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Ricky Rubio Almost Makes Magic Against the Heat; Derrick Rose and Chris Paul Battle in L.A.

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio (photo. Nicky Woo)

Something is happening in Minnesota. The nucleus of some unbelievable NBA basketball is brewing in the Twin Cities through the duo of Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio, and their time will be here before you know it. Just not yet. The Miami Heat made sure of that last night in Minneapolis. The upstart T-Wolves gave them everything they could handle, leading for much of the game until letting it slip away from them in the final seconds, undone by turnovers, missed foul shots and blown defensive assignments – exactly the type of mistakes you would expect a young team to make, and the type of mistakes you would expect the Heat to use to their advantage … With the game tied at 101, and just under five seconds to play, Miami ran an inbounds play that saw LeBron hit Dwyane Wade with an alley-oop off of a high screen to put Miami up two. The Wolves had a final shot that was missed by Wayne Ellington … After the game, LeBron admitted that their final inbounds play was stolen from the Celtics … James, who was celebrating his 27th birthday yesterday, finished with 34. His 98 points through the first three games is the most in Heat history … While Miami won, the real story is the emergence of Ricky Rubio. We’re very close to never seeing Luke Ridnour ever again. Rubio finished with 12 points, 12 assists and six boards, but the stat line doesn’t tell the whole story. Ricky was a problem, controlling the tempo, getting into the paint and setting up his teammates for easy looks. He was the leader on the floor for Minnesota last night, and brought team within a breath of knocking off LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh … By the second quarter, the Minnesota fans were chanting Rubio’s name. That chant then morphed into a chant of “MVP! MVP!” Minnesota’s announcers speculated that the MVP chants may have rattled Rubio a bit … Midway through the fourth quarter, the Timberwolves were +11 when Rubio was on the floor, -11 when he wasn’t … After the game, Minnesota rookie Derrick Williams tweeted: “Another close one !!! Man we are right there. Shows a lot about our young team. Big things are coming. Back at it tomorrow. #heart” … In a matchup of great young point guards/summer circuit all-stars, Brandon Jennings welcomed John Wall and the Wizards to Milwaukee and then went about taking the Wiz apart. Jennings was a beast in the second half, scoring 15 of his 22 in the final two quarters, including multiple highlight-reel buckets and multiple jumpers that put away Washington. Wall finished with just six points and four turnovers … The Celtics finally got Paul Pierce back in their lineup, and not coincidentally, they got their first W in a 96-85 win over the Pistons. Pierce only had 12, but just having him back in the lineup makes them a completely different team. Boston’s previous three games had Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett and a bunch of jerseys. Having Pierce on the floor gives them continuity and an identity … Not a bad night for Dwight Howard against the Bobcats. 20 points, 24 boards, four blocks, and a Magic W. When tubby Boris Diaw is the only thing between you and monster stat lines, these things will happen … The NBA’s nightcap was an incredibly entertaining run between the Clippers and the Bulls in L.A.’s home opener. The head-to-head battle between Derrick Rose and Chris Paul was unreal, as the two best PGs in the game squared off with their contrasting styles. D-Rose got the better of CP3 down the stretch racking up 29, 16 and eight boards (compared to Paul’s 15 and 14 dimes) and earned a hard-fought Bulls’ win on the road … There were moments they gave us a look into just how good the Clippers could be. When they were rolling last night, Chris Paul was getting into the lane, reading the defense, and either hitting diving bigs (Blake or DeAndre Jordan) or kicking it out to open shooters. They still clearly need a deadeye shooting to hang out on the perimeter and some of their other guys to step up as viable offensive options. Paul and Blake can’t do it all every night … We’re out like the dark days of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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  • A.R.

    That Clip vs. Bulls game had some sick highlights late in the fourth. I’d give my left nut to see all of them put together. Just the left though, the right nut is out of the question.

  • control

    “Rondo, KG and some jerseys”, like Ray Allen, who has been tearing it up? Guy has been best player on the celts so far, come on guys.

    I didn’t see the game, but how’d Rose get 16 assists? His team start making open shots or something? Noah actually made 9 of 10 free throws, wtf?

