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The NBA Preseason Tips Off; Stephen Jackson Not Happy In Milwaukee?

Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson

Didn’t we kinda sorta predict this? Stephen Jackson hasn’t been practicing up in Milwaukee because of some back spasms, but some are saying he’s been sitting out for entirely different reasons. Reportedly, Jackson isn’t happy with his contract, one that will pay him over $9 million this season and $10 million next season. He wanted an extension in Charlotte – as a 33-year-old, you know the guaranteed years are weighing heavily on him – and the Bobcats decided to ship him out instead of offering one. Jackson hasn’t said a word about it during training camp. Really, the only thing he’s said revolved around a championship, telling reporters if you’re aren’t there expecting to win a title, then get out. But when he was first brought in in June, he said a contract extension was “mandatory.” The ending to this story doesn’t seem promising at all … The Bulls have waived Keith Bogans after he started for them all of last season. Good move or bad one? … Meanwhile, the Knicks are interested in adding Travis Outlaw after he was amnestied by New Jersey. We love to get on the Nets for that deal. But Outlaw for $2.5 million next season – what New York will offer – could turn out to be a steal for a wing player off the bench … You may not know the name, but everyone in the business knows Walter Iooss Jr. He’s one of the most well-known and accomplished photographers ever, and in a new piece he wrote for Sports Illustrated, Iooss Jr. detailed some of the crazier athlete stories he’s ever had. Apparently, he’s not a huge LeBron James fan. Iooss Jr. writes that he’s never been involved with an entourage quite like a LeBron entourage, and that the LeBron of 2003 was completely different than the LeBron of 2010 (the last time he shot him). At a photoshoot, he says “When LeBron arrived, it was as if Nelson Mandela had come in. Six or seven blacked-out Escalades pulled up, a convoy. LeBron had bodyguards and his masseuse. His deejay was already there, blasting. This for a photo shoot that was going to last an hour, tops.” Then the real catch: Iooss Jr. wasn’t even allowed to talk to James directly. There was a middle man who would relay things the photographer said to his subject. Iooss Jr. says nothing he ever did with Michael Jordan even came close to this. Now, this was immediately after “The Decision” so we can understand certain aspects of this. But… wow … To quote Snoop, life’s so hard out here when you living like a … Rocket? Yeah if anyone has reason to be pissed off at the world as the preseason begins, it’s Houston – the team the TNT guys we’re making of to us by saying they’re only the fourth best team in Texas (Kenny Smith: “Baylor’s pretty good…”). They realistically should have a frontline of Pau Gasol and Nene right now. Instead, they’ve aimed their focus onto Samuel Dalembert. That’s a steep drop, and it comes with a price. Dalembert will probably get around $8 million a year, and for his production – which doesn’t really come close to the other top free agent centers – the Rockets should definitely feel like they got left outside of the party … Amar’e Stoudemire on the possibility of the Knicks adding Baron Davis: “This guy’s out for eight to 10 weeks, he’s not our concern at all,” Well okay then STAT. We’re sure Davis is going to love hearing that. In all seriousness, New York better upgrade that backcourt or else Mike D’Antoni won’t have a clue what to do … Most guys get real depressed or feel betrayed when they get traded. Chris Kaman? He had no problem with being dealt from L.A. for Chris Paul. In fact, he said he agreed with it; He would’ve traded himself for CP. We think Kaman is just hyped to get to New Orleans. Seems like he’ll fit in pretty well down there … Keep reading to hear about Kobe Bryant’s divorce and the start of the NBA preseason …

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  • control

    Did I just see something about Cleveland MAYBE winning a championship, like, even as a joke? They might have one of the worst groups of talent ever assembled in the nba right now…I think they have put Jamison on suicide watch already.

    More I think about it, the more I just can’t get my head around the fact that the Clippers have a lot of potential. Something bad is going to happen, it just ain’t right. Blake is going to murder someone in a dunk and get put in jail, or CP is going to have a Livingston type of knee injury or something. Sterling just doesn’t deserve this team, he’s built up so much bad karma that these players are fucked. It kills me to say it, but it is what it is…when it happens remember this, and don’t kill the messenger.

    Is it just me, or wasn’t Kobe one of the first modern superstars to use trade demands, or the threat of a trade demand, to get his own way? I thought he did that to get Shaq out of town, then again when the Lakers completely sucked and Kobe couldn’t lead them to the playoffs by himself…? What is it that “fans” of the Lakers say about Kobe when comparing to LeBron? Something about him bleeding gold and purple and never giving up on his squad, etc? Someone remind me?

