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The Knicks Win Tyson Chandler’s Debut; Minnesota & Kevin Love Light It Up

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony (photo. Zach Wolfe)

New Jersey will be coming for that NYC crown soon enough, but at least for now, the Knicks are still the big brother. Even if it was preseason, New York gets bragging rights for at least a few more weeks, beating the Nets in Newark 92-83. While we can’t take too much away from a preseason game – c’mon, Renaldo Balkman led everyone with 20 – both teams got some nice contributions from their role players. Rookie Iman Shumpert (16 points) outplayed every other perimeter player for the Knicks, and rookie Marshon Brooks (10 points) and Anthony Morrow (15 points) put in work from the perimeter … At least offensively, Amar’e Stoudemire (10 points) and Carmelo Anthony (17 points in three quarters) looked pretty in-tune for the first preseason game. While only shooting 3-for-11, Stoudemire had a nice all-around game besides that, and ‘Melo was draining Js. They had one sequence in the second quarter where Anthony went backdoor and caught a lob from STAT with one hand before dunking with two. On the next play, Anthony hit Renaldo Balkman with a dope no-look scoop pass. We caught the announcers saying Stoudemire is claiming he grew an inch over the summer because of the lower back stretching that realigned his spine. C’mon now. We guess “I gained 15 pounds of muscle over the summer” was too cliche. Better posture and getting taller at 29 years old are too different things. The whole idea of offseason physical reports is just stupid. You know it’s bad when there are varying reports that directly contradict each other. We heard a few weeks back that Tyreke Evans was badly overweight and out of shape. Then he shows up to camp, and it’s rather obvious dude has dropped some pounds. Everyone thinks they can ace an eye test … Brook Lopez had 15 points and 11 rebounds … The most interesting matchup of the game was probably Shumpert and Brooks, two rookies with potentially big physical advantages (Brooks with his go-go gadget arms and Shumpert looking like his body’s already more developed than 70 percent of the league). Both hit jumpers, both looked decent getting to the rack and both look like they’ll be solid contributors this year. Shumpert is going to have to be defensively because Mike Bibby is straight-up atrocious on that end. We doubt he could check one of us. Combining Mike D’Antoni with Bibby is like throwing a dog into a shark tank. New York fans are already freaking out that he’s not going to be able to accurately honor that No. 20 … By the second half, Clyde was openly wondering “Where is the Kardashian guy? What happened to him?” … Reports continue to say Baron Davis wants to sign with either the Knicks or the Lakers. New York could use any backcourt help they can get … And another Knick target, Travis Outlaw, was claimed off amnesty waivers by Sacramento … The Warriors beat Sacramento 107-96, and out of all the games yesterday, this one played the most like a real game. For the Warriors, their backcourt put in work. Stephen Curry did his thing (22 points, six rebounds, six assists), but Monta Ellis was conservative in his shot selection (8-for-11) and played a great floor game (eight assists) to go along with his 18 points. If he keeps that up, no way he doesn’t make the All-Star Game. Meanwhile, the Kings’ backcourt trio of Jimmer Fredette (21 points), Tyreke Evans (17 points, seven assists) and Marcus Thornton (21 points) all played well. How will Jimmer D-up in the league? On his first chance, Ellis went by him for a layup like Fredette was stuck in quicksand. He was getting killed all night on that end, but still he made up for it with his shooting. But someone get him some black kicks already. Tyreke Evans looked every bit the beast he was during his rookie year, going right to the rim nearly every time he wanted to. Of course, even with Mark Jackson, it was still the Warriors … With Tim Duncan and Tony Parker not playing, San Antonio got rocked by 14 in Houston. Luis Scola (20 points) and Jordan Hill (17 points, 13 rebounds) had nice outings, and in case you wanted a Hasheem Thabeet update: He already had four fouls by the half … It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with the T’Wolves. Minnesota destroyed Milwaukee 117-96 behind 21 a piece from Michael Beasley and Kevin Love. Love had 15 and 11 by halftime while Ricky Rubio did the same things he’s always done in Europe in his first NBA game (six points, six rebounds, seven assists). Now that Beasley has his head shaved, you are going to confuse him and Derrick Williams up often… until Beas does something crazy… Keep reading to hear about how much money Rodney Stuckey got, and who the Lakers want to replace Lamar Odom …

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  • beiber newz


    when’s the last time someone’s done that?

