lakers! Another example of the “rich” making retarded moves and squandering what most teams would kill for. At least all these downgrades will make it challenging for Kobe, because I think he was complaining that shit was just too easy for him, or was that his nut-hugging fans?

    Anyone know if Jonas Valanciunas is going to come to the Raptors this year?

    Another example of why NY sucks:


    Though that story is really funny, and some of the comments are hilarious on that article…you just don’t see that type of shit happening in places that are “good”.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Davis and Gil are in the same boat. Signed big contracts after playing like ALL NBA players, then dropped off with the quickness. NY shouldn’t sign EITHER of them, though – they already have scorers, they need distributors and defenders.

    control, Rondo would be a great trade right?!?! lol

  • control


    Trade Rondo where? WNBA because he’s a bitch and looks like a douchebag in drag? NY would be the only team I’d want to see Rondo traded to, I hate splitting my hate to a bunch of different teams, so keeping it to just NY, boston, a little LA and wherever SJack, FatZach, and FatGlenn are.

  • Soopa

    He isnt coming this year. Straight off wiki:

    “The Raptors only can pay $500,000 for his buyout because of NBA rules, but ValančiÅ«nas has promised that he will pay the rest of the buyout price so he could play in the NBA. However, Lietuvos Rytas didn’t permit him to join the NBA until 2012-2013 NBA season.”

  • K Dizzle

    @ Control

    How does the Rockets offseason suck cuz of Stern, but the Lakers offseason had nothing to do wit him?

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Brokejumper

    Took me awhile to get used to seeing Big Baby Davis in blue, almost couldn’t tell it was him. Looked like Durant gained a few pounds, he’ll need it if he gets hacked that much. I’m curious as to why Xinjiang would cut Martin, is he playing poorly on purpose? If JR Smith can score 30-40 night in night out, Martin should be killing it as well. I don’t see Xinjiang making the move if the sanctions include lost games.

  • doc

    I hope Dwight stinks it up and dont even try.FUCK THE mAGIC.They shoulda gave him a team and not a bunch of soft pussies.


    It would be sooo good if the Knicks signed Gil aswell as Baron. I wouldn’t want either of them, or bibby, actually on the basketball court, but it would be funny as fuck. Having those three sitting on the end of the bench being all fat an injured will be just like having big fat eddy back. you could probably get one of eddys old xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxl jerseys and stick all three of em in it and no one would notice the difference.

  • baloogawhales

    @Control: how is it that the Rockets get a pass but not the Lakers, when Stern F’d up both of their plans. Read the news bud.

    i’m hoping Wilson Chandler gets released, I need to pick him up on my fantasy team

  • baloogawhales

    oh yeah

    Damn $12,000 dollars for a number??!? LMA is a terrible mediator or JC is just extremely generous and possessive

  • ERIC

    ” Arenas has fallen off pretty quickly, but he has no shortage of AMMUNITION. If he wants to stick in the league, this is probably his last SHOT”

    Intentional gun jokes?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    How are the Rockets f^cked up?
    They have a good coach in Kevin McHale.

    Pg:Lowery/J. Flynn/Dragic
    SG: Kevin Martin/T-Will/Lee(RFA)
    Sf: Chase/Patterson
    PF: Scola/Marcus Morris/Chandler Parsons
    C: J.Hill/Thabeet

    You guys do realize that with that trade they would be losing Nearly 50ppg!!!!
    while only getting back Pau Gasol’s 20ppg.

    Carefully explain to me how adding Pau Gasol is going to generate those extra 30ppg.
    You can’t tell me they were going to get Nene and HE was going to average 30ppg! lol. I mean come the fluck on. Anyone believing that the rockets were hurt by this is biting the apple.

  • First & Foremost

    Ha, $12k for a jersey number. If I’m Crawford, I’d first try to play him for the number. If he doesn’t accept the challenge, then you slide him $5K in all twenties [keeping it classy and for visual purposes].

    If I’m Babbitt, “That will be one game check please…. Nah I’m just playin, I’ll sell it to you for 1/2 of your game check.”

    I’d say it was a fair deal. If the negotiations lasted a few days, I would have taunted Crawford by wearing MY jersey every day. Or come to work wearing his other number 11’s.

    Just like Cam Newton and Jimmy Clausen, if I was Jimmy, Cam would have had to buy me car. You can’t be worth $150M before the season starts and pay me chump change.

