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The NBA Blocks Chris Paul To The Lakers & Makes A Huge Mess

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

In the words of the man himself (Chris Paul), “Wow.” What in the locked-out world just happened? The afternoon created as much conversation as we’ve seen around a move since “The Decision” and yet just a few short hours later, it was over and nothing had happened. In case you’ve been out of it for the past 16 or so hours, a huge trade was agreed upon between the Lakers, Hornets and Rockets where the Lakers ended up with CP, the Rockets with Pau Gasol and New Orleans would’ve gotten Lamar Odom, Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic, and a 2012 first-round pick that came from the Knicks. What ultimately killed it? Adrian Wojnarowski reported that David Stern wasn’t going to let Paul dictate where he wanted to go. Now Paul is probably planning to sock Stern in the face the next time he sees him. The point guard is fuming and according to Chris Broussard, planning on filing some form of legal action against him. So what happened? NBA spokesman Mike Bass could only say this: “It’s not true that the owners killed the deal, the deal was never discussed at the Board of Governors meeting and the league office declined to make the trade for basketball reasons.” Basketball reasons. What a pathetic excuse. The owners dropped the ball on this one big time by pressuring the league into putting a stop to this. The casual public has called into question the ethics of this league before. Well, what are they going to say now? This is the type of disgusting behavior we see in our fantasy leagues all the time. No! That’s an unfair trade. Commissioner, we have to vote against that! His team is too good. Absolutely pathetic. Everyone in this situation should be heated. Laker fans for the fact that Stern and the rest stole your night, Rocket fans for having their shot at Nene (with what would’ve been more cap space) taken away, and even Hornets fans who probably can’t expect to ever get this much talent for CP again. In fact, the owners might’ve just inadvertently screwed them over even worse. Paul may end up just leaving for nothing. The precedent this sets is absolutely horrid, and the league better find an owner for the Hornets soon or else there are going to be even more problems … As for the Lakers, now s— is really ready to hit the fan. Lamar Odom seemed like he was in a trance yesterday answering questions, and really doesn’t have a clue how he’ll respond. Odom is a sensitive cat, and has gone through a lot of emotional turmoil in his life. But if anyone thinks he’ll just brush this whole situation off like it never happened is dreaming. And Pau Gasol? We don’t even need to speak on that … Before the stupidity of the league stepped in, and we actually thought we had a clean resolution to this mess in New Orleans, the best joke we heard came from Alex Groberman on Twitter: On the bright side, now New Orleans can use Khloe to shield itself from future hurricanes … CP isn’t the only player ready to call the soldiers and start marching on people. Frank Isola reports that Chauncey Billups, apparently pissed off about the recent trade/amnesty rumors, has returned home to Denver… even with the start of training camp tomorrow. This will not end well either … One thing that did make us happy yesterday was a release from the NBA saying the rip-through move will no longer by rewarded so heavily this season … One of the best players on St. John’s, sophomore guard Nurideen Lindsey, has decided to transfer, saying “I came to St. Johns for a couple of reasons. One was to be close to my mom, whose health has been up and down due to some past experiences. The second was to play for Coach Lav. In both instances it has not worked out how I envisioned. I think Coach Lav is an amazing coach, and person. He could have taught me so much.” This is a pretty big blow for a squad that was coming around this year … Harvard is really good this year. They just aren’t quite UConn, losing 67-53 as Jeremy Lamb went for 18 points and seven rebounds … And did Stephen A. Smith drop a racial slur concerning LeBron on live television yesterday? … We’re out like the CP era in L.A.

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  • Josh tha roc

    Stern is a moron.

  • beiber newz

    paul woulda transformed bynum into baby shaq.

  • matttG

    Idgaf bout this! What’s going on with my sixers!

  • JT

    Stern is a fuckin’ idiot and the NBA is becoming a joke.

  • matttG

    Idgaf bout this! What’s going on with my sixers! Lakers can have iggy and hawes for bynum . If that helps lol

  • lakerfan1

    As a laker fan…#1 reason i wanted CP3 to happen is we got swept last year and it would be ok to make a change even though we have a gaping PF issue…but we did get swept with Gasol and Odom no matter how valuable they are…i was ready for the drastic change of play…..then Stern really just ruined it. Not the trade, since honestly having Gasol and Odom is great still, but he/league ruined the laker’s morale….and more importantly, he ruined the NBA’s own team!! I got a question…1) Who will ever want to play for New Orleans now knowing if u are traded with a fairly reasonable players (Esp. compared to the melo trade with new york)…2) and u get rejected 2) What happens to New Orlean’s future???? CP3 will walk next year and they get nohing which leaves NOH yearssssss back even more…..3) What the heck are “basketball reasons”? If you don’t have a legit reason to cancel or a good explanation, don’t veto it. Stern’s terrible decision has made the NBA into a circus.

  • Ducky87

    Stern fkn up son’. Out here(SoCal), Laker fans were READY!! 22minutes later, ppl fighting at bars. Lol

    “On the bright side, now New Orleans can use Khloe to shield itself from future hurricanes.”- that’s the funniest sh!t I seen all week

  • control

    “One thing that did make us happy yesterday was a release from the NBA saying the rip-through move will no longer by rewarded so heavily this season”

    The nba also said they were going to stop players from whining at the refs (which they only enforce randomly, which unbalances the game MORE), and that they’d start calling obvious flopping, as well as giving fines for that. The nba doesn’t give two shits and a fuck about the fans and what product THEY want, they are going to do their bullshit star treatment shit until they don’t have any fans left.