  • control


    It has been a long time since someone has had the lack of intelligence required to think that is amusing. It has also been quite a while since someone who is so clearly unable to express any meaningful thought has tried so hard, and failed so bad. Most people who fail as utterly as you do usually give up and kill themselves by now, but I give you respect for having the retard/meth addict focus required to keep trying.

    Posted last smack, but applicable now because they posted this one just as I was posting this comment:


    Are you apologizing again you pussy? You seem to be apologizing for being a shallow, immature muthasukka, I’m not quite sure what you are saying because your ability to communicate using more than grunts and gestures seems to be vastly flawed.

    Big Island IS a good man, he has the heart of a lion, the cunning of a fox and the wisdom of an owl. I am very sure he said he is living with a woman though, which indicates he probably wouldn’t not be interested in your advances. He’s too kind of a man to say it outright, but I sure as fuck am not that nice, so I’m saying it for him, fuck off his jock.

  • Chuck Norris

    ^^ Ouch! Lol

  • beiber newz

    i’d like to start off by saying, Shut the fuck up control. u are insignificant. u are the dirt i step on. u are nothin to me. i don’t know you. and i will never meet you. kindly, take my dick out your mouth. get off my nuts. do me a favor. crawl back into the dirty hole you came out from. dirty whore probably kept a sex tally against wilt chamberlain. does that slut visit prison frequently? is that where must the dick that’s been in that ho ass reside in riker’s island?

    do me a favor control. disappear. didn’t i slay u in the rap battle? rules say u can’t speak for a week. loser.

    anywaaaaaaaaaaay … back to the regularly scheduled program…

    i just traded grant hill and al harrington for luis scola in my fantasy league. who won that deal?

    anyone here who is bold enough to say who they know will win the broncos/pats game speak up now! will tebow continue the win streak against tom brady??

    is shumpert the new tyreke evans?

    gilbert arenas on the lakers would be a good move for the bench.

    i hear kobe DESPERATELY wants to win his wife back.

    wouldn’t it suck if terrence jones’ nba career turned into terrence william’s? btw, does anyone think terrence williams will ever be nice? he drew d wade comparisons coming out of college.

    rubio will be the next nash in terms of vision and passing finesse. chris paul is more street with it and so is d will. rubio and nash have a sorta different level flare when it comes to passing. describing it to a T is difficult. seeing is a better teacher.

    anyone remember when there were monta ellis for andrew bynum talks? anyone thinks the magic called off talks publicly so they could negotiate behind the scenes with the lakers? i mean, there’s no better deal out there anyway compared to a pau/bynum package. i’m not saying la will give up both, but i would think the lakers would be the team to talk to because of those pieces.

    i think carter can do good things on the mavericks. he and kidd in the same backcourt again? should draw some sparks and boost carter some. i anticipate a starting job from VC. and playing with so many weapons should help him hit some wide open (deep) threes.

    in all that kardashian talk, does anyone stop to think….that dude humphries really hit that from the back. him. -__-

    steph curry will be better than tyreke.

    who will be rookie of the year. u kno, for all the talk about how shallow this draft was, i wanna see a lot of rookies play this year: faried, kemba, knight, jimmer, kyrie, derrick williams, rubio (? does he count)…

  • beiber newz

    btw, @ control, recycling old comments (when they are supposedly supposed to be words of anger between one person, you, and another person, me,) just to show people what you wrote, is is PRIME example of someone simply putting on a show for the public. you are not really mad at me. you just wanna show people that you are some tough guy. so u start arguing, you start bitching, you start throwing online jabs at people just because you think it makes you look “cool”.

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    i feel your pain man. but randomly picking fights with me for attention is the ultimate slave move. not in terms of race. but rather a psychological reference. you area slave to society. you are probably the type that stares in the mirror for hours before you go out. you probably freak out when you get a zit. you probably shy up when you have to speak to a crowd. all normal, but your anxieties are probably to the extreme levels mainly because you absolutely put what people think of you on a pedestal.