    Damn Rubio looks like Harry Potter. Looks like he belongs more on a Quillbiage (or wtf its called) game than basketball court. Kid has some amazing passing though, really fucking impressive. Think he might end up being 4th best point guard after Nash, CP and Deron (assuming he doesn’t kill himself) at end of season?

  • beiber newz

    it doesn’t need to be said…but rose is fucking amazing.

  • pipdaddyy

    Right with Control on that one, straight disrespect for Ray-Ray. Also wondering how Chauncey’s shooting would have impacted that Bulls gamd.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    What the hell is @control talking about? rubio 4th best PG at the end of the season? hope you mean pure point and even that wouldn’t be true because there still is rondo out there and Rose might surprise people as well with the passing.

  • trollne1

    Damn. Monster line for Rose. And that last play by the Heat was incredible. No idea what Lebron and Wade were discussing after that heading to the timeout though but I want to know what it was. The Heat looks really good so far. Can’t wait to see how they would fare against the better teams in the league.

    And good to see the Grizz and Mavs get their first win. As nice as seeing Jennings finally hit shots. If he keeps up his shooting % this season, Bucks might make some noise heading crunchtime.

    I’m out like Lesnar’s UFC career.

  • control

    Slick Ric

    Yeah, I did forget Rose my bad. I didn’t forget Rondo though, fuck Rondo.

  • ric bay

    Every year we debate about who is the best point guard in the game and we put Cp3 on a pedestal like no one comes close to him. Rose is taking that next step with his improved efficiency and by years end I believe there won’t be any question who is the best player at the 1 spot. p.s. please stop mentioning Wall with the the likes of Cp3, Rose, Deron and Rondo because the kid has a long way to go as far as his shot selection, understanding pace and on court demeanor, three important factors when you’re a captain and best player on your team

  • beiber newz

    remember the days on dime where guys gave rubio no chance to succeed because he had no jumpshot? my how things have changed.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I was going to ask how you failed to mention Rose but also Westbrook. I don’t think Rubio will be better than Westbrook this season or the next. But kid is surprising the hell outta me.
    And to answer your question on how Rose got 16asst. His teammates finally made open shots. He actually could’ve had closer to 20asst but there was a few times were Noah, Boozer, or Gibson got fouled going up and couldn’t finish the play.

    As for the game:
    I didn’t think the Bulls had a shot going in unless Rose exploded. This game looked exactly like game 1 vs the Heat in the ECF last season.
    The Bulls were clicking on offense. Which basically means all they had to do was knock down the wide open jumpers that Derrick Rose creates for them. It all started with Rip. Once he got flowing and was running with Rose and finishing off his assist, it seemed like everyone else on the team followed suit.
    Lieutenant Deng played yet another very solid game, good to see him getting it going early.
    Boozer…can still go to hell.
    Noah, was alright. At least he finished most plays.

    Blake Griffin is a monster. Not just the dunks either. Kid was making up and under moves, hitting fadeaways, taking Noah off the dribble and finishing. My only concern about Griffin is that he whines a bit too much to the refs. He’s too damn big and too damn good to be whining about touch fouls.

    CP3 played his usualy game. He has the perfect blend of knowing when to facilitate and when to score. His defense is still top notch, he was just matched up with his kryptonite in Rose.

    Bulls bench looked really good also. Mainly because they hit open shots. CJ Watson played bad but the other guys like Ronnie, Taj and Omer balled hard. Especially Ron Brewer. Kid is a baller.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    as for DRose.

    That may have been the best game i’ve seen that kid play. He was efficient. Not just in his FG%, but in the moves he made. He didn’t try and do too much, but he wasn’t passive. He gave his teammates plenty of chances to make shots but was also able to make the defense still fear him. He knocked down a couple big time 3pters to stick a dagger in the hearts of the Clippers. He played about as good of defense on CP3 as you can play (especially with the CP3 push offs that the refs don’t call). Rose got in the mix for some rebounds (8 rebs i believe).
    But most importantly, Rose was a leader. just a great heady game and I love the fact that he stepped up vs CP3.

