• First & Foremost

    SHould you include Dwight in personnel talks? No. Orlando got beat by Boston because Dwight wasn’t good enough and Vince & Rashard were nowhere to be found. So Otis smith made moves to upgrade the 2 & 4. Dwight got noticeably better, but the rest of the team turned out to just move laterally.

    What was Otis supposed to do? Kepp Rashard and watch him average 9ppg. Punch Vince in the face the next time him and his $16M contract fall to the ground in agony. Not like many teams were lining up to take on either of those two players so Gortat had to be included. At the time there wasn’t money to keep Matt Barnes. Allow him time to clear contracts [rebuild not reload].

    Dwight as the best player in the league? No. He still has to up his scoring & assists. Then reduce his techs and turnovers. If he does that, then he will be head, shoulder, deltoids, & biceps above everyone else.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Funny how Shaq didn’t get the standard victory lap around the league last year. Because he didn’t announce his retirement til after the season, he didn’t get that last standing ovation in every arena.

    Instead, he went to every team he could for the last few years of his career. He was like, “Man, I haven’t played with Steve Nash yet, he seems fun…or how about the NEXT big thing, LeBron? I’ll get him. Let’s see, my last team…it had better have at least 3 guys that I always wanted to play with…how about the Celts? Plus they have the cadaver of Jermaine O’Neal!”

  • JH

    Gotta love TNT

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