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  • control


    You do realize the irony of you telling me to quit talking to you, stfu and go away, and then continuing to talk to me right? You’ve done it multiple times and seem to be pretty ignorant of that fact. Bottomline: Shut up idiot.

  • beiber newz

    anyone think it’s cool that rubio faced off against jennings? jennings called him overhyped remember ?

  • knickerbocker

    i dont post very often here, but reading a lot lately with lockout over. control is stupid for his hate on my team and city but he is hilarious and he is killing beiber newz. please stop it though and get back to basketball way to many posts on bitch fighting.

  • beiber newz

    hahahahah control is MAD! speechless muthfukka.

  • Binaural

    ^^^ Seriously gentlemen, do be so kind as to challenge each other to a duel or something and refrain from clogging up threads with shit. Especially the dissertation on “pop psychology for mouth-breathers” above – at least control is funny.

  • beiber newz

    there’s a ton of room

  • knickerbocker

    that is rude of you beiber. please respect the people who are here to participate in discussion of basketball related matters.

  • beiber newz

    i’m not stopping no 1. i have opinions to express too. who’s to say one’s more important than the other. and in fact, i was defending myself. i was attacked first. and i merely threw shots back. for all you calling me rude, or saying space is being clogged, really, stop acting prissy.

    there is not a comment limit. you can post 1000 comments. i simply posted a comment of mine. mine, not yours. you can make a comment too. whether basketball, whether world current events, whether talking about 2k12, people have their comments.

    calling me rude because i wrote a comment, as if i took up a seat, is just looking for a way to be an a-hole, not an asshole, but an a-hole, more smug undertone to it. so if you are the ones complaining about a comment here ignore it. it’s not the article. you don’t have to read that part.

    they have the names on top of the comments for a reason. if you don’t like that particular person, skip it. what a brilliant solution huh guys? so get over it. i’m not doing anything wrong. look at the sequence of events. i can’t wait til call you guys out for defending yourself when it happens to you in the future like you do me now.

  • smitsta

    just stfu beiber and control.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    I recorded the Sac-town/GState game so i could get a good assesment of Monta’s skills since i don’t get to see him too often. I already got Curry pegged as the next Steve Nash, but i wanted to take a look at Monta and picture him as a Chicago Bull since there was trade talks.

    dude is nice. I mean really nice offensively. His defense worries me. He gets steals, but he just doesn’t play smart defense. Plus whenever he got matched up with Tyreke, Reke would abuse him. He’s just too big and too strong for Monta.
    Monta needs to play the PG position, sorta like Gilbert Arenas. He doesn’t belong at the 2guard spot. But the problem is, he may not be a better PG than Curry. curry can tear every legiment in both knees this season and kid will still have a chance to be an all-star someday. He’s that skilled. I can’t say the same for Monta.

    As for Tyreke, dude is going to destroy the NBA this year. Seriously he looks like he’s in game shape already, and he has a a$$hole/Mean streak in him that could have him putting up 30ppg some day soon.
    Tyreke is best played at the shooting guard/wing position. and Sac is running this 3guard line up which is perfect for Reke.
    On another note, expect Demarcus Cousins to be a head case this year. With Reke, Thorton, and Jimmer taking a lot of shots, he’s going to be pissed he doesn’t get the ball enough. And with his 43%FG shooting, they probably won’t be willing to give it to him anyway.

  • knickerbocker

    relax man. i was calling you rude because you are acting rude it wasnt attacking you. what else would you call ranting in reply to nothing? for every person who posts here there are 10 people who lurk and dont post. do they want to see you rant like you are now? no.

    i can see now why control was putting you on blast. you just seem dumb or something. control is a hater and a pretty funny one when he starts blasting rondo(i almost hate him now lol) or manu (wtf?). if you wanted to deal with him then just ignore him.

  • control


    What trade rumors for Monta going to Bulls? Thibs will get that guy in shape, guy seems to be a damn genius for defense…which is hard for me to say since he came from boston.

