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The Clippers Take Over Los Angeles; Kobe Bryant Wants To Stay A Laker

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

A lot of people made fun of us for talking the Clippers up, but what can you say? When you’re younger, more athletic, things just come easier. That’s just the way it is and as much as we love the game, as much as we love Kobe and Pau and the accolades they’ve won in the past, if you can’t see the Clippers are poised to take that crown than you are losing it. Or you just have more faith in the Lakers’ front office than we do. The Clippers let their big brother hang around for a while, and then in the second half they turned it up to a level the old heads couldn’t keep up with. 114-95, the Clippers ended up winning with Chauncey Billups (23 points) and Chris Paul (17 points, nine assists, five steals) doing the most damage, dominating the Laker guards at times … The Clippers came into Staples Center as visitors and left as champs of the city, even if it was only a preseason game. Bryant scored as easily as he always has, 22 (with seven turnovers), and the two Laker big men combined for 31 and 19. But the Lakers supporting cast struggled (sound familiar?), and Metta World Peace shot 0-for-8 off the bench. When you’re counting on three players to do everything for you, especially against a younger, quicker team, you’re basically calling for a problem. Paul didn’t dominate, but he turned heads as a new Clipper, everyone except for his coach. Vinny Del Negro isn’t ready to give up his spot yet, and says he’s here to stick around. He also points out he expects CP3 to lose a few pounds. We’re not experts on star-to-coach relationships, but asking your point guard publicly to lose a few pounds doesn’t seem like the best course of action … Pau Gasol was asked by our friends over at Lakers Nation about Kobe’s recent divorce. Check out his response hereJosh Smith might’ve only scored 11 compared to Boris Diaw‘s 12, but to us he’s the anti-Diaw: Showing up to camp in shape, and looking skinnier than ever. Diaw doesn’t look like he’s in great shape, and that’s being kind. Charlotte won by only two 79-77 over Atlanta, and Portland blew out Utah by 20 behind 17 from Wesley Matthews … As for the L.A. battle, as good as Jordan is, we swear we’ve never seen him make a shot, like ever, outside of the paint. In fact, he’s the only player in the NBA to score 500 or more points and not score one point outside of the paint. For someone 7-1 with an insane wingspan and the leap of a prehistoric animal, that’s just awful. There’s seriously no way to defend that … And Kobe says he wants to stay a Laker forever. There’s nothing like playing in one place your whole career, as far as your legacy goes, and we think Kobe understands that. He might pressure management to make moves, but we doubt he’ll try to demand a trade … The Mavs signed long-time bad boy Sean Williams. Do you anticipate him doin’ anything for them this year? Hopefully he sticks in the league for once … One of our all-time favorite players, Shammond Williams, gave a serious Q&A where he discusses North Carolina ties and going back to coach for Roy Williams. While he never became more than a decent role player in the NBA, Williams was a beast at UNC for those extremely talented, but flawed, late ’90s North Carolina teams … By the way, have any of you been checking out NBA TV’s Open Court? They had it on the other night and the guys were talking about their second sports. Reggie Miller said he’s all world in baseball and could play in the majors right now. Steve Smith said he was great in horseshoes, and then Kenny Smith tried to say he was big time in golden gloves growing up. At that, everyone got up, and walked out saying “That’s it. That’s it. We’re calling it off!” Hilarious show … Mark Cuban expects an openly gay player soon. Are you ready? … Chuck Hayes failed his physical and his Sacramento contract will be voided. We feel for him. He’s one of the good guys in the league, if only because he does the little things that never get rewarded. In this instance, the reward came ($21 million), and then was taken away because of a heart issue. Kings general manager Geoff Petrie said that informing Hayes his deal had been voided was “one of the most heartbreaking moments of my professional or personal life.” … Dennis Rodman decided to paint his face while he was in Asia. C’mon man. They should’ve had him in The Hangover Part II. Stu and Rodman would’ve gotten along great … And Arron Afflalo is returning to Denver a very rich man. $43 million strong are the reports out of ESPN. So that’s now $110 million spent to keep the core of a team together that lost in the first round last year. We love Afflalo and Nene, but sometimes we can’t figure organizations out. One thing we can say for Afflalo: He’s going to be a coveted fantasy player this season. With half of Denver’s roster dominating in China, he’ll take more shots than LMFAO … We’re out like Rodman’s face.