    This whole trade killing bullshit is going to have huge long term affects on the league. If you need other owner’s permission to do a trade, how are you going to make your team any better? It was actually a really good trade for NO, 4 solid guys and a draft pick for a guy who might end up being injury pron and looks like Carlton Banks? I’d snap that shit up in a heart beat!

    I’m about sick of the fucking nba.

    bnewz (your name still sucks btw)

    Bynum ain’t going to be a baby Shaq, ever. He’s just a baby, wanna be thug and a bitch. The guy is injured so much he has a handicap sticker on his cars.

  • yoda

    on one hand, that trade would make NO a team again. those pieces they would get are nice. on other hand, as nba owns NO, they don’t want extra salaries i guess. someone posted already in another article how muuch that adds up.
    as a laker fan, i’m not that mad that this didn’t go trough. we would give two tall and talented guys and get one short player who was more injured in past 2 years than that he played. i’m not saying CP is bad or stuff like that. but if we give pau and odom, we would left with only bynum and his bad knee. plus, brown said he plans to go more inside when season starts. we would lose all the advantage we had over other teams.

  • Da man

    @control that hilarious” injured so much he need a handicap sticker”, lol that was a good 1.

  • 12thman

    A player sues the effective owner of his team, this is gonna get real ugly reeaaal fast. And that’s compared to how much of a mess it already is, disgusting.

  • 123

    Owners should take note that if this trade block stands up, you better damn well keep your superstars happy. If your superstar starts getting pissed off and stops trying (i.e. vince back in the day) have fun trying to trade them to try to get a decent package back. I understand if the teams agreed for chris paul for steve blake and a bag of basketballs but this is a legit trade. This is so dumbass shit

  • Ian

    chicagorilla was talking about that on another article. hes right to much money for a bunch of 30 plus year old guys.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    I was about to write the Lakers in dealing for Chris Paul is part of a bigger plan to get Dwight Howard.

    Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom have a combined salary of $27.61 million, Chris Paul is at $16.36 million, Dwight Howard’s contract puts him at $18.09 million. You do the math under the new CBA that allows 125 and 150 percent on trade values.

    I am not defending David Stern and the owners but maybe this was the scenario they saw coming.

    Anyway, maybe it is all moot now as D12 in an ESPN report citing sources was said to be planning on asking Orlando to trade him to New Jersey.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Here is what I wrote in the other article. And I now see that Gordan Dragic was added too

    —-Chicagorilla says:
    I just looked up the contracts

    Hornets get:
    Scola has 4yrs $40Mill
    Odom has 2yrs $18Mill
    K-Mart has 2yrs $24Mill

    Lakers get:
    Chris Paul 1yr 16.6Mill 1yr Player option $18Mill

    Rockets get:
    Pau Gasol has 3yrs $57Mill

    They go from owing one guy $16Mill and a possible $34Mill if he comes back the next year. If he gets hurt, then they only lose 1yrs worth of games for $34mill

    If they take this dumba$$ trade then they end up owing
    3 guys a total of $82Million over a for year span. They would be taking the risk of 3 guys getting hurt, underachieving, or getting old.

    And I’m not even going to go in on how stupid as fluck Houston is for sticking their nose in this trade. Gasol and Scola ain’t too much different (playing for a $h!t team without Kobe) except Scola has a much cheaper contract and a lot less wear and tear on his frame. But then to top it off they throw in 20ppg scorer Kevin Martin . Which means they lose two player in order to get one back. Or look at it money wise. The Rockets would be giving up $64 Million between 2 players in order to pay 1 player $57Million. What is the benefit…saving $7Million over the next 4yrs. That’s just dumb and pointless for them to even stick their noses in on the trade. Basically making it easier for a conference foe to become a juggernaut.—

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    And also before anyone asks “well what do you suggest”
    here is my answer from the other article

    —-Chicagorilla says:
    One of the best draft classes since Derrick Rose’s class in 2007 is about to come out. THE LAST THING the Hornets want to do is play themselves out of a top 3 draft picks. If the Hornets are smart, they should be looking to pick up nothing but 1st round draft picks, expiring contracts, and young players still on their rookie contracts.

    Any offer that doesn’t involve that would be stupid and a bad trade for the Hornets.—-

  • control


    Come on man, your suggestion, instead of getting Lamar, Kmart, and Scola (who might beast to top 5 pf this year) is to tank the team and try to win the lotto? Why would you turn down a solid investment in a good group of players to MAYBE get lucky with a rookie who MIGHT develop into something decent in a few years? People have hated on all the teams who have intentionally tanked for lotto picks, it just ain’t a good look.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    This is exactly why the league CAN NOT be involved in any ownership of a franchise. I understand they want to prevent Paul from heading to a major market, especially this soon after a lockout but this was a legit trade. In fact New Orleans made out like bandits in this trade so what are they gonna do next? Will they accept a worse deal if it comes from Indiana, Memphis or another small market team? What if New York or Boston comes up with a legit deal? Do they nix it as well? There’s no way they are getting this much value again. This is gonna get real ugly …

    What were the Lakers thinking btw? You don’t trade big for small, let alone two bigs when Bynum is the only other big on your roster.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    As a competitor I do not condone the tradition of tanking. I was simply looking at it from the Hornets point of view. Looks at the numbers break down. Why would you make that trade.

