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The Kings Crown Themselves Against The Lakers; Dallas Gets Embarrassed Again

Tyreke Evans

Tyreke Evans (photo. Nicky Woo)

Lamar Odom, Dwight Howard and Chris Paul aren’t walking through that door. The Lakers are what they are right now: an 0-2 team searching for a spark. They took a beheading at the hands of the Kings last night in Sacramento, 100-91 and while everyone wants to drive the stake into them after two games, maybe we should just give some credit to the Kings. Tyreke Evans (20 points on 13 shots) was a monster again last night, and Marcus Thornton (27 points on 13 shots) was dropping bombs on ‘em Outkast-style throughout the second half. Every time L.A. threatened, one of those two made a big offensive play, or DeMarcus Cousins out-hustled everyone in yellow for the ball. You’re not winning a game if you can’t get a loose ball or defensive rebound down the stretch. We know what Evans can do. We hope you know what Thornton can do (He might be that team’s closer.). But what about Cousins? He looked like Dave Cowens in the second half. He beat Pau Gasol to multiple loose balls and then took a charge on Kobe Bryant that iced the game. The Kings were up 78-64 after the third and while Kobe (29 points), and surprisingly Metta World Peace (19 points), were doing all they could to keep L.A. close, everything came so much easier for Sacramento. While their offense often appears like some All-Star AAU team that was scrapped together for a weekend at the last minute, the talent is obvious … At one point in the second half, the Lakers had a lineup of Steve Blake, Matt Barnes, Troy Murphy, World Peace and Luke Walton. Take away the mystique of those Laker uniforms and that lineup is gonna make you throw up … The Mavs were so disgusting that Sean Williams actually did throw up on the bench. Seriously. Denver came into Dallas and beat the defending champs 115-93, boosted by a 20-0 spurt in the second quarter that had the Mavs getting booed off the floor by their own fans. Is it too early to sound the alarm? That’s two lazy blowouts in a row. Denver dominated in the paint during the first half, shot nearly 50 percent, beat Dallas by 10 on the glass and Ty Lawson ran through the Mavs’ defense at will, scoring 27 and barely missing a shot for half the game. Dirk had 20, but outside of the Big German, no Mav did anything whatsoever … One day after pulling off a late-game comeback in L.A., the Bulls were unable to do it again, losing to the Warriors 99-91. How good is Stephen Curry? Despite an ankle problem that forced him to leave with five minutes left after rolling it again, Curry controlled the entire flow of the game, getting the better of Derrick Rose on his way to 21 points, seven rebounds, 10 dimes and six steals. He even threw two perfect moonshot lobs from midcourt. Monta Ellis added 26 and seven assists of his own … Keep reading to hear about the most entertaining game of the night …

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  • control

    So, Laker fans…How is Kobe’s choice to not rest his injury looking now? It’s not like him being so “competitive” really changed things, other than he might have actually cost them the game. If the idiots calling the game mention again how he is the most driven, competitive and toughest player in the league again, I might actually throw up. The guy was straight hogging last night, had a few pretty nice plays where he setup Pau, but come on. Also, the secret to beating Kobe is this: put someone who isn’t good on him. Kobe will NEVER pass if he thinks he’s got some scrub guarding him. Put some shitty guy on Kobe and let him drop 60, while rest of his team is froze out of the game, and it’s a Laker’s loss every time.

    I ain’t even hating, I’m just saying. If I were a Laker fan, than I would actually be pissed after watching him fuck around out there. Of course, most fans aren’t going to hold him accountable (just like Mike Brown won’t) and they’ll keep on drinking his piss, thinking it’s wine (just like Mike Brown).

    I’m liking DeMarcus Cousins. Guy puts out as much energy as that fool Joakim Noah, but he actually has some skills, and a mean side as well.

    I might start hating Derek Fisher as much as I dislike Rondo. Guy really doesn’t have enough skills to be hanging in the league at this point in his career.