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  • pipdaddyy

    Gotta love those Clipper young’ons, especially that high scorer pup named Chauncey…

  • Buckets

    Caron Butler needs to come off the bench b/c he will not get the touches he needs w/ CP3 and Billups on the floor. He will pay big dividends coming off the bench for the Clip show. Blazers are running!!

  • Knicksfan84

    Really feel bad for Chuck Hayes.. but honestly… you know the Knicks would sign him and play him. How is that for some Cuttino Mobley irony.

  • Phileus

    Man, that Chuck Hayes thing really is depressing.

    I remember when Curry had some heart issues (literal, not figurative ones) come up when trying to re-sign with the Bulls, they offered him a pretty nice retirement package. He refused it and signed with the Knicks instead. I wonder if Hayes has those same kind of opportunities now that Curry did back then. I hope he does.

  • gilford

    I think Dallas signed Sean Williams.

  • Knicksfan84

    Eddy Curry’s heart issue was that it didn’t exist.

    Chuck Hayes has a heart “ailment” that I’m sure teams could ignore… The Kings just realized that they couldn’t afford him so made an excuse in my opinion.

    He’ll be playing for a championship team in no time.

  • Craig

    “When you’re counting on three players to do everything for you…you’re basically calling for a problem” So the heat?

  • First & Foremost

    Good News… Aaron Allfalo signed
    Bad News… 5 more years with the Nuggets.

  • doc

    @craig-The Heat got 2 bulls and a cow running the court,LAL got old Kobe and Mr. Gasoft.Its harder for them to keep up.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    - It’s really time for DIME to update their photo library. CP looks like he’s 17 in that photo, and he’s holding the horrid ball that chaffed players’ hands. It’s time guys.

    – I will never get used to reading “World Peace” on a boxscore. Never.

    – Will the Clip play Billups and Paul side-by-side for the whole season? If so, awesome.

    – And I just got over a bout with the Stomach Flu. Ruined my whole weekend. But I lost 8 pounds in 3 days. Diaw might need 2 weeks of stomach flu to get his weight down to normal. He looks like a player 3-4 years post retirement.

  • http://www.slcdunk.com AllThatAmar

    I watched the Blazers easily handle the Jazz. Wes is more than ready to take the next step up. Roy was an All-Star, Matthews and Crawford will more than do their part to replace him. Kurt Thomas and Marcus Camby got extended playing time because the Blazers were playing without LaMarcus and Greg Oden. They were comically paired up super raw Enes Kanter at times. Polish and experience routinely defeated youthful vigor. Kanter did look good in sequences though. I was certain he was going to be one of the worst draft picks ever, so with those low expectations I was impressed. He uses his body, and gets boards.

    Derrick Favors was a beast last night (25 and 12?), Alec Burks was a blur, and Gordon Hayward is like the only white guy left on that team. Sadly, they’re all going to be sitting on the bench behind Jamaal Tinsley, Josh Howard, and Raja Bell this year.

    Either way, if healthy Portland can contend for a playoff spot. And if healthy the Jazz are still a lotto team. Big Al and Memo makes sense on offense in a video game, but in real life on defense they are worse than Kim Jong-Il’s post defense.

  • Jzsmoove

    Clippers has to take it easy in the preseason, can’t risk injuries. It’s the Clippers after all. The lineup looks nice though. What did Sterling fever do to deserve this?

  • That’s What’s Up

    In the 90’s it was Rodman who used to paint the faces

    Madonna… Carmen Electra…

  • beiber newz

    all i hope for is kobe to remain optimistic. he will be the lakers engine all season. losing will get frustrating, but if kobe can keep a level head, things should turn around by the post season. i still predict a 50 win team in the lakers, but their bench is horrible to say the least. 50 wins, good momentum and chemistry heading into the playoffs, and that will build confidence. regardless of the fact kobe has 5 rings, i still believe he is the hungriest man in the league through sheer competitiveness and after the way they were ousted last season, on top of everyone who matters saying the lakers have little to no shot…i give the boy kobe a great shot to return to the top of the mountain.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    two games doesn’t really count as a pre-season. Teams have to start playing hard right now. So they make an easy transition into the condensed season.