  • control

    Also, why would Stephan Jackson be worth a contract for more than 9million a year? I think the last time he was an All Star was back in highschool, wasn’t it? The guy kinda plays like a bonehead, and will shoot your team out of the game more than he shoots the team into the game, his worth is really about 4-5 mil a year. Shit, I’d take current day Grant Hill or Vince Carter 10x before his insane ass.

  • Me


    I think everyone is thinking what you wrote in the 2nd paragraph. I didn’t wanna say it, but yeah I’m wondering when one of Blake’s acrobatic moves ends with him next to Greg Oden in Vail Colorado for some surgery. Something’s bound to happen.

    And good thing CP3 didn’t go to NY. A “Big 3″ with a grand total of 2 good knees?

  • beiber newz

    does anyone remember the time i was the only one here sticking up for jordan crawford? and people here were coming at my head concluding i was dumb? saying he was getting burn with people on his team hurt?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    The reason i don’t think anything will happen to Blake is because I feel like the first knee injury really wasn’t that serious. I believe the Clippers held him out all season just to be cautious. He probably could’ve played half the season, but they wanted to make sure he had a shot at winning ROTY. Plus I’m sure they wanted the possibly of drafting John Wall (which didn’t work out since they won too many games). There is no way he has a serious knee injury (stress fracture or something) then comes out and plays 38Mpg for 82 games, plus Rookie game, plus Dunk contest, plus all-star game!

    Through the years the Clippers have sucked because they haven’t had any stars. Blake is already the best Clipper ever. And as soon as CP3 plays his first game, he’ll be the 2nd best Clipper ever.

    Who the fluck wrote your smack?
    Yeah john wall had a sick dunk on Brackins, but he also looked terrible out there. Evan Turner actuall outplayed him pretty badly. while Wall might be having a better career than Turner, Turner got the best of him last night and Philly won by 20+ pts. that was a very misleading line.
    Also when the fluck has Kobe EVER said he takes advice from Jordan? That has never happened. EVER.

    Kyrie Irving looked good last night? 4/14FG looks good to you?

    Seems like you guys just stat checked and watched NBAtv highlights.

  • catdaddywhack

    Fuck. Aren’t you just sick and tired of the damn Knicks being interested in everything from piss to shit?

    Still looks like Isiah is running that team. Picking up Billups’ option then amnestying him and wasting millions (again) is a classic Isiah management move…

  • control


    NY is the most over hyped place in the world. In the mind of every NYer, EVERYONE wants to suck on some NY cock. Shit, even the idiot fans of that pathetic franchise whine when another team or person who dislikes their team is mentioned in any media format. According to NY fans, the first choice destination for every single free agent in the nba and overseas is the knicks. Fuck the knicks. Fuck boston too, while I’m giving shout outs.


    I wasn’t thinking Blake was going to get hurt, the guy has done the best rehab I’ve ever seen. Fucks up knee, and comes back stronger, faster and in better shape…whoever fixed him up did one hell of a job. I’m thinking Blake will actually murder another player during the game with a dunk, literally, which will result in his incarceration…

    I’m pretty sure CP is going to be getting hurt though.


    I’m glad CP didn’t go to NY, mostly because NY fucking sucks.

  • Trey Bing Bay

    Did i miss something? I thought Mayo went to the Pacers or was that one of those deals that was confirmed but then cancelled?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    1st LMFAO @ your random hate at Rondo and/or Boston in every post.

    2nd- I agree that Blake came back even better. Thats why i don’t believe he was really hurt that bad.
    I don’t see CP exerting enough energy to get hurt. The only time he’ll use any energy is on defense and with DeAndre behind him clocking everything, i expect him to have it easy as hell on that end too.

    The Clippers only real problem will be their coach. Vinny Del has no idea what he’s doing. He also didn’t manage Blakes minutes very well last season. That could catch up to him this year.

  • control


    F&F was right yesterday’s smack, he was talking some shit about hating on other teams is necessary to be a fan or something. I think it was him anyways, and he was saying something generally related to wtf I’m talking about. I think this season, since the Raptors probably aren’t going to do much to cheer at, I’ll just focus on hating on NY, boston and Stern/refs.