  • Big Island

    Control, how do the rockets get a pass and the lakers don’t? You are the definition of a hater. I don’t want to sound rude. But it’s true man. How about instead of getting mad and extra opinionated, try opening your eyes a through an unbiased lens. You need to take a nap. Come back, and write things that make sense. I agree with comment 8 and 12 basically, no offense. You’re a funny guy, so I won’t get overly upset at you. I just hope you explain yourself in a witty way. And make it funny you tightwad.

  • jdizzle

    @Chicagorilla given the fact that it was CJ Watson it shouldn’t have cost Rip no more than $50 and a 6 wing from Harold’s

  • First & Foremost

    @Jdizzle, or a 2-piece from Floyd.

  • Dana Walker

    @control, Ive been the one saying that. They shot themselves in the foot with that trade but ultimately the league fucked them and the Rockets for shutting it down. The Lakers however have the money and rep to go out and make plays for a lot of good players, key role players, etc. They come back with two 6’10 goofy white kids who played about 55 mins total last season. Lakers better PRAY that Bynum holds up or else that team is done. They lost Brown, Odom, and gained no one…oh wait, they hired that shitty coach that makes the dumbest fucking face on the planet when a play goes against his team. Seriously, why they hired that moron and didnt give Shaw a shot is again something I will never understand. I guess its because he helped Lebron almost win each year big in the postseason….oh wait

    and 12k for a jersey #…haha who is Luke Babbles? If he doesnt play why should he get to decide what his number gets to be when an actual good player comes to town.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    That definitely wasn’t Big Is on that post. Doesn’t even look like some $h!t he would write.


    Maybe $50 and CJ’s choice of an all you can eat pass to Giordanos Pizza or Portillio’s.

  • catdaddywhack

    near-future SMACK line:
    “…Kenyon Martin has been released by the Xinjiang Flying Tigers of China and the Knicks are showing interest…”

    LOL. Fuck New York…

  • Big Island

    It was me bro. I don’t know how I sound. But thanks for sticking up for me in the event it wasn’t me. Good to know who would have my back. But I really was talking to control.

  • Big Island

    Chi – Yeah, that post was definitely not me. Who the hell says “tightwad” anymore? And to whoever did post #17, the Lakers f’d up.

    I don’t really understand the whole number buying thing, especially after changing teams. If someone wanted my number THAT badly, I would charge them a TON, and when they said no I would just ask for a number change. I can’t play unless I am number 17? retarded.

  • Common Sense

    @ C-rilla

    I swear, man, everytime you come close to regaining your credibility, you relapse like Whitney n Bobby.
    Get outta the house, grab a random friend, n ask them if the Rockets were set back by the blocked trade.
    How do you defend the Hornets, who don’t have an owner, for clearing salary and trying to get younger and being headed to lottery heaven but the Rockets are stuck in a worse spot than the Hornets before the trade and you don’t think they got fucked?
    Wrap your brain round this. Rockets traded their two middle of the pack best players and Dragic for a legit franchise big in Gasol, sign the best free agent big out there to support him inside and cler over 60 million off their books. After that, we don’t know what else they had planned just like we don’t know what the Lakers had planned after they got Paul. All we do know is that the trade would have clear up some capspace so they could get back from their Yao Ming debacle. Jordan Hill and Thabeet? Do you think we’re all idiots?
    Dell Demps, Mitch Kupchak n Daryl Morey are three of the top gms in the league. Rockets had spent 3 seasons setting up this opportunity, but you think it’s ok that they got 3 unhappy players coming back to a place they’re not wanted.
    Come on. Everybody who reads Dime’s boards more than once a week knows you weren’t happy at the prospect of the Fakers pulling the Chris Paul n Dwight Howard heist. As a Warriors fan, I would have protested myself had it happened, but what we’re discussing here is principle, not
    the trade. In fact, nobody bitched more about Dime’s CORRECT analysis of the blocked trade being harmful to all 3 teams competitively shortterm and possibly harmful to all 3 longterm depending on which traded pieces resign with their current teams. The Bulls made moves to move up the power rankings yet you still find time to try to convince anybody reading that somehow the Clippers trade was the best for all teams involved and now the Rockets aren’t harmed by this conflict of interest?
    Try to open your mind and think BIG PICTURE. The Rockets aren’t going anywhere with Scola and Martin so they attempted to upgrade. If you had a chance to get Nene for Boozer, you would do it in a heartbeat, but the Rockets are idiots for attempting this? Using a misleading stat like “they lose 50ppg” is believable to only the most ignorant of minds. There’s more to this game than scoring. You rip the first trade because you think the players the Hornets get aren’t worth it, then you try to build them up as stars when the team clearly and correctly sees their limitations.
    And how the fuck is Mike Brown a shit coach, but Kevin Mchale’s the 2nd coming of Jerry Sloan?
    At least let the man coach a Lebron James free game before you discredit his 67% wins percentage.