    Dwight just seems disinterested to me…and Fat Davis just straight sucks. I’m not sure why, but Fat was being fed the ball for a short period of time, and it was just fat and ugly. I don’t know if Ron Jeremy likes him because he’s the only player on the team fatter than he is, but damn…I’ve never seen such a stupid strategy in professional ball. Fat Davis wouldn’t even be the go to guy on most rec league teams I’ve played on/against. I just don’t understand fat fucks like him, bang a few jumpers and he’s strutting around the court like he ISN’T fat and stupid, almost like those jumpers were fat melting pills or some bullshit.

    I swear nba.com wasn’t displaying the Raps/Cavs game…not that I blame them though. Raps might have the most balanced scoring team in the league, unfortunately that doesn’t mean they will crack 100pts very often. Cavs, the worst team in the nba this year (KDizz, bet me again on that this year?), are just brutal. It’s a bad sign when your franchise changing draft pick rolls out and drops 6/7 on defensive master Jose Cauldron (while getting 15/11/6 in return). The one or two Cavs fans left out there should hope that is just him getting his first game out of the way…

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    Hi hi from Jurgo today

    And First.

    And who tell you the great Rubio San is here. Rubio San is here.

    He is so great and has big eyes for defender to laugh at.

    See you’

    From your Jurg

  • uqk

    looks like memphis better without R.gay

  • vlad

    strange to see the mavs playing like s..t . my question is: was it worth for cuban to save money for the next season ( for d12 or d-will)??i hope they will do a better job after some games but right now the mavs look very ugly.The kings were great full of energy, and i liked the wolves, 4 point loss to okc is not that bad.

  • catdaddywhack

    The Gay-Bo combination just isn’t working for Memphis.

    We’ll soon be hearing “ole ole ole ole” in Minny anytime now…


    “…defensive master Jose Cauldron”…? lol
    Jose “The Matador” Calderon

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Minny was looking pretty good despite the loss, I just wish they didnt insist on giving Ridnour minutes that could be used by Rubio or Barea. Why Kahn insists on stockpiling players at the same position is beyond me.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I agree. Luke isn’t a scrub, but on that team maybe they’re better off playing him as a 3rd stringer. Especially with all those valuable wings.

    I saw the Orlando thing. I couldn’t believe they gave the ball to Fat Back Davis like 4 or 5 times in a row, iso’d him on the baseline, and watched him shoot fadeaways and air balls. It was the most disgusting display of coaching i’ve ever seen. Seriously.

    Dwight’s interview afterwards, when asked how did they win the game? “We worked the ball inside out. When we attack the basket first, that opens up the opportunity for jumpers.”
    Change the Culture Orlando. And you can keep your big man. Keep Ron Jeremy there, and you can fully expect him to walk after the season.


    My homey pointed this out to me yesterday, I never even thought about it. How many of the All-time great centers have never won a Championship?
    Wilt, Russell, Kareem, Moses, Unseld, Hakeem, Admiral, Shaq, Zo

    The only top centera that comes to my mind right away are Pat Ewing and Bob Lanier.

    With that said, Why wouldn’t Orlando make the necessary adjustments to not lose Dwight? History tells them that he’s worth it.

  • DNice

    No mention of that sick crossover, Westbrook had on Ridnour. All I heard was “Broke Ankles!!” Dallas looked like crap and I love it, LETS GO HEAT!!

  • trollne1

    Looks like there’s a new bench mob in Minnesota. The Rubio-Williams connection is gonna be fun to watch this season. If Beasley can get better shots, they could break even this season. That team is stacked with bigs. And I hope Rubio starts at some point this season.

  • First & Foremost

    The T-wolves have a young team with no or low expectations this year. Rubio will come off the bench for the next month or two. He should definitely be starting by the All-star game.

    @Chicagorilla, Orlando would love to keep Dwight but in 3 months how can they make their team better? Dwight is acting like Orlando has tons of cap space and other GMs are lining up to trade for Hedo-Richardson-Duhon-Reddick-Nelson. They spent the previous 4 years trying to win a ring by now but they couldn’t. New Jersey has yet to offer Deron for Jameer straight up. Otis Smith could call up Memphis to see if they want to unload Rudy Gay for Hedo.