    #1 – Your team doesn’t get better for the short or the long run

    #2 – You would be trading the best player your franchise has ever had to a conference foe…who coincidently just knocked you out of last years playoffs.

    #3 – a supremely talented draft class is approaching. And New Orleans has had some good picks in recent drafts (Darren Collinson/Marcus Thorton/Brackins), so i assume their front office well make a educated choice (unlike Cleveland did with Kyrie over Derrick Williams).

    The Utah Jazz gave you the blueprint of how to sign-&-trade your star player. They got cheap, young talent and draft picks.

  • Thanatos1521

    I’m wondering why nobody talks about Chris Paul past knee injury. I think it has the potential to transform Paul in a
    Brandon Roy case.
    from a basketball point of view..if this was the only trade for lakers ..it would left them without any interior presence. Bynum knees can not be trusted either. Maybe the Lakers would have tried to take Howard next from Orlando. That would make sense then.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Also, tanking would be sitting out your best player even though he’s not really hurt. Or firing your coach and bringing in someone you know is going to fail.
    To me, I don’t consider it tanking if you put out a team that goes out and competes everyday but just doesn’t have the talent.

    Lets not forget that the Hornets were sold because their former owner was losing money because of the big contracts he was paying while not getting much fan support from the city. And those were seasons in which they made the playoffs.
    Scola, Odom, Dragic, are not going to make them contenders. So why continue to hover around the 40-45 win mark? A few years ago the Orlando Magic was in this situation, and they just sent the players out every day to ball the fluck out. Out of nowhere a guy named Ben Wallace becomes a force. A rookie Corey Maghette showed he had game. A young Ron Mercer and 30yr old Darrell Armstrong were able to show their value to opposing NBA teams who would later pay big money for their services. As a matter of fact…Ben Wallace was used in the sign=n-trade that brought Grant Hill to Orlando (although Grant didn’t pan out).
    IMO, the Hornets have a great opportunity to let their young guys play ball and see if they have a hidden gem.
    I do agree they should trade CP3, but they can’t just take any offer being thrown their way. It’s only December for crying out loud. Teams who can’t get CP3 in the summer (because of their maxed out payrolls) will still be there in February when the deadline is approaching. They are in a Win/Win scenario right now. Because with all this going on, Chris Paul won’t be able to drag that team to the playoffs again like last year.

  • control

    As a Toronto fan, I would have LOVED for Toronto to get 3 guys who can contribute to a team, 1 guy who has a lot of potential and learned how to be a point guard from Nash, AND an unprotected first round draft pick for Bosh…

    Chris Paul is good, no doubt about that, but is he good enough to offset the production of a 20ppg scorer, a triple double threat every night, and a double double every night? No fucking way.

    If a team is looking to free up cap space, letting a top 3 point guard in the nba just walk away isn’t the way to do it. The Clippers used that strategy for years, look how it paid off for them.

    NO would have actually weakened LA with this trade. Sure they get one amazing player, but they are losing a guy who was being said to be more important to the Lakers than Kobe at a few points last season in Pau (before his girl problems fucked his mind up) and one of the most versatile guys in the league in Lamar.

  • pipdaddyy

    I really think NBA teams (and “analysts”) are getting too obsessed trying to go the “save salary to MAYBE make a run at a big free agent 1-2-3 yrs down the line” route. Most teams shoot blanks and don’t get anyone … 4 or 5 teams take most of the talent.

    This trade sounded fine for NO, they get real help for 3-4 years instead of letting Paul go for nothing after the season. How is one great rookie (Drummond, Jones or whomever) and a bunch of role-players (w/o Paul) and no big free agent looking to go to their sorry-ass team better??? Yeah, their salary cap figure will be nice. They will also be among the worst teams in the league.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    What set my “something ain’t right” radar off was the Houston end of the trade.

    Nobody has been able to explain to me why the Rockets would have done this deal. They were gonna give up two very good players (Scola and K-Mart) to get back one maybe-great player (Gasol) who has more mileage on him than both of the very good players. And the Rockets would have made a Western Conference rival stronger in the process.

    I guess Darryl Morey is supposed to be the Theo Epstein of the NBA, so maybe he had some funky math equation explaining how this trade benefited the Rockets, but I can’t see it.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    The Hornets would have gotten the most for a disgruntled superstar in recent memory. A lineup of Jarret Jack, Kevin Martin, Ariza, Scola and Okafor with Odom, Bellinelli, Dragic and whatever they get from maybe sign and trading West or Landry makes for a good team.

    Ideally you get cap space and young talent plus picks but the Jazz were only able to pull it off because they traded Deron Williams out of the blue. Had they shopped him he would have scared potential suitors off by threatening to not sign an extension. New Orleans can’t pull that off anymore. They are in the same situation where Denver was with Melo, the Wolves with KG or the Lakers with Shaq. No team is gonna give them young talent when Chris Paul won’t extend his contract.