  • control


    Hahaha, would be great if I could expose Rondo’s bitch ass to everyone, get everyone to realize the guy ain’t shit.

    BTW, NY still fucking sucks…

  • antitombo

    I’m just glad the season’s about to start and we can look at real bball again. Things around here getting a little loopy, like in the middle of a Minnesota winter.

    Anyone else notice that Bieber appeared only after QQ pretty much stopped posting? Same person? Kind of have the same personality. Could be the root we’re looking at. Just saying.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    A few weeks ago Monta supposedly said he would like to go to Chicago if he was going to be traded. It was reported here on DIME.

    Thibs is by far one of my favorite coaches in basketball. Dude studies the game more than i do, and trust me thats saying a lot. Thats why i respect him even when i don’t agree with his decisions. I do believe that he would turn Monta into a beast on the defensive end. With that speed, kid could cause problems in the passing lanes and also on double downs to unsuspecting bigs.
    But Thibs can’t put 20lbs and 3 inches on him. Kid is just too small. the only way that would work is if Joakim Noah becomes a great shot blocker who will deter opposing wings from driving the lane.

    The Bulls as a unit play great team defense. all the players are on a string. Which is why its so hard to get into the lane against them and why the 6’7 long armed Rip will be a major pick up. Having Monta would be like having another Derrick Rose on the court offensively. But Rose plays much better man to man defense (thanks in part to Thibs) than Monta and can actually body up some of the 2guards.

  • Soopa

    T-Wolves’ future looking bright.
    They got a coach.
    Rubio is nice, not sure he’s gonna top 8ppg, but 7assist and 5boards with 2 steals are realistic. Its really clear that the NBA suits him way better then the Barca “do-as-your-told-or-get-benched” offense. Having athletes like Williams and shooters like Love is only gonna magnify his potential.

    My Celtics went from “Holy sh!t they did GOOD (the days the “had” D.West)” to “Nick Young is our best bet now”. I do not like where this going for the Cs……….. Damn. Damn damn!

  • flying_aussie_dutchman

    Terrico White is playing with NOH.. Hmmm interesting. Wish Pistons kept him :(

  • knickerbocker

    the poster beiber reminds me of the most is that tyrone guy. the one who posted that thing about thugs never lie. they both have the same weirdness to them. was there even a real qq? seemed like at least 5 people posting or maybe 1 really stupid one.

    control you are a funny dick.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @DIME and the posters

    I don’t know about you guys, but this doesn’t look like pre-season to me. These guys are balling hard as hell from the starters to the bench. And honestly it’s probably the best thing, because the last few pre-season games are always played as real games anyway. Its like bonus action for us really.

    Even during the interviews, the stars aren’t talking like its preseason. They are talking about being happy “to get the win”. usually no one even brings up the word “win” during the preseason.

    Also Marshon Brooks looked really good. I believe the college scouting reports on him may have been wrong. he is a good ballhandler but he plays a lot more like Richard Hamilton/Ray Allen to me. Quick mid range pull ups that tickle the twine.

    He and Anthony Marrow are going to Eat GOOD with Deron and Brook. NJ might surprise some people.

  • control


    It’s good to see the celts getting shit on eh? For me at least, haha.


    Thought you were talking about like a new fresh rumor, haha. If Joakim Noah weren’t the ugliest guy in the nba, I would watch a fucktun more Bulls games.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Oh snap i forgot all about Tyrone.

    “Real Thugs never lie”

    and every PG was “Dropping Dopey Dimes”

    hahaha, man that dude was funny. well at least when it was the real him. then we got impostors trying to imitate the guy.

  • knickerbocker

    that tyrone guy reminded me of a 10 year old kid who watched mtv to pickup each new slang and then used it in a way that doesnt make sense. used to be some great commentors a long time ago.

  • antitombo

    Wouldn’t say Wolves future looks bright yet, but at least it isn’t completely pathetic like it’s been for the last years.

    They got PF covered. Maybe point guard (only one preseason game with RR yet, but it does seem that Barca was killing him). SF if Beasley can keep it together. And a real coach.