    I’d apologize for the rant, but fuck it, I’m an American citizen so there you go. First Amendment rights.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @The real Big Is

    The number shit matters big time to some players. I know it always mattered to me. I would play one on one for my number. Even the girls and boys i coach are real big about getting their same numbers year to year. Some players don’t care. I think Kevin Garnett wore different Jersey’s all the time when he played here and Durant wore different numbers all the time in HS also.

    And whoever is posting as people (I suspect BNews’s crazy a$$) that $h!t is just lame.

  • JH

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    “Head 2 Head” 12 person – 9 cat league (a few slots left) League ID: 55438
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  • control

    Ok, the Lakers started fucking up the second they hired their new coach. They lose a guy who is a legend, and replace him with Mike Brown? Yeah, Mike Brown has coached in the finals, he has also had experience dealing with “strong willed” stars…but he also has experience fucking both them up. He didn’t win in the finals, and he let his star player steamroll him into uselessness. The guy had horrible time management, horrible substitutions, and used a grand total of ONE play at the end of every game. LeBron ran and coached that team, not him, that is where he fucked up. There ain’t no way Kobe doesn’t lose it this season.

    Has anyone been impressed with the Laker’s next generation management team? Putting the “franchise savior” tag on Bynum is a HUGE mistake…and have they done one move since that has been good in anyway at all?

    Yes, the Lakers got fucked by Dictator Stern, the whole nba and it’s entire fan base did. Did the Rockets turn around and trade Scola or Martin for a trade exception after the trade was blocked? Lamar might have been a baby about nearly being traded, but the management and coaching staff have to sit down with him and tell him to put his big boy pants on, not just give the guy away to the team that just won championship.

    The Lakers seem like they are a much worse team now than when the season ended, they look like they have self-destructed (on paper, gotta see how the games go). That ain’t all because of that fucked trade, they went above and beyond way before that.


    I agree with you, Pau wouldn’t have made up for Martin and Scola. I actually think Scola might end up being a beast this year, watching his international play…damn, guy was tearing it up. Problem is, Rockets planned everything they were going to do on that one trade, and it got crushed while all their eggs were in one basket.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Since you already know my stance on the trade then there is no need for me to go back and explain to you how dumb you are for thinking it was a fair trade.

    Do i care that the Lakers get Chris Paul? No. Would it bother me if they STOLE another player? Hell YES!

    That’s all im gonna say about that trade anymore.

    As for the rest of your “rant” Scola and Martin were signed by Houston and paid all that money. They are just past their primes (just like Odom). If the Hornets were to accept that first offer, they would’ve given up a 26yr PG in his prime and #1 at his position, in order to bring in two guys who wouldn’t be able to do much for their future.

    If Houston was to bring in Pau Gasol, who is not only 31yrs old and already past his prime, but he also has a ton of wear and tear on him from the past 3-4 seasons of going deep into the playoffs. Plus the near $60Mill he’s owed over the next 3yrs.
    And if your idiotic rant is correct and they were going to bring in Nene also, then they also add another $60 Mill + for the next 4yrs for a guy who at 29, is past his prime. Add to that, he just recently had testicular cancer (am I the only one who remembers this?) and you never know how that’ll go.

    So in all i think David Stern saved the Rockets from themselves. It’s not like they were trading in order to get younger or better. They were trading in order to stay in the SAME EXACT SPOT, while helping a conference rival (Lakers) clear a ton of cap space.

    This is by far the smartest thing David Stern has done in his time as commish. He spent all summer fighting to save the owners from themselves and idiot GMs. And when he had the chance to prove his point, he did so in a major way.

    LMFAO@ Demps and Kupcheck being some of the best GMs. Are you outta your f^cking mind son! hahahadhfihasdfhasdfiohadohasd

    Who or WHERE the hell did you get this from? I think you just made that ish up. You’re in panic mode. And spitting off the dome.

  • Beiber Newz

    Wowwww @ post 25.
    Common sense, I am giving u an applaud.
    You said all the right things in your post there.
    From each team setting up moves for the future had the trade gone through, to you touching on being upset at the trade but understanding the principle of stopping it was wrong.

    What makes your post even more fascinating, is that I mentioned the same thing to c-rilla about him disliking the trade and him wanting no one to talk about it yesterday. He got pissed and completely avoided commenting on me questioning him on it. Instead he bitched.