    Dwight can TRY to change the culture but he didn’t even play that well when the lights were on in OKC. That game was all Ryan Anderson. However, kudos to him working with his shooting coach. Much better form.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I’m not D12 apologist. I don’t even really like the dude, I just like his talent. His goofy act and always smiling and wanting to be in the camera irks the fluck outta me. But, kid is a beast. His athletic ability plus his Optimus Prime build, combined with the lack of real centers in the NBA pretty much makes him the most dominant force in basketball.

    Orlando may not have the wiggle room to bring in superstar talent. But they can fire Ron Jermey. Give Patrick Ewing (a guy who actually deserves a shot at coaching) the head coaching job. That would be a huge start in trying to keep Dwight. When Dwight says Culture change, it’s subliminal shots at Van Gundy’s idiotic coaching style.

    Constantly putting Dwight Howard in the pick n roll has got to be one of the dumbest coaching choices of all time. Sure Dwight doesn’t have Hakeems post game, but he doesn’t need to be that great at posting up right now. There aren’t any centers good enough to guard him one on one.

    About the OKC game…
    You would look disinterested too if your team took nearly 30 3pters while you only got 12 shots in the loss. What is he supposed to do? Take the ball of the rim and go full court? Step out and start shooting 3’s?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I thought it was a sick cross that led to Luke falling, but after watching the replay several times (while laughing) it appears that Anthony Toliver (#44 on Minny) actually trips Luke which is why he fell so hard.

    on another note, I F^CKING HATE CARLOS BOOZER!!!!!!!
    The Bulls had a chance to Amnesty this the loser, and give him what he wants (the money without having to play ball) but the idiot front office heads didn’t want to look stupid for signing him and cutting him a year later. So now Chicagoans are stuck with this bum at PF which pretty much keeps us from winning a chip.

    The best thing that came from that Warriors game is Stacey King has come up with the perfect nickname for Loul Deng.
    “Lieutenant Deng” which is a play off the character “Lieutenant Dan” from the movie Forest Gump.

    So far thats
    Hot Sauce = Kyle Korver
    Asik and Destroy = Omer Asik
    Lieutenant Deng = Loul Deng
    Big Sexy = Kurt Thomas
    For some reason, he hasn’t come up with a good one for DRose yet. All he says to Too big/strong/fast/good

  • beiber newz

    hahaha and dime’s first point of emphasis as shown in the title is the LAKERS!!!!!!!!! you have to admit, the lakers are the most intriguing team in the nba. regardless of good times or bad times. should be an interesting year!!! im thinking they look into signing andrei kirlenko to start at small forward for his defense and passing ability.

  • beiber newz

    and not just dime, people are writing NOVELS here in the comment section JUST ON THE LAKERS!!!!!!!!! i think everyone wants the lakers in their mouth !!! they just love to talk about them hahahahah

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    i know westbrook had a sick game yesterday, but
    OKC needs to trade him for this team to win it all… i say… trade him to the NETS where he can be the first option (in the spotlight in ny) and get dwill who will be infinitely happier feeding the rock to KD than Humpdashian (okc is not nyc, but still better than slc)…

    what’s with PGs who can’t shoot free throws nowadays? first you got rondo, now it’s john wall and tyreke evans!?

  • beiber newz

    @ dime can you guys write a story on the lou williams incident and how he nearly got robbed in philly??? i wanna read on that if you guys have the info. it’s a pretty cool story!!


    Has there ever been, and i mean in the entire history of the NBA, a season where people actually were excited about both the Timberwolves AND the Clippers???

  • beiber newz

    control’s comments are so laker-hate oriented that i dont even know what team he reps. i bet he reps lakerhating. that’s why he watches basketball lol so sad. just look at dude’s comments every time he post something. 95% of the time it’s a negative laker comment . you dont think i wanted to make fun of the bulls losing yesterday after they beat the lakers and everyone including dime was on their nuts?

    but hey negative comments are expected but when the control commenter makes a living here shitting on the lakers it’s a bad look. dude wrote a book to trash the lakers in the 1st coment. that’s just stuff you skim control. you wasted about an hour of your life doing that. lmao. no one read the whole thing. lol get a life. move out your grandpa’s station wagon. surprised you could afford wifi there.

    on another note, expect another MVP PERFORMANCE from MELO. i will speak highly of him all season seeing as how i expect a bandwagon of you guys in a month’s time.