    They still gotta get a C (’cause Darko only thinks about eating hamburgers on the bench) and a SG (for example, shoulda got in NO-Clippers trade and sent Derrick Williams to NO with Eric Gordon coming to MN).

    At least it seems Khan is only covering contracts (which he actually seems to do well enough) and Adelman’s people now control player evaluation.

    My bet: Eventually BNewz sobers up from whatever’s he’s on and stops posting after realizing he’s only made an a%s of himself. Hopefully he gets the help he needs too.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    “(for example, shoulda got in NO-Clippers trade and sent Derrick Williams to NO with Eric Gordon coming to MN).”

    ^^^ you know what i never considered that. That’s actually a great idea and still very possible. They may even be able to get away sending Beasley and Wes Johnson for Gordon and Ariza. It will allow Rubio to guard the taller 2guards and let Gordon D-up the PGs. Beasley goes to NO and puts up 20ppg no problem, Wes Johnson bring his rookie contract and talent to the 2guard spot. Works out perfect for both teams actually.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    you think Noah is the problem but i can deal with him over the long haul. It’s his fans i hate, they hype the guy up entirely too much.
    The torture for me comes from having to watch Carlos Boozer AND Loul Deng. I was just coming to grips with having to watch Loul “pump fake/assist jagger” Deng, but when they picked up Boozer i almost quit on them. Good thing Thibs has been a great coach so far. He managed to cover up many of Boozers defensive deficiencies. And because Noah is a terrible rebounder in traffic, Boozer has actually served a purpose on the Defensive boards. But everytime i get ready to give him props, i remember that Gar Forman gave that n!gg* $80 Mill to do the same $h!t Taj Gibson can do. SMFH

  • Soopa

    Would make a lot of sense to have EG in Minnesota. Pretty sure Williams is close to untouchable though.

    Which gives me a chance to rant about NBA teams valuing talent over synergy. Clearly the trade you guys talk about would make sense, but teams are afraid to give up talent in case Player X blows up. I hate that. There’s so much more to winning then talent, its almost cliché to bring up Dallas-Miami but it is what it is.

    Dont get me wrong, you need superstars to win, with emphases on stars in plural. But Battier is not more talented then Beasley, but its pretty clear who’s more valuable to good teams.

  • That’s What’s Up

    The Real Tyrone got his thug card revoked after his brother and sister, Jebediah and Chastity, informed their mother that he was using the Utah State Library computer for internet gang-bangin’ at DIME.com

    True Thugs Are LDS

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Actually Dalls only had one star in Dirk. The other guys were just very good role players that knew what they had to do. Reminds me of the team that the Houston Rockets had in 1994. Hakeem was the star, Kenny, Mad Max, Cassell, Horry, Thorpe were all very good role players who just knew how to play their role better than the guys in New York (who also happen to have had the exact same make up).
    That 7 game series was some of the best and most purest basketball you’ll ever see yet it gets over looked.

    1) because MJ had retired and took a lot of fans with him 2)The OJ Simpson thing took a lot of steam away from the champs.

  • antitombo


    I think you’re right vis-a-vis “talent over synergy” but I am still hoping MN only picked DW ’cause he was the consensus #2 (’cause they already got countless PFs, Love, Beasley, Tolliver, Randolph, and a couple more I think), and according to coach DW can’t play SF yet (and they got SF covered too).

    It’d only make sense for MN to keep his value high and trade him for a real need. Center seems impossible to me, since there aren’t any for the taking, but it seems every other team’s got an extra SG to trade…

    At least MN’s got a coach committed to winning now (and even placed son in player personnel director position)


    We the KKK in Bieber and the NAACP in Control.

  • ab40

    jimmer is going to get killed by every point guard in the L. J-Kidd might be too fast for him haha. Does Sacramento even have guys that are willing to play defense? Minnesota shoots way too many threes. Keven Love stops roling to the basket he just pops rout. He still got 15 boards but I think he should roll a litlle more. Rubio looks legit as a point guard in it’s purest form, let’s hope he can develop a solid jump shot. And the knicks are a far better team than the nets, the nets have some guys who can’t even get big minutes in Europe.

