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Phoenix Suns Sign Michael Redd

Michael Redd

Michael Redd (photo. Stephen Hill)

Last night, I watched my Sixers maul the worst Phoenix Suns team in recent memory. They’re just awful. Poor Steve Nash – after abusing Jrue Holiday the first handful of times down the court, disappeared into one of the least-effective performances of his career (four points on 2-11 shooting, one assist, six turnovers in 17 minutes).

Much of that can be blamed on a rotten supporting cast. Help is (sort of) on the way though, as the Suns just signed Michael Redd to a one-season free agent deal.

Unfortunately for Nash and the Suns, this isn’t 2006. They’re getting a version of Michael Redd that has only played in 66 games over the last three years combined due to various injuries. Assuming he’s healthy, it will likely take him a few weeks to get into some type of game shape. Once he’s a go, he will clearly be a specialist, camping out beyond the arc to shoot threes off of Nash pick-and-rolls and kick outs.

While Redd obviously won’t be close to his old self (he’s averaged 20 ppg over 11 seasons), we’re pretty sure he can still knock down open jumpers. He’ll be doing that in pickup games until he’s an old man. Anything he can contribute will be a help to Nash and the Suns.

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  • catdaddywhack

    hope that awesome suns med staff can work their magic on redd…

  • Patrick Cassidy

    Good call. Probably the best place for him.

  • heckler

    Redd has been in the league for 11 seasons?!!?
    shit. I didnt even notice.

    as for the Suns and Steve Nash, f*ck em. I was hollering on this board that the Suns should have traded Nash back in 2008 when he still had some value. No team with Steve Nash on it is ever gonna win shit. I aint hating on Nash; but if you havent recognized that by now, then shame on you.
    he actually hurts a team more than he helps. sad but true.
    so NO….I dont feel sorry for poor lil stevie nash.

    Boris Diaw had 16pts, 16rebs and 8asts last night without steve nash. shawn marion won a chip without steve nash (had an even OLDER point guard) and amare stoudamire is still balling like crazy without steve nash.

    teams get better once steve nash leaves them (ala steph marbury syndrome). most of yall too caught up in his no-look passes to realize.

    anyway….back to Redd and Phoenix.
    Michael Redd should be on the Cavs. am I the only one who feels that way? Cavs once offered him like $65mil to ball with LeBron. Redd took like $90mil or so to stay in Milwaukee. cant blame the dude….but Im just saying.

  • darko’s doughnuts

    Phoenix is weak…They need to get rid of Nash, Hill and the rest and start fresh. They’re chances of a title left town with Amare and Marion

  • cesar

    heckler STFU, u’re talking bullshit

    put nash on the mavs last year, theyd be champions too
    put nash on bobcats or knicks and they’ll get a lot better

  • matt

    @heckler-Nash is a sure fire hall of famer, he has won 2 MVP awards. He is a top 50 player of all time. Diaw has always had amazing games and then sucked. One wonders what could’ve been if he had a greater desire to get better. To say that Marion won because he was without nash is either idiotic or ignorant. That Dallas team was stacked, a very deep roster. They also spent a lot of $.

    Obviously PHX should trade him. Depth is key, PHX had probably 7 solid players when Nash won his MVP awards. A scary starting lineup and 2 very good subs. Problem was you need a deep bench to win a championship and rest the main players. PHX never had that. Notice how in 2010 their bench was actually pretty solid.

  • dagwaller

    Guys, heckler’s good for posts on most subjects, except when it comes to Steve Nash (and Dirk Nowitzki, I believe).

    He’ll ignore how the Suns were mediocre before Nash arrived in town, and then enjoyed more success than the franchise ever had, with the exception of one Finals appearance with Charles Barkley.

    That having been said…lol @ heckler’s comments about the Cavs. I feel bad for Redd, because he seems like a pretty good dude, but then again, he took a lot of money to do nothing. It WOULD be fitting if he went to Cleveland.

    Hell, they could’ve gotten Redd back then, who was a big free agent, and LeBron still would’ve left them. Snakebitten town.

  • control

    I wonder how many guys Steve Nash has gotten paid…I think the only guy who didn’t get a contract worth a lot more than he deserved was fucking Paul Shirley. QRich, JRich, Joe Johnson, Jim Jackson, Lenardo Barbosa, Eddie House, James Jones, Louis Amundson, Channing Frye and Robin Lopez. Each one of those guys got more money than they would have had they not played with Nash. The guy props people up because of his amazing playmaking skills.

    This is the best team that Michael Redd could have went to, he’ll get paid next season or the season after.

    I think they need to trade Nash though, FREE NASH!


    Don’t forget the biggest con of them all: Tim Thomas!

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Brokejumper

    Hopefully Redd is healthy enough to start raining those 3’s again, Suns can definitely use the help. If anyone they need to free it’s Josh Childress.