    Even if CP remains healthy, something bad is going to happen. Maybe team plane crashes or something, who knows. Unless Sterling is removed via death or selling team, the team’s curse just ain’t going to let them succeed…

    Sad thing about Vinny D, he’s not even the worst coach in LA right now. Bike Mrown might be one of the worst coaches I’ve seen, he’d be a decent defensive coordinator or something, but he sucks balls as a head coach. I could see Kobe giving him the Spreewell treatment in less than 3 months. Either that or Kobe will love him because his offense will probably be out of the Fresh Prince playbook. Lakers are just looking like they might be a horrible mess this year, which is kinda cool.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    you might be right about Kobe/Mike Brown.

    I like Mike Brown a.k.a. Smart Brotha, but damn that dude is not a good coach at all. I still have no idea how he got that job. Maybe the Lakers front office should just pay Jerry West to come back. that’s the only way ish will get done.

    Then again… didn’t Jerry West orchestrate the hiring of Mark Jackson…or was that Chris Mullin?

  • trollne1

    Imagine how good the Clippers would be if they had a decent coach. Maybe they could coax Jerry Sloan out of retirement.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Cavs/Wiz pre-season always brings out the crowds.

    I saw more vendors and mistresses than I did actual fans.

    …and who’s that big, slow-looking guy named Samuels for the Wiz? Never heard of him but he was actually getting after it.

    Austin Daye, aka Tayshaun Part II, looks promising

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    You mean Cavs vs Pistons right?

    Samardo Samuels is played at Louisville and was a top HS prospect. I can’t remember what happened to him in college, but dude feel off big time.

    Austin Daye is good but the more he stays on the wing shooting 3s the more useless he becomes at 6’11. I know he’s skinny but he should at least be able to post up shorter guys and hit turnaround J’s over them. At the very least.

    If Jerry Sloan came to coach a combo of CP and Blake, all hell would break loose in LA. They would wreck the entire NBA.

  • beiber newz

    i’m just waiting for the day when jordan crawford is a mature player so i can say HA!!!! u dummies couldn’t see the talent. and i was the only one. he’ll be like the tebow to my skip bayless. i’m anticipating a lot of guys jump on his bandwagon.

    defending him that day when he claimed to be the next michael jordan was tough, but i defended what he could do as a player and no one here supported me. but the game announcer does see his skill just because crawford said something so ridiculous people here shitted on him ignoring what he COULD do, i didn’t. and now when he becomes a respected player, y’all here will be like I ALWAYS KNEW HE WAS GOOD. yea right.

  • catdaddywhack

    LOL. Gotta love it when haters unite and take over…

  • Sickness

    Sorry S-Jack. You are a locker room cancer. Every situation degenerates into you being a disgruntled bitch. Perhaps if your game was nicer, teams would give you what you are seeking. Play in a way that demands respect, and demands that you are part of a team for life….looks like you missed your chance, thug. Not a fan.

  • Big Island

    I’m gonna go Stephen A, to Beib’s Skip. Jordan is garbage.

    John Wall, Kyrie Irving and Brandon Jennings can do no wrong here at Dime. You guys should know that by now.

    Jeff Green is out for the season with heart surgery or something. That sucks. I’m with control, fuck Boston, but I don’t want to see anyone have that stuff. And NY swears they are the greatest city in the history of cities. I want to go just about anywhere before I want to go to NY. My dad was born and raised there and he ran away from home at 16 just to not be in NY anymore. I went once when I was a kid and wanted to punch the whole city.

    Last night my gf brought home a bunny from work. Just to watch for a couple of weeks, but still. So I have a bunny at my house now, I am allergic to it, and my dog wants to eat it. My back is jacked up and my balls don’t work. My gf is off for 2 weeks, her parents are coming for a week, and her mom just broke her wrist. I can’t golf (back) to get away from it, and I can’t drink (balls) to deal with it. If my posts here seem less rational than usual, you’ll have to forgive me.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Thanks for sticking with the league through the lockout, as a reward enjoy some Cavs/Piston. Ugh. Looks like the fans were staging some sort of lockout for that one.

    The only things uglier than those new Washington uniforms are cleveland’s with their horrible color scheme. It feels like Cleveland is punishing you for trying to watch Cavs’ games.

    I know its the weekend but smack was a mess today. Im pretty sure it is New York that Dime would love to get on for picking up Outlaw if it wasnt such a great deal.

    The story i found interesting in that Sports Illustrated piece was about Jordan. According to Iooss Jr., one time he and Jordan were in the training room when Bill Wennington, Luc Longley, and Joe Kleine walked in. Jordan looked right at them and said “you know what I have to play with? 21 feet of shit.” That is straight ruthless and probably even more ruthless than Kobe and his “ship his ass out of here.” I cant imagine a player calling his teammates crap like that today without any repercussions. Im just surprised Jordan didnt take some time out of his HOF speech o talk shit about those guys.