  • Soopa


    Thats true, Dirk is THE star in Dallas. They are stacking capable role players, which seems to be working now and then (they Knicks/Rockets you mention). I got some of those ’94, ’95 playoff games on VHS stacked somewhere lol. Maybe its time to dust them off!

    Now that I got you Chi, why aren’t Chi-town going hard after Dwight? They potentially have suitable package that could make it happen. Whats your stand? Does the current team need a shot at the title or are you pro-Dwight want it to happen now?

    Williams potential is huge but as you said, its also a huge loss for the Wolves that he cant play SF yet. If he could (which he probably will at some point) he’s a keeper for the franchise. But as of right now, its a problem that he and Love are gonna share minutes.
    Dont think im insane, but I think Darko is a starting C in this C-less league. 12/8/2.5 is what i think he is capable of this this season.

  • Soopa

    More random thoughts:
    Chandler/Melo/Amar’e is legit trouble for every team. I watched the game last night (isnt it awesome how everyone is watching preseason games?) and Chandler’s presence is notable right away.

    Jimmer is catching heat for his D, or lack thereof. But did you see Bibby??? My goodness. Cements sneaker? And on O he is just a horrible. He can barely dribble past half court!! Shumpert, Dougals are gonna get Bibby’s minutes by New Year.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    WTF, Derrick Williams was 3/4 from 3pt range in his first game. Plus he threw down a sick two handed alley oop. Yet nobody mentions this!!!!?

    Come on, this kid is going to be great combo with Love and Rubio. They can run a small line up at times of
    PG Rubio
    SG JJ
    SF Beas
    PF Williams
    C Love

    Wow. The TWolves could be the new OKC. Seriously. They have a lot of talent.
    the five guys above plus:
    Anthony Randolph
    We Johnson
    Wayne Ellington
    Anthony Tolliver
    and Rookie Michael Lee!!!

    If Orlando, LA, NJ, CHI, HOU or any of these teams looking to make a deal they need to include the TWolves in the convo.

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    A big hi hi from Jurg.

    I can see NBA season coming soon so took some time to write you all to show my writing work in last year.

    Who will win title? Me says Oklo Thunder.

    A big hi hi to my good friend Mr mr Control who still write many interesting words thank you sir

    From your Huge Jurgo

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I have been asking for the Bulls to make a move on Dwight since I saw he and Coach Van gundy were falling out two years ago. It would be the perfect fit.
    PG Rose
    Sg Rip
    Sf whoever can shoot
    PF prolly Boozer, unless ORL is dumb
    C Dwight

    if you were around early last summer, then you would’ve seen how pissed i was that the Bulls threw that money at Boozer knowing Dwight was unhappy and 2yrs away from free agency

    But as it stands the Bulls have an outside shot at winning the title. Problem is, the only way we win is if Derrick Plays out of his mind at the same time that Boozer and Noah both manage to shoot 50%FG and finish around the basket. It’s really that simple. If they did that last year, we would’ve ran through the playoffs.

    thats right we…im on the payrolll lol.


    I know people are saying that Derrick Williams can’t play SF. I agree that he shouldn’t. But in order to get him on the floor, i’d play him wherever i have to. Maybe this was insurance just in case Love leaves as a free agent.

  • antitombo


    I agree DW could blow up and the small line-up can work, but in the end you gotta be able to go big, and Darko ain’t getting them any closer to a ring.

    Maybe Malcolm Lee will be the sleeper from the second round, but they still probably need a SG, either lock-down defender or lights out shooter. I’d say trade for SG with the assets they got. And get a real center thru the mid-level. Then they’re set.

    …Sorry, but was bruce supporting or criticizing Bieber by associating him with a terrorist organization made up of a bunch of overwieght Jenny-Craig-eating crackers?

  • antitombo


    …agreed Chicago should go full on for Dwight Howard. In any case, they’ll be an awesome team to watch, even though they got Boozer.