    But wow. Kudos. U hit 10/10 for your post.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    The way I look at it, Stern saved the Rockets from overpaying for Nene. Not that it was his intention to do so, but that’s one positive result. I like Nene, he plays hard and he’s kind of a throwback big man, but I’m also pretty sure that 2-3 years from now, Houston would’ve been trying to trade “Nene’s contract” to some other desperate team.

  • control


    How many big men can you say DON’T end up like that? I’m pretty sure last year “the contract of Tyson Chandler” was being thrown around because it was expiring. Other than All Stars, nearly all bigs end up like that. Pretty much anyone who signs a huge contract and isn’t an All Star ends up like that, though most guards/sfs need to be vastly over paid (Arenas, Joe Johnson, etc).

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @control — I’m talking about on the level of “Eddy Curry’s contract,” where the team you play for can’t stand to look at you, and even the team that gets you doesn’t really want YOU, they want that expiring deal. That doesn’t happen all the time.

  • lifep

    Both Chicagorilla and Common Sense played hard.

  • control


    Apples and oranges there, Eddy Curry turned into a giant fat slob. I don’t think Nene will ever do that, the guy only has one testicle, but it’s like the size of a fucking bowling ball. Nene just has that drive and work ethic, he might fall off but not so much that his team is going to hate on him.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    yeah well there are a ton of big men in the NBA who were a “Bargin” deal when the contract was signed. Look at guys like Chris Kaman, Emeka Okafor, Marcus Camby, Tyson Chandler,Andrew Bynum, Boozer, Bosh, Rashad Lewis, and and Scola.

    Even Zach Randolph was being tossed around like bad luggage from LA to NY, then he landed in Memph where he was actually needed and somehow managed to snag ANOTHER fat contract extension.

    The point being, all these teams always over pay then 2-3yrs into the deal they are looking to trade that player for all types of reasons.

    In Houston’s Case, what’s the difference between Scola and Nene? Same damn player/production if you ask me.

    By no means am I saying David Stern is a great commish. I personally think he is overrated and has greatly benefited from being the Commish during Jordan/Magic/Bird’s years.
    All i’m saying is that this ONE instance, he made the right move for all teams involved except the Lakers.

  • Big Island

    Chi – I guess I have a ton of weird crap that I do, just not the numbers. I hate things on my ankles (braces and socks), hate the taste of water, even though I know it doesn’t have taste, I can’t drink it. I couldn’t play ball in high top shoes, and if I did, I had to leave the top couple of holes unlaced. HATE thick socks. Didn’t like wood floors either, but I guess really nice ones were ok. Couldn’t tape my fingers or wear wristbands either. My hands are jacked up now, but I can’t stand it. Maybe having the same number is like that for some people.

    You overpay for a big guy because they are harder to come by. You overpay to have him for 3 or 4 years and it’s totally worth it. When they start falling off, their contract becomes worth something to another team and you can flip it for something you like. I am worth $7 for 5 years. You pay me $10 for 5 years to get me. After 3 years, I am completely burnt out. Someone will want me for the $4 for 2 years because they have a grand plan to keep their guy in 2 years or get another guy when he becomes available. They want no money tied up after 2 years. So they trade a couple of guys that are better than me but owed for 3 or 4 years, so they can have me come off of the books in 2. It’s a win/win/win because I suck, get paid. Team A drops me for quality guys. Team B gets me to dump me in 2 years. If anyone else signs me after team B dumps me, well, that’s their bad.

  • JH

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  • JH

    *** Additonal slots just opened ***

    Join the unofficial DIME Yahoo fantasy league. Inspired by the Fantasy Doctor himself.

    “Head 2 Head” 12 person – 9 cat league League ID: 55438
    Password: Password

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  • beiber newz

    @ austin burton,

    i hear what u saying bout the rockets prbably wanting to trade nene 2-3 yrs after they , hypothetically, signed him. but isnt the max deal for a player changing team 4 years anyway? so after the third year, it wulda been an expiring deal, and teams LOVE that. also, if the nene signing wulda worked out, they wuld jus be talking extension, not trade, but even still, he’d be a valuable trade chip. so regardless, it wuldve worked out. stern didnt save the rockets anything but ticket sales.

  • beiber newz

    culd nene and pau have spoken spanish to each other on the court? i know nene is from brazil, he must know a little spanish eh? imagine being a defender and hearing pau/nene communicate in a different dialect, talking about sets and screens and movements in spanish. it wuld probably throw off some defenders. have any two starters ever been able to communicate in another language other than english? i havent done my research nor have i sat down to think about it, frankly cuz the idea of pau/nene being the 1st pair of dynamic starters capable of that is quite funny. had it gone down…

  • beiber newz

    the “LEBRON RULE” in the current new cba? whatever culd that be?

