• http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    almost guarantee rip will score 18/game!?
    wow… most predictions are saying that he’ll be lucky to break 15…

  • IDOT

    Y’all forgot to mention Jimmy Butler for the Bulls.

  • north

    Klay Thompson is exactly what the Warriors needed? They needed a guy who clearly can’t hit rim in an NBA game? I guess if he’s on the floor with one of the other two we’ll know where the ball is going.


    Yo you forgot about the All World backcourt of Toney Douglas, Landry Fields, Mike Bibby, Boom Diz and Iman Shumpert. ha.

  • http://www.cosplaycruise.co.uk Keith

    That number 1 backcourt won’t get a single stop all game. If they score 44 the opponents get 50. I’m not hating, i love watching those two guys fly around the court and Curry could be an all-star, but they’re too soft on D to be considered number 1

  • catdaddywhack

    Rondo and control – the best damn backcourt there is around these parts…

  • Yooo

    If the bulls backcourt is top5 then the clippers have to be top 2. Paul, mo will, Chauncey, Bledsoe, foye… That’s a deep core of guards who all do great, different, things

  • control

    How did Bogut not meet expectations? Because he didn’t make the wack Dime Top 10 Center list? Other than his elbow injury, he’s been a consistent top center in the league…


    I used to play SG, and if I had to play with Rondo at least that means I’d get a lot of shots, since his ass can’t even THINK about shooting the ball without shitting himself. I’d probably beat his ass off the court sometime though, due to his douchebaggyness.

  • Cain

    What about Collison, George, Hill, Stephenson and Price? All of them have great potential and in a good place to prove they belong playing under Vogel.