  • beiber newz

    and looks like rodney stuckey got more than the 5 million you guys here commenting on dime were saying he is worth. i said he could command some decent money.

  • Ian



    lebron is a fucking clown.

    btw i loved capn jack when he was a spur

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Daaaamn, control, you took a few months off and came back HEATED lol

  • Skeeter McGee

    Surprised nobody commented on the douchery of LeBron. If I were that photographer, I woulda told the middle man to tell Bron to go f*** himself.

  • That’s What’s Up

    yeah pistons – not sure why I was stuck on the Wizards.
    Samuels looked like that old guy that only gets a run when a team ‘needs one’, but he was putting forth the effort last night.

    I’m watching Nets/Knicks now and I hereby nominate Deron Williams hair for “Comeback Player of the Year”.

    Looks like that Turkish Rogaine is the shit!

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    LMFAO@Big Is

    @Atom, take a look at MJs teammates during his championship runs. Look at their all-star appearances and where they were drafted. Then take a look at Kobes teammates during his career. If any champ had a reason to criticize his teammates it was MJ. Besides that, MJ didn’t openly sh!t on his teammates in public. The worst thing MJ did in public was during a game when he gave Bill Cartwright the “are you f^cking kidding me” look.

    But why compare Kobe to MJ anyway? They aren’t even close when it comes to legacies.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Marshon Brooks looking like a Baller for NJ.

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    If ugliness was worth money, Stephan Jackson would be a max contract player. Until then, he needs to chill with the demands.

  • Ian

    chicago i agree that kobe prob has had the best teammates since magic but disagree on jordans teammates he had a top 5 player of the 90s in pippen , he had the best rebounder , he had the best sixth man , he had the best three point shooter , he had the best coach.
    he had a great super team thats just me. still not as great as kobes teams but he had a solid squad.

    this is just me

  • beiber newz

    control going thru that time of month. everything pisses him off, even my name. she/he’s always going to be heated. that ho

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Of course he had a well put together team. but how great were those players a year or two after they left MJ and the Bulls?

    Pippen never made another ASG. Was signed by Houston, and immediately traded after one year.

    Rodman – bounced from LA to Dallas to the CBA and was never heard from or respected again.

    Kukoc – Never made an all-NBA or All-star team. his career went completely down hill after the Bulls.

    Longley, Wennington, Caffey, Harper, Steve Kerr, Randy Brown…
    basically anyone you name all sucked balls after they left chicago. That has to say something about Mike.

    even as far back as the first 3 chips
    BJ Armstrong….garbage

    Will Perdue….garbage

    Horace Grant…left in his prime. Played one decent season in Orlando then sucked balls after that.

    Jud Buschler…garbage

    Bobby Hansen….garbage

    The only person who prospered was Phil Jackson when he lucked up with Shaq and Kobe.
    You might try to throw Steve Kerr in there because he hit a game winner for your Spurs, but I’ll point out that he sucked a$$ all season until he hit that shot.

  • Sickness

    ‘Bron can suck balls. Fevered fuckin’ ego. I’m happy the photog relayed that tale. So now he can’t be SPOKEN to? Six inches shorter and that joker is on a corner in Akron……

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Watching the Knicks vs Nets:

    Brook Lopez is actually rebounding like he cares. Funny what being mentioned as trade bait combined with contract year could do for a player.

    Marshon Brooks looks like a 20ppg scorer. Seriously, this kid can shoot and score. might be the sleeper pick for ROTY.

    Iman Shumpert layed the ball up on a fast break. Note to Iman: YOU GOT TO DUNK THAT $H!T!!!!!

    Jameson Curry sighting. Damn shame what happened to his career after a cop committed what seemed like entrapment against him high school. Hope dude sticks with the Nets.

    Also, Kerry kittles sighting. dude still looks the same lol

  • beiber newz

    and the lakers continue to make OFFENSIVE moves. i told u guys to keep track of the guys mitch kupchak signs, and now he gets another offensive minded player in troy murphy. interesting. i know my team. u guys don’t

  • Big Island

    Beib – I like you, but I am concerned. I am starting to worry about you a little bit. Troy Murphy, 32 years old, never made it through a whole season one time, and he’s your offensive player. I am assuming you meant offensive like he can score, not offensive like he is insulting or smelly. I like Murphy, but he isn’t adding a thing. Kobe is going to go Gwen Stefani BANANAS this season, but the Lakers are suddenly pretty bad dude. It’s ok. You’ll be OK.