  • K Dizzle

    @ Beibs – Kobe n Pau speak spanish to each other on the court…

  • K Dizzle

    @ Dime – where’s the Chuck Hayes story?

  • beiber newz

    thas cool…i was kinda looking for more ‘native’ speakers. not bilingual american boys.

  • beiber newz

    thx for the update tho….how good is kobe’s spanish? do u hav an idea? i know dude has a mean tongue (pause) when it comes to knowing languages.

  • First & Foremost

    @K Dizzle, That’s what I was trying to find out. No love for Hayes. First he was INEXPLICABLY left off so & so’s top ten center list. He never seemed like the guy who would have a lasting career anyway but you hate to see players forced into retirement/unemployment due to health reasons. Especially heart related conditions. ‘Too Tall’ Hayes

  • First & Foremost

    The native language of Brazil is portuguese. Pau would have the best guess as to what Nene was trying to say. Most other players would categorize it as gibberish.

  • beiber newz

    lol ^ borderline racist man

  • TeamUSA

    Luis Scola would be a beast in the NBA if the NBA used the same rules as FIBA. Shows how different NBA & FIBA rules are. Funny how no one ever mentioned this when Team USA was losing in 04, 06 & 08. Like people just wanted to be negative. If those games were played under NBA rules, they would spanked everyone. And everyone would of talked about how only Team USA plays NBA rules. I remember PTI having a segment when USA lost to Greece in 06. When USA when the world championship last year, PTI barely talked bout this. The only thing they said was if Kevin Durant was the best player in the world since he led USA to gold medal. Its stupid NBA & FIBA have different rules when their playin the same game…For anyone who makes a big deal bout FC Barcelona beating the Lakers last year. The game wasnt even played under 100% NBA rules. There was no 3 second defensive violation. This would of slowed the game down. Barcelona didnt have time to practice defense under NBA rules since there regular season had already began. Imagine how many free throws LA would of gotten due to Barcelona being called for this violation…Team USA is going to win the gold medal the 2012 Olympics. Only Spain has a chance to beat them(If the Gasol Bros & Navarro play).

  • Big Island

    TeamUSA- I would be a beast if they played under bulgogi tiddlywink rules. But they don’t, so I’m not. If you can play, you can play. The rules take some time to adjust to, but the best guys are the best guys. If the ball hits the rim, hit it out. Stand in the key forever. Pull 3’s. Run up the sideline to inbound the ball. How is Scola all of a sudden better there? Team USA lost because they were just USA, not a team. Same way talented teams lose in the NBA. You put the best TEAM on the floor, it will win every time. The best players, Miami last year, don’t always win. It has next to nothing to do with the rules. Team USA didn’t start losing with college guys until the world got better players. Then the Dream Team killed everyone. Every other team since has had talent, but they just don’t mesh. Every guy now wants to be the man on the Olympic team and it screws everything up and the games are closer than they should be.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Clippers vs Lakers is by far the best pre-season game ever!

    Seriously both teams are balling outta control.
    I cant believe how good the Clippers are meshing in such little time. Chauncey is looking really good at 2guard Caron fitting in very well on the wing and CP3 is just amazing.

    I love the announcers new name for L.A. LOB CITY! Even Josh McRoberts and Pau Gasol got in on the action.

    and as i type, CP3 just hit De Jordan with another oop!!!! This is crazy

  • First & Foremost

    ^Like a kid on Christmas morning^

  • First & Foremost

    Just checked the box score to the LAC-LAL game. First thought… “Were Matt Barnes & World Peace shooting with medicine balls?”

  • TeamUSA

    Team USA is at there best when there playing 1 on 1 ball. Americans are the best at NBA ball. And International players are the best at international ball. International rules makes it hard to play 1 on 1 ball. Since there is no 3 second rule. And before fall 2010, the 3 point line was only 19 feet. Team USA would of been unstoppable under NBA rules. And they would of got a lot of free throw attemps thanks to the 3 second defensive rules. International teams cant play effective defesne under NBA rules. It’s easy to stop 1 on 1 play when there is no 3 second violation and the 3 point line is 19 feet like it was until fall 2010( WNBA is 20 feet)…There some NBA players that would suck in FIBA rules. I remember Charley Rosen of foxsports.com that was a assitant coach to Phil Jackson. He said Carlos Boozer would suck in FIBA rules cuz he game isnt suited for FIBA ball. Just like there been some international players that were stars in Europe and didnt do anything in the NBA. Rudy Fernandez was a beast against Team USA in the 08 olympics. And he hasnt done anything in the NBA.