    Speaking of Rose. $250MILLION from Adidas!!!!!!! holy shyt. Thats $94Mill from Chicago (which will undoubtedly be another $100Mill when he re-ups again) and $250mill from Adidas. I really wish he would have told Chicago to keep some of that money in order to have some cap room, but it is what it is. Hopefully that doesn’t come back to hurt him.

  • control

    I remember when people were saying Rubio wasn’t going to make it because of his lack of strength…I personally thought he wasn’t going to be that good in the nba due to his apparent lack of size and strength (and wearing size 2 skinny jeans). Kid has some vision though, it’s pretty damn impressive just how quickly he sees someone open and puts the ball where it needs to be, regardless of if he’s in middle of a shot, dribble or running.


    Your boy keeps playing like that and he’s got another MVP…

  • beiber newz

    i wonder who loses first, miami or the thunder

  • jackass

    anyone thinks if a player gets fouled on an open look, and makes the free throws, it should count as an assist for the passer???

  • catdaddywhack

    The game somehow just looks so much easier when Rubio is running the point.

  • johnny kilroy

    we’ll have an mvp race to remember: lebron, durant, and d-rose. lebron wont win it due to The Decision once more.

    when blake puts down that 18 footer, he’ll whine less

  • !!

    WADE for MVP!

  • Lee

    Josh Smith of the Hawks looks bigger this season. Always thought he was kinda skinny but the guy looks like he’s been hangging out with keyon Martin.

    Dwight Howard’s block when he just took the ball out of the air was impressive.

    Forgetting Ray Allen is inexcusable … do you guys actually watch basketball.


    Even as one of the ones who was saying Rubio will definitely be good in the NBA, I’m still surprised at how quickly he seems to have settled in. It usually takes euro dudes at least 3/4 of a season to get used to the pace of the NBA game.
    What impressed me a lot, aside from his passing/vision is how he takes control. Less like other young guards and more like your Billups/Nash/Kidds in a “i dont care who the best player on this team is, im the fucking point guard and I’m running things” kinda way. I suppose that comes from being a Point Guard on a team of grown ass men when you’re only 14.


    Oh yeah, Blake Griffin needs to learn to shoot the ball.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    Like what I have been saying for several months already, the Timberwolves has assembled a good nucleus. With Rick Adelman coaching them, good things are bound to happen.

    I guess, the few of us who have been saying all along that Ricky Rubio will do very good in the NBA have all been proven correct.

    Let me repeat what I have stated before — Rubio will be better than what Rajon Rondo is today in the next two years.

    Hmmm. Let me rethink that. Steve Nash will probably be retired by that time. Chris Paul might also retire because of his knees. Deron Williams might really commit suicide the way the Nets are playing. Russell Westbrook might be shipped to a garbage team. Tony Parker will already be on the decline by that time. So that leaves Rubio and Derrick Rose as the top point guards in the league by 2014. Did I missed anyone outside of next draft?

    On a small footnote, the Jazz won their first game of the season against the Sixers. If you are a Jazz fan, it is of the precious moments to celebrate. Wins will very few for this young team this season. Still, Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward are showing that they will be very special players in the league.

  • Soopa

    Kyle Lowry. Know him? PG in Houston. Come on, you know… The guy who is playing the position better then anyone not named Rose, Rondo, Westbrook and Paul.

    Its time to give Lowry some props. He never gets mentioned in talks of good PGs, even though kids like Jennings and Wall get a lot of attention. He is, currently, better then most and maybe even top 5!

    I know its only 3 games this season, but people slept on him last year as well.

    Right now dude is putting up 17/6.3/9.3 with 2.7 steal while shooting close to 50% from the field and 90% from the line.

  • chaos

    I will now eat my words. Rubio will be a problem! He was very savvy on the floorlast night and could be the driver to the timberwolves success.

    Derrick favors will be a problem and i think either milsap or jefferson maybe traded by seasons ed. He is showing his talent this season that i think that nj will regret sending away instead of lopez

    Rose and paul had a classic pg battle

    D12 block=sick!