  • beiber newz

    i didn’t say he was going to add anything. i simply stated the type of player he is.

  • control


    Good catch, LeBron is douching it out like he’s a fucking celtic or knick. All I’ve heard about him lately is how he’s got 50 people around him at all times, how he won’t even look at someone who isn’t part of his crew. Apparently he has three people holding his dick when he pisses.


    You are a tard. You contradicted yourself in a single paragraph. Which is it? Is it my time of month right now, or am I always heated? Like, am I slightly more heated right now for some reason or something? Is there a gauge or some way I we can measure this heat?

    I hate quite a bit, but I’m good at it, a fucking artist, you aren’t good at anything except jumping onto the next bandwagon and writing 50 methed out posts that don’t really clearly articulate a message you are trying to communicate. I don’t know if English is your first language or if you just take a massive amount of drugs or something, but I really feel sorry for whichever education system failed you.

  • beiber newz

    i was just cosigning post number 22.
    u didn’t help your case by coming here flapping your lips like a little bitch. you’re so fucking sensitive. is your tampon itchy?

  • control


    I don’t need to help my case for anything. I don’t really care if someone likes or dislikes what I post, if they don’t like it (which most boston and ny fans probably don’t like what I post) then they can go fuck themselves.

    Why do you see the need to pander and seek the approval of random internet people who you don’t know? I understand your intelligence is kind of low, and that might make you kind of sensitive and needing of acceptance, but you’d probably feel better if you manned up and just said “fuck it” to the world. Most of your social interaction in your life is probably on this site, and maybe a few other stupid sites you bless with your wonderful lack of personality, but come on man, don’t be so touchy. Also, you should really change your name, though I’m sure a teenage chick’s “heartthrob” is probably a good representation for you.

  • beiber newz

    good attempt at being funny. but it lacked something….what was it…umm hmmm. O YEA i know…humor.

  • Big Island

    Beib and control need to fight to settle everything. I don’t condone violence, and the biggest fag ever invented is the internet thug, but this is getting ugly. I have my own problems, a bunny in my house, so I can’t worry about you two that much, but it’s been going on a few days now.

  • control

    Biggy I (aka, Hugh Hefner while you got bunnies in the mansion)

    Thanks for the worry buddy. Beibs and I aren’t fighting, it’s more like a bully (me) messing around with a mentally handicapped idiot (beebs).

    If you want, I’ll kill that fucking rabbit for you. One of my side businesses is a pet assassin. I usually get hired by people who can’t stand their neighbor’s pets, but occasionally by boyfriends who can’t stand the most recent annoying pickup their girlfriend made. It’s pretty easy, give me cash, leave door for your place unlocked and take your girl out, I’ll come in, rape your rabbit then kill it…will look like natural causes. You might get a mourning fuck out of the deal too, so bonus (if your girl is good looking).

  • Atom

    You guys got me all wrong. I wasn’t defending chicago’s center situation during Jordan’s run, I was just pointing out how ruthless it is to call your teammates shit to their faces. It’s like last year with the bulls, everyone was talking about how happy they were with bogans at the 2. While in reality everyone knew he was shit and couldn’t wait to upgrade (as evidenced by them just waiving him this season). Everything now is about not bruising egos and players get coddled until they go elsewhere and then maybe you hear a comment like “we just needed to get more defensive minded.” it’s never “we tried to trade pau because he played like a bitch in the playoffs.”

  • Atom


    I wasn’t comparing mj to Kobe as players, just as examples of ruthless shit talkers. The only way Kobe is coming close to mj’s legacy is if the lakers are able to steal superman and win a couple of more chips, but even then people will claim its not as impressive as what mj did because he had no dominant inside presence.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Cool I get what you were saying now. And you’re right, these players today are forced to be Politically correct all the time. Part of it is actually Jordans fault. He used his good guy image to market himself, so now NBA fans of this generation expect all their players to be sorta like that.

    What’s actually interesting to me is, Derrick Rose doesn’t seem to give two $h!ts about anyone who’s not on his team. Even when guys like Ben Gordon and Kirk Hinrich get traded, Rose never speaks of them again in any way. It’s just an observation. I don’t see many guys like that. Like i said when he was a rookie, DRose is the Tim duncan of PGs.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    “I don’t know if English is your first language or if you just take a massive amount of drugs or something, but I really feel sorry for whichever education system failed you.”- Control

    this may be the coldest $h!t you ever wrote son! hahahahahhd;ahfiohf shit had me over hear choking.