  • Sam

    Hakasan, I am a Nets fan and I agree with you. OKC needs to trade Westbrook to win it all. Just not to the Nets. Dwight Howard has bought a ticket out of Orlando and he is coming to play in Brooklyn, either by mid-season trade or sign and trade at the beginning of free agency. Deron Williams is staying here.

  • Sam

    Classic over-reaction from everybody after the first day, also the first day of back to back games for a few teams like the Lakers, Bulls, Warriors, Thunder, etc.

    The Lakers are done! Yeah, okay, we’ll see in a few weeks.
    The Knicks are unstoppable!! Yeah, wait ’till Pierce shows up.
    The Heat are going to destroy everybody! Yeah, did you see the Mavericks game last night?

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Sad to say, but the biggest disappointment so far has been the Mavericks.

    The world champs losing their first 2 games, and not once has it been close? Shameful.

    I figured they’d be ok, honestly. Going into the season, I didn’t think Haywood would be terrible, I thought Roddy would replace Barea, Odom would replace Caron, etc.

    Didn’t think the age factor would play such a big role. I figured that Dirk, Marion, and Kidd still there would still equal “50 wins”. All another year older, and not necessarily a year better lol.

    Maybe Cuban knows best, though.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @Sam – maybe you’re right on the over-reactions. After a couple months without bball, I think we’re all in overdrive right now lol.

    Gotta admit, though, that this condensed schedule has everyone on edge with early season losses.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    ah yes the Lakers.

    My niece, who has played basketball since she was 7yrs old, and I were flipping back and forth between the Bulls/Warriors game and the Lakers/Kings game. The first thing she pointed out was how Kobe wouldn’t pass the ball to Gasol even though Gasol had the easier match up. Its going to be a looooooong season in LA if this keeps up.

    I personally think Kobe is going to sit out a few games soon, probably when Bynum gets back. the Lakers will win during that span by feeding the big guys and Kobe will come back to the team and continue his NBA 2k12 MyPlayer mode.

    Also I see that Gortat is playing with a broken finger over in PHX. He’s still out there dunking with it too. Funny, I don’t see anybody talking about Gortat’s “will to win” or how he is playing through insufferable pain. I also don’t see video of Gortat grabbing his broken finger every time he makes a shot, or flexing his hand and grimacing whenever he grabs a rebound. Maybe he if had a Lakers/Knicks/Celtics uniform on he would get more publicity for this.

  • beiber newz

    jeremy lin is a knick y’all . an Asian has landed in Manhattan new york . he is basically shump’s replacement in the meantime

  • cesar

    no love for sean williams hustle plays?

    and beasley lost the game… too much wtf shots…

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @Chi – cosign all of that and I’m still lol-ing at your Gortat description. He must be the greatest player ever, such a strong will to win!

  • Big Island

    I’m dying at control with the rolling out your franchise changing number 1 pick and he drops 6/7. I can see Dan Gilbert sitting there going “yeah… We’ll show Lebron. We’re gonna be as good as all of the big market teams now!”

    Dwight Howard, Shmight Howard.

    Saw some of the Lakers game, but my gf is leaving for a week in about an hour and she was causing all kinds of chaos last night. Kobe lovers will say he has to shoot because everyone else sucks. Kobe haters say he jacks and doesn’t give the ball up at all. I saw Gasol get a couple of touches and it looked bad. I think they’ll be bad this year, but more because they have a new coach, new system, etc. I have to change my stance a bit. I thought the Odom trade was dumb, still do, because I thought they would have a huge advantage having the same team that had won a couple of rings. I completely underestimated what a huge adjustment a new coach/system would be for them. Wow. The offense just looked bad. Sacramento’s looked bad too, but damn.

  • beiber newz

    i haven’t put up a sexy pic in a long time.

    only look at this if you admire rihanna’s bod: http://cdn.rtny.uproxx.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/ri1.jpg

  • beiber newz

    people will get amnesia when the lakers go on a run

  • Soopa / b_malte

    Lamar Odom is so out of shape. His frame is more like Khloe then a professional athlete. Pathetic. Dont get me started on Vince.