    WTF Diime?! Really? You forget Jesus? That was a bitch move grandad

  • K Dizzle

    Anybody catch the end of the Cavs game? Silly question I know cuz I don’t even know any Cavs fans anymore.
    Kyrie Irving had a layup to win it at the buzzer and choked on it, leading to overtime and the loss. Feel bad for the players, but loving it cuz Dan Gilbert is catchin losses

  • jzsmoove

    An executive decision has to be handed down today at the Dime office. Referring to RAY ALLEN as another jersey is pathetic. Get rid of that weakest link, whoever that might be.

    It felt like Paul was over dribbling though that whole game. He had that look of another intention when he has the rock. I thought he was trying to show up Rose too much. and that backfired and hurt his team in the end. But a whole bunch of kudos goes to DRose, heckuva player especially when zoned.

    I am/was guilty of thinking Rubio is trash. my bad. I will reserve my kudos to him though if he still does well when teams start to body and man up on him because he is frail.

  • beiber newz

    i may change my name for the new year and never look back………………………..

  • That’s What’s Up

    I clicked on the Miami\Minnesota game late in the 2nd quarter. Before I could even say how ugly their court looked I heard the Minny announcers say: “Love…… Squeezing through…… Nothing to show for it.”

    At halftime they had the TNT crew on, so I muted Barkley and just started talking like Carl from Slingblade. It works perfectly.

    Rubio plays the angles like a veteran. I like his game so far. I definitely saw his teammates screw up about 5 easy assists from him.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    interesting that you would give Rick Alderman props for being a good coach while he is the same dude holding Rubio back by keeping him on the bench behind Luke Ridnour whom he is CLEARLY better than.
    Thats bad coaching right there. Even starting JJ Barea would be more respected.

    Not only that, but just look at the players minutes. Derrick Williams got 20min, while (my boy) Wayne Ellington plays 30min while only shooting 1-6 from 3pt range.
    Or Kevin Love playing only 32min while playing the position that MIA is most terrible at guarding (PF). But he sure as hell made sure Anthony Tolliver played 26min lol.

    I mean thats the mark of bad coaching when he doesn’t know who to play and just throws in random players.

    To all you guys that are over hyping Rubio’s performance. Lets wait at least until halfway through the season before we crown him a top 10 Player at the deepest position in the NBA. I mean come on, be serious. The guy has played 3 games so far and his idiot coach is still bringing him off the bench. N!ggas on here patting themselves on the back n’shyt like they made this great call about Rubio being great lol. All you did was agree with the masses that Rubio would be great, there is a reason why he was a #5 pick. You aren’t the only one who thought he would be great idiot.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Other fine quotes from the Minnesota announcers:

    2Q – 1:25 mark
    “Rubio…. back to Love…. Kevin brings it in close….. slapped away by Dwyane Wade!”

    3Q – 7:57 mark
    “Love is carrying the load tonight….. and he continues!”

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    on another note. Why isn’t anyone talking about John Wall? The guy is having a terrible start to the season for some reason. I’ve only watched highlights and not an actual game so i can’t comment on it. But where are all the John Wall fans that were claiming he was the greatest PG in the game last year? Or the people (like DIME) who said his jump shot was SO IMPROVED because they wateched him shoot wide open, non guarded jump shots during a charity/exhibition game.

    I’m sure he’ll figure it out. I personally think he has too much of that Charity game mentality in his game right now. Once he settles down and remembers where his bread was buttered last year he should go back to normal.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this, and since DIME refuses to mention it I will.

    I watched the game on WGN-Chicago because I hate the ESPN guys so im not sure if the people who watched it on ESPN even noticed this. But in the 4th quarter of the Bulls vs Clippers game, the Clippers crowd started chanting MVP, MVP, MVP, MVP.

    It wasn’t for Blake Griffin, nor CP3. It was for Derrick f^cking Rose! AGAIN!!!!

    With all this talk about Lob City, and how the Clippers are going to take over LA. I find it simply amazing that their crowd starting chanting MVP for a guy who was ripping their hearts out.

    DRose gets that Allen Iverson love from opposing fans. Which is beautiful because the NBA doesn’t really give him love (dude gets no calls for him and terrible calls against him). I know this happened a lot to him last year in places like (off the top of my head)L.A., NJ, Indy, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Atlanta, and some other places.