    If they want to rebuild instead of getting three very good players in Scola, Odoma and Martin plus picks you might as well move the team to Seattle right now because their pissed off fanbase is not going to to show up for a few years of rebuilding.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @DIME, here’s a ‘Pass the Mic’ for you lol.
    I’m gonna start my Petition to get Rip Hamilton on the Chicago Bulls.

    I haven’t given up on Aaron Afflalo yet, but Rip is my 1b.

    Why do the Bulls need Rip?
    Well as everyone has already pointed out, the Bulls need another scorer to take pressure off Rose. They also need a shooter. And with Thibs coaching, they also need at least a decent defender. Rip does all that.

    But why Rip over guys like Crawford, JR Smith, Caron Butler?
    Rose has the ball in his hands all game. I for one don’t consider that a problem like most do. I do consider it a problem if he has to create every single scoring opportunity for his teammates whenever the plays break down. Which happens often in the playoffs. This is where Rip comes in. Rip is the ultimate shot-creater without having the ball in his hands (with apologies to Ray Allen). It’s been noted over his career how many miles he runs per game while running through the gauntlet of screens.

    How does this help the Bulls/Rose?
    With Rose’s ability to draw the attention of all 5 defenders on the floor, Rip would be allowed to run through screens set by 6’9 260lbs Boozer and 7ft 250lb Noah, with not much defensive attention on him. All Rose would have to do is sit at the top of the arc and hit Hamilton with a pass once he comes off the screens. This also helps the team when Derrick Rose is out of the game.
    The Bulls tried running these plays with Kyle Korver and for the most part it was a no go. He is more a set/spot up shooter. Kyle could never set his feet enough to be consistent with his jumper. This is Rips specialty.

    So defense’s would have to choose their poison. Sag off the reigning MVP and one of the most dangerous players in basketball in order to help the SG chasing Rip through all the screens. Don’t confuse him with Rondo, this would lead to probably another MVP season from Rose. Play Rose tight, and you leave Rip the ability to run your SG stupid tired before he hits you with a 18ft jumper off a curl.

    How does this help the other guys?

    Well anyone who plays basketball on a high level, you already know that the screener is usually the person who gets open first. With the attention being paid to Rose, and Rip being chased, defenders guarding Noah and Boozer will be forced to sag off their man and help. This will leave tons of opportunities for the big guys and Loul Deng for back door lay ups and offensive rebounds.
    One of the best plays the Championship Pistons used to use was having Rip curl off Ben Wallace twice, catch the ball off the 2nd curl and quickly dump it (sometimes an alley oop) to Big Ben as he rolls to the basket for the dunk.

    Can they compete with the Miami Heat by adding Rip?
    If you watched the Bulls vs Heat playoffs last year, you saw just how tired Dwayne Wade was after each game (contrary to popular belief, he was the one actually guarding Rose…not Lebron) he spent checking the MVP. That also hurt Wade on offense as his shooting percentages dropped. Try and put Chalmers or one of the other PGs on Rip and he takes them into the post for turnaround jumpers all game. Add in that Rip is a savvy 6’7 long armed defender and this could be real trouble for Miami. He is also a good 3pt shooter who can spread the floor for Rose just by spotting up also.

    What are the Negatives?
    Rip is 33yrs old. He is under contract with the Pistons for the next 2yrs at $12Mill each. To get him the Bulls would need the Pistons to buy him out. Which they doesn’t seem like it’s in their plans. The other way would be through trade, which I don’t think the old school thinking Dumars would want to trade within his own division to a team that nearly went unbeaten (I believe they lost 1 game to Indiana) in the entire central division last year. And lastly, Rip would need to be the #2 or #3 option on offense. Rip is a great shooter as long as he has his rhythm, which means he needs his share of plays being called for him.

    Rip to the Bulls. I am Chicagorilla and I approve this message.

    I’m tired and too lazy to spell check so i don’t want to hear anyones $hit about it.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I said the same thing. Houston had no business being in this trade.


    You are incorrect my friend. Deron Williams never signed an extension with New Jersey. Thats why they are scrambling to get him signed right now. It’s also the reason why Dallas is trying to steal him away.

    If your Raptors team had those players, in the east, you guys would be a 6th-7th seed in the East for 4years. Nothing more, nothing less. But unlike Toronto, the fans won’t come out to see that in New Orleans. It’s a poor town (and the NBA should probably have already moved that team) and is strictly a football state.
    Cap Space and turning a profit is what’s most important for New Orleans right now.

    If the Lakers can pull in teams like the Bobcats, Raptors, Warriors, Kings, T-Wolves and Suns in order to use their draft picks (likely to be lotto picks) in this trade, then New Orleans should jump all over it. With the talent pool in this upcoming draft, New Orleans should be trying to get 2-4 first round picks. Could change the entire franchise.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ Chicagorilla

    How am I incorrect? Read my post again. Utah got young talent and picks because the shipped Deron out quietly. Had they shopped him in public he would have pulled the ‘I’m not resigning in Jersey’ card and they would not have been able to get Favors, Harris and picks. He would have said I will only sign an extension in NY, Chicago or Dallas and they would have to accept a crappy deal from one of those teams and that’s exactly where Nola is right now. Ideally they ship Chris Paul’s whiny ass to Minnesota for Derrick Williams, Wes Johnson and Rubio, Randolp and picks but no team is gonna offer young talent when he won’t sign there. They can’t get cap space, young talent and picks because the teams Chris Paul would resign with (Knicks, Lakers, Magic, ???) don’t have any of that.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    ” but no team is gonna offer young talent when he won’t sign there. ”