    So Westbrook is starting where he left off. OKC needs him, he is supremely talented on both ends. But the amount of knucklehead plays cant be as high as last night.

    Portland-Philly was a good game. Portland new pace is super entertaining and Crawford is a good fit already. Philly is tough, fought their way back but came up short.

    Rubio is gonna blow up. His vision is Godlike. Give him 35min a game and he will give you 10/6/12 every game – and thats right now!
    Cant believe im saying this but the Wolves are must see TV.

  • Sam

    If Kobe strained his neck ESPN would be saying every night on Sports Center “Kobe Bryant has been playing with a broken neck for 3 weeks and he hasn’t once complained.”

  • control


    Gortat doesn’t get much recognition for his amazing toughness because he sort of looks like Sloth from Goonies, the 6’10 version.

    Big Island

    When Kobe went into play making mode for about 3-5 plays in a row, the Lakers almost caught up. The other guys on the team got into the game, played better defense, had more energy…once the Lakers started getting close again, Kobe took over and shot the Lakers out of the game.

    Little Flea talking all big and shit

    My team ain’t going to be doing too much this year, so I’m pretty much just focusing on hating on teams/players I dislike and cheering for the teams who have a style I like. Generally speaking, I dislike players who are selfish and/or hurt their team more than they contribute, or play like fucking pussies and flop. I like basketball as a man’s game, a little rough, clean and fair…shit that makes the game not like that will get some hate from me.

    I can understand how you see me as hating on the Lakers, you aren’t really intelligent enough to understand and fully comprehend English, but it isn’t your fault, it’s your parents’ fault for having you. I’m bashing Mike Brown because he sucks as a head coach, and I’m bashing Kobe because he’s playing selfish to the point that it kills his team. If I were a die hard Laker fan, I’d personally be pissed that Mike Brown’s bad coaching and Kobe’s selfishness were costing my team wins. In fact, because you aren’t pissed off at that, I’m probably a more loyal Laker fan than your bandwagon ass.

    It’s probably pointless to respond to you though. You don’t really have the mental or emotional capacity to understand anything I type.

  • Ian

    Damn I’ve been agreeing with chicagorillas comments for like a week wtf is happening?!?!?

    Pass the damn ball kobe and stop with the faces and finger grabbing.


  • beiber newz

    im dumb and cant comprehend english, yet he responded to my statement? control should go thata way —–> his jokes make 0 sense.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Am I really about to add Minnesota as my 5th team to follow on League Pass Choice? (I went cheap this year since I have to actually, you know, pay for League Pass now.) I already have Indy, San Antone, Miami and Sacramento locked in, and was considering the Wolves for the last spot along with a couple others.

    Last night’s highlights almost decided it for me. LOVE Rubio’s playmaking ability, Derrick Williams’ finishing ability, and Beasley’s continued development as a scorer, on top of the other reasons I had to follow the Wolves. Still a tough call between Minnesota, Memphis, Atlanta and one of the later-staring West Coast squads (Portland, L.A., Golden State), but thankfully they don’t make you choose right away.

  • Big Island

    control – That is the single biggest reason I hate on Kobe. The guy is great, nobody can dispute that. Kobe lovers say he has to carry his team, but the ball stops as soon as it hits his hands. He can create 90 points for his team because he is so good, but he’d rather get them 60 so he can get his. He never has, and at this point, never will be a playmaker for his team. Almost like Iverson was in Philly except with better guys. Yeah, he gets some assists etc., but you see stretches like those 5 plays where he just gets everyone on his team easy buckets, and then he goes for his. I fucking hate that guy. If he just steps on the court and plays, he’ll get 25 easy. He’s like the anti-Magic. Magic was the man because he made everyone else the man on his teams. Kobe almost holds his team down sometimes. He’s the dude at the park who shoots all of the time so you just crash the boards, and then all of a sudden he passes and gets mad that you can’t catch it. Dude, you haven’t passed ALL GAME, I am under the rim getting beat on just to try to get a hand on it all game long, and you decide to whip a pass at a crowd of 4 people, and then act like nobody else can play. Then you storm off, we pick up another guy and everyone plays better.