  • Big Island

    Dime – Not mentioning Ray is a bad one. Forgetting Rondo, KG, Pierce would be funny because they have serious haters. Nobody hates on Ray.

    I really like Adelman as a coach, but there is no team in the wor;d where Ridnour should be your starting PG. Rubio clearly can play, you gotta let him sink or swim.

    Beiber – Suggestions for a name change:

    Dirk Nowitzbeib, Beib Island, Beiberilla, Beib’s What’s Up, Beib42, beibtrol, Beib Dizzle, the Holy Beible, LMNOBeib, ABeib, Beiberitooooooo, the Notorious Beib, Beibbie Smalls, Beibpac, The Black Eyed Beibs, Melo for MVBeib, the Lamborbeibni… Crap. I am going to beib doing this all day!

  • beiber newz


    to be fair, and hear me out, to be fair, i see what you saying on rubio and how it seems people should take a breather before crowing him the next point guard sensation or whatever, but you did kind of condemn the knicks defense early on.

    now, i am not trying to make a case on the knicks defense being improved (i was one of the ones making a case for melo improving individually however, but that’s not the point now….) , nor am trying to make a case that rubio will be the next magic johnson.

    all i am trying to get across to you is that if you feel the need to use the “it’s only the first week of the season” argument or the “it’s still early in his career argument” in regards to rubio, then you should at least give time to the knicks defense which is still a work in progress seeing as how most good teams are still seeing the first month of the season as training camp. as coach gregg pop said during preseason, i think he called one of those games “televised training camp” or something along those lines.

    so, considering that, if you want to already give your final word on the knicks defense, THAT IS FINE, but i just think if you can do that, you should be open to the idea of people doing the same for rubio’s game. i hope this made sense.

    i just pointed out the knicks defense thing because i remember you were one of the ones giving what seemed as a final assessment and it was only their 2nd game. they did show promise against the celts, but that is neither my point now either. if you were to be one of the ones NOT giving a conclusion on other stuff, and if you were the type to say “guys c’mon stuff is still early” then, i can agree with your rubio assessment, but don’t get on people for stating their early claims, if you could do the same about something you have an opinion on yourself.

    my message is just be equal in your analyzations.

  • beiber newz

    big island ! the names suggestions started off weak, but then as i kept reading them, they were creative and started making me laff. lol good ones…

  • control

    Big Island

    Bahaha, hilarious.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Is

    the Notorius Bieb, Biebe Smalls, and the Holy Bieb is flucking hilarious! good shyt

    as for the knicks/Rubio thing:

    I don’t consider them the same and here’s why. The KNicks have been terrible at defense for years, D’Antoni has been terrible at defense forever. There is a history behind them that says they are and will be terrible at defense. So when people say they are a all of a sudden a good defensive team I have a huge problem with that. I’m basically saying, why don’t we wait until the Knicks show they are a better defensive team before we just had them the crown because Tyson Chandler joined the team.

    Which essientially is the same thing i’m saying about Rubio. He’s talented, we already knew that. Lets wait before we crown him a top ten player at his position (which is the deepest position in the NBA).

  • control


    The fans in LA were chanting MVP for Rubio, even though he was playing wherever the fuck he was playing instead of there. Rubio is the new savior of the league! I’m 100% on the bandwagon/hype machine now! In fact, I’m leading the “Rubio for MVP” movement! Hell, I think Rubio should go for the republican nomination too (who cares that he is from some other country).

  • beiber newz


    fair enough then..IF and only IF you are making the case that : “we wait until the Knicks show they are a better defensive team before we just hand them the crown”

    i just thought you had ALREADY said NY wAS going to remain terrible (i don’t know personally how things will turn out there). it just didn’t seem right that you were preaching patience with rubio if you weren’t granting the knicks the same patience as well.