    This^ is what i mean. The New Jersey Nets gave up young talent, and picks in order to get Deron Williams. Deron never agreed to an extension. NJ took a HUGE gamble, but it proves teams are willing to do it. I all the money in my pocket (nothing but lent) that guys like Paul Allen and Mark Cuban would do the same thing. Can you imagine CP3 playing with LMA in Portland or Dirk in Dallas? Those are the owners that come off the top of my head, but i bet there are more that would take that chance because CP3 would make them instant contenders.
    The LA Clippers should be looking to get CP3 also. It’ll be hard because the Hornets may ask for Eric Gordon back which would be kinda dumb of both teams. Gordon is about to sign an extension and the Clippers would have a huge hole at the 2. What the Clippers can offer is draft picks, Mo Williams contract, young talent in Aminu, Warren, Leslie or Thompkins, and perhaps even Chris Kaman (maybe have Emeka fill in the PF spot with DWest gone and have Landry off the bench).

    You see there Don Sterling, I just solved your problem. You’re welcome b!t*ch lol

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    Yeah I guess Cuban and maybe Allen might be as crazy as Prokhorov, can’t think of anyone else risking their future for a one year rental.

    Speaking of b!t*ch … I’m gonna quote Danny Granger’s tweet:

    Due to the sabotaging of the LA/NO trade by david stern, and following in the footsteps of my athlete brethern Metta World Peace and Chad Ochocinco, I’m changing my last name to “Stern’s Bi#&h” #effectiveimmediately


  • That’s What’s Up

    Message to cp3: Just because you whine like a bitch doesn’t mean you’ll get what you want.

    Message to Stern, The HJIC: If you’re really opposed to unfair trades you should have stepped in when the lakers “traded” for Pau Gasol years ago.

    …that is unless you desired the lakers to be successful at that point and were controlling all personal moves so they…..ahh nevermind. that would never happen

  • DNice

    Let the conspiracy theorists all come out the wood work on this one. I just hope the rumor of Billups to the Heat is real. We needed an upgrade at the point. LETS GO HEAT!!

  • Franchise

    @chicagorilla n every1 else saying this deal wasnt legit, my question is; what are u smoking???!!! everyone (including Houston) wud have won from this deal. here’s the lowdown;

    1. LA gets arguably the best point guard in the game, who BTW is jus entering his prime. the risk involved is with the knee issues, but with the potential rewards of a Paul-Kobe backcourt its a risk well worth taking. if this rationale of not taking risks at all is the way to go i suggest u dont even leave ur house in the morning, since theres the risk of being run over by a car or or getting mugged or sumthin. its widely expected he wud re-sign wit LA so the long-term is no longer a factor. and for LA giving up size, Mitch is a very savvy GM (he’s proven it over the years). soon as the Paul deal was done LA was gonna get Dwight. and they wud have. he wouldn’t have gone with this deal with some kind of assurance that they’ll get Dwight. so size is restored and then sum. a new big three is formed thats even better than Miami’s IMO. plus LA is set for the future was the Mamba hangs the sneakers up.

    2. Houston wud be giving up 2 glorified role players for one of the best bigmen in the L, a proven winner (last season playoff flame out notwithstanding). Pau is an upgrade on Scola anyday of the week. also its not like Scola and KMart are young and building blocks for the future(wont bother lookin it up, feel free to do so) and sticking with them wud have just guaranteed continued mediocrity at best. Pau and the cap relief they get from this deal makes more sense to me (plus a shot at Nene becomes viable.)

    3. Hornets being that they were in the worst position to bargain in the first place due to CP holding them hostage with refusal to sign long term with whoever they trade him to, they were never going to get maximum value for him. wht the fluck are they gonna do now?? the combination of players they were getting beats tanking and HOPING to land a franchise player in the upcoming draft IMO. Kwame Brown, Greg Oden, and countless other guys were considered franchise players in the making. we all know how that panned out. whats to say they dont swing and miss in the draft?? on the other hand with Scola-Odom-Kmart least uu know what ur gettin.

    this post is already approaching ‘rilla levels of being wayyy to long so imma fold up here. fluck Stern and the owners, the NBA is gettin really shitty coz of them. seriously considered boycotting this bullshit (and i’ve been a loyal follower for the last decade or so) this is sum bullshit. got me messed up

  • Franchise

    LMFAO @ post 27

  • First & Foremost

    Not gonna lie, I pretty much skipped over most of the above comments.

    Who is the owner of the New Orleans Hornets? Exactly, so shouldn’t that owner have the final say in these types of decisions. Or should a team with no owner just be contracted, and all of the players have to clear waivers?

    CP3 could have a lawsuit. Too young to know the name offhand and too lazy to look it up, but wasn’t there a baseball player that pioneered the framework for sports free agency claiming that franchises treat players as property. However, it should get thrown out because this was a trade. Not like Nola was extending his contract without his permission, forcing him to play for a team he doesn’t want to play for. Besides, the nba lockout backed stern into a corner and since he is the default owner he had no choice.