    Clippers vs Lakers
    Was AWESOME! Well at least for 3 quarters. I like Chauncey at the 2guard. He’s just as strong, and quicker than most 2’s. The only time it’ll be a problem is if he doesn’t have De Jordan behind him to help block/alter the shot of a 2guard posting him up. Which may only happen vs Utah (CJ Miles in the post with Memo at the 3pt line) or the T-Wolves (Wes Johnson on the post KLove at Center on the 3pt line).

    Caron Butler fits in very well with those guys.

    De Jordan looks angry. He has plans to destroy every center he faces. His Block on Kobe’s dunk was a message to Kobe that read “Dear Kobe. Give me that shyt. It’s not 1996 and I’m not Ben Wallace. You gotta come better than that”

    Blake – Showed off the handles on Pau Gasol a few times. But he seemed to piss off the refs pretty badly after he got T’d up for hanging on the rim. which he paid for later because they wouldn’t give Blake a call for shyt. Even when he got clearly mugged on a fastbreak.

    Kobe – lol’d at him all night. why? Dude is in straight MyPlayer 2k12 mode. He’s all about his numbers.

    McRoberts- Will fit in well if he gets minutes. He plays hard, runs the floor, and Lakers fans may not know this, but he can even hit a three pointer here and there.

    Pau and Bynum – Looked like they were out to prove their worth to Kobe and the Organization. Bynum protected the rim well for the most part. Pau did a good job of finishing plays.

    Darius Morris – has a nice jumper. Too bad he’ll never be used during the season. Then again, Mike brown isn’t PJ, he might actually play the kid.

    Can’t wait til they play again Wednesday.

    I already moved on from AA. once the Bulls signed Rip, they were done. The front office isn’t smart enough to have a complete off-season. They blow their load early and leave it at that.

  • jdizzle

    @That’s What’s Up I see what you did there.

    Does anybody read the Sec 140 comments on espn.com? Some of the stupidest shit you will ever read(or attempt to read if you manage to get past the 1st grade spelling and grammar).

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Did Vinny really say Cp3 needs to lose weight? Dear Gawd he’s an idiot. Maybe that’s why Chris Paul didn’t seem to happy during his interview.

    To his credit though, Cp3 has always looked a little thick. sorta like Baron Davis.

  • marcus the great

    tried to see rodman’s face paint. got this:

    Error 404 – Not Found

    Oops! Looks like you followed a bad link.

    If you think this is a problem with Dimemag.com, please tell us.

  • QQ

    Chicagorella – on point comments.

    Kobe is over the hill (he still has the most comfortable shoes to wear tho).

    Pau and Bynum are trash. I hope my Magic do not trade Dwight for them, smh.

    I think i saw some posts from the QQ impostor again. Hoping this doesn’t become a trend again. Dime, please moderate if it becomes continuous.

  • Beiber Newz

    Forgot for a second that the season is smaller, la won’t get to 50 wins but I like them going for 40 wins. 40-26 will probably be good for top 4 in the west.

  • Big Island

    Beiber- You think they’ll get 50 wins THIS season?! It’s a short season.

    The damn double standard for guys is ridiculous. Brook Lopez gets shit for not dunking everything and being allergic to the paint, but then DeAndre Jordan gets crap for not having a game outside of the lane? Coaches get crap for catering to star players and then Del Negro gets crap for calling one out? CP has knee issues, weight KILLS your knees, lose weight, save knees. So you have a center on your team who only dunks. On a team with your all world PG and PF, you have a bug guy who only wants to play defense, rebound, and have the occasional dunk on someone’s head. I see nothing to complain about.