  • beiber newz

    @ control…i wish stern put more wolves games on national tv

  • s.bucketz

    @ every1 sayin rick adelman is a bad coach…stfu

    Rubio is a rookie thas gunna take his lumps..1 of the reasons he didn’t come into the L til now was because people were afraid he was gunna get beasted by bigger faster pgs and he wood lose his confidence…yea he comes off the bench but he was playing starter mins and the whole 4th…also sayin that adelman isn’t giving k-love any mins proves u didn’t watch the game nd just checked the box scores so u cood come here and front like u kno wut u talkin bout to make some online friends or some shit…love was in foul trouble cuz the refs made some BOOTY calls on him..
    Love havin free league pass…the t-twolves are my squad til jan 8 or until the knicks get it together…lookin like ima b a minny fan this yr…:(

  • beiber newz

    i’m watching this louisville/kentucky game right now…random thought came to mind as rakeem buckles of loiusville picked up his 3rd foul after giving lamb an and 1…the college game would be so different if these kids were allowed 6 fouls a game. something like that can have huge ramifications because some of the best players would be allowed to stay on the floor longer and stats would be different, but that’d mean less time for bench players. i dunno, i kinda just wish that the college game allowed 6 fouls per player. i hate this 5 fouls thing because so many times good players go to the bench with 15 minutes left in the first half due to the high restrictions the coach’s place on preserving their players for the important half. whatever, i guess something like that is too big a change to even consider.

  • beiber newz
  • Phileus

    The Wolves are 0-3 and may not even finish in the playoffs, but even so, I hope they keep playing like this. Wolves and Clips have the same kind of exciting buzz around them that the Thunder had two years ago, or that the Blazers had right when Roy was starting to show what he could do.

  • beiber newz

    had people known k love would be this good, i wonder what pick in the draft he would have been. definitely top 3, without even checking. mayb top 2, because i think that was hasheem thabeet’s draft class too who went 2nd. i really was hoping thabeet was the next dikembe mutombo…i fucking hate busts with a passion.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Rubio was playing like he belongs and should be the future of the wolves. Top 4 PG in the league by end of year? Very unlikely. So many great points right now. In addition to the ones mentioned above I also believe Steph Curry is superior. While Rubio might be a little better of a passer, Curry is a much better shooter and has a stronger all around offensive game in general (though Rubio’s stroke looks much better than advertised).

    Rubio needs to be starting and Williams needs more playing time. Let Love play more 5 and small ball if you have to. Sign that things are backwards in Minnesota: All 5 participating bench players for Minnesota scored in double figures while only one starter hit double digits. You have the number 2 pick (which easily could’ve been number one), and the guy who you have been promoting as the future of the franchise for years, riding the pine. Not a good look. Its not as if they are playing for a chip, no reason not to get the talent out there and let them develop.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    wtf is wrong with you. None of what you said made sense. Kevin Love didn’t get his 3rd foul until it was 3min left in the 3rd quarter and picked up his 4th foul (an offensive foul with 0:41sec left in the 4th. He never fouled again after that dyckhead.

    I don’t know game you were watching or what you consider foul trouble but THATS NOT FOUL TROUBLE IDIOT!

    And Alderman didn’t put Love back in the game until the 5:49 mark in the 4th. Which by that time Miami had just tied the game at 88. Thats just bad coaching.

    Any idiot knows this. Except you of course. Which makes you a f%cking dyckhead or Moron. you choose.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    in contrast to this look at how Thibs handled Rose

    Rose usually comes out to start the 4th and doesnt come in until the 6-7min mark of the 4th. But because the Bulls needed to win badly, and CJ Watson was playing like a$$. Thibs kept Rose in the entire 4th quarter. The Result? Rose goes crazy on the Clips to open up the lead from 4pts to 15pts. Bulls win behind their best player.

    Alderman on the other hand, sat Love down entirely too long. Especially knowing that Love was killing Bosh and Miami’s bigs on the off-boards and spreads the floor for the rest of his team. Add that to Rubio’s passing to Randolph and Derrick Williams and they walk away with their first win of the season instead of taking the L at home.

  • Big Island

    I just like typing Beib. My grandma was called Beeb, so maybe I’m sentimental and it explains my soft spot for the guy.

    I am trying to dodge my buddy today. He wants to run around tonight, and I just want to chill the F out.

  • 4M


    If you’re planning on calling someone an idiot or a moron, at least get the coach’s name right. It’s Adelman. Or just call him Rick if you’re dyslexic or something. Just sayin’.