    From a PR perspective, there is no f-ing way you make this trade. You’d be taking away a star player from a city that suffered a horrific natural disaster, that is still trying to rebuild itself. With no owner, no star power, and they might not even get a good draft pick, no name coach, and I’m 100% positive they were one of the franchises crying broke, you just don’t trade him away. The owners will have to make CP3 the villian and let him choose to walk away from the city that showed him undying love and appreciation through all of their hardships. Kevin Martin, Scola, and 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus wouldn’t be able to put the buzz back in the Hornets.

    On that conspiracy tip… Knowing that CP3 is as good as gone. You already know the Hornets will get the 1st overall pick. You could bet your first born on that.

  • TJ 2

    Oh and the new CBA was ratified! Lockout officially over folks!!! YES!!!!

  • baloogawhales

    So the league appointed someone to independently oversee NOH buisness operations. Dell Demps was informing the NBA of the upcoming trade as it was in the works for months (not weeks) and he was told he had complete authority over executing the trade.

    With that said, how did they league just leap over all that and say no to the trade???

    This isn’t over and we’ll have the answer to this by the end of the day.

  • Banga

    Sheed was right..

    Stern just wants LeBron to win a championship.

    There was no way Miami could beat CP3, Kobe and Bynum/Howard.

  • Robmo35

    This Paul debacle comes down to two things. Cap space, and star power. The NBA is trying to sell this team, and in order to get the best ROI they need to present potential owners with some cap flexibility, and a marketable player that will put asses in the seats.

    Scola, and Odom would not provide that cap flexibility, and honestly no one outside of Houston or f of the Lakers second string are going to show up for this.

    They are better off keeping Paul for the season

  • First & Foremost

    @Robmo35 – Exactly, keep paul for the season. Even if Paul leaves New Orleans as a free agent, I wouldn’t trust his health. Afterall, they do practice voodoo down there.

    What owner would want to come intoa franchise that just traded their star player. The fans would be so disinterested that there would be nothing this new owner can do to win them back. Let CP3 walk away and then vow to rebuild the franchise AND the city, taking both to greater heights (no pun).

    In the long run, the more stars align, the great power the owners have in the next labor discussion.

  • north

    I read reports from Laker country that Pau was crying last night. He had done so much for the Lakers and they were going to cast him into purgatory in Houston. Doesn’t he have one of those trade clauses that allows him to veto trades to places he doesn’t want to go? I’m pretty sure he does.
    That trade yesterday was nothing more that people talking. If I told you that I saw an eskimo ride a unicorn yesterday you wouldn’t believe it. If I got ESPN to report it, you would all start telling your boys it was true. Imagine the little girls faces when they found out it never happened… that’s how Lakers fan feel right now.

  • karmatic

    so, demps was supposed to ask stern WHO he could trade CP3 to, for WHOM, and WHEN, before approaching other teams about trades? come on, bill simmons had it right on Grantland….it was a great deal for the hornets, a good deal for the rockets and the lakers, and covering up with the excuse “for basketball reasons” should lead to stern’s resignation and/or re-instatement of the trade within 24 hours….UNLESS the NBA commissioner is allowed to veto any trade any time for any reason in which case the NBA is Russia, and stern is Putin!

  • First & Foremost

    Apparently the NBA does have the authority to veto trades. You’ve heard it for every major trade that has gone down. So&so will be heading to… for… “once the league approves the trade.” Whatshisface will not suit up for… “pending league approval of the trade.” “The league has a approved the trade of…”

    This just happens to be the time when the league didn’t approve a trade. Why? They just spend 150 days trying to figure out how to stop superstars from controlling where their services will be used. The key hadn’t even been turned all the way to end the lockout.

    The league will let Chris Paul walk via FA and then he has to choose between the teams with enough room below the cap. Either he stays to make the most money or he has to choose to take a paycut & play for a team that will get waxed come playoff time.

  • Ian

    ive been involved in some of those 100 comment articles that midway thru we all forget wtf we were talking about and end up talking about who makes the best pizza or some other bs.


    Blocking this trade isn’t as dumb as it looks.
    when you trade a superstar you want a combo of 3 things, High draft picks, High potential guys and Financial flexibility.
    Getting back Scola (4 years, 9 Mil), K-Mart (2 years, 11 mil), Odom (2 years, 9 Mil) a Backup PG and a non lottery draft pick is none of those things.
    As nice as that haul might have looked initially, you dont trade your best player with the long term goal of becoming an okbutnotverygood team with a high payroll.

    Also, for the Lakers, this team won two rings thanks to the size and versatility given by Gasol and Odom… what they gonna do when Bynum gets injured again? i don’t care who’s in your backcourt, you aint winning a chip with Metta world peace and Luke Walton as your frontcourt. And think of how funny it would be if Pauls cripply knees gave up as well as bynums cripply knees… Kobe’s gonna be out there with Blake, Metta, Luke and Character, they may aswell resign Smush Parker.(oh yeh they arent getting Howard cos even the Magic arent dumb enough to straight swap him for Bynum)

    Houston would actually have come out best from this trade, getting an All NBA big man, cutting a few mil from payroll to sign Nene, Freeing up minutes for their other 2 young PG’s and getting rid of Kevin, i can score but nothing else, Martin.