    Anyone seen QQ this morning? He was flipping out last night in another post, just wondering if he’s ok. HIs mom called me because he didn’t check in with her and he didn’t come home last night. She said he took his Dora the Explorer sleeping bag though, so he probably just slept at BRUCE’s house. He has bunk beds and they make super sweet forts to tell ghost stories in.

  • Big Island

    ^^correction^^ The imposter QQ, not the real one.

  • QQ

    Big Island, your a faggot. And this is the real QQ.

  • Big Island

    DIME – Whatever Walgreens paid for that ad, I will double it for you to take it down. *ring* Hello? Same day prints at Walgreens… God dammit.

  • Big Island

    QQ – Real or fake, it’s you’re a faggot. Spelling something incorrectly is one thing, having absolutely no knowledge of basic grammar is another. You get a point for not using “ur” though.

    For those scoring at home, it’s now QQ-1, me-0.

  • yoda

    i have a faith in lakers front office. it’s stern that i don’t trust

  • Franchise

    my boycott of everything NBA-related lasted all of a week….thats why the owners and players do whatever they feel like, they know they got the fans by the balls. dammit. will never be as die-hard as i used to be tho. thank emperor stern for that.

    clippers clowning my lakers was painful to watch. yes its pre-season but the undertone was obvious. here’s to hoping KB goes out swinging dropping 50 point games on their heads here on out. and i think LA is in more trouble than they imagine. they missed out on CP3 and now if D12 goes to NJ/Brooklyn he good as gone. very good chance he and Deron talk each other into re-signing to form another east juggernaut. if that happens what then?? very worrying times for LA

  • QQ

    Though it was the impostor QQ who wrote this, I am going to side with him for a moment because Big Island is a faggot.

    (impostor)QQ says:

    QQ be magma sprayn, yal fegts be hella hatin/
    BigI got wide eyes for kox, his momma want semen shotz/
    I feed that tramp jizz and piss, i think that yall get the jist/
    QQ been the boss on here, burn trees but my eyes be clear/
    imposters cant hold me back, control yo lines fruity crakk/
    BigI Control BeiberNewz, virgins like jonas crew/
    Im chillin like Magic J, except i aint got no AIDS/
    U chillin like AC Green, 40 Year Old virgin team/
    hot tub and jacuzzi crew, no chicks but their balls aint blue/
    they love bam bam bigalow, pulp gulpn on bigger loads/
    hoop tight on that 2k12, real life their game dookie smell/
    i ain’t got all day for this, lines wet like your wifeys ki$$

    -Harry Kumr Fredette

    Just so everyone knows, I do not support this sort of language or behavior on Dime. I will make an exception however because there are just certain individuals who really irk me. Impostor QQ is probably number one, but in this instance, he at least doesn’t try to ruin my good name by saying stupid basketball related comments (instead he just sticks to general audience stupidity). At any rate, fuck you big island.

    Oh and the LA FAKERS are a bunch of classless faggots. Welcome to the cellar of the staples center.


  • The New Guy

    big island, da beib boy already corrected himself.

  • The New Guy

    also qq, ur a bad person.

  • Silkk

    …hmmm nice to see dime jumping on the Clippers nut sackz before a meaningful game had been played…hmmm I wonder where I’ve seen that before…last summer post “the decision”…Miami. Now I prepare for the hoards of bandwagon Clipper fans who probably can’t even name one member of the Clip front office or tell me when was the last year that they actually made the playoffs.

  • Franchise

    ^^^^^said like a true loser who finally gets a chance to talk to the high and mighty. show some class. cant expect much from a magic fan. pathetic

  • Franchise

    damn yall had to go and mess up my ^^^. was referring to the hermit impostor/real QQ

  • QQ

    ^^^^^^^Love the Faker fans. lying, stealing and cheating your way to championships. Raping, molesting and being all around arrogant – these are the values that the Faker organization stand by. I suppose this is the American way. It just disappoints me that ethics have been compromised, specifically by certain teams (FAkers). I’m glad Stern veto’d the CP3 trade to the Fakers. Time for new blood and time for Faker fans to sit around with a shitty team, a GARBAGE coach that looks mildly retarded, and a superstar who is on his way to becoming a white dwarf. Enjoy mediocraty (while it lasts).