    I wasn’t able to watch that game but I am confident Adelman knows what he’s doing. Their next 3 games will be tough – Mavs, Spurs and Grizz, but they’ll get that first win soon. They just gotta keep their heads up and play like they know they can win against those teams.

  • The New Guy

    You guys sound like sensitive whiny girls. Get the semen off your face and man the hell up. Name calling over a team that won’t even make the playoffs. Sad.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I don’t know who you are but I am confident that you can also Eat a dyck

    The idiot doesn’t deserve my respect to spell his name right. He starts coaching like a real coach and maybe i’ll try researching his name before I post.

  • nate

    is it me or does chris paul look like hes had one too many doughnuts during the lockout

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    lol, I thought the same thing at first when i seen him in the lockout games. But no, he’s always been that big. He’s pretty strong and still athletic. Just look at his lockout mixtape. Dude was dunking and everything.

  • 4M


    And here I thought you were smart. My bad.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Chicagorilla –

    Rick Adelman knows what he’s doing. Last year, before Kevin Love unleashed his inner beast, he was on the bench.

    You’re suggesting that Ellington and Ridnour are inhibiting Williams and Rubio.

    I wonder, personally, if Williams and Rubio are taking advantage of matchups and energy. I also wonder if the NBA coach MIGHT know more about their defense and chemistry than you or I? Hm.

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Brokejumper

    Rubio is going to continue to have nights like the one against Miami, this kid is ready, been a pro since he was 14. Anyone remember watching him in Beijing 08 against Team USA? He was holding his own then as an 18 yr old against NBA elite. They almost beat the Heat and Thunder coming off a 17-65 season with essentially the same guys. Anyone else see the potential in this kid? Too weak to play defense? Too slow for the NBA game? Anyone else ever see a rookie do a fake call pick alley oop?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Interesting that you would suggest that me questioning an NBA Coaches (Alderman) decision making process. then go on to mention how Love was on the bench a couple years ago, then became an all-star last year. Which suggest that some NBA coach at the time (Kurt Rambus) didn’t know what the hell he was doing.

    It’s like you answered your own question.

    Just because he’s a head coach in the NBA doesn’t mean he doesn’t make mistakes. He clearly made a bonehead move with his substitutions, which probably cost him the game.

    You guys kill me with the whole “lets not question this guy because he’s getting paid to do this and you aren’t”

    Yet yall are the same MFers that question the President of the United States (be it Bush or Obama) all day everyday. Forgive me for not being a sheep and following the masses. I have a mind of my own and if I see some dumb shyt i’ll point it out.

    You want me to give Alderman some credit? Fine. I’m sure I posted this already but I’ll do it again. His offense may be the perfect offense for the T-Wolves. Kevin Love is a lot like Chris Webber in that he works very well off the high elbow because he is a great passer. He may work better than Webber because his range extends out to the 3pt line. Add that to Rubio, Williams, and Beasley, and the T-Wolves will scare a lot of teams this year. But first they need to settle in and learn to play together.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Chi – ha calm down buddy, I’m not trying to antagonize you!

    When I said that Love was on the bench to start the year last year, I was referring to the OLD coach not having his rotations down.

    This year, Adelman has a couple new toys to play with. But Williams and Rubio are both new to the League and the team. All I’m saying is that neither you nor I have any insight on their defense, their chemistry, etc. Ridnour and Ellington are professionals that don’t get much credit, but they’re the ones playing against the first units.

    You say that Adelman is a bad coach, or has the marks of bad coaching, but all he’s doing is playing the established players while letting his rookies run amok on the opposing bench. Doesn’t seem too crazy to me. If and when the rookies prove that they’re better than the starters, they’ll start.

  • 4m

    For a guy who’s had to deal with a lockout, a revamped roster and a 2-week preseason, I’d say Adelman has done a pretty good job so far this season and the improvements in the TWolves are showing. They lost 3 close games to 2 really good teams and 1 that will probably make the playoffs this year. So yeah, I think Adelman knows what he’s doing.

    He doesn’t need to move Ridnour off the bench. YET. Since he’s producing. And Rubio plays significant minutes + the 4th quarter anyway.