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Report: Spurs To Use Amnesty Clause On Richard Jefferson

Richard Jefferson

Richard Jefferson (photo. Spurs.com)

Although Richard Jefferson didn’t make our list of the Top 5 Potential NBA Amnesty Clause Victims, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t still fall victim. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Spurs have indeed decided to use their one-time amnesty clause on the 10-year NBA veteran.

What does this mean? While San Antonio clears Jefferson’s remaining three years and $30.5 million from the team’s payroll, they’re now in the hunt for a starting small forward. This move puts the Spurs under the luxury tax threshold, allowing them to use their entire mid-level exception on a replacement.

From Sekou Smith of NBA.com:

Rookie Kawhi Leonard will surely have an opportunity to compete for the job. But if the Spurs have their designs on a championship, they’ll need a veteran (like Caron Butler or Josh Howard) to man the position in this abbreviated season.

As for Jefferson’s future? Teams will be allowed to place bids on him during the amnesty waiver process, and any with cap space will have a chance to bid on a portion of Jefferson’s contract before he would become a free agent.

From Zach Lowe of SI.com:

If no team under the cap bids on Jefferson, he will be said to have “cleared waivers,” and the rest of the league will get a crack at him. This is where things could get interesting, because a few teams over the cap could use a backup wing player with range and the ability to draw fouls. Boston is starving for a backup wing, the Heat could use some Mike-Miller-injury insurance, and the Thunder (a tad under the cap, actually), if they could wriggle a roster spot free, could us a true small forward to back up Kevin Durant so that they don’t have to play three-guard lineups so often. Even Dallas could use Jefferson to do what Peja Stojakovic did last season — open up the floor when the combination of Shawn Marion and a center is squeezing it, especially when Dirk Nowitzki is resting and Marion shifts to power forward. Toss in Orlando (after Quentin Richardson‘s struggles and Jason Richardson‘s likely departure) and Memphis (in need of shooting to replace [Shane] Battier, in the likely event he leaves), and I wouldn’t argue.

What do you think? Who do the Spurs sign? Where does Jefferson land?

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  • thrillah


  • Hot Fiyah

    It says something about a player when a team is like, “Hey, we’re still going to pay you $30 million, but we’d rather not have you on our team. No hard feelings.” It’s not even a buyout – it’s their full salary. That is, unless some other team wants to try and claim him before he clears waivers.

  • north

    Richard Jefferson is one of the reasons the owners were upset. He played for a contract and has done nothing since. Your description of him is from 4 years ago. He’s done.

  • Hank the tank

    I’m all for this…and I’m not saying that because “he shoots for the other team” because there is nothing wrong with that however I still feel bad for his fiancé that he led on all the way up to the wedding day….Anyway maybe he can team up with Rondo somewhere and make sweet music…Now back to ball… I think Butler could fit nicely into Pop’s system…Time will tell..

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Welcome to the La Lakers sweepstakes Mr. Jefferson. I’m sure they’ll throw money your way.

    Better yet, the retarded ownership for the Chicago Bulls will probably go ahead and sign you to play the 2. even though your not a good fit there.

    This is why I love the Spurs front office. Those dudes aren’t worried about their pride. They realized it was a dumb move to hit RJ with all that money, and now they are dumping him off the books (even though they have to pay him on the side). I pray that my Bulls are smart enough to drop Boozer, but I already know they aren’t.

  • trollne1

    Why is Richard Jefferson suddenly being referred to as someone who could space the floor? Since when?

  • control

    This guy is one of the guys who proves that guaranteed contracts are bullshit. Guy gets paid, then just says fuck it, and becomes irrelevant. GMs have to wise up to this shit and quit spending on players like crackheads lookin to buy some rock.

    Not quite sure which team this guy could help…he’s too old to really play a lot of minutes if he’s going to take away from ANY player who is trying to develop, and he’s not really good enough to really impact any team that could use him coming off the bench.

  • knicksfan84

    This dude was a SCRUB from day one. Always overrated. He is what happens when you play with a quality PG. Anyways he looks like a Hornet to me. No self-respecting NBA team would sign this tool to a contract…

  • control

    The Suns should pick Jefferson up, keep VC, go out and get Jaimson, and then sign TMac. Combine all of those guys with the Sun’s training staff, and Steve Nash’s passing…you’d have either the most washed up swingman team in the world, or the most exciting team ever made.