    You thinking Rip will make it as SG for them?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    While Darko is a bust for being picked #2 ahead of future all-stars (Wade, Melo, Bosh, David West, Kaman, J.Howard, Mo williams) he is still a good guy to start at center. He plays defense, he rebounds in traffic at a high rate, he’s a big body and he can even score some. Try checking youtube for some of his highlights. Other than a low IQ, the guy can ball a little bit.

    With that said, Minny does need a SG. OJ Mayo, Eric Gordon, Afflalo, even a guy like Monta Ellis would be great for them.
    Drafting Williams was a must because he was the best talent in the draft. He could even be better than KLove someday. They could run him as a SF in the long run, especially with Rick Alderman and his high post offense. but they’d be better off moving him and Beasley for legit wings.

    The reason why i think Rip is so great for Chicago is because it doesn’t just take pressure off of Rose, he’ll finally get to sit back (like Rondo does) and pick apart defenses as Rip comes off screens. Thats only part of the good. Rip also is a very good passer and unselfish player. He curls off screens not just looking to shoot but also to hit the big man rolling to the basket. Rip is a team player and has been well coached going back to HS.
    He may not be a All-NBA defender, but at 6’7 with quick feet, the guy is a great team defender. He and Thibs are a perfect match. Even more so than Ray Allen IMO.

    I could go on and on, but you’ll see when the season starts. Right now, i’m texting some chick to try and get her to send me naked pics. My attention is mainly focused on that lol

  • http://www.musclebody.org Wesley

    Interesting NBA Top 10: Top Earner, Scorer, Rebounder etc.:


  • Robmo35

    I have watched a total of two preseason games this year, and from that I have determined how every team and every player is going to perform this year. All of you need to shut the fuck up. I’m excited the NBA is back too, but trust me no one is “doing work” yet.

    As for biEber newz and control both of you need to move out of your parents respective basements.

  • beiber newz

    everyone on the internet looks to impress people. it’s amazing how one guy who just likes to say ‘stfu’ can start a trend. everyone is a follower.

  • trollne1

    First time I saw Williams I thought this dude is too big to play SF. But he has range and can put the ball on the floor a little bit. Only thing that worries me is if he can guard other SFs like Durant, Melo and Lebron or even the likes of Deng and Iguodala.

    Also I am curious to see Jeremy Tyler if he can get on the court at all this year. I remember he was touted as one of the best HS players just a couple of years ago.

  • Chaos

    Damn so everyone just wrote off Wes Johnson lol. Dude has potential to be good and the wolves have a chance to grow but they need a billups like vet to help them grow. That mature leader in the locker room. Williams is an efficient player and will gel well with a small front court with love and beas but as overrated as I think rubio is, he is a good passer and should concentrating on getting his teammates open looks like rondo and not worry about shooting too much.

    I can see baron davis in an NYK uni. His style of play matches with D’Antoni and NYC bball scene. If he’s in shape and can stay healthy he could make. NYK dangerous. I like what I saw from Shumpert and marshon brooks.

    Chi-town needs dwight. He and rose could kill it

  • jzsmoove

    WTF is going on? Brook Lopez and 11 rebs were used in the same sentence.

    And Tyson Chandler’s name was on the headline but no info on what he did or contributions. Dime took on Amare and Melo’s dick in their collective mouths instead.

  • beiber newz

    currently watching ‘sports reporters’ on espn2 and it’s funny, these guys seem to think the hornets/lakers/rockets made a fair deal in the cp3 saga. one claimed the one thing stern can’t explain away is how the deal was a great trade, no one got hosed. echoes my sentiments. the first paul deal could make the league look a lot different and it would have made more than one team better. the new deal made one franchise worse, while the other will take time to see. the original would have immediately made all 3 playoff teams.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Didnt even realize Murphy played for the Celts last year. Bold move LA. That should make Kobe happy.

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    People need to quit with the Dwight to Chicago shit. I know it’s fun to fantasize sometimes, but it seriously will never happen.

    First off, Chicago has no valuable trade pieces besides Noah and Rose…and maybe Gibson, and of course Rose is not going anywhere. What kind of package could Chi offer for the best Center in the L? Noah, Gibson, and Deng??? Some low-end draft picks? That is not appealing to Orlando.