    Before Lakers fans flip out at me, the Lakers won’t be better without Kobe. But they would be better if Kobe played less selfishly.

  • Big Island

    Austin – Nobody will question adding Minnesota, but why the Spurs? You know what’s going to happen there. Drop the Spurs, add the Clippers and Minnesota.

  • Soopa / b_malte

    The US League Pass has to be different from the international version. I got to pick between 1 team or every team. Every team at a premium price of course. No brainer since my country gets 1 freaking televised game a week lol.

    I follow Boston and OKC mainly. But Miami, NY and the LA Clips are also in the rotation but mainly for fantasy reasons. Plus which ever team has it going on, which right now is the Wolves and Kings.

  • 4M

    Twolves are definitely a must-see just cause they have a slick PG in Rubio, a double-double machine in Love, an unpredictable scorer in Beasley, the incredible hulk Milicic, potential ROY candidate in Williams and the flopping ass of Barea. The best part of that is they are being coached by a creative coach like Adelman.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Big Island — Spurs were always lock to be on my list. Duncan is one of my favorite players of all-time, I love Parker and Manu’s games, they play in and win big games, and after last night I know I’m gonna like watching Kawhi Leonard play.

    @Soopa — For NBA League pass on TV, you get all teams and all games for like $170. But my cable company is one of the few that doesn’t offer LP, so I had to go with League Pass Broadband; which gives you the choice of getting every team/game, or for a lower price (like $110), choosing 5 teams to follow all season and only getting their games.

  • First & Foremost

    Follow Detroit!!! They went form being a well oiled machine to a blown transmission sitting on bricks with the radio missing.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Favorite random moment from Pacers/Pistons:

    Ben Wallace (no braids, no Afro, just short of going baldie) got a rebound and started bringing the ball upcourt. Darren Collison ran up on Wallace to pressure him, so Wallace (keeping his dribble) turned toward the bench like he wanted to call timeout. That threw Collison off just enough for Wallace lose him and take off past halfcourt and give the ball to a guard.

    It was like one of the “shakes” you’d do in a video game when somebody is overzealously trying to rip you; just be patient and let them overrun the play.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    lol control is killin it right now

  • beiber newz

    ^brain cells?

  • Big Island

    Austin – I guess it makes sense since SA games are a little harder to find. I get every Lakers game (gay) and all of the Clippers stuff (cool) out here, and whatever is on cable. If I had to get something, I would want to see Minnesota play. Lke 4M says, Love will throw outlet passes forever, to a PG who likes to make passes (take note Jennings), to a guy who apparently dunks on anything that moves.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    While we’re on the topic, anybody know if there’s a way to watch all (or most) of a certain out-of-area college team’s games online?

    Just like with League Pass, my cable/internet provider isn’t compatible with ESPN3 (beware Broadstripe, people) so I can’t watch Georgetown’s games that are on there. Am I overlooking another website or service that would allow me to tap into whatever D.C. station shows G’town?

  • jupe

    blazers get the least love of any team on this site. one line?

  • First & Foremost

    The Blazers get the least love on most sites. They don’t really have drama, a bunch of outgoing personalities, an enjoyable viewing experience or anything newsworthy to talk about. If you are a fan, just appreciate your little known secret of a team.

    Just face it, it is easier to write them off than write about them. Their 7-foot franchise altering center hasn’t been seen in a jersey for almost 2 years. The face of the franchise JUST retired. It is probably raining today in Portland. What storyline is someone suppose to write about? Oden MIGHT be making progress to possibly get cleared to use the stairs?

    Nicolas Batum has chest hair.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    F&F hit it on the head. The Blazers are exactly the kind of team that sportswriters and sports fans claim they’d love to follow — a bunch of good guys and non-knuckleheads who will also win games — but then everybody ignores them because they don’t cause drama and have a bunch of knuckleheads. Throw in that Portland was playing the 76ers last night, and I can see where they’d only get one line in Smack.

  • McSimon
  • silky

    @ab – vipbox