    Anyway it’s good to be back, that was one LOOONG offseason.

  • Ian

    i think that was curt flood and he never played baseball again after that.

  • Ian

    thats why i want the trade to go thru the lakers get worse if they do this. after injuries to paul and bynum it will be kobe and clowns again like in 06

  • Big Island

    I have asked for a legal separation from the NBA. I hope it works out for us, but right now I just need my space. The whole thing is just garbage.


    Pretty quick read, and sad. I remember hearing it last night and just shaking my head. I actually think the Lakers are better off without CP, but it was cool to think about it. Every team made out, with NO coming out the best. A whole team for one player? Sure.

    And Dan Gilbert will never get a free agent ever again. Not one player will want to go there. If they get drafted there, they will serve their time and go on. No FA will sign there unless they are WAY overpaid, and even then they probably won’t sign.

  • First & Foremost

    @Big Island – You tellin me that if Drew Gooden got Amare money he wouldn’t resign with Cleveland?

    Dime should run that 1 on 1 tournament back. All in 1 day. 2 hours worth of voting… next. Then people can decide if Dirk would beat Manu, Kobe, Wade in the span of a single day tournament.


    @ Ian, thats cold, can you imagine 33 year old Kobe trying to carry a bunch of scrubs worse than the 06 team through this 66 games in 60 days (i think thats it) season?? you could have run bets on how many broken bones he finished with, plus he would have shattered the record for most shots taken per game.

  • Ian

    i wouldnt mind seeing that but i think he doesnt finish the season. kobe would shoot someone by game 48

  • beiber newz

    u think stern just wanted lebron (the face of the league) to get a ring for image purposes?


    Ian, you know kobe would still take 20 shots a game even in handcuffs…. Who does he shoot tho, if he makes it to 48 games then Metta World Peace would be the obvious and ironic choice, but it would probably be Andrew Bynum on the 6th game of the seasons, the same day he crashes into CP and takes both of them out for the year.

  • Dana Walker

    Wow the NBA got a lot better, (no fan of the trade here, it would have destroyed the Laker frontline) but its pretty awesome they can just say NO DEAL Ahnuld style to anyone going where they dont want them or superstars teaming up. Hmmm…yeah thats not happened twice in the last year. The NBA has become more of a joke and honestly, they are going to continue to drop in revenue because I think the general consensus outside the major NBA cities is that, the NBA sucks. Everyone considers it fixed, or fake, or something along those lines. The whole Miami thing and the way Lebron is treated by the refs is indicative of this (Maybe not last year but the crab dribble bullshit he pulled against Washington in the playoffs a few years pretty much bloomed my hate for him in one game) Like I said, didnt like the trade but who the fuck are the owners to whine and bitch, especially that fucking bitch of an owner Dan Gilbert. Dude, no one is going to your team, no one wants to play for the Cavs, be lucky you have Baron Davis not sitting out, even I wouldnt blame him if he said fuck this and rode the pine. Its become worse playing for the Cavs now than it is for the Clippers.

  • Dana Walker

    Big Island, I totally agree with you, why would any man, let anyone sports player want to play for a fucking whiner like Gilbert. That guy needs to shut the fuck up and do his job, pay his shitty players and continue “going for that championship”… Someone stop letting him write emails and public letters, I hate Lebron and I will say, Lebron has more class and handled that situation better than Gilbert. Saying Cle will win a championship before the Heat do is like making Bynum’s family watch him play and pray to God he doesn’t just spontaneously combust on the court when someone else steps near him, just cruel. Bynum has the best job in the world, make millions, do barely half the work, and when shit goes wrong, no one blames you cause you have Bryant, Gasol, and Odom in line first to be blamed.
    and still want your pasty body all snuggied up to me. I want you.

  • Ian

    thats true and yeah i can see the bynum thing happening.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    ..is printing “Free Chris Paul” t-shirts, be ready in an hour.


    @dana, The league owns the team, so they can do as they like with them. and seen as the league is still apparently struggling financially, it makes no sence for them to take on so much extra salary with the only outcome being that they will be a borderline playoff team with zero flexibility for the next few years. The deal sucked for the hornets, it crippled them financially and stops them going into the money saver rebuild mode that they need to after trading paul.

  • Dana Walker

    LMNOP, yeah I didnt like the deal to begin with but what I dont like is all the other owners bitching their heads off about this (I dont know the whole ratified CBA agreement so maybe they have a right to do that now, if so, I hate that idea). It should have dealt with the Hornets and Lakers only and if Hornets reject it, then they do, they have the right to. To cave to other owners demands just cuz those owners have shitty teams isn’t right. Hornets were getting some respectable pieces in return, they wont get a deal as good as this again and now risk losing Paul to free agency, but I guess thats fine as long as the team isn’t as good as LA or anything. If reports that Cuban bitched then I hate him even more (considering that he just won the championship and is letting key pieces of it just go) and the whole Gilbert thing is ridiculous. Actually makes me like Lebron a little bit and I hate Mr. Crab Dribble.