  • Beiber Newz

    I thought no one liked when ppl “took up space” when guys wrote things unrelated to bball. Hmm interesting . It’s confusing wen I get singled out for callin control and chicagorilla da bitches they are, but otha ppl can talk shit? It gotta be my name.

  • QQ

    ^^^^ ya, you’re a fEGT!

  • Dana Walker

    Hopefully Chuck gets on with another team. At Kentucky no one gave more effort or won as many games in the past decade as a UK player than Hayes. I cant remember the exact percentage but with him there for 4 years they won something like 80% of their games and were always competitive. Never saw someone that was only 6’6 at best rebound like he does and play defense the way he does. Truly sad and wish him the best.

  • Dana Walker

    haha I just read some of QQ’s posts. You are ragebro.

  • QQ

    QQ a pimpppp. U hatin? Get some cutty then talk to QQ.

  • Franchise

    @the fake QQ; count em: 16 chips u retard. how can ‘fakers’ get that level of success and excellence?? one of them by spanking that Magic ass 4 zip. u cant touch us, cant even get near us. anyhow im done paying any attention to brain-dead 40-yr old virgins who cant spell and talk out their a$$

  • cesar

    SEAN williams

  • Big Island

    New Guy – I saw Beib corrected himself after I posted my comment. Apologies to Beiber.

    I don’t even know what is real or not from QQ anymore so until it gets sorted out, fuck em both with apologies to the real QQ. You’re just guilty by association at this point. Whichever QQ hates the Lakers though, I am good with that so I rescind my “f you” to that QQ.

    Imposter – I really don’t give 2 shits about you, or who you copy, it’s all good. All of us went out to the park and imitated our favorite players when we were kids. Since it was probably rough on you imitating Dorothy and Mary Poppins while you were in your teens, it’s only natural that you would come here and imitate your favorite posters. Again, it’s all good. Just make sure when you imitate me, which out of everyone here I am probably the lamest one to copy, mention how awesome Dirk is, how fat I am, and give props to Beiber. It should be pretty easy for the next week because my in-laws are coming into town and I will be on the verge of a hateful breakdown so my posts will be more and more erratic.

  • First & Foremost


  • First & Foremost

    And on that note I will scale back my time spent on this site.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY


    Dime, do something. Please. Jokers are hijacking your site making it unbearable for your real posters. Go with mandatory registrations if people want to post. Then ban those who abuse it.

    We’ve all seen this story before. This imposter will stop for now. Everyone will be cool. Then 2 months later, the imposter will be back, we’ll all ask Dime to have mandatory registrations… then the imposter will stop for another 2 months… rinse and repeat.

    Dime, seriously, do something.

  • QQ

    hahahaha, JAY whining like a bitch. LOL. Listen ho, go and try to post something as QQ, you’ll be unsuccessful. I am the REAL QQ. Aint no motherfukn impostor here. Only the truth.

    Till then, STFU you little bitty bitch!

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Actually the best way to do with would be like i seen on several sites where you use your Facebook login or register for the site. That way Damn can still get the “Fly by” posters they like so much while also getting the regular posters.

  • Dana Walker

    Can someone tell me what cutty is? Is this ebonics or something?

  • Big Island

    LOL at Dana! I always thought a Cutty was the Cutlass Supreme lowrider, but that’s only because my buddy had one. I always thought I would look cool hopping down the street. Turns out, I don’t.

  • JBaller

    I like Chuck Hayes and I hope he makes it back into the L. Chauncey is taking this move to the 2 seriously, good to see himfit right in. Im not on the bandwagon yet, but the clips might have the pieces to make some noise.

  • K Dizzle
  • beiber newz

    i always like coming back to see the comments left during my time away..always could count on a good laugh.

  • beiber newz

    @kdizzle….if dwight was in rose’s position i think ur comment would make sense. when u had jj reddick projected as your starting 2 guard teammate (prior to jr signing) you would do what howard’s doing. don’t knock him. but i must say, witty comment on ur part.