    Secondly, Dwight does not want to play in Chicago.

    I think Chicago would be his best chance to win a chip, but he doesn’t want to go there and Chicago doesn’t have enough valuable pieces to get him. Case closed.

  • Big Island

    I typed my most epic post ever, and the damn computer froze before I could post it. I’m not going to retype it, but I will give myself props for some of my best stuff. Maybe after I go to the gym I’ll try it again.

  • beiber newz

    imagine if the clippers have a horrible season? like, imagine if the go 24-42? would paul want to leave after the 2012-2013 season? or would he still think the future is bright? is blake griffin a game changer on the defensive end? will his lack of elite shot blocking keep the clippers from ever being a serious championship contender? will they eventually blame all trying times on vinny del negro? is chris paul just saying all the right things just to eventually leave the supposed cursed clippers town? a lot to digest in the first couple seasons of the cp3/LAC chapter.

  • Dana Walker

    The clippers thing is all hype. The Lakers are sinking lower and lower. Wow…troy murphy. Bynum better show the fuck up this season for sure and Pau better not Odom out and be a crybaby millionaire bitch. You can help Fisher, age has hit him and hit him hard. The rest of the squad, hopefully will be ready but as sad as it is, it has come to this: Bynum is their guy now cuz they fucked up didnt make him openly available. Instead they try to get rid of Gasol who is and will always be, better than Bynum. The lakers go down as making the worst offseason moves and hirings of any team so far.

  • Dana Walker

    *You can’t help Fisher

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Jesus Effin Christ! Leave it alone man. No one cares about that Laker trade. I mean WTF, are you going to harp upon this all season. The Lakers trade would’ve made all 3 playoff teams? hahahaha that may have been the dumbest $h!t you posted in a while.

    @Big Freeze
    While I do agree that Dwight doesn’t want to come to Chicago, you are dead wrong in saying that Chicago doesn’t have trade pieces.
    In Case you didn’t realize it, the Bulls own the Bobcats draft pick. Add that to Noah, Deng, and Taj Gibson (who are all starters on most NBA teams) and Orlando couldn’t really get a better deal. Except for maybe the T-Wolves who have tons of young talent, and NJ.

    Thats because Tyson Chandler ain’t do $h!t special. The only reason his name is in the headlines is so they can draw more hits from crazed Knick fans. Expect this to happen all season.

  • beiber newz

    hahah chicagorilla, u r mad i brought it up ONLY because u r the one who said it would go away in 2 weeks. HA y not jus say that. don’t get annoyed because i made a comment. ask urself, y r u getting so upset at that comment i made. i didnt attack u. u jus mad it’s still relevant. and u stated it would be forgotten. u r trying to act like it’s a bad subject so u can be right. bt you wont be. everyone will talk about it on tv, on the internet, in magazines. u lose cuz u were WRONG!

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    hmmmmm, you’re starting to scare me a little. So i’m not gonna go back and forth with you anymore. I have many thing i need to accomplish in life. I can’t be getting killed by some loser who wants to wear my skin as a dress. So in order to preserve my future. I will treat you like i treat “the new guy” and ignore you.

  • beiber newz

    what ever will i do? we had such a wonderful friendship. how will i go on?

  • beiber newz

    -__- fuckhead

  • JBaller

    Strange things are afoot on Dime smack this evening. Stranger even than the recent rap battles. I have to admit I actually kind of enjoy reading some fighing words, and when I get tired of it I just skip ahead to some real basketball commentary.

    Anyway, GO KNICKS!

  • JBaller


    …Sorry, but was bruce supporting or criticizing Bieber by associating him with a terrorist organization made up of a bunch of overwieght Jenny-Craig-eating crackers?

    Thats Bruce right there!

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Brokejumper

    Kris Humphries might end up playing hockey for a minor league team in Minnesota. I don’t blame him.

  • JH

    Last chance to join the unofficial DIME Yahoo fantasy draft.

    “Head 2 Head” 12 person – 9 cat league (a few slots left) League ID: 55438
    Password: Password

    Live Draft: Monday (TONIGHT), 12/19, 9:00 pm MST.