  • Dana Walker

    Trust me, I dont like the fact this will affect Odom and Gasol’s mentality but having them is better than giving them both up for Paul. Then all you have on your frontine is the Human Handicap Bynum. You literally have no front line so unless Paul and Kobe plan on playing superb defense and each scoring 25 pts+, you wont be winning much. Unless they were looking long term, this trade would not have been good for LA for a couple years until they were able to get more pieces that fit around Kobe and Paul. This trade being nixed is good for sure

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Dime writers: “Chris Paul can’t play for a huge market, therefore he is angry. Therefore, we are angry!”

    Cmon. I don’t think this was a bad trade, but I believe all trades must be approved by the owners, anyway. Dan Gilbert’s letter explained it pretty well, in any event.

    Why, exactly, is CP3 good for the league? Him NOT going there is ok.

  • Skeeter McGee

    Y’all talk like CP3 is some slouch. Yeah he was injured. Yeah your trading big for small. He’s also the only player in the history if the NBA to average 18 pts 9 assists and 2 steals for his career. Dude is a difference maker.

  • Skeeter McGee


  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    People seem to be forgetting that CP3 was not a free agent. He wasn’t blocked from exercising his right to choose his next employer. This is nowhere near Curt Flood or any of the ridiculous comparisons I’m here.

    Paul’s current team was blocked from making a trade involving CP3 that the NBA — who owns his current team — didn’t think was a viable trade.

    Anybody on here should know I’m the #1 guy in favor of players controlling their own professional destiny, but this isn’t that case. LeBron, Bosh and Wade were FREE AGENTS when they decided they would form a super team. When Dwight signs with L.A. or New Jersey or whoever in 2012, he’ll be a FREE AGENT. Chris Paul is still under a contract.

    So knock off all this “Free Chris Paul” shit. He’s gonna be free at the end of the season. Nobody is preventing him from playing basketball or preventing him from exercising his rights. The owner of his team simply vetoed a trade that didn’t work for them. Happens ALL THE TIME around the league.

  • Big Island

    F&F – If Gooden got Amare money, that would fall into the WAY overpaid section that I mentioned. Nobody is going there for market value.

    AB – You are right, but it still smells fishy. When the NBA took over the Hornets, they said they would still let the GM run it. And they didn’t.

  • LakeShow84

    Im glad we didnt drop our frontline for that dirty lil f$%ker lol

    One Bynum knee tweak and we would be Warriors lol

    No one really benefitted from that trade IMHO..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Big Island — But just because the NBA (a.k.a. Demps’ bosses) said Demps can make moves doesn’t mean they have to approve every one. Demps is still just like every other GM in the league, with the power to make moves PENDING APPROVAL. He just happens to have owners who are going to be VERY tough to please.

    Granted, I do think that most (if not all) of the 25 or so owners who protested the CP3 trade were just mad that another superstar had gone to a “super-team” and were using their newfound power (over the Hornets) to squash it. I doubt all of them were thinking of this from the “It’s going to be harder to sell the Hornets without CP3″ angle, but that is ultimately where I think this blockage was OK.

  • LakeShow84

    And Chandler to the Knicks???? NYK bout to be in Finals if Douglas can be consistent..

  • Ian

    ny in the finals??? yeah right

    btw how u been?

  • First & Foremost

    My last comment on the CP3 trade that didn’t happen…

    Think about this situation from a potential owners perspective. Who just up and buys a mediocre team? A team that the league won’t allow you to relocate. Had this trade gone down, the would be owner would be pinned against the cap with a team that wouldn’t sink or rise. Salaries are a big issue here, David West decided to test free agency being 30+ and coming off a knee surgery because NOLA didn’t have enough money to keep him. But people look at the 3 solid pieces they get back as being better.

    The NBA needs to sell the team but no one wants a team at the current value, whatever it may be, because they know the price depends on CP3. If he stays long-term you can market a star and attempt to succeed where others have failed. If he leaves, the price drops and then you get a relatively blank canvas: cap room, horrible team to stay in the lottery, some tradable assets, and you go into a full rebuilding mode. So the only option now for the NBA & the hornets is to let CP3 decide where he wants to play, that doesn’t require him being traded there.

    Recap: The NBA needs to sell this team. It is easier to pawn off a team with a superstar or without a superstar than it is to sell a team with a bunch of middle of the pack players. If the NBA had not owned the team the trade would have went through. Someone would have asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?” If the answer was yes, the NBA would have said, “good luck with that.”

  • Big Island

    Austin – I understand either argument for why the owners blocked it. They don’t want a star to go to a big team. They won’t be able to sell the Hornets without a star. Fine. CP is gone. Whether he has to play this season there is what it is. Then he leaves for nothing, and he seems like he wouldn’t care about the money and just take less to ensure that NO gets nothing in return for him. If I tried to sell you a car that was crap, but it had nice rims, would you pay full price knowing that the rims are gone in a year? Or would you rather buy a solid car and take it home? NO had a chance to be a solid squad. This was the one opportunity for the owners to stop a guy from going and they did. Stern can try to spin it however he wants, but it just doesn’t hold up. It met every requirement that a trade has to meet, but they vetoed it. It screwed LA, NO, Houston, and even NY because now that they signed Chandler, they are out of the CP running for next season. It’s just too much of a coincidence that they vetoed THIS trade. They drove down the price of the team while saying they have to hold the value of it.

    There is a difference between nudity and pornography. I can’t explain it, but I know it when I see it.