    @Big Is
    Man my daughter asked me for a bunny the other day. I told her we would have to sacrifice one of her dogs (Chihuahua’s) and she actually paused. She really considered it. It made me nervous. I think she is crazy. So my advice to you, don’t come between your lady and the Bunny. You might get Lorena Bobbit’ed

  • beiber newz

    haha chicagorilla was choking on control’s nuts. i mean joke.

  • Ian

    damn chicago all those guys were old when they left

  • Big Island

    Chi – She is bunny sitting for the kid she nannies. It’s bullcrap. I let my dog in to look at it and he was whining and trying to lick it. I have a 70+ pound friggin pitbull and he is scared of a goddamn rabbit. It’s awful. She said I can just put it in the garage, but I have a heart. I can’t do it. So the bunny is in the guest bedroom. My balls were taken from me looong ago.

    control – It’s a single bunny so I can’t be Hef, but thanks. Also, that was a bad example. If I saw a bully picking on a handicapped kid I would break his neck. I know Beib isn’t a cripple, but I get what you are saying. You think he came into a battle of wits unarmed. I love Beib, and I see what he is trying to do, but you are pretty ruthless and you won over the crowd so I can see why you are the people’s champ. Good job sir. *tips hat*

  • beiber newz

    big island is always the voice of reason. u must have a good heart in person.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    ^^^that was probably the gayest $h!t i’ve ever read on here.

    Ho-Grant, BJ Armstrong, and kukoc were still 30 and under.
    so not all of them were old.
    But if they are all old (I’m assuming you were focusing on Pip, Rodman, Harper) then what does that say about MJ? That means he was winning back-to-back-to-back chips with cats that were past their primes. He basically forced them to play at a higher level.

    Look I’m not saying MJs teammates didn’t serve a purpose. They were all smart, knew their role, and played very well off Jordan (especially Rodman, Pip, Harper). I honestly think the Bulls 72win team would get beat in a 7 game series by the Celtics and Lakers of the 80’s. The only issue I’d have would be betting against Jordan lol. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea. But talent wise those teams from the 80’s a much better top to bottom while also being just as smart and savvy.

  • beiber newz

    big island brushes most things off.
    he is the first to critique himself .
    usually analyzes situations in a way to sort of downplay/resolve it.

    just stuff i noticed. figured he must be a good person in real life.

    if some1 gets deemed ‘gay’ for that, um, i dunno what world we living in.

  • beiber newz

    sorry for gay’ifying your DIME experience.

    shallow, immature muthasukka

  • control


    Are you apologizing again you pussy? You seem to be apologizing for being a shallow, immature muthasukka, I’m not quite sure what you are saying because your ability to communicate using more than grunts and gestures seems to be vastly flawed.

    Big Island IS a good man, he has the heart of a lion, the cunning of a fox and the wisdom of an owl. I am very sure he said he is living with a woman though, which indicates he probably wouldn’t not be interested in your advances. He’s too kind of a man to say it outright, but I sure as fuck am not that nice, so I’m saying it for him, fuck off his jock.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    you’re such a sensitive idiot. You do realize that, in Post #46, you suggested that I (a male) was choking on Controls (another Male) nuts. Which in term would mean i’m gay.
    Did I get all b!tch made about it? No. I laughed and fired shots right back.

    If you can’t take it, then don’t say $h!t. just STFU and keep it moving homey.

    You been around these boards long enough to know we all take shots at eachother. No one gets nearly as worked up as you though. Take the Dildo out your a$$ and relax lmao

  • Jade

    Well, good to see everyone back at each other’s throats !!!
    Biggy I’s comments were hilarious, and Beebz got a couple of good shots on Control!

    Main Question: Is someone setting up a fantasy league for dime-related people only???

  • beiber newz

    did i say i culdnt take it?

  • beiber newz

    and chicagorilla, don’t tell me how to handle a situation. u should just close your mouth when it comes to that boy. you are in no place to try and be telling me what to do sir. also, i’m not the type of person to come here and read that bullshit. don’t do it again.

  • JH

    Last chance to join the unofficial DIME Yahoo fantasy draft.

    “Head 2 Head” 12 person – 9 cat league (a few slots left) League ID: 55438
    Password: Password

    Live Draft: Monday (TONIGHT), 12/19, 